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There’s fastfood and processed food and practically a deluge of preservatives in the food we take in
these days. Our awareness on healthy lifestyle, particularly healthy eating started at the height of the
uproar over the use of genetically-modified organisms of fastfood chains like McDonalds.

People are starting to be more aware of their food intake, starting a new hype over the need for
detoxification. Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. Primarily
referred to as a treatment for alcohol and drug dependence, body detox can also refer to the use of
diets, herbs and other methods to remove toxins from the body for general health.

So, are you thinking of cleansing your body? Here are a few tips for healthy and wise and effective

Go for a non-toxic lifestyle. This means going for natural food, drinking lots of fluids, especially water,
exercising regularly and avoiding toxic food like junkfood, canned good, and other processed food. At the
same time, you can try out a Detox Diet that will cleanse your body and give relief to body aches,
allergies, digestive problems and other related concerns.

If you’re on a detox program, take as much fresh fruits and vegetables as possible, nuts, beans, rice and
grains. On the other hand, take note not to indulge in sugar, caffeine, yeast, alcohol, chocolates and
other food rich in additives and preservatives.

Plan your detox program. You can do a weekend fast. It is good to start on a Friday, with the weekend
giving you the transition in and out of your detox program. Likewise, make sure that your detox plan is
something that you can follow. Detoxifying does not mean starving yourself.

Appreciate nature. Exercise outdoors. The fresh air can do wonders for your lungs and circulation. If you
live near the beach, it’s always good to take a walk or sprint early morning by the seashore. Have a
balanced schedule of activity that will give you time for work and fun at the same time. Try yoga or
pilates. Skip rope or walk in your neighborhood. Do anything to keep that body of yours up and running
and always on the go.

Go for the spa. Take a shower and do skin brushing to help you detoxify. Rubbing your skin improves
circulation and helps you shed off those dead skin layer.

Make sure that you have a regular bowel movement. Eat food rich in fiber. There’s also tea and other
herbs which can help aid bowel movement. When you’re detoxifying, bowel movement is important as it
lessens the possibility of toxins being absorbed into the body.

Be positive. A healthy mind means a healthy body. Rid yourself of all negative thoughts. They’re added
toxins to the body. Smile and have the will and the commitment to your detox plan.

It’s never too late to start cleansing yourself, especially your body. With our hurried lifestyle in this up
and busy and polluted world, we’re all entitled to some personal pleasures as simple as taking care of
our health. Body detox may be as simple as ridding yourself of your negative thoughts by taking a walk in
the park and letting the fresh air wash over your thoughts. Or it can be as complicated as following a
strict detox diet to eliminate toxins in our deigestive system. Whatever it is, the important thing is, you
find a way to cleanse yourself.

When to Say That Detox Diet Guide on Cleansing Your Body Is Safe

A detox diet may sound very reassuring for it is a fact that toxics are bad for the health of a person.
These diets however encourage you to eat foods that are natural which involves lots of veggies and
water. Well, you can also add all the stuff that is good for your body. You could even hear news about
celebrities having detox diets as well as those people who are subjected to alcohol or drug rehabs and
are detoxifying themselves. So, you would really ask if detox diets are safe.

The answer is dependent on who is going to utilize such type of diet. Detox diets like many fad diets can
later on display side effects that are harmful especially for teenagers.

To avoid misconception, you need to understand the lingo. Toxins are poisons or chemicals that have
harmful side effects on your body. It could come from water or food, chemicals used for growing or
preparing food, and from the air that you breathe. These toxins are processed in kidneys and liver
eliminating it in the forms of urine, feces, and sweat.

Most people who are supporting detox diets are saying that dehydration or emotional stress is the cause
why toxins do not leave the body properly during wastes elimination. Instead, these toxins are just
hanging around the digestive system, gastrointestinal systems, lymph, skin, and hair. Even detox diet’s
proponents said that these toxins are the promoters of problems such as headaches, tiredness, acne,
and nausea.

So you must understand that basic idea behind a detox diet is to give up temporarily the foods that are
known to have toxins. It is a means of purifying and purging your body from all bad stuff. Detox diets
may also vary however most of it is involved in several versions of displaying fast results. You need to
give up foods within a few days, then after that, gradually reintroducing a particular food in your diet.
Lots of detox diets also encourages you to go through colonic irrigation or enema to clean up your colon.
The enema washes out your colon and rectum using water. But then others still recommend taking
herbal supplements during the purification procedure.

There lots of available detox diets anywhere. Typically, it involves one or two days of complete liquid
diet. For the succeeding four to five days, add brown rice, steamed vegetables, and fruit that are all
organic to your diet is advised. After one week of eating these foods, you will then gradually introduce
certain foods except for wheat, red meat, eggs, sugar, and junk food in your diet.

People who are having their detox diets are advised to chew up their foods thoroughly, drink only very
little amount of water while eating, and relax before eating. It is much better if you add one glass of
lemon juice in every meal.

There can be numerous claims made about the effects of detox diets on a person. It can prevent and
cure diseases to give you extra energy so that you stay clear-headed and focused. Well, anyone who
prefers low-fat but high fiber diets will probably feel much better and more healthy. But no matter what
good things detox diets proponents said, still it is up to you to decide whether to try it or not for your
own safety. It is because there is no scientific evidence that these diets get rid of body toxins faster or if
the elimination of it can make you more healthy and energetic.
Finding the Right Body Detox Product to make you Clean Inside,
Are you 100 percent sure about it?

All of us are exposed to a host of chemicals and deadly toxins on a regular daily basis. Even though you
may think that you are leading a healthy lifestyle, you are still subjected to many toxins that is found
everywhere, even in your own homes. Toxins can be found in the water we drink, the food we eat and
the air we breathe. We can not just totally eliminate those factors as those are the essential things we
need to survive.

With the advent of medical science and the many discoveries in medicines, man has found ways to
prolong life and eliminate painful symptoms that many diseases carry, but these same pharmaceutical
drugs can leave traces of toxins in our body. Plus, sedatives and stimulants that we take do the same job
as well, polluting our bodies. Also, man today has been consuming record amounts of processed foods
and sugar that has never been recorded before. This just all add up to the toxins that lie in our body.

Why all the fuss about toxins?

All these toxins that are left uncared for can lead to indigestion, producing more toxins. As these toxins
build up, they will eventually turn into parasites, small flesh eating monsters that could cause many

Although our liver and kidney may be helping out in detoxifying our body, our body is not capable of
totally cleaning them out.

That’s why there is a need for outside help. Aside from the many diets and exercises plus the healthy
lifestyle we may subject ourselves into to eliminate or at least decrease the amount of toxins in our
body, we may resort to a body detox product to help eradicate all of those toxins.

Some of these body detox products come in the form of herbal medications which doesn’t leave any
toxins behind, unlike the chemical drugs. These herbal body detox products may come in different
forms, such as teas, mouthwashes, shampoos, capsules, softgels, chewables, liquid drinks an a host of

Each one of them targets an individual part of the body for detox. That is why it is imperative that before
taking a body detox product, a consultation with a doctor should be done.

A lot of these body detox products could be found in the internet. While most of them would claim that
they are truly effective and doesn’t have any side effects, a lot of scientists have also dispelled some of
these body detox products.

Many people would go to great lengths to seduce you with their body detox products. It would be best
to get a second, third or even a fourth opinion. A little bit of research would do a lot of good. You
wouldn’t want to waste your money on just some useless drinks that only quenches your thirst and
nothing more. You wouldn’t want to be buying something that might just add up to your toxin pile up.

So when you feel a little sluggish and you seem, to have lost a lot of pep, this could be because of a
massive toxin build up in your body. Consult with a doctor immediately and see which body detox
product would be right for you.
Detox Diets 101: Keeping Your body in Shape through Proper eating

If you’re feeling sluggish, or you think you’re always full and the food has settled in your stomach,
undigested. If you think you’re fat and need to lose weight. And if you think that you’ve ingested more
than the allowed preservatives and additives into your body and your liver’s starting to show symptoms
of abuse, then it’s time for you to go on a Detox program.

Detox or detoxification is the process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins from the body. Detox plans
may be in different forms and ways – from regular exercise to body scrubs and spa massages, to yoga
and meditation. But the simplest and the most common perhaps is to go on a detox diet.

A detox diet is a program that minimizes the chemicals ingested into the body by going for organic food.
It highlights food like vitamins and antioxidants that the body needs for detoxification. It also involves
taking in of food that will aid in the elimination of toxins like high fiber food and water. It generally
suggests a high intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and lots of fluids, while cutting down on
caffeine, alcohol, yeast and sugars.

So why go for a detox diet? If you’re a regular fast food chain eater, you’ve probably ingested many fat-
soluble chemicals contained in the French fries, cheeseburgers, twisters and soft drinks you’ve
consumed. An ‘overload’ of these chemicals in the body can lead to illness and conditions like liver
malfunction, kidney problems, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies and inefficient metabolism.
And the most common symptoms of these illnesses are the usual fatigue, poor skin and low tolerance to

By going on a detox diet, people would have improved energy, clearer and fairer skin, a regular bowel
movement, improved metabolism and digestion, increased concentration. Generally, it spells wellness
and a better well-being.

A word of caution…though anyone is allowed to take on a detox diet, pregnant women or those who are
nursing are cautioned not to go on such plans as they need the necessary nutrient for nursing. And
unless recommended by a doctor, people with anemia, eating disorders, heart disease, low immunity,
low blood pressure, ulcers, cancer, the underweight or those suffering from alcohol or drug dependency
should try on a detox diet. Furthermore, such detox diet programs should be properly planned with the
doctor and a nutritionist.

Other Things You Need to Know

Side effects may occur within the first few days of starting the detox diet. There’s headache and a
general feeling of weakness as the body is adjusting to the change in food intake. So it is recommended
to start your diet plan gradually or on Fridays when you won’t be doing much physical activity or
requiring much energy. Others may experience diarrhea as the body eliminates the toxins, so take care
not to be dehydrated. Drink plenty of water.

Take note that such detox diet programs should not be done for a long time. They are normally
recommended to be done at least one to two times a year, and should be done during the warm

If you’re thinking of getting started, make sure you consult a doctor or a nutritionist. Read up on detox
diets and seek advice from the experts. Remember: Too much is bad. After all, you’re doing it to improve
your health, not ruin it!
Body Detox the Easy Way: A Natural Diet

You may wonder sometimes why your body seems to be heavy and you feel lazy to move, yet you are
not sick. You are more than willing to be energetic but your body is not just up to it. To address the
problem, you resort to eating a lot, gulp up cups of coffee and smoke, thinking that you will be lively
after. For a while, you feel good and going. Unknowingly though, you are accumulating toxins in your
body. With this scenario happening more and more, you might need to detoxify.

With our ever-dynamic world today, we want our bodies to be constantly active so we can move along
with the fast paced lifestyles. Hence, we resort to body stimulants such as coffee, cigarettes, diet pills,
drugs and a lot more thinking that they will help the body to stay up all the time, but they do otherwise.
These stimulants cause immediate loss of energy and emotional symptoms such as headaches, sickness
and depression. They are also considered as toxins in the body.

What are toxins? Toxins are agents that are able to cause body harm. There are two kinds of toxins, the
Exogenous or external toxins and Endogenous or internal toxins. The Exogenous toxins come from
external sources such as car fumes, tobacco smoke, drugs, factory pollution, etc. On the other hand, the
Enogenous toxins come from viral or bacterial infection. Due to metabolism, the body creates its own
toxin called Autogenous toxins.

These harmful substances are eliminated in the body in a process called detoxification. Detoxification is
the removal of stored toxic products from the bowel, the blood, liver, and kidneys including the great
amount of toxic substances stored in body fat to cure chronic diseases such as cancer. The easiest way to
detoxify the body is the body detox through a natural diet. To detoxify the body naturally is a change in
the diet from a poor to a healthy one. A healthy diet includes raw food diet, specifically, fruits and

Naturally, the body detoxifies itself all day. The peak of detoxification occurs when the body is rested
during sleep until noon. This is a way for the body to eliminate the toxins acquired from pollution,
stimulants and nutrients.

For the ever busy people, you can substitute your stimulants with natural diet to acquire a healthy and
active body. Most common stimulants taken by people are refined white sugar, coffee, diet pills,
cigarettes and red meat.

Sugar has a stimulating effect. Hence, we feel invigorated when we drink colas. What we do not know,
refined white sugar has detrimental effects on the body. Examples of products containing refined white
sugar are cola and ketchup. It is advised to cut down on it by using brown sugars like cane sugar which is
natural. Fruit juices also give the same kick as to refined white sugar.

Late night workers resort to drinking coffee to keep them awake. As natural substitute to coffee with a
detoxifying effect is Japanese or Chinese green tea. The Japanese or Chinese green tea gives the same
kick because it also contains caffeine but it does not contain substances that are irritating to the

Diet pills are also stimulants for the body to be kept alive. This may be observed among athletes
specially, during time for competitions because they give more energy. They are being taken albeit the
toxic effect in the body. In lieu of this, athletes must take fruits instead due to their natural detoxifying
For cigarette smokers who think smoking stimulates their mind to think, they must think twice for
smoking causes cancer. If they take carrots, they will experience the same effect in a more natural way.

For red meat lovers who really feel good and strong after feasting on said food, they better think about
cutting on it. Fish is a better substitute.

Now, we understand why our parents keep on reminding us to eat fruits and vegetables. They give us
energy in more natural ways plus they keep us fit and healthy.

A rejuvenating 5-day body detox plan to keep you going

In the present condition, you can no longer survive a single day without encountering pollution. At work,
you may not at all be so sure of the cleanliness of the water you drink or of the food you eat. When
dealing with people, you can hardly get away from air pollution, be it from smokers, all sorts of sprays or
from the exhaust of vehicles. This greatly affects the health in one way or another. Don’t be so sure that
when your body does not visibly react, it’s alright.

For these reasons, detoxification is necessary in order to keep a healthy body which also results to
healthy mind and healthy relationship with people.

Our body has its own means of healing and detoxifying. However, when pollutants that enter our body
had been accumulated more than the capacity of self cleansing, we are giving our inside mechanisms a
hard time. Then the tissues are stressed and therefore lead to malfunction. And because they are
weakened, the cleansing process is also affected.

We definitely want a clean body. But we also need to help our system in regulating the body processes.
However, you should not wait for your body organs to be stressed out and overworked before doing
something. In times when the body lacks the command to keep the systems working, the person must
supplement. The 5-day detox plan will do a great help in keeping the body systems at work. The 5-day
detox plan will rejuvenate the body as well as the spirit, keeping it clean and toned.

Detoxification diet is a part of the 5-day detox plan. During the period of detoxification, certain foods are
avoided. Your meals consist mostly of fresh fruits and green, leafy vegetables. Fats, oil, preservatives and
food additives are a big no when undergoing the process of detoxification. Also, meat should be kept off
because they are hard to digest. For a day or two, eating meat in any form is dropped off from the diet.

Ideal foods that can be part of your diet are as follow: garlic, broccoli, beets, and beans or nuts. Only
fresh fruit extracts can be taken as beverages except for grapefruit. And since water is a universal
solvent, six to eight glasses of this should be recommended daily. Water is also a major factor in the
detoxification process. It flushes out the toxins in the forms of perspiration, urine, or stool.

Although you seem to eat less when detoxifying, you are assured that you will not starve, and ironically,
you will even boost your stamina. It is because your intake is limited only to foods which are healthy and
are good to the digestive system.

Detoxification plan should be done at least quarterly. To ensure that you get an efficient one, it will be
best to consult a nutritionist or a professional. You should also seek for a doctor’s advice to ensure that
what you will do is a detoxification and not addition of toxins to your body.

Through the process of detoxification, the toxins are flushed out in your body and a new set of energy is
supplied to the body providing you both physical and mental alertness.
Cleanliness should be maintained not only in the outside, but more so in the inside.
Healthy Eating with Detox Recipes for your Body

You probably know by now what detoxification is and the ways that it can be done. A detox diet provides
the simplest way to detoxifying yourself. A rule of thumb in detox diets: the more fiber and water, the
better. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, beans and nuts. On the other hand, steer clear of caffeine,
carbonated drinks, sugars like chocolates, alcohol and yeast.

Dr. Kiki Sidhwa recommends going on a monotrophic diet after a three-day fast. By monotrophic, we
mean eating only one type of fruit for every meal. Example, for breakfast, you can eat apple. For lunch,
try out oranges or pineapples. Eat until your hunger is satisfied. You can squeeze in a grapefruit juice at
around 4 pm for your snack. And in the evening, eat only apples, pears, grapes or bananas.

Of course, this is just one of those do-it-yourself diet plans that you can take on when you’re on a detox
program. For most people, however, detox recipes are the best way to go. These detox recipes are
especially designed to provide you with the necessary nutrient in the body and at the same time,
providing you with the necessary antioxidants and substances that will cleanse your body from toxins.
For more fluid intake, you can try Ginger Healing Tea with Turmeric. What you need are the following: 2
cups of water, ½ teaspoon of powdered ginger, ½ teaspoon of tumeric, 1 tablespoon of maple syrup and
lemon extract. To make your special healing tea, add powdered herbs to boiling water and let it simmer
for 10 minutes. Strain the tea into a mug and add maple syrup and lemon extract. Stir and whalaaah---
you can start drinking!

For breakfast, you can try the vegetable super juice. This juice gives you the needed energy boost for
your senses, wakens your digestive system and can keep you going until lunchtime. For starters, you
need 1 whole cucumber, 4 celery sticks, 2-4 handfuls of spinach, 8 lettuce leaves. You can also add other
green vegetables like parsley and fresh alfalfa sprouts. The process is easy and simple, juice all
ingredients and add distilled water. You can also add lemon juice for better taste.

And now for lunch, try the Alkalising RAW Soup. All you need are 1 avocado, 2 spring onions, ½ red or
green pepper, 1 cucumber, 2 handfuls of spinach, ½ clove of garlic, 100 ml of light vegetable Bouillon,
lemon or lime juice and Bragg Liquid Aminos for added taste. Just like our vegetable juice, the recipe is
simple and easy to do. Blend the avocado and stock to form a light paste. Add other ingredients and
blend. And then you can start eating!

Our dinner treat is Warm Broccoli Soup. All you need is ½ avocado, 6-8 broccoli heads, 1/3 red onion, 1
celery stick, a big handful of spinach, inch of root ginger, cumin and bragg liquid amino for added taste.
Lightly steam the broccoli for 5-6 minutes. After steaming, blend all the ingredients together and add
garlic and pepper to taste. This is perfect for a cold winter night.

Feeling hungry still? These recipes are just few of the hundred other detox recipes available on the net.
The key here is to pack yourself with enough water and nutrients to keep you going without ingesting a
plateful of additives, sugars and food preservatives. So what are you waiting for? Start eating healthy!

Home Body-Detox Programs for Losing Weight

Having a great body is probably what all people are trying to achieve, and this includes the fat and thin
people. Struggling to lose or to gain weight can oftentimes be very frustrating. It seems that no matter
what you do, you can't get things right. You still find difficulty in achieving the perfect body and the right

Since our birth up to the present, our body has accumulated many toxin build ups. Some of the
chemicals from all the foods and beverages that you've taken in your entire lifetime will build up because
the body can't handle the detoxification process alone.

Have you heard of detox programs? Many people are into this kind of programs because they claim that
they have finally found the solution to their unhealthy way of life.

When you say unhealthy, it means that you are doing things which are somewhat harmful to your body,
and even to other people. A typical example is cigarette smoking and drinking alcohol. Cigarette and
alcohol have many harmful chemicals that are considered toxins once they entered a person's body.

Through a detox program, you can expect to gain higher energy levels, relieve symptoms of
asthma/diabetes, and slow down your aging process. But the very main reason why many people are
into detox programs is to lose weight.

The detox program can also aid your body's natural detox process. Since almost any person has some
sort of 'bad' eating habit, not to mention their 'other' unhealthy ways of life, the body can't cope up with
all the toxins that need to be removed causing an imbalance in the body.

Detox programs can be done at home. There are home body-detox programs which can be easily
followed, for a period of two weeks or more. These programs are focused in helping you lose weight,
enhance circulation, increase body elimination, colon cleansing, detox diet, and provide nutrients for the
liver. If you still don’t know yet, the liver is the main organ of the body which is responsible for the
detoxification process. So you really need to protect and support this body organ.

People who have undergone this type of home body-detox programs say that they were able to lose
weight much more quickly than other weight-loss products. Aside from that, they noticed that they now
have clearer skin, improved digestion, improved energy, normal bowel movements, etc.

Home body-detox programs also teach you what foods are right for the body. Fresh vegetables and fruits
are great for almost any weight loss program, most especially with a home detox. You can eat broccoli,
onions, and sprouts, green and red veggies.

Virgin oils, lemon water, rice milk, wheat products, and non-caffeinated drinks (like tea) are also good for
a home detox program. Drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday is also advisable.

A good home body-detox program will help a person restore his/her body's balance, and efficiently
removes all toxin build ups. But this doesn’t mean though that you will no longer be able to get toxins
into your system. If you continue with your unhealthy lifestyle, over time you will again build up toxins in
your body.

Start by slowly changing your lifestyle now. There are many resources which you can make use to aid
you in changing little by little. This might take a long time, but your body will thank you for your efforts
to change to a healthy way of life.
Detox Home Kit: Easier Way of Improving Your Body

There are plenty of detox products in the market today. These kits are also available for home use which
consists of diet plans having supplementary pills and tonics, or herbal pills that contain herbs good for
different body organs.

However, you should be aware that detox products have no scientific evidences that it really works. Even
the product’s manufacturers cannot give proof of any test compliance. Only the glowing consumer’s
testimonials are supporting the product’s effectiveness. So make sure that the detox home kit you will
choose is compatible to your needs.

These kits are important in clearing your body from accumulated toxins to free you from excessive
burdens. It allows your immune system to regain energy so that it could function better. Although
cleansing and fasting can help, detoxification is a much better way of removing toxins from your body.
However, it is a continued process where it supports the natural ability of your body to dispel toxins
effectively. Limiting unwanted toxins from entering your body is also a part of detoxification process.

Remember, the toxins build up in your body for over a long period of time can often cause degenerative
diseases. Like emotional traumas that are buried for many years that can later on surface in your midlife.
In this manner, you need to examine any changes from your learned behavior as well as physical
symptoms so that proper care must be given. Ignoring such changes which is requiring your attention
can lead to your own peril. Denying pain can inevitably lead to a more profound pain. Unexamined fears
can eventually assume a monstrous proportion. Clinging to your habits which does not support life and
growth can bind you to stagnation and even death.

The exposure to too much toxins sometimes cannot be prevented in today’s environment. More often,
your body can have difficulty in getting rid of these toxins. This problem are now solved since detox
home kits are widely available helpful in regaining your body’s natural balance. These enable you to
rejuvenate and cleanse your body.

Detox home kits products are not anymore considered as supplies for more legitimate needs than for the
sake of vanity. People who are purchasing these stuff should never feel guilty about it. It is not bad to
use these products for reviving your energy so that your body could feel much better.

Detox home kits are available in wide varieties. It is made up of selected herbs and organic ingredients
having purifying and cleansing properties. Take for instance, you belong to the category of habitual
drinkers then you should choose detoxification home kit products specifically for eliminating alcohol
traces in your immune system. However, you need to avoid drinking alcohol after your detoxification.
You need to understand that detoxification products are not just for cleansing your body but also for
teaching you in disciplining yourself.

There are also detox home kits that are ideal for reducing stretch marks, re-toning loose skins, soothing
eczema and psoriasis, and building cellulites.

Detox home kit products are developed to remove toxic substances from your body giving it a more
balanced outlook. Just make sure that you check it thoroughly by reading consumer’s reviews and
forums to get the right one for you. After all you are investing your money and health on it.

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Description: People are starting to be more aware of their food intake, starting a new hype over the need for detoxification. Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. Primarily referred to as a treatment for alcohol and drug dependence, body detox can also refer to the use of diets, herbs and other methods to remove toxins from the body for general health.