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                Total Defects Found                   8

                Total Testing Defects                 3

                Total Review Defects                  5

                Total Defects Fixed                   1

                Total Closed Defects                  1

                 Total Open Defects                   6
                                                        Defects Log

S.no.   Date   Work product / Component   Defect Type             Description   Category   Action Taken           Status

 1                                          Testing                                                       Open

                                            Review                                                        Assigned
                                            Review                                                        Assigned
                                            Review                                                        Fixed

                                            Review                                                        Verified & Closed

                                            Review                                                        Open
                                            Testing                                                       Open
                                            Testing                                                       Open
                                              Verified & Closed

                                                             Review                                                          Open
                                                             Testing                                                         Open
                                                             Testing                                                         Open

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Description: This Template for Defect Report is a spreadsheet that can help project managers or project staff record defects found in a work product or component. This form contains a Defects Log in which the user should list the work product/component, the defect type, a description, category, action taken, and status. The spreadsheet will create a summary of total defects found and will further provide a breakdown among defect types (testing defects or review defects). The defect summary will also list the total defects fixed, total defects closed, and total open defects. This template form can be modified to fit the unique defect tracking and reporting needs of any project or product.