Inquiry learning test by kaitao05


									                           Inquiry Learning Assessment: Term Two 2010



Kaitao Middle School has decided to build a Marae (Whare Nui) on the school grounds. Design a new
Whare Nui taking into account the needs of the Kaitao community as well as any special physical needs
of Kaitao Students. Select cultural features which will meet the needs of the Kaitao Community. Work
within your budget of $100 000; a local company is donating all concrete and volunteers will complete
the work.

1. List the key words from this task: Marae, school, cultural, community, Local, Kaitao.

2. List key phrases: Whare nui, Kaitao community, Kaitao middle school, cultural features.

3. Using the seven servants, write seven questions you will need to answer in order to carry out this
   task: What will I need to complete this task?
        Who will help me to finish this task?
         When will it need to be finished?
         Why are we building a marae?
         Where will I put the marae?
          Which types of material?
          How long will it take to finish?

4. Name three different resources you would use to answer your inquiry questions: Types of material.
     Wood. Workers.

5. Name one graphic organiser that would be helpful in this inquiry: Computer.

6. Name three ways that you could communicate all you found out during this inquiry: Computer,
   internet, schedule.
7. How would you carry out the E part of the SAUCE model of inquiry? Making shore that every one is
   doing there right jobs and finishing at the right time.

8. What is the correct way to acknowledge resource used in the inquiry process? Are you finished yet?
   How good do you think you have done? Well done!


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