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maths tracking


									                                         TRACKING                    PROGRESS

                       Trae:               Date:      Term One Week 5
             I can:
     ☺Read any number up to 100.
     ☺Count forwards and backwards to 100
     ☺Count forwards and backwards using 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
     ☺ Order numbers to 1000
             My goal is to:
         learn my basic facts to 10 and then to 20 for addition with quick recall
         learn my basic facts to 10 and then to 20 for subtraction with quick recall
        learn to add by jumping through tidy numbers on a number line
        confidently count by 2,5, and 10
        learn my 3 and 4x tables
        order fractions with the same denominator
         I will achieve this by:
1.    Self Management: I have to make sure that I am organized and that I work so that I get my tasks finished. I
want to improve my
                     levels for maths.
2.       Relating to Others: I work in a group and I will give help to others when it is needed.
3.    Participating and Contributing: I like to share ideas and learn from others and ask for help if
I don’t know what to do.
                           Student comment:I have accomplished the goals that have been set for me to do I have
made sure that I managed myself and all of the other things .
                                                      Teacher comment:

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