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					    What is life insurance?

    Essentially life insurance provides financial protection to your family and dependents
    in the event of any unforeseen event or your untimely death. To cover you under a life
    insurance policy, an insurance company will charge you a certain sum of money
    (called the premium) periodically. The premium paid helps cover the risk that the life
    insurance company takes by insuring your life and in turn entitles your family to
    receive                 a                fixed                  lump             sum.

    The premium you pay depends on a variety of factors including age, health and the
    amount of life cover you want to name a few. However, premiums are typically lower
    for younger, healthier people, so starting early is always beneficial for you.

    Different types of Life insurance plans

    There two major categories under which all life insurance plans can be categorized.
    These categories are as follows:

             Traditional plans – Traditional life insurance plans make sure that the
     investments made by the policy holders are not exposed to equities. They are also
     called as non-unit linked insurance plans. Such plans are suited for customers
     looking for pure risk protection. These plans are also suitable for those who are
     totally risk averse and want complete safety of their investments.
             Unit Linked Insurance plans (ULIPs) –ULIPs, as the name suggests, allows
     for the investments made by the policyholders to get exposed to equities. They may
     also be called as market linked life insurance plans. ULIPs are suited for customers
     who aim for wealth creation over a long term. The level of equity exposure can be as
     per your risk appetite thus making ULIPs highly flexible.

    Why life insurance?

    Life Insurance is required because of the following factors -
          The need for income continues for those who are financially dependent on you
     even when you are not around to look after them.
          After retirement, there is no guarantee of your ability to earn consistently for
     rest of your life.
          The expenses you may incur in future will keep increasing due to inflation,
     thus even a fluctuation in your income may lead to a compromised lifestyle,
          Limited access to information and the time constraints you have may lead to
     inefficient management of your investments resulting in grim returns.
          Your limited appetite to take risk may hinder you from parking your savings
     into pure equity options.

    Why Kotak Life Insurance

    Kotak Life Insurance (Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd.) is one of
    India’s leading life insurance companies. It is joint venture between Kotak Mahindra
    Bank Ltd. and Old Mutual Plc, South Africa, one of the biggest Life Insurance
    companies in the world. Because of the strong investment lineage of Kotak group
    Kotak Life Insurance is able to offer a comprehensive variety of products and services
    that suit the diverse needs and risk-return profiles of every investor. We have been
    growing over the past 9 years and are committed to using our expertise in securing
    your future and ensuring that your investments keep giving you lucrative returns.
    About Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd

    Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd is a joint venture between Kotak
    Mahindra Bank Ltd., its affiliates and Old Mutual. A company that combines its
    international strengths and local advantages to offer its customers a wide range of
    innovative life insurance products, helping them in taking important financial
    decisions at every stage in life and stay financially independent. The company is one
    of the fastest growing insurance companies in India and has shown remarkable growth
    since its inception in 2001. Kotak Life Insurance employs around 5,565 people in its
    various businesses and has 197 branches across 141 cities.

    Kotak Mahindra Group
The Kotak Mahindra group is one of India’s leading banking and financial services
organizations, with offerings across personal financial services; commercial banking;
corporate and investment banking and markets; stock broking; asset management and
life insurance. The Kotak Group has over 1,300 offices, and services around 5.9
million customer accounts across India. Kotak also has offices in London, New York,
San Francisco, Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius

Old Mutual
Old Mutual is an international savings and wealth management company based in the
UK. Originating in South Africa in 1845, it is among the top 100 largest companies in
the FTSE100. The group has a balanced portfolio of businesses offering Asset
Management, Life Assurance, Banking and General Insurance Services in over 40
countries, with a focus on South Africa, Europe and the United States, and a growing
presence in Asia Pacific. Old Mutual employs approximately 54,000 employees
worldwide with its primary listing on the London, secondary listing on the
Johannesburg stock exchanges as well as in Namibia, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

Our Mission
We focus on the needs of our customers and create confidence, trust and loyalty by
offering     a     wide     range      of     innovative     insurance      solutions.
Strengthened by our commitment to professional management, we ensure the
continued growth and advancement of our employees.
Our Vision
Kotak Life Insurance has a deep rooted commitment to improve the quality of life of
its customers, employees and stakeholders. We aim at improving the long term value
in our relationship by continuous innovation and improvements.We do this by our
three-prong effort which strives to make Kotak Life Insurance a corporate with

Increase Customer Value : Kotak Life Insurance has gone to the heart of its
customer's requirements and developed products which are unique and serve the
customer needs perfectly. We built a relationship of mutual trust and benefit to serve
the Indian customer. At Kotak Life Insurance the customer always comes first.

Cohesive Work Environment : We form long-term partnership with our employees
    by offering them an invigorating work experience. We not only demand loyalty,
    sincerity and values but also give it back in equal measures. Kotak Life Insurance will
    like to offer its employees space to grow, innovate and build a long-term career.

    Work with Honour : Kotak Life Insurance delivers everyday services in the
    marketplace with the high sense of duty and commitment. Our employees strive to
    build the long-term value for all those come in contact with Kotak Life Insurance. Our
    consumers, distributors, employees, shareholders and the nation have our commitment
    that we will uphold the values of trust, integrity and a Sense of Honour in every
    thought, act and deed in order to positively contribute to individual, society and nation

    Why Kotak Life Insurance
    Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance is a joint venture between Kotak
    Mahindra Bank Ltd. along with its affiliates and Old Mutual plc. Kotak Mahindra
    Old Mutual Life Insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance companies in India
    and has shown remarkable growth since its inception in 2001. Kotak Mahindra
    believes in offering its customers a lifetime of value.
    A commitment that has made it a leading financial services group with, employing
    around 10,800 people in its various businesses and has a distribution network of
    branches, franchisees, representative offices and satellite offices across 300 cities and
    towns in India and offices in New York, London, Dubai, Mauritius and Singapore.
    The Group services around 2.6 million customer accounts.

    Our Strengths
          Financial Acumen - Holds a stable and diversified portfolio and has received
     some of the highest ratings in financial strength from industry’s independent rating
          Disciplined fund management - Years of experience in asset management,
     and a strong track record in managing funds - backed by the acclaimed expertise of
     Old Mutual plc
          Innovativeness - Known for being an innovator in providing world-class
     pragmatic financial solutions, with a constant focus on customization and flexibility
             Unrelenting Customer Focus - A highly committed sales force, with
        customer satisfaction as the key driving force - a major differentiator
             Transparency in Services - Daily declaration of fund performances, regular
        performance benchmarking, well regulated asset management, and monthly
        newsletter on market updates

         Money Power, which makes them ignorant about the gestation period
         Brand image, business experience, and innovative products
         The agents are very selectively chosen have excellent communication skills
         Service quality, which is crux of their mission
         Large network branches which is helped to customer for the payment
         Strong and popular brand name.

         High targets for financial advisors and for the sales departments.
         Many competitors in the market offer same product by the title difference the
          premium and offerings.
         Sustainable to Rick associated with investment in money market.
         Try to catch middle-lower level people also.
         Lack of awareness about insurance among people
         Less coverage in Rural Areas

         Huge market is laterally untapped; out of estimated 320 millions insurable
          markets only 20% of the population is insured.
         Health insurance and pension schemes, an estimated market potential of
          approximately $15 billion
         Kotak Life Insurance should give the insurance coverage both to the parent and
          child so that their life could be covered in both cases. The Customer doesn’t mind
          paying some extra premiu7m for that.
         Fast growing economy.
   Players like bajaj and birla sun life with low premium for the similar plans Entry
    of many other private companies with equally strong experience and financial
    strength of foreign partners making the competition difficult and saturating the
    urban markets.

   Current Govt. Policies do not encourages gross domestic saving. If the tax liability
    of the services class rises, the customer will have little money to invest.

   LIC has woken up from sleep and is following competitive strategies. Its huge
    surplus in life fund gives a capability to lodge price war.

Schemes provided by company

Life Insurance Plans for Individuals
A few years ago, most people bought life insurance plans to provide financial
protection to their family in the event of their untimely death. Today, life insurance
plans has become an important part of an individual’s portfolio because it provides
the duel benefit of risk protection as well as wealth creation in the long term. Even
though there is no shortage of investment options to choose from, taking a life
insurance plan depending on the life stage and requirement is always a wise decision.
At kotak life insurance we understand the change in needs and priorities an individual
experiences as he progresses through different life stages. Our expertise in the field of
investments has helped us design various life insurance plans aptly suited for every
life stage need, be it protection, retirement, saving for a child or wealth creation.
Life insurance plans do not necessarily correspond to an individual’s age and are
generally tailored towards fulfilling particular needs that may arise at different stages
in an individual’s life.
To help you choose the right life insurance plan, we have listed the various life stages
explaining the reasons for buying insurance for every stage. So go-ahead and choose
the right life insurance plan today.

Life insurance plans for different Life Stages:
Single Adults
The best time to start thinking about life insurance plans is when you are a single
young working professional; this is because, with life insurance, over a period of time,
due to the power of compounding, you reap much greater benefits. Additionally the
part of the premium that goes towards insuring your life is significantly low. Besides
covering your life, these plans enable you to reduce your income tax burden and help
you save small sums at regular intervals for the future.

Married (Without Children)
Securing your family from the start will keep you tension free from day one. As the
liabilities increase, so does your need for converting your savings into sizable corpus.
In such times, saving and investment based Unit Linked Life Insurance plans are the
most suited for your needs. They provide risk cover (or may add to the existing cover
that you may have) as well as wealth creation options that helps you build a sizable
corpus over a period of time, which goes a long way in securing your family’s future.

Married (With Children)
As your family grows and the number of dependents increases, it is always advisable
to re-assess the risk cover that you may need and plan accordingly. Additionally, as a
parent, your priority is to fulfill your child’s dreams and aspirations. Providing a good
education or even a modest wedding has become an expensive proposition. You
should plan for such milestones using a good children plan. These plans enable you to
start building regular savings today to help you secure your child’s immediate and
future needs even when you are not around.

Established Families
Our ability to earn for the rest of our lives decreases as we grow old. This leads to
compromise in post retirement lifestyle. An early retirement is something one should
start planning for at the earliest, so that you don’t experience any drop in the quality
of lifestyle due to income fluctuations. A life insurance based retirement plan is an
assurance that you will continue to earn a satisfying income and enjoy a comfortable
lifestyle, even when you are no longer working.
Protection Plans

Types of Protection Plan

Kotak Loan Protection Plan

Kotak Loan Protection Plan is a protection plan that helps share the burden of your
loan. When you take this plan along with your loan, it serves like a safety net so that
you are not worried about your family, and the repayment of your loan in case of
untimely death. This plan provides a reducing cover that is matched to your liability
with minimum paperwork.

Why an ideal plan
This plan is ideal for you if you are planning to avail of a loan.
   1. Protects your loved ones against untimely death, which would otherwise
       burden them with the loan amount.
   2. Hassle free single premium payment option
   3. Can be surrendered* at any point in time
   4. *Applicable only for Single Premium plan

Key Features
Decreasing cover
As a term product linked to home loan amount, this plan protects the loan-taker from
contingencies. The loan amount at the beginning decides the cover you receive. As
you repay your installments, your outstanding principal declines and the
corresponding policy cover also decreases. You can take a cover of any amount; equal
to or less than the actual amount of loan that has been approved.
Premium payment
You may pay premiums regularly# or as a single premium. This single premium
would ensure that you get the cover for the entire term that you wish to.
# The premium payment term will be 2/3rds of the policy term rounded off to the
nearest integer.
Death Benefit
In the event of death during the term, the beneficiary would be entitled to the Sum
Assured as per a predetermined Benefit schedule.
Maturity Benefit
Since it is a non-participating pure risk cover plan, there are no maturity benefits.
Rider Benefit
We offer Kotak Critical Illness Benefit (CIB) under this plan. A portion of Sum
Assured (max 75%) is payable on admission of a claim on a critical illness, through
this rider.
Tax Benefits
Section 80C, 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961 would apply. Premium paid for Kotak
Critical Illness Benefit (CIB) qualify for a deduction under Section 80D. Tax Benefits
are subject to changes in tax laws. You are advised to consult your tax advisor for

Kotak Term / Prefered Term Plan
You want to see your family secure and happy at all times. However, life is
unpredictable. To protect your loved ones from the uncertainties of life should
anything unfortunate happen to you and ensure that they are able to cope with the
financial obligations, Kotak Life Insurance has designed Kotak Term Plan.

Why an ideal plan
Kotak Term Plan is a pure risk cover plan and truly an economical means of
providing you with a high level of financial protection. In the event of death of the life
insured during the term, the beneficiary would receive the Sum Assured^ as a lump
sum. It is a non-participating plan with no maturity benefits payable.
^The death benefit payable would be Sum Assured less the balance of the premium (if
any) payable in the year of death.
    1. A truly low-cost plan that offers high cover at low term insurance premiums
    2. Regular and single premium payment options
    3. Option to convert to any other plan
Key Features
You may avail of the following non-participating value-adds for a nominal term
insurance premium at the time of taking your policy, subject to aggregate premium on
all value-adds (except Critical Illness Benefit) not exceeding 30% of the basic Kotak
Term Plan premium.
Low cost insurance plan
Kotak Term Plan offers the benefit of high life cover at economical prices with further
reduced premiums for women.
Now you can get life cover of Rs.15 lakhs for a premium of Rs.199* per month only!
*The premium stated is for a 30 year old healthy male for a term of 10 years,
exclusive of Service Tax.
Plan Conversion Option
You may convert your Kotak Term Plan to any other plan offered by Kotak Life
Insurance (except for term plans) provided there are at least 5 years remaining before
the cover ceases.
Premium Payment Options
You have the premium payment options of Single and Regular pay.
If you opt for regular premium payment option, you can pay your premiums annually,
half yearly, quarterly or monthly.
Value Adds
You may avail of the following non-participating value-adds for a nominal additional
premium at the time of taking your policy if you have selected regular term insurance
premium payment option, subject to aggregate premium on all value-adds (except
Kotak Critical Illness Benefit) not exceeding 30% of the basic Kotak Term Plan
   1. Kotak Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
   2. Kotak Permanent Disability Benefit (PDB)
   3. Kotak Critical Illness Benefit (CIB)
For more details on rider options and rider exclusions kindly refer to the ‘Riders’
Tax Benefits
You can avail of tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 10 (10D) of the Income
Tax Act, 1961. Premiums paid for Kotak Critical Illness Benefit (CIB) qualify for a
deduction under Section 80D. Tax benefits are subject to change in the tax laws. You
are advised to consult your tax advisor for details

Kotak External Life Plan

While you ensure that your hard-earned money is accessible when you need it the
most and your cost for a secure future does not increase with time, Eternal Life Plans
look towards offering you and your family lifelong protection. With guaranteed
protection for life, opportunity to create wealth, and comprehensive cover options,
these plans provide you with a perfect financial solution to suit your needs.

  Why An Ideal Plan
Kotak Eternal Life Plans are participating whole life plans that provide enhanced
protection till the golden age of 99. The plans consolidates the benefits of a high cover
at lower premiums, cash lump sum benefits at desired stage and a way to care for your
spouse into one package thereby making it suitable for someone looking for a
complete whole life protection plan.
     1. Permanent and complete protection till your 99th birthday
     2. Adequate protection to meet your growing needs
     3. Cash lump sum to fulfill your dreams
     4. Choice of 2 plan options
     5. Complete safeguard against uncertainties of Accidental Disability (applicable
        to Eternal Life Premier Shield only) and Critical Illness (in the form of a rider)
     6. Tax Benefits under Sec 80C and Sec 10(10)D

Key Features
Protection for your family (Death Benefit)
In the unfortunate event of death within the term of the policy, your beneficiary would
     Bonus (if any) + Interim Bonus (if any) + Terminal Bonus (as applicable),
      payable on death during the premium payment term
     Guaranteed Sum Assured + Terminal Bonus(as applicable), payable on death
      after the premium payment term

Cash Lump Sum In The Form Of Bonus Additions
Eternal Life Plans offers the following benefits during the life of the policy:

     1. Simple Reversionary Bonuses: These bonuses are paid out on the 5th policy
        anniversary, on death during the premium payment term or on survival to the
        end of the selected premium payment term.

     2. Interim Bonus: In case of a death claim during the premium payment term in
        respect of the latest policy year for which the reversionary bonus is yet to be

     3. Additional Terminal Bonuses: Payable only on Maturity or earlier Death, as
        applicable. These are available throughout the lifetime of the policy.

     4. Special Terminal Bonus: Payable as a lump sum cash benefit on survival by
        the life insured to the end of the premium payment term.

Plan options
Designed in two unique variants, the product has been packaged to suit different sets
and needs of customers:
     1. Eternal Life Premier Shield - Offering a comprehensive Whole life cover till
        age 99 with premiums that match income and lifestyle.
     2. Eternal Life Classic Shield - Offering a comprehensive Whole life cover till
        age 99 along with guaranteed level premiums and flexible premium payment

Tax Benefits
Tax Benefits can be availed under section 80C and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961.
Section 80D of the Income Tax, 1961 will apply in case Critical Illness benefit is
opted for. Tax benefits are subject to change in tax laws. Please consult your tax
advisor for details.

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