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									                                Saxon Snippets                                                                       Saxon Dressage Group

                                              Sponsored by                                                         Volume 2 Issue 1 Spring 2005

                                                                                                                       STOP PRESS..STOP
            Saxon Profile: Colin Dryden & Champ                                                                       If you are going to Badmin-
I've had Champ since he was                                                                                            ton (5th-8th May), DON’T
                                        His Grand-Sire was a famous          in to the seventies with our             FORGET to take your BRC
two yrs old - he is now 13 so           Trakhener called Donauwind           dressage. Equally we have also           membership card (enclosed
we have had a fairly signifi-           so Champ came with great cre-        scored in the low fifties - it all       with this newsletter) to get
cant partnership with lots of           dentials.                            depends on his mood. Champ               your 10% discount from the
ups - and even more downs!!                                                  is a horse never to be taken for                BHS bookshop.
                                        His stable name Champ came           granted!
I came across him quite by acci-                                                                                       As a BRC member you can
                                        about because his breeder                                                        receive up to 35% off of
dent. I had, for sometime, been         thought he had potential to be We have been planning to affili-                Horse and House subscrip-
hoping to purchase a black              a champion and had planned to  ate but, as yet, have not got                  tions, call 0845 676 7778 and
Trakhener (just like the one on         keep him as a stud horse.      round to it. This year for                        quote NZGJ or log onto
the Lloyds TSB Bank advert). I          However, his trip to the warm  Champ will probably be low key          
had made enquiries but all were         blood gradings had failed b    with very little competing due
beyond my price range or had            cause he was so tense that he  to my work commitments but
sort of vice. I had just about                                         next year hopefully we will be
                                        wouldn't strut his stuff and kept
given up. As it was coming into         running back to his handler!   back. By this time, Champ
winter I had decided to wait and                                       might be a school master and                  Warminster Report &
resume my search in the follow-                                                                                                                 2
                                        I should have taken heed then hopefully fulfill all the promise                   Results
ing spring. But at about the            because one of his biggest that I was told he had 10yrs
same time I had decided to pur-         problems is his nerves - he is ago!!
chase some leather-riding boots                                                                                         Stars Supporters
                                        an absolute wimp!                                                                                       2
and replied to an advert for a                                                                                           2004 & 2005
second-hand paid. Unfortunately         I had initially planned to keep
I didn't buy the boots but I got        him as a stallion - foolish me                                               Calendar of Events         3
chatting to the people selling          thinking I could manage a scary
them, as you do, and mentioned          colt full of attitude. With hind-
that I had been looking for a           sight, he had clearly been a    l-                                           Newsletter Sponsor         4
horse - in particular a                 lowed to rule the roost and
Trakhener.                              even today, if he were allowed                                               Points Table 2005          4
                                        to get away with it, he would
Would you believe that they just        be a real handful.
happened to have one - what a                                                                                        Saxon Dressage Group       4
stroke of luck! It turned out           Having said that, Champ is a
that their horse, a two-year-old        great horse to have - he has
colt called Champ, was regis-           taught me lot over the years
tered Warmblood (Reg name               and has been incredibly patient.                                                DATES FOR
Cottage Coral). His sire, Canna-        He can be stunning in his work                                                  YOUR DIARY:
bis, was a Grade A show jumper          and we have achieved, on a           C olin and Champ at Saxon champion-
and had competed at Wembley.            couple of occasions, marks well      ships at West Wilts                         ************ *
                                                                                                                           Lackham College,
  TRAINING AND BRITISH RIDING CLUB AREA COMPETITION : TEAMS REQUIRED!                                                         Chippenham
Sue and Dawn have been busy arranging training          sent the club at the dressage to music area qualifier at         Sunday 1st May 2005
for everyone up until July this year and we have        Kingston Maurward on 30th May. If you are inter-
managed to get some very good rates. Thanks to          ested in representing the club, please call Dawn on               ************ *
Marion and David Holmes, training at Southwick is       01373 859 297 or email her on                                        Stonar School,
being offered by Teresa Tanner at £15 for 45 min- The cost of a session with
utes one to one lesson or £10 for a group lesson        Fiona is £20, and Saxon will subsidise £5, and pay                     Melksham
(2 people), which is extremely competitive. Dates       entry fees for the team selected to represent the                 Saturday 25th June
arranged are on Saturday 2 nd April and 23rd April.     club.                                                                     2005
Two evening lessons have been scheduled for 19th
May and 8 th June, then one further Saturday lesson     We also need teams for the Area Dressage at Stock-                (for full schedule of
on 18 th June to coincide with getting your skills up   land Lovell on 3 rd July. We would hope to send one               training, shows and
to scratch for the Stonar show. To book, please         novice (prelim level) and one open team (novice/                  BRC competitions
call Sue on 01225 864 194.                              elementary) as qualifiers for the national champion-                  see overleaf)
                                                        ship, and will probably also send some non -qualifying
Two further sessions have been booked with Fiona        teams as well. Again, if you are interested please con-
Foy on 17th April and 21st May. These sessions are      tact Dawn.
specifically aimed at those of you hoping to repre-
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               Warminster Report and Results                                             Saxon Stars Supporters Trophy 2005
The Warminster show was again the          Marion again provided now what is                       & 2004 Results
first show of the year and true to         becoming a regular event for War-         The Supporters Trophy is presented to the member
form was very, very cold—but               minster—hot chocolate (with a little      gaining the highest number of supporter stars
sunny!                                     touch of a winter warmer) and             throughout the year. Basic stars are awarded as per
                                           toasted cheese sandwiches.                the following table, but any new ideas contact Zara-
Once again, the committee decided                                                    for extra stars! Remember we are always on the
to run % classes to enable competi-        Teresa Tanner judged the whole            lookout for writers, stewards, scorers etc. If you
tors to compete more than once in a        event and was pretty much frozen          can help at any of our events please let us know.
class by choosing a different test.        rock solid by the end of the show.
This reduces the amount of waiting         So many thanks Teresa, but please
between classes —even if it is a jug-      please could competitors get their
gling act for the judge and the writer.    entries in earlier so that if the num-
This did seem to bring out competi-        bers dictate, we can organise an-               2004 Results                         2005
tors—there were almost double the          other judge!                                 Saxon Stars TOTAL                 Saxon Stars       TOTAL
number of entries over the same                                                     Marion Holmes     37              Marion Holmes           5
show last year. One complaint is           Placed competitors are shown be-         Colin Dryden      35              Jane Kimber             5
that, inevitably, the same people          low. Two ‘Bright Sparks’ in once         Jane Kimber       24              Anne Peters             5
often come first and second in a           competition—is this a first?             Zara Bassett      24              Mary Clappen            3
class.                                                                              Anne Peters       21              DawnClarke              3
                                                                                    David Holmes      21              Sue Bacon               2
                                                                                    Sue Bacon         21              Zara Bassett            2
                                                                                                                      Naomi Carter            2
Class                                                                               Tonia Fluke       18
      Walk and Trot A, B & C                                     Test      %                                          Sue Derrick             2
  1                                                                                 Sarah Towler      19
                                                                                                                      Sally Gardiner          2
  1 Naomi Carter                  Retrospect                       A      56.67     Jade Holmes       12
                                                                                                                      Janet Knight            2
                                                                                    Sue Hocking       12
Class                                                                                                                 Jenny Starrs            2
      Preliminary 4, 12 & 18                                     Test      %        Philip Newbury    11              Laura Goodfellow        1
  2                                                                                 Fiona Hicks       11              Lynn Hawkins            1
  1 Sally Gardiner                Helperic Brightspark            P18     70.83     Jackie Rutty      10
                                                                                    Janet Nevitt      10
  2   Sally Gardiner              Helperic Brightspark            P12     68.8      Mary Clappen      10
  3   Sue Derrick                 Femma                           P18     66.25     Sarah Jacobs      10
                                                                                    Daphne Smith       9
  4   Naomi Carter                Retrospect                      P18     63.33     Martin Iles        8
                                                                                    Janet Stares       8
  5   Sue Bacon                   Tia Maria                       P18     62.5      Sarah Allen        8
  6 Katya Menday                  J.J.                            P4      62.27     Nicki Jones        7
                                                                                    Jenny Starrs       7
      Novice 21, 24 & 25                                         Test      %        Lynn Hawkins       7
  3                                                                                 Naomi Carter       7               Support SDG in
  1   Janet Knight                Well Soled                      24      69.63     Denise Carver      6
                                                                                    Justine Carver     6               2005 and win points
  2   Janet Knight                Well Soled                      21      68.5      Chris Burke        5               —     even      for
  3   David Holmes                Cave's Bright Spark             24      66.67     Dawn Clark         5
                                                                                    Sasha Appleton     5
                                                                                                                       competing (but we
  4   David Holmes                Cave’s Bright Spark             21      65.5      Janet Robinson     5               would like your help
  5   Zara Bassett                Ebony Mist                      24      65.18     Gill Impey         4               too!)
                                                                                    Anne Clark         4
  6   Lynn Hawkins                Skint                           24      64.8      Teresa Tanner      4
                                                                                    Karen Dymond       3
      Elementary 41, 44 & 51                                     Test      %        Jackie Pullen      3
                                                                                    Adrian Baker       2
  1 Anne Peters                   Marstacre Kouros                51      67.18     Alexandra H White 2
  2   Sarah Allen                 Riverboy                        41      66.4      Barbara Coombes    2
                                                                                    Elizabeth Cooke    2
  3   Anne Peters                 Marstacre Kouros                41      66.0      Helen Dann         2
                                                                                    Jan Webb           2
  4   Sarah Allen                 Riverboy                        44      65.6      Nicki Skinner      2
  5   Dinah Smith                 Cresta                          51      65.0      S Derreck          2
                                                                                    Jayne Lilly        1
                                                                                    Karen Walters      1
                                                                                    A days help at a show (3+ hrs)                  5    stars
                                                                                    ½ days help at a show (3 hrs)                   3    stars
                                                                                    Help at a training session                      4    stars
                                                                                    Help at a lecture/demonstration                 4    stars
                                                                                    Help setting up the day before a show           3    stars
                                                                                    Attending training session (horse)              2    stars
                                                                                    Attending a lecture/demonstration               1    star
                                                                                    Competing in a class at a show                  1    star
                                            Volume 2 Issue 1 Spring 2005                                                                    Page 3

                           Calendar of Events                                                                              Accumulated SDG Points
                                                                                                             The following partnerships started the 2005 season
Date Month                               Event                                        Venue                  with the following points:

  2nd Apr           Teresa Tanner Training                             Southwick                             Name                 Horse                  Points
 17th Apr           Fiona Foy Training                                 Chapmanslade                          Anne Peters          Marsacre Kouros        50

 23rd Apr           Teresa Tanner Training                             Southwick                             Liz Cooke            Noran                  45

  1st May           Lackham College Open Show                          Lackham College                       Zara Bassett         Ebony Mist             43

 19th May           Teresa Tanner Training                             Southwick                             Helen Dann           Cyril the Squiirel     37
                                                                                                             David Holmes         Cave’s Bright Spark    36
 21st May           Fiona Foy Training                                 Chapmanslade
                                                                                                             Martin Iles          Phoebe                 26
 30th May           Area Dressage to Music                             Kingston Maurward, Dorset
                                                                                                             Colin Dryden         Cottage Coral          20
  8th Jun           Teresa Tanner Training                             Southwick
                                                                                                             Marion Holmes        Who’s Short Answer     16
 18th Jun           Teresa Tanner Training                             Southwick
                                                                                                             Sarah Towler         Macy Magic             15
 25th Jun           Anniversary Combined Training Open Show            Stonar School
                                                                                                             Nicki Jones          Olympic                15
  3rd Jul           Area Dressage                                      Stockland Lovell                      Janet Nevitt         Zeus                   13
 21st Aug           Members Champagne Challenge                        Southwick                             Dawn Clarke          Faerie Tale            12
  4th Sep           West Littleton Down Open Show                      West Littleton Down                   Sue Hocking          Spirit of Gold         12
 25th Sep           Members Warminster Show                            Warminster                            Janet Stares         Chevez                 10
 29th Oct           Championships                                      West Wilts                            Anne Clark           Treacle Jones          9

 11th Dec           Christmas Show                                     Lackham                               Phil Newbury         Shianne                6
                                                                                                             Gill Impey           Mr Wibble              4

                                                                                                             After the Warminster competition the points are:
                                    Points Table 2005
                                                                                                             Name                 Horse                  Points

                                                                                                             Anne Peters          Marsacre Kouros        63
T he points table below is based upon                                  Points Table
the new points system voted in at                                                                            Zara Bassett         Ebony Mist             54
the EGM at the end of March. This is             Sally Gardiner         Helperic Brightspark       15
                                                                                                             David Holmes         Cave’s Bright Spark    48
based upon British Dressage except               Janet Knight           Well Soled                 15
that points start at 55%. Any com-                                                                           Liz Cooke            Noran                  45
ments contact Zara! This includes all            Anne Peters            Marstacre Kouros           13
points accumulated up to the                     David Holmes           Cave’s Bright Spark        12        Helen Dann           Cyril the Squirrel     37
Championships. No points are
                                                 Sarah Allen            Riverboy                   12        Martin Iles          Phoebe                 26
awarded at the Championships or
the Christmas show.                              Zara Bassett           Ebony Mist                 11        Colin Dryden         Cottage Coral          20
Points are awarded as follows:                   Sue Derrick            Femma                      9
55.00 – 56.99                  1                                                                             Marion Holmes        Who’s Short Answer     16
57.00 – 58.99                  2                 Naomi Carter           Retrospect                 6
59.00 – 60.99                  3                 Sue Bacon              Tia Maria                  6         Sally Gardiner       Helperic Brightspark   15
61.00 – 62.99                  4
                                                 Lynn Hawkins           Skint                      5         Sarah Towler         Macy Magic             15
63.00 – 64.99                  5
65.00 – 66.99                  6                 Laura Goodfellow       Archers Bay                3         Nicki Jones          Olympic                15
67.00 – 68.99                  7                 Jenny Starrs           May Day                    1
                                                                                                             Janet Knight         Well Soled             15

                                                                                                             Janet Nevitt         Zeus                   13

              Report from the AGM, 27th January 2005                                                         Dawn Clarke          Faerie Tale            12

                                                                                                             Sarah Allen          Riverboy               12
                                                                  T he AGM was held this year at the         Sue Hocking          Spirit of Gold         12
                                                                  new venue of the Swan Hotel in
                                                                  Bradford on Avon. The speaker was          Janet Stares         Chevez                 10
                                                                  Anne Dunham, paralympic gold
                                                                  medalist who awed all with her d e-        Sue Derrick          Femma                  9
                                                                  termination to succeed despite an
                                                                                                             Anne Clark           Treacle Jones          9
                                                                  increasingly debilitating illness. It
                                                                  was a pity that so few turned out to       Naomi Carter         Retrospect             6
                                                                  hear her, as she had braved the ele-
                                                                  ments to come all the way from             Phil Newbury         Shianne                6
                                                                  Swi ndon! Zara Bassett then opened
                                                                  the meeting and the AGM took place.        Sue Bacon            Tia Maria              6
                                                                  The committee is pleased to report
                                                                                                             Lynn Hawkins         Skint                  5
                                                                  that the club is increasing members
 Anne Dunham after                                                and the financial profile of the club is   Gill Impey           Mr Wibble              4
                         Anne Dunham competing at Athens 2004
 winning gold medal at   riding Orlet                             now strong with a good schedule of
 Sydney 2000                                                      events planned for 2005 —as re-            Laura Goodfellow     Archers Bay            3
                                                                  ported now in this newsletter.
                                                                                                             Jenny Starrs         May Day                1
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                                                                                                Championship Qualifying Partnerships
                                                                                             After the Warminster competition congratula-
                                                                                             tions go to the following partnerships who have
                                                                                             qualified for the Champsionship Show. Please
                                                                                             remember that this year all Championship tests
                                                                                             will be held in a long arena. There will be plenty
                         SAXON DRESSAGE GROUP 2005                                           of opportunity to practise in a long arena at the
                                                                                             outside venues throughout the year.
                Chairman & Publicity/Sponsorship : ZARA BASSETT
             26 Broomground, Winsley, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 2ET
                                    Tel: 01225 862 579                                       Walk & Trot
                        Vice Chairman/Training : SUE BACON                                   Name                       Horse
                 11 Deverell Close, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1UX
                                    TEL: 01225-864194                                        Naomi Carter               Retrospect
                       Honorary Secretary : MARION HOLMES                                    Preliminary
       The Manor, Hoggington Lane, Southwick, Nr Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 9NS
                                    Tel: 01225-762622                                        Sue Bacon                  Tia Maria
                        Honorary Treasurer : JANET NEVITT                                    Sue Derrick                Femma
            2 West Dunley Cottages, Grit tleton, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6PY
                                    TEL: 01249-783096                                        Sally Gardiner             Helperic Brightspark
              Membership & Show/Event Secretary : SARAH JACOBS                               Novice
                  1 Sladebrook Court, Englishcombe Lane, Bath, BA2 2EP
                                    Tel: 01225-332504                                        Zara Bassett               Ebony Mist
                 Training & Team Co-Ordinators: DAWN CLARKE                                  David Holmes               Cave’s Bright Spark
              31 Fairwood Road, Dilton Marsh, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 4EA
                                    TEL: 01373 859 297                                       Janet Knight               Well Soled
                               ************************                                      Elementary
                      Marketing & Newsletter Sub-Committee
                   ZARA BASSETT, MARION HOLMES & SARAH JACOBS                                Sarah Allen                Riverboy
                                                                                             Anne Peters                Marstacre Kouros

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