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									005    years,   the    company   experienced     Plant   specialization
reorganization, the completion of the internal industrial structure
adjustment, has formally entered the market to meet the competitive
challenges of the first year. Over the past year, I Plant, engineering
companies, led by leaders at all levels, closely unite the party and
government machinery manufacturing company members of the team, relying
on the wisdom of the whole staff and the strength of internal realistic,
hard style, enhanced production and operation management, and lay a
solid foundation of survival, efforts to create a united, progressive,
energetic and promising business environment; outside the pioneering
spirit of hard struggle to carry forward the efforts to broaden the
market space, help enterprises to actively foster the sustainable
development of the market system. Below, I will charge its own in 2005,
several delegates to do the work to a brief report: 1, significantly
increased production capacity, operating an upward trend indicators.
In 2005, after the company's hard work of all cadres of workers, the
company to achieve management targets 89.7116 million yuan, has created
a record high. Undertake and successfully complete the petrochemical
company 1.2 million tons / year reconstruction project hydrogenation,
Plant fertilizer plant construction, chemical Plant acrylonitrile,
after the separation and high-pressure polyethylene cracking and other
key items of equipment manufacturing tasks; external markets, mainly
Dalian amalgamation completed equipment, Qinghai Golmud refinery
manufacturing the three rotation task. 252,472 total annual
manufacturing and processing units (pieces), 4368.63 tons. One
container of 197 units, 948 tons, production value of 15.2656 million
yuan; tower of 37 units, 565.87 tons, production value of 10.1354 million
yuan; heat exchanger 118, Taiwan, 641.7 tons, 13.0069 million yuan;
heat exchanger tubes 52 sets of 257.24 tons, production value 6.2268
million yuan; Air Cooler 45 sets of 294.38 tons, production value of
575.74; three spin 9 sets (pieces), 19.637 tons, production value of
1.628 million yuan; processing components 252 014, 432.13 tons,
production value of 11.8083 million yuan; bridge 705 tons, output of
6.49 million yuan; other items 11.4959 million yuan.
 2, to create a stable environment, consolidate industrial pattern.
Over the past year, I start from education to enhance the situation
and tasks and actively intercede to the situation of workers, a clear
mandate to study and formulate measures to eliminate the bottlenecks
that hinder their development, the company has formed a heart and one
mind, and seek common development of a good situation. Cadres and workers
concerned about the company's future and destiny, consider the
company's survival and development, take the initiative to offer advice
on the survival of enterprises, and actively contribute to the
development of enterprises sweat. Our container production, heat
transfer equipment, separation based ownership of this information,
put the mouse follow the prompts to view more information equipment
manufacturing, processing technology accessories, tower accessories
processing, repairing valves, crane inspection, test and metal rotor
component processing, manufacturing, building blocks 9 business
enterprises from the new structure, after a year of practice, run, get
a good solid foundation, business sector, stood the severe test of the
market, is made to our product specialization scale industrialization,
structural optimization, the goal of maximizing efficiency steadily
forward. Southern District of laser processing center, the valve
manufacturer and container factory, we have reversed their losses and
achieve profitability. Heat exchanger manufacturers and container
manufacturers two units, are more than 20 million yuan output value
of more than create an all-time record.
 3, speed up the "three high" the pace of project implementation, efforts
to enhance the core competitiveness. Group established as a bigger,
stronger programs, efficient heat exchanger, high efficiency tower
parts and **** cyclone, has become the core competitiveness of the
company to enhance the pillars of our business, has been Factory Mobile
Office Design Institute and the right to support scientific research
institutes. In 2005, I actively with higher authorities and design
departments, contacts, to do feasibility studies, organizational
research and development centers, production equipment, technical
staff, go all out to accelerate the pace of project implementation,
the end of 2005, the installation of equipment 47 units, 72 total
completion of the project. Column and efficient production line heat
exchanger 2 has completed pre-commissioning work, have to drive into
use conditions; three rotary production line in April this year, will
enter the adjustment, in the first half to be fully operational. Three
laboratory design work has proceeded smoothly at Peking University
Zehua company, South China University of Technology and University of
Petroleum technology driven, R & D center is on the design of
further complement and improve. I expect that the project will be
completed this year.
 4, standard materials and management of logistics processes. One is
to guide and organize the supply of materials to strengthen the
management of the main line station, in order to improve and perfect
the management system as the starting point and goal, has implemented
and launched the "Materials Management" and the "work process material
supply", "General Materials testing process control procedures, ""
assessment methods, materials management, "and" material supply
station on the Examination, "clearly the different positions, all types
of duties and responsibilities, to promote the institutionalization
and standardization of materials management operation. Second, all
assigned to the grassroots to the supply station Treasury to realize
centralized management and unified the material transfer. Library for
the sub-custodian business unskilled, warehouse management and
accounting irregularities in the actual situation in a number of
business organizations and strong supply station of the old custodian,
sub-primary sub-libraries, from the prepare accounts, placing teaching
materials, the system to explain the conventional transceiver, storage
of knowledge. After several months of straightened out, grass-roots
sub-library effectively ensure the timely supply of production
materials, to regulate ownership of this information, put the mouse
follow the prompts to see more information of the running track. Third,
adhere to procedures for materials and material documents
simultaneously. The production process, and I found that some materials
can not be with the in-kind material certificates in time, especially
to undertake an urgent task, duration of production units to ensure
on time delivery, not receiving the document processing and production
started very easily to the product leaving quality risks. After much
research, I organized the development and implementation of the "plant
material into the retesting Interim Provisions", in the materials
before the storage and access processing site, quality control
departments and the supply station strictly physical and chemical
testing procedures, incomplete documents, the material was found, plan s
Members   request   immediately    follow.   Case   of   extraordinary
circumstances, in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system
requirements, strict compliance with company leaders with the approval
of the emergency release procedures. Into the production process, the
"Material Inspection Card" or follow the workpiece material documents
to each process is running, and must be confirmed by responsible persons
to sign documents is strictly prohibited without the mandate in place
to open items production.
 5, the implementation of planned management, efforts to reduce costs.
First, strictly implementing material procurement approval system,
well put an end to unplanned purchases. More than uphold the quality
of procurement price ratio, the annual savings 1.3 million yuan. The
second is to concentrate all production units of scrap steel recycling,
conversion finished steel re-use. 2005 iron and steel scrap recycling
637.47 tons, sales income of 687,000 yuan; recycling iron 241 tons,
sales income of 235,000 yuan. Annual total cost of materials for the
company to save 922,000 yuan. Third, the Treasury carried out a large
consolidation activities. One-month period, reconciliation, the
unlisted, scrap conducted a comprehensive inventory of supplies and
reasonable division, organized a backlog of materials, materials
recovery work experience. Total disk clean up and revitalize the stock,
the annual profit libraries 5.09 million yuan. Fourth, to strengthen
the use and management of funds, focusing on increased efforts to control
the controllable costs, lower management costs cf the previous year
by 10 percentage points.
 6, focusing on the development of new products, adding to sustained
development. With the market demand, based on their actual, determined
to pursue sustainable development of enterprise product development,
the main line, take the initiative to seek partners with famous
scientific research institutes, has developed, produced five highly
efficient heat exchanger. T-finned tube, diamond-shaped finned tube
heat exchange tubes and zoom control three kinds of standards are
identified as industry standards group. Independently developed a
non-continuous and efficient heat exchanger baffle plate. October 2005,
the company identified with the Lummus Company in the calculation of
in-depth process of cooperation agreements, common to market the
product to reach a consensus. In addition, Tsinghua University Zehua
companies to develop successful products ADV valve, and the oil-rich
**** hand, the successful development of the riser pipe **** C-type
multi-cyclone. Moreover, through market research, also has introduced
a hot-dip zinc and laser cladding technology for enterprises to expand
their competitive advantage, add a heavy weight.
 7, a sound balance sheet, to enhance efforts debts. Over the past year,
I guide the operations and financial personnel, and increased intensity
of settlement and debt settlement. Send two comrades in the full sense
of responsibility to do this work. Meanwhile, the bad reputation of
individual manufacturers, the request to the courts to seek legal
support and assistance. In 2005, the end response to 93.84 million yuan
accounts receivable to recover the amount of 650,000 yuan 99 years of
unpaid debts; 2000 unpaid debts amount of 76,250 yuan; the amount of
952,000 yuan in 2001 unpaid debts; the amount of 22.47 million yuan
in 2002 unpaid debts were clear accounts receivable owed to 32.715
million yuan.
 8, to meet customer needs, expanding market space. In 2005, we are
actively complete the task petrochemical company based on the broader
market space with the expansion. First, the complete compound
fertilizer manufacturing drum. Our Plant 300,000 t / a compound
fertilizer project construction, the successful completion of the
granulator, drying machine, cooling machine and wrapping machine design,
manufacture, installation, commissioning tasks for the device to
achieve a successful drive to provide strong guarantee. This is our
machine manufacturing company break through the traditional scope of
sound equipment into the field turning a milestone. Second, the valve
pilot production by this data ownership, put the mouse follow the prompts
to view more information on success, 25 valve through rigorous testing
in the last year, all qualified, and pressure pipe components passed
by the trial, taken together, the valve , metal hose business to obtain
a permit to enter the market. Third, the external market system, continue
to be solid, and the establishment of a new network of cooperation.
In 2005, our good services, while continuing to maintain the refinery
Harbin, Dalian and so homogeneous on the basis of cooperation between
old friends, to find and build new customer groups, scaling pipe and
"T"-type finned tube high for heat into the Guangdong market, Sinopec
Maoming ethylene plant in the successful application of the new Qinghai
oil field by three rotating concern settled in Golmud Refinery.
 review of 2005 work, achievements and engineering companies with Plant
correct leadership of the party and government machinery manufacturing
company unity and cooperation of group members, all staff's hard to
pay inseparable. I do their work, while reflecting on their own, lack
of work and problems in the future should always pay attention and
gradually improved:
 1, management efforts should be further increased. Conscientiously
sum up the past year working, ¹«Ë¾ s production and operation there
are unsatisfactory, especially where the flange hydrogenation
installations accident, exposed the Women in the quality control blind,
Xiang we sounded the alarm, Chu Shi a yellow card. Therefore, the overall
optimization and management tools and improve the management level,
as I raise the work standards in 2005, focusing on one of our goals.
 two comrades contacts and exchanges with fewer opportunities.
Strengthen leadership and leadership communication, leadership and
staff communication, staff communication with staff, is a mutual
understanding between team members, resolve conflicts, manage emotions,
and unity of thinking, effective channels to reach a consensus. I work
in the future, the to strengthen communication with the government team
members Jishi basis, establish service Òâʶ, Duo Shenrujiceng,
multi-line Gong Ren's voice to listen, to Yingzao harmony, unity,
equality, a pleasant working environment, enhance the cohesion and
solidarity, for the smooth production and operation activities and
remove obstacles to provide a powerful ideological guarantee.
 3, methods of work and sometimes simply not enough experienced
emergency calm, not very objectively deal with the problem. Year's work
and practical experience, I have realized that, as a leading cadres
of enterprises, and only in-depth and comprehensive manner of thinking,
can there be the right way to solve the problem, only to rely on the
wisdom and strength of the workers to take reasonable manner to calmly
deal, reversing a complicated situation.
 4, learning depth. Learning is a person, an enterprise, a country and
a society continues to advance wisdom. Continue to study diligently,
and effectively improve the ability to learn, hunting more knowledge
of modern business managers must have the basic quality. In 2005, due
to busy work stress, reduced learning time. This year, I Zai this regard
higher demands on themselves, to learn Guanlizhishi in professional
and technical knowledge, Zheng Zhi theory of knowledge, based on peer-Qi
Ye to the advanced study, the advanced experiences and successful
practices applied in practice in efforts to reform the stability and
development for the company to make greater contribution.
 Thank you!

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