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Trip report - end of year trip report (deputy manager)


Trip report - end of year trip report (deputy manager)

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									 title of the article: end of trip report (deputy manager)
 leading you company, my colleagues the morning (afternoon) Good:
 very grateful to head office and communication navigation company Company confidence
in me, giving me this opportunity to report to work for one year. End of the year
2003, about the past, one year of study, work, time is not long, but I get all the
help it is too much, compared to their pay is too small, deeply ashamed. In the past
six months the trust headquarters leadership and communication navigation colleagues
care help, so I quickly adapted to the new jobs, the completion of the software from
a purely technical personnel to the technical, management transition process.
 very grateful for my total, the sum of human resources alone, let me step to the
company's vice president of technical staff from the first step in the transition.
Early April, in their guidance and help, I completed the "implementation of the dragon
up to customer relationship information management (CRM) feasible plan." The
implementation of the program from the auto industry targeted customer relationship
management, business process design, implementation, sales, etc fine up to industry
all branches of the Dragon's customer relationship management analysis shows that
the current bottleneck in the management of our business, that work process is not
clear, customer information scattered in the hands of business, departments, not the
clear division of responsibilities between collaboration, workflow and related
personnel information flow is not a unified platform for sharing. The program for
the future management provides a theoretical basis.
 part of the tube as the market leader, earlier this year, we formulated the objectives,
that is the end product sales, market research, market development, market
penetration, customer feedback information, industry information provider, and
distributor management. In particular, I would like to thank all my colleagues the
marketing department. In their understanding, support, tie, we have completed a car
beauty center, car sales business, industry, users, etc. distributor management
contract specifications. Personnel with specialized distributors conduct business
counseling and training, and installation of the full cooperation of the Ministry
sale to further expand the business area, especially in the "atypical pneumonia"
during the due diligence work we have successfully completed the company's
development monthly plan targets, the company's steady growth in business. Up to now,
we have completed operating income *** million this year, profits *** million and
operating income more than doubled last year, profits *** million more than last year.
 as a member of the market development department, we have pioneering spirit and sense
of innovation, in 2002 with the Chinese People's Insurance to launch five Daoqiang
Xian and install GPS-free insurance policy to send GPS, to create a Castle Car GPS
Matthew sales effectiveness; in 2003 we proposed to strengthen the creative and
control of banking and financial sector risk auto loans, and achieved good results,
while the promotion of the Dragon up the management company's risk control car work.
All of our innovative communications and navigation company staff wisdom, once again
I want to thank all the staff, marketing department, is that you create our brilliant
today. Outlook 2004, I think I should be in the following areas to carry out the work
of our marketing department:
 1, to enhance marketing and propaganda.
 market share in the consolidation of the existing basis, to enhance market
penetration, the use of various effective marketing methods or business means to
ensure that the market share; Zhiding market publicity, advertising Jian Du, Shi Shi
media communications program to develop and implementation of the program of
activities. Budget for the cost of commercial advertising, and corporate advertising
and promotional materials, product review, and timely assessment of advertising
effectiveness, and make timely adjustments; conduct foreign service-related
publicity, public relations activities, timely and accurate grasp of the public views
the company and feedback to the company, and then propose a solution.
 2, responsible for the establishment in the region, a sound marketing network.
 perfect set up customer information, stored and classified management, responsible
for collecting customer information, surveys, to help customer service center
customer satisfaction survey, to maximize meet customer demand; often carry out
market research and forecasting, market information market dynamics, price trends,
monitor competitors, and major market changes and policy changes in the timely
analysis, summarized and submitted to the company's decision-making decision-making;
typical data to build customer relationships and customer relationships to coordinate
resources, establish a sound and reasonable incentives to mobilize sales staff to
work motivation.
 3, the implementation of regular weekly business system, good staff training,
 next year we will increase the marketing business, and on the New comprehensive
training of personnel, so that more outstanding young people to join our team to.
We would like to regular weekly services to implement the mandate, so that clear
objectives, responsibilities to the people, to ensure achieving the desired
 Part of our technology along with GPS monitoring center has also gone through two
years, the achievements of the past, I have to pay the center of the hard work of
staff, software and hardware maintenance staff thanked them for us today is the center
stability operations provide a solid protection. In this new year begins, in
particular, with the dragon up to the city car will soon put into use, technical
department have to face new tasks, that is, cars with the city of Chongqing Road,
information technology planning and implementation of our business development plan.
Now I will the following aspects of the work of the Department in 2004 to deploy the
 I. Communication Navigation Technology Department to determine 2004 targets
 1. Dragon-up information for the construction, with the head office, branch office
to complete the development of various management system platform, build and
maintenance training.
 2. Complete the monitoring center and sub-centers GPS hardware and software
technical support, custom development center in line with my call center operation
 3. Dragon up the site for construction, maintenance and updating, and do all we can
to develop up to industrial companies in our business processes Dragon online
e-commerce software, the maximum good with our sister unit sales services.
 4. Maintenance, consolidation of GPS center network customers to provide better
value-added services, increase the service charge collection work in order to monitor
service center into a new profit growth point;
 5. Navigation companies in the communications business strategy under the guidance
of a unified, extensive search and the establishment of technical value-added
partnerships, according to car GPS market facing / customer needs customized software
development center and provide feasible options, with marketing the program to
complete the project staff design, develop the scope of our business, increase market
 6. Dragon up in the perfect city of Chongqing Road car design weak, and information
integration, based on active participation in the bidding program determines that
the project implementation schedule control and supervision of the construction site.
 7. Dragon-up companies responsible for internal office platform construction,
commissioning, operation, maintenance and so on. Dragon-up units for the computer
network system maintenance.
 second reasonable allocation of staff to ensure project implementation
 Software Division staff to adapt to the trend of today's software industry, to master
new technology, the company should all regular technical training, but also on city
construction vehicles and control center functions, and I would recommend next year's
technical department is divided into several groups working to coordinate in the
 1. System Maintenance Group
 GPS monitoring center for the entire building, removal, software upgrades, data
maintenance work and the Dragon up the unit's computer network system maintenance.
Officers as two: head - Zou cents; crew - Zhang Zhongwei
 2.B / S structure, the development team
 dragon up for B / S class management software development, implementation,
commissioning, running, training, maintenance work, including the dragon up to
customer management system (CRM), Dragon up website, Dragon OA management approval
system over the Internet, Dragon up communication and navigation business management
system. Three officers Ding Yuan: Director - Zhang Yu-chun; crew - Du Haotian, Zhang
 3. Systems integration project and technical support call center team
 reach truck for Dragon City information technology software to design and implement ;
to meet customer needs, marketing research, design services and the feasibility of
the specific implementation plan. Four officers Ding Yuan: Director - Zhang Zhongwei;
team members - Zhang Yu Jin, Du Haotian, Zou cents
. C / S structure of the development team
 dragon up for C / S class management software development, implementation,
commissioning, operation, training, maintenance work, including the dragon up to Auto
City Property Management System, communication and navigation corporate users
billing system, the dragon up to human resource management system, the dragon up to
car rental companies and other business management systems. Three officers Ding Yuan:
Leader - Du Haotian; crew - Zhang Zhongwei, other temporary absence.
 staff training in human resources development team building and an important part
of corporate culture through training, can be unity of purpose, unity of recognition
and pace, and improving cohesion, centripetal force and fighting capacity. Establish
a learning atmosphere, do not know how to ask, no, to learn. Time is limited,
particularly in our IT industry, computer technology is advancing rapidly, do not
study the day will fall behind, so now we are here every employee should establish
a time and competition. Companies are willing for you to create learning and training
opportunities, so that we improve the professional knowledge and skills, we can have
creative intelligence, enterprises can help in the market economy undefeated.
 Leaders, I was until the second half of this year to augment the corporation's new
management positions, although some results, but there are still many in the
management of the gaps, embodied in the following areas:
 First, work discipline not strict, conniving men shielding employees
 reason because my personality, my management, departmental management is not a good
order. Staff late, leave early and so is serious, work hours caused by chat or doing
private work efficiency is not high. As director of managers, in the past few months
have not done this work, we will be late to an early walk for a while, or even a phone
call would not come, work hours are often something else. I have been embarrassed
before to manage, Why? Because we are good friends, all buddies, that they consciously,
self-discipline, but in fact they can not, therefore giving rise to the status quo.
A while ago through the Learning Management Corporation, I realize: the management
of connivance is taboo. The most essential of the bearing is tolerant, but the company
is not. The human being is given to corporate culture of a major heritage, but also
a great harm. Connivance of others, we also learned indulgent. The management of lost
dignity in the conniving, the company lost vitality in conniving. With the company's
employees not to get-together, but for the interest. Take the "people management"
as a permissive pretext is totally unacceptable, no responsibility and power
management is absurd. Today, you let a person, then you have to condone others tomorrow.
Connivance of people seem to be buying, but "selling" may be off the dignity and
business assets. For their own future, I can not allow yourself; to other people's
future, I can not condone others. In the new year, I hope that mutual supervision,
the company's management by the system, not human!
 second employee incentives need to be improved and strengthened

 communication navigation company was first established as the industry's operations
and no sales experience, a blank area of the market development, and it has The main
business is the face of the Group's sales within the gallery, so the sales staff to
consider car dealers commission only sales consultant. In 2003 the external market
as we expand, its staff incentive distribution system needs to reconsider, because
the initial size of foreign sales has not been formed, there is no question this
administration sufficient attention. Coupled with industry sales in the market,
policy changes, we discuss this issue has obviously lagged behind the industry.
Concluded by the end of this year, we solicit the opinion of the management company,
has been established for the coming year bonus, commission distribution policy, hopes
for the coming year through this incentive policy to stimulate the enthusiasm of
everyone working to make our sales and service to a a higher level.
 3, the center after-sales service and installation work necessary to raise the
GPS Monitoring Service to the core of our customer service department, which directly
affects the quality of service to our corporate reputation and market share, thus
strengthening the central services is our top priority next year. After nearly two
years of operation we have gained some experience, we are confident will monitor the
Centre's services to standardize procedures, and to quality service has won the trust
of customers.
 place because companies have not fixed installation and GPS end product installation
is not uniform standards, combined with professional installation staff training is
insufficient, so that our installation work has been lagging behind the company's
development needs. Although this year has increased the installation of officers,
but staff have the skills gap between the installation, so the accident caused a number
of installation. As managers, we have the primary responsibility in 2004 as our
business office and vehicles to establish the Office of City business, we are
confident that strengthen the management, for the standardization of pre-job training,
a general increase in the installation technology, ensure the installation and
after-sale service quality, the development of next year for the company to provide
solid protection.
 Comrades, 2003, is about to end, this year we had the sweat of hard work, have to
face a difficult time marketing the helplessness, there was rapid increase in
performance of the company when the proud, review history and look to the future We
are a united group with a collective team, a team able to tackle. The new year, we
need a stronger sense of responsibility and mission, and commit them to their jobs
and going, we can put up telecommunications Dragon Navigation Company built in Qingdao
of the most influential automotive service call center.
 Outlook 2004, Our goal is: ** million operating income breakthrough, a breakthrough
*** million profit. I think as long as we maintain a positive work ethic, headquarters
and support units brothers, correctly grasp the law of the market, our goal will be
 above is my trip report, I will work hard to meet the company's specific
responsibilities of various departments to develop goals, I urge the leadership and
every employee present to supervise.
 Thank you!

 "trip end of year report (company vice president)," Welcome to the year-end trip
report (deputy manager).
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