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					                    CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT CASES

Group Members: Gonzales, Melody Gayle A.
               Jucar, Ma. Victoria A.
               Panlilio, Margaux Marie D.

        Read as many references as you can about classroom management.
Then recall some of your significant academic experiences when classroom
management concerns were very apparent if not interview teachers on common
classroom problems they often need to manage. Identify ten of them in the first
column, and how they were resolved by the teacher in the second column.
Reflect on how they were addressed. Were they appropriate or not? Explain why
in the third column.

    COMMON                 APPROACH/ STRATEGY
  CLASSROOM                    TECHNIQUE                           EVALUATION

   1. Talkative     Change your body language and the             The      strategies
students during     tone of your voice - Giving a student a       used      by    the
class discussion    stern look or taking a step towards him       teachers were all
                    or her will often get his or her attention,   appropriate       in
                    as it tells the student that you have your    managing        the
                    eye on him or her. Raising your voice         talkativeness of
                    may help the students hear you, but           the students. No
                    yelling will usually do no more than          one is physically
                    make your throat sore. Lowering your          or     emotionally
                    voice to a near whisper will often force      harmed by these
                    students to stop talking, because they        approaches.
                    won't be able to hear you otherwise.

                    Move the disruptive student(s) to a
                    different seat in the room - In most
                    cases, students who sit with their
                    friends are bound to talk during class.
                    On the other hand, some students may
                    be unstoppable and will try to continue
                    their conversation by shouting across
                    the room.

                    Give the disruptive student(s) a
                    "time-out" - Have the student(s) sit in
                    an empty seat in the back of the room,

                      away from the rest of the class, stand in
                      a corner, or stand in the hallway.

                      Give       additional     tasks      and
                      assignments to the whole class - By
                      giving the entire class more work as a
                      result of one or two disruptive students,
                      you will promote self-discipline within
                      the classroom. The non-talkers will
                      likely encourage the talkers to keep

  2. Cell Phone       Some teachers allow cell phones to be         We agree on
Disruption in the     on the vibrate setting as long as they        how the teacher
  middle of the       are attended to at the break rather than      manages         this
class discussion      used when it which interrupts the class.      problem. We as
 or activity (e.g.    Teachers are also encouraged to abide         students      know
habitually texting,   by this rule. Allow for at least one          that we can't
    attending         mistake per student as accidents do           avoid      bringing
  unimportant         happen from oversight.                        cell phone inside
  phone calls)                                                      the     classroom
                      If a student were caught habitually           because it is very
                      texting even at the middle of the class       useful especially
                      discussion/group activity (just for the fun   in    times       of
                      of texting, even after reminder him/her       emergencies. As
                      to attend to his/her cell phone later).       a teacher we
                      The cell phone used would be                  should also be
                      confiscated and will be returned only         responsible      on
                      after the end of the class.                   the use of cell
                                                                    phone inside the

   3. Sleeping        Sleeping in class is usually considered       Managing      the
  during class        rude. Most of the teachers believe it         problem which is
      period          should not be tolerated and is best           student sleeping
                      curbed up front by waking a sleeping          during      class
                      student and asking them to step outside       period is very
                      with you. Once there teacher often tell       much
                      students that it’s best for the rest of the   appreciated
                      class if they return when they are awake      because of how
                      enough to be an active participant. This      the       teacher

              occurs from time to time and you              handle         and
              obviously are the one to choose               explain to the
              lenience or punitive action. If it’s one of   student        that
              your more regularly involved students,        sleeping during
              perhaps give them an option of an extra       class is not good.
              credit research assignment they can           And if the reason
              bring to your next class period covering      is     that     the
              the subject matter they missed while          student doesn’t
              they were sleeping.                           feel    well    the
                                                            teacher      shows
              An alternative approach is to assume          concern to the
              that the student does not feel well, was      health and well
              up most of the night with a sick child, or    being     of    the
              has some other condition that results in      student.
              sleepiness when still for long periods of
              time. You might simply choose to wake
              the student and ask them if they are
              feeling alright. To pull this off you need
              to approach it with true concern for the
              student's health and well being. Most of
              the time, student's are so embarrassed
              and so appreciative of your genuine
              concern that they don't let it happen

              Encourage       students   to     actively
              participate, take notes (explain that this
              is helpful to their learning as it
              stimulates memory in the brain) and in
              particularly long classes break up the
              session with activities or paired
              conversations about a topic to ensure
              that students stay engaged. Students
              don't learn much from listening, so
              remember that         the   more     they
              "experience" the learning process the
              more you are really teaching.

4. Repeated   There should be clear parameters set          We agreed on
 Tardiness    around this issue up front – either in        how the teacher
              your syllabus or in the class decided         manages       this
              norms. Stick to your guns on the policy.      kind of problem.
              Some fair policies might include 3            There should be
              tardiness equals one absence.                 clear cut policies

                                                                when it comes to
                   It might be best to discuss this with        the       habitual
                   students      individually;   some    are    tardiness of the
                   habitually late because they are             students and its
                   dependant on bus routes or other             policies.
                   drivers for transportation to school.

  5. Refusal to    We cannot force students to speak in         Yes it's true that
  Participate or   class nor participate in group projects.     teachers cannot
      Speak        This can be addressed and become a           force           the
                   win-win situation by either giving the       students         to
                   student alternative options to verbal        speak in class.
                   participation (unless it’s a speech class)   We agree in
                   or simply carefully coaxing some             praising        the
                   response out of them and praising            students' minimal
                   whatever minimal effort you receive          effort    because
                   from them. Remember, some students           with that students
                   are terrified to be in a class setting –     will realize that
                   especially if there are round tables         it's    good     to
                   rather than desks – allowing for little      participate with
                   anonymity.                                   the           class
                                                                discussion and
                                                                will      increase

6.                 In some cultures, students work              A classroom is
Sharing/Copying    together to produce homework. It may         filled         with
of Work            come as a shock to these students that       different students
                   they cannot submit identical work. This      with      different
                   may also come as a surprise to couples,      culture and as a
                   parent-child, siblings, or close friends.    good teacher you
                   Be careful to give thought to how you        should be flexible
                   will handle this before you encounter it     and aware of
                   and react as if it were intentional          your     student's
                   cheating. This can also occur when the       culture. How the
                   class does a great deal of group work.       teacher       deals
                   Make sure you are clear about what is        with her problem
                   individual vs. group work in your            here is agreeable
                   assignments.                                 because of her
                                                                awareness of her
                                                                students' culture.

7. Students were     Call the attention of these students and      We agreed that
caught cheating      send them to the principals or guidance       the
      during         office for sanction or appropriate            parents/guardian
   exams/tests       disciplinary measures. Requiring each         must know what
                     student concern to bring their parents or     their
                     legal guardian to inform them about the       children/ward is
                     acts done by their children.                  doing in the
                                                                   particularly, help
                                                                   them motivate
                                                                   children/ward to
                                                                   study well.
                                                                   Talk     to     the
 8. Disrespectful    The reality is that sometimes students        student concern
     Behavior        just don’t like you. You will find yourself   about       his/her
                     in a conversation with yourself about         behavior       and
                     why they don’t like you and treat you         look     at     the
                     with     disrespect.    Animosity      will   deeper      reason
                     perpetuate itself so remember your role       why         he/she
                     and look for a way to positively invite       behaves        that
                     the student to engage more deeply in          way. If nothing
                     the class. Perhaps offer them a special       has change, the
                     task based on a self-disclosed talent; for    teacher       could
                     instance, a student whose hobby is            request         the
                     Origami (Japanese paper folding) might        student to bring
                     lead a lesson on the art of following         his/her
                     instructions.                                 parent/guardian
                     Informing the students about their bad        and talk to them
                     behavior and what could be the                on the possible
                     consequence of their action if they           reason of the
                     repeat their behavior                         students’

 9. unauthorized     Call the attention of the students            With        these
cutting of classes   concern and inquire on the reasons why        approaches, we
    or frequent      they cut classes or are usually absent        can see that the
  absenteeism        from school.                                  teacher monitors
                     Give them warnings that similar events        the welfare of
                     will be subject to consequence.               his/her students,
                     Talk to the parents/guardian of the           he/she is not too
                     students concern informing them about         lenient nor too
                     the undue behavior of their child/ward        harsh

10. Leaving class    Camps are divided as to whether or not     We also agree
 too frequently      students should ask for permission to      on how the
                     leave for bathroom breaks or wait for a    teacher handles
                     break in the class. I don’t require my     his/her students’
                     students to limit their bathroom breaks    problem Always
                     or ask permission, however, this is        know first what is
                     contentious for some faculty when          the reason
                     breaks are taken too frequently. You       behind, ask the
                     might privately ask the student if         student if she/he
                     everything is OK so that they know that    has some
                     you are concerned by their behavior.       physical problem
                     Don’t assume disrespect – it might be a    and for the
                     bladder infection or some other physical   teacher to know
                     problem.                                   how she can
                                                                handle this
                                                                problem and if
                                                                the student says
                                                                that he/she
                                                                doesn’t have any
                                                                physical problem
                                                                then it is the time
                                                                the teacher can
                                                                talk to the
                                                                student about
                                                                leaving the
                                                                frequently and
                                                                advise the
                                                                student not to go
                                                                out frequently
                                                                because he/she
                                                                will miss the


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