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 level of secondary workers far Xiangongdianju cum ninth congress of trade union
members formally convened here today, the theme is to implement implementation of
provincial, city and county levels work conference to review the main work in 2004
in recognition of outstanding performance over the past year, the advanced
collectives and individuals and the deployment of the main tasks of this year.
Corporate executives in this organization on behalf of corporate work in 2004 and
2005, work ideas and goals are reported to the Assembly, requested the consideration
of the delegates. Over the past year, our party and government organizations at all
levels, under the correct leadership of all employees in the enterprise hard efforts
have achieved good results, all the main technical and economic indicators have a
new breakthrough, spent most of the difficult economic period. Enterprises in 2004
the general guiding principle is: hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping Theory,
the "Three Represents" as guidance, to further strengthen safety management, to
ensure the safety of power supply; strengthen power grid construction, based on their
own striving for success in business create a positive internal forge ahead in unity,
good atmosphere of reform and innovation; vigorously open up the electricity market,
strengthen ideological and political work, improve standards of service, and actively
promote the coordinated development of the two civilizations company for building
a well-off society and speed up the mountain to lay a solid foundation for economic
development, closely around the annual tasks and objectives and carry out the work,
dedicated to safe, civilized, and more for less damage, high-quality, highly
efficient electricity production policy.
 hard efforts in exchange for fruitful results. Greater volatility in the past year's
economic environment, companies have satisfactorily accomplished all tasks
throughout the year, some economic indicators to achieve the best in history. Here,
I feel that all of you on behalf of business enterprises on behalf of support for
the work, and through you to work all positions in the corporate staff to express
my sincere the intention.
 1. Enterprises of the main technical and economic indicators and power gr id
construction completion
. Completion of various economic indicators
 purchase power: achieving 220.4 million kwh, compared with 2002 growth of real
purchasing power 185.6 million kwh 18.75, more than 164 million kwh in 2002, up 34.39
plan. Of which: Power counties as well as power purchased 051 million kwh, compared
with last year's 033.3 million kwh, by 53.15, the total purchasing power of 23.14;
purchase 097.2 million kwh electricity towns than in the previous year 087.8 million
kwh, by 10.7, of the total electricity purchased 44.1; purchase provincial grid
electricity 072.2 million kwh, compared with the previous year 064.5 million kwh,
by 11.94, 32.76 of total purchase of electricity.
 sales charge: to achieve 209.8 million kwh, more than 2002 actual sales growth of
176.6 million kwh electric 18.80, compared to 2002 plan the sale of electricity 162
million kwh, up 29.51. Of which: Industry 100.4 million kwh electricity sales compared
to last year's 088.5 million kwh, by 13.45, the total electricity sales of 47.86;
the sale of electricity to the towns of 066.9 million kwh, compared with last year's
056.4 million kwh, by 18.62, accounting for The total electricity sales of 31.89;
life 016.4 million kwh electricity sales, increased over the previous year 014.2
million kwh 15.49 of the total electricity sales of 7.82; sales provincial grid
electricity 008.2 million kwh, compared with 004.8 million kwh last year, increasing
70.83 of the total electricity sales 3.91; other sale of electricity 0.0054 billion
kWh, with 0.0054 billion kilowatt hours last year were flat, the total electricity
sales, 0.26; commercial and industrial electricity sales of non-S & P
017,500,000 kwh, 8.34 of total electricity sales.
 line loss rate: 4.8 compared to 4.9 in 2002, down 0.1 percentage points.
 power sales revenue: to achieve 102,889,200 yuan, compared with 86.46 million yuan
by the year 2002, 16.4292 million yuan, increasing 19.
 power supply profit: loss of 926,100 yuan, compared with losses of 4.21 million yuan
the previous year, reduced losses of 3.2839 million yuan.
 hand over tax: 12.4833 million yuan, compared with last year's 8.2387 million yuan,
increasing 51.52.
 per capita tax paid: to achieve 20,600 yuan, 15,300 yuan over the previous year by
 sale of electricity on average Price: 490.25 yuan / 1000 kwh, compared to the previous
year's 489.58 yuan / 1000 kwh, by 0.67 yuan / 1000 kwh, by 0.14.
 sale of electricity on average cost: 444.66 yuan / 1000 kwh, compared to the previous
year's 464.60 yuan / 1000 kwh, by 19.94 yuan / 1000 kwh, by 4.29.
 fixed value: 131,617,600 yuan, 112,943,000 yuan over the previous year by 18,674,600
yuan, increasing 16.53.
 Labor Productivity: 11,616 yuan.
. Completion of safety technology indicators:
 realization of the whole year without a major equipment damage accident, no
large-scale power blackout.
 device to keep intact rate of 100.
 supply reliability rate of 99.49.
 voltage passing rate of 80.
. Power grid construction and infrastructure completion:
) Fully completed the second phase of Rural Reconstruction.
) Abundance of light, the HSBC, Bank of China, Surabaya four 35KV substation equipment
modification done a lot of work, more than half of the overall task has been completed.
) Completed the East stone and stone are the two office building 10KV switching station,
to further protect the township reliability of electricity supply.
) 110KV substation in the stone is light and abundance between the new 35KV substation
10KV line set up for a while; new stone was set up for a return to the Milky Way
Industrial Park Substation 110KV 10KV power line; the level is far 110KV substation
erected a new 35KV line for a return to Rare Earth Co., Ltd. Fu Yuan.
) Built the abutment by the site office supply business by the purchase of poor dry
land tax office as the difference between the original dry the site of new place of
 2. Security management work, and to ensure the safety of the year for electricity
 year ago, I continue to SVA Board Meizhou Electricity Power Supply Company on running
a safe and civilized production of dual compliance requirements for the work, the
control implementation details, Network access, consolidate and develop the dual
target serious results. Team to develop and complement the regulations, continue to
carry out a hundred thousand operations a series of activities such as error-free
evaluation; the organization of "Safety Regulation Games," "two votes, three systems"
such as literacy training, organizational practitioners network access operations
training and examination. Doing a good job within the enterprise itself and the safety
education of workers, while higher last year in accordance with the relevant
requirements, and actively carry out the "two votes, three systems" and "personal
security" are two special rectification activities carried out in the global focus
on security within the special inspection and safety education and training
activities to the overall security management is improved significantly. Internal
management in grasping the same time, assume the duties Power Enterprise Management
Association, do a good job coordinating the external environment management, and
network with the power plant signed an agreement to re-clear lines of property rights
and their security responsibilities for the various power plants organizations
specialized inspection and supervision, with the power to have the self-related
industries, related agencies to conduct a comprehensive examination registration,
safety equipment deficiencies limit the implementation of rectification, the year
of inspection and rectification of external security 147. Bureau of biotech stocks
continue to set up a full-time security officer to work safety management system,
the units set up part-time security staff, and levels of production safety
responsibility system, making management system more specific, standardized, so that
the implementation of safety responsibilities more clearly. In addition, various ways
to carry out safety education activities, in a timely manner to convey a higher level
of incident reporting, combined with everything and everyone, combining the lessons
around education workers receive good educational effect.
 in the annual college entrance examination for tertiary education, major festivals
and special times each season, the power supply work, we adhere to the "safety first,
prevention first" principle, to take thorough measures to ensure power supply to
ensure Guaranteed supply of each work period. Also set up a power equipment against
theft, sabotage, criminal stealing the special action leadership group, closely
cooperate with public security authorities to take legal and other effective ways
to combat theft, destruction of electrical equipment, power stealing criminals.
Actively carry out safety inspection activities closely with the county committee
and county government departments do a good job and CFS iron ore, coal, rare earth
mining and other key items of security governance, good all-round security, thus
ensuring the safe operation of power grid throughout the year, to December 31, 2004
only to realize the safe operation of the 1,095 days accident-free.
 3. "Reform Two price" outstanding achievements and expand the electricity market
effect is obvious
 reform of rural power management system, transformation of urban and rural power
grids, electricity Tongwangtongjia achieve effective to reduce the burden on peasants
in this "popular project" is to implement "Three Represents" concrete action. Last
year, I continue to higher levels of deployment of Office, in accordance with the
business plan, always "change with price of the two" working as a business center
tasks and focus of the work included in the company throughout the year, implement
the plan, achieved good results.
 first system, we are in June 2002 ended on a comprehensive electricity reform county
township work, the original county included in the township powered by unified
management of our Bureau, a bureau sent me institutions. Since the operation of the
system from the start situation, all aspects of work are greater progress, especially
in the electricity and electrical safety management of agricultural reform
significantly. Rural Power employee wages, benefits, labor and production and living
environment, can be adjusted in time, complement and perfect financial revenues and
expenditures continue to implement management, rural power can be strictly in
accordance with corporate financial officers financial system and enforcement of
financial discipline , according to authority approval to pay various fees, the
production management towards the standardization and institutionalization forward.
Second, in the rural power grid renovation, our bureau to the higher authorities were
for investment, additional investment projects were completed last year, investment
in upgrading the county's Rural amounted to 18 million yuan, the new set up of the
10KV line 134.4 km, the laying of cables 8.36 km, new (replacement) of 31 units 3485
kVA distribution transformers, replacement of meter 923 and transform Taiwan Area
25, Low Line 48.3 km, Affiliated direct supply straight and the power supply of private
business is not contract management electronic phenomenon, no rebound phenomenon of
price stability and the growing area of direct copying the same time, meter reading,
fees, management and service "four households," the pace of electricity a major
breakthrough in integrated management, truly reflect the "Reform Two price," the
effectiveness, for the development of rural economy and improve their living
standards, and promote the development of rural electrification made a greater
 4. Equipment management be further strengthened, network structure is still
 equipment and network is the enterprise depends on the material basis for survival
and development. Last year, my Council for the Funds will be raised, to seize the
"change with the two prices," this historic opportunity on Surabaya, Bank of China,
HSBC light, the abundance and equipment such as power substations to transform. After
transformation into operation from the point of view, in good shape, transformed the
quality and reliability of power substations are all higher.
 in order to further improve the health facilities to ensure the safety of power supply,
we continue to "Double Standards" standard as the main content, strictly enforce the
"two votes, three systems," biotech stocks, transmission and distribution work area
on some equipment tests oil quality testing, ground measurements, meter calibration
and other preventive periodic tests are all on time and found equipment defects or
accident hazards to be processed. The responsibility for the implementation of
substation equipment, cleaning, ledger records all kinds of complete, sign clear,
accurate data, careful maintenance of equipment, to ensure the safe operation of the
system, the implementation of safety activities are recorded. Most stations also
combine their actual division of production, living and working area of
responsibility and to develop an effective system for the daily management of
substation operation and implementation details of the implementation, through
quantitative indicators for the various posts qualitative assessment, made better
results. By strengthening the 10KV substation equipment and system management of
these high voltage lines to maintain and strengthen power grid construction, the
county's network of safe and stable operation, but also on a new level, to create
benefits for enterprises to provide a strong guarantee.
 5. Strengthen the operation and ensure the normal operation of enterprises
. Actively grasp tariff recovery. Last year to take effective measures to actively
grasp tariff recovery. By major energy users to install card table card charges, and
actively help enterprises in difficulty conversion products, makes the existence of
discrete sub-village sub-collection responsibilities to implement and vigorously
promote the rights and obligations for electricity and so on, to promote recovery
of the global tariff rate of 100, the old less electricity has also recovered more
than 200 million electricity end the year with zero branch of Meizhou, the old have
to pay electricity bills due to more than 200 million.
. Actively grasp of financial management, play materials for protection.
 finance departments to strictly enforce financial discipline, strict implementation
of the enterprise's financial system, according to authority approval to pay various
fees, financial budget also do a good job at controlling unproductive expenditure.
Internet access tariff includes allocated can be implemented as planned, professional
style greater change. Material supply to ensure all accounts are in conformity with
the procedures improved, the accounts clear and accurate billing, timely accounted
for the good relations, internal audit efforts have also been strengthened to ensure
a full year capital and material to function properly.
. Actively strengthen the regulation and management, to achieve safe and reliable
operation of the power grid. Scheduling department can actively grasp the overall
quality of education and training staff and seriously made according to the county
for various periods of electricity consumption, load growth for the county this year,
more provincial network of more shortages of electricity, means the power grid,
electricity load, power quality and reasonable operation of the real in the network
security, economic, high-quality operating environment to ensure that enterprises
operating more supply and less power loss and achieving full year to network security
and reliable operation.
 6. Work actively grasp investment, optimize Investment Environment
 to implement the "four Meizhou" strategy to promote county economic development
seriously and understand the provincial, municipal and county levels, Economic Work
Conference, the implementation of investment policies accelerate the development of
county economy. Set up a business investment leading group, carefully study and plan,
unity of thinking, asking all cadres to renew our concept, spirit, to do a good job
as the foundation for the use of power, the county efforts to build a good investment
environment, has completed the Milky Way industrial park, far from rare earth-rich
companies and big Zhe Yao perilous mountain town the size of parks and industrial
parks construction of distribution network to help foreign companies planning to line
distribution equipment and installation, maintenance, management, and all matters
related to electricity supply are actively assist in the completion. Active efforts
to increase investment, has to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and other developed areas
matchmaking, introduction of foreign investors to invest in our county. Last year
in July, we successfully introduced Jinhui Real Estate Co., Ltd. Panyu to the county
to invest more than 350 million renovation and expansion Pingyuan accessible gas
stations, plans to build into a set of hospitality and service in one of the stars
filling the city. In mid-August, with the joint introduction of the county's Tobacco
Monopoly Bureau, Guangzhou Automobile Trading Co., Ltd Kam Wong to county to invest
600 million yuan to build 10 000 Fu Shopping Centre (the former grocery store Pingcheng
Road). Two projects are currently under construction, is expected before the National
Day can be put into operation. Cooperation with the County Forestry Bureau to
introduce the height of wood has pilot production late last year.
 7. Strengthen ideological and political work to promote the healthy development of
spiritual civilization construction enterprises
 business continue to adhere to the ideological and political work of economic
development services to enterprises, cost-effective services to enhance the
principle of thought focused on enhancing the quality of workers, to mobilize the
enthusiasm of workers to complete power production and grid construction goals of
activities and education, and achieved gratifying results. A planned and systematic
manner the current political and legal seminars learning activities, thereby
strengthening the ideological education of workers. Adhere to all units once a month
over the basic political system of learning activities, on the workers of the Party's
basic line, professional ethics, legal education. Last year, the global organization
of cadres and workers to conscientiously study the congress, the combination of
discipline to learn on activities to strengthen the work style and labor discipline,
deputy director cadres above the county held in stages to participate in the "Three
Represents" and other political theory classes. By strengthening the study, written
their feelings and experiences, and comprehensively improve the team members and the
quality of enterprise employees. Serious education and helping them distinguish
between right and wrong to consciously resist the influence of erroneous ideas, and
other cult "******" make a clean break away from the "lottery" and other gambling
activities, to maintain stability and unity.
 Board of four general Party branches and Party branches subordinates can fully play
the role of political and fortresses, and constantly enhance and improve their
ideology, organization and style of work, adherence to the "one class for three" and
other activities system. Aggregate expenditure Assembly were held throughout the year
2, Branch of CPC meetings 5 times, the democratic life will be 2. Cadres to seriously
adhere to the principle of leading cadres at all levels of the enterprise to monitor
and carry out a mid-level cadres above discussion of democratic deliberations and
activities of trade union system. Building in the organization of party members adhere
to the development work carried out to determine the founding object 3, absorption
prepare members 1, 2 to the official party for the party into the fresh blood, thus
increasing the party's combat effectiveness. Style and ideology in the construction
industry, a good grasp of honest government, and comprehensive management of social
order, clean government at every level to implement the responsibility system, and
actively carry out the work of leading cadres, a good democratic life to seriously
study the "three represents "an important discussion, and constantly improve their
theoretical level party cadres and political quality, and enhance the concept of party
spirit, to promote electricity production management and development and the creation
of advanced productive forces, advanced culture, adapt and promote to the greatest
efforts to satisfy the people's production life and the county agricultural and
industrial demand for electricity production to represent the fundamental interests
of the masses. Trade unions, women, the Communist Youth League organizations can give
full play to the role of mass organizations, in grasping their own construction, and
comprehensively improve the overall quality of active participation in production
and operations management. Dali active leisure and cultural life of workers, promote
positive and progressive cultural, sports, ball games organizations continue to use
the holiday fitness activities, organizations above the county level last year,
recreational and sports activities in Unit 5 screening, team members up to 70 people
(meeting ), through good cultural and sports activities, not only trained workers
positive lofty sentiments of unity and cooperation, but also greatly enhanced the
physical quality of cadres and workers and the promotion of civility and activities.
 summing up the achievements, we should also clearly see the problem:
. Security weaknesses still exist, insecurity persists, security responsibilities,
the implementation of safety measures and implementation of the system remain to be
strengthened, in particular the supply business should be to strengthen the
management of this work, a change in the past empirical error .
. When I first became the city's Bureau of electricity production "double standard"
activities in compliance unit. Recently, some units of the "double standard"
activities carried out there feeling relaxed, loose labor discipline, ineffective
implementation of the system, comprehensive management of society, there are still
insufficient. "Double standard" activity is a necessary first-class enterprises, and
also the normal operation of the power industry specific guide to action, to arouse
departments at all levels attach great importance.
. Many units on the professional and technical staff to learn some relaxation training,
studying professional and technical workers, job training and talent of the
atmosphere is more weak.
. Line loss management to be strengthened. Loss of security and low power operation
is the main way companies obtain benefits, the loss of electricity service line
management to be seriously strengthened to achieve a breakthrough.
. Electricity needs to increase recycling efforts, especially the old tariff to
recover less, should carefully study the response, access to information, timely
communication with all departments at all levels, for electricity recovery work to
a new level.
. Management is not enough balance, individual stations, the stock room
implementation of the rules and regulations to observe labor discipline and so there
are some problems. If late, leave early, leave their posts, and other more obvious
string Kong, low efficiency, for example, the grassroots work, regardless of the size
of things, one to go is the day, especially, more units of personnel is not a reasonable
arrangement, the management there are more problems. Hope that the middle cadres above
the lead, increasing management intensity, particularly in the understanding of the
situation, changing concepts, stimulate staff dedication, the spirit of competition
to do more substantive work.
 over the past year, all units, all departments, hard work, have achieved certain
results, the units have also been concluded, due to time, there can not cover
everything, of the problems and weak link, the new year, all the staff work together
to overcome the increase in and improvement.

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