Risk Management Worksheet

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					Project Name         ABC

Overall Risk Index   2.1

Open Issues Count     3
                  Risk Management Sheet
              Over all Risk of Project     2.1
                                                                       Exposure      Contingency
 Date    Opened                            Risk                      ( Probability      Plan       Mitigation   Mitigation   Risk
Opened     By           Risk Description   Type   Probability Impact   * Impact)                      Plan      Due Date     Owner     Status   Date Closed
                                                     0.7        3          2.1                                                       Closed
                                                     0.7        3          2.1                                                       Closed
                                                     0.9        1          0.9                                                       Closed
                                                     0.7        3          2.1                                                       Open
                                                     0.7        3          2.1                                                       Close
Description: This Risk Management Worksheet is a template spreadsheet that will quantify the overall risk for a given project. Project staff should list a risk description, a risk type, probability of occurrence, impact of the risk, contingency plan, mitigation plan, risk owner, and status. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate risk exposure by multiplying the risk probability by the risk impact. The overall risk is then totaled. There is also a separate issue management worksheet. Project managers should use this form to track and mitigate project risks and issues.
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