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                     Christian Brothers’                                    Christian Brothers’
                                                                        Agricultural School, Tardun
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Newsletter no. 5 — 01/06/2007                                     

From the Principal
Mr. Nicholas Lynch
Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A number of parents/caregivers will receive notices mainly from boarding staff regarding their
sons/daughters behaviour. These range from minor issues to issues which may lead to more se-
rious action by the school. I have asked staff to be very vigilant on student behaviour, particularly
their manners and they way they speak. Some students have bad habits of using inappropriate
language or have lost their skills in how to talk to adults. I have spoken to a number of parents
regarding this and students have been told of the consequences for their indiscretions. I expect
all students to be courteous to adults and choose their words carefully.

According to Alex Packer, author of “How Rude! The Teenagers Guide to Good Manners, Proper
Behaviour and not Grossing People Out”, there are ten reasons why good manners should al-
ways be practised.
1.   Good manners put people at ease.
2.   Good manners impress people.
3.   Good manners builds self esteem.
4.   Good manners are attractive.
5.   Good manners allow people to live and work together without unnecessary friction.
6.   Good manners don’t cost anything.
7.   Good manners are rare (young people who have them sparkle like diamonds).
8.   Good manners make you feel good.
9.   Good manners make others feel good.
10. Good manners can keep you healthy.( How many kids and teens have fights because
     they are disrespectful to each other.

A reminder regarding uniform, slip on work boots are part of the school uniform (not steel caps)
and should be worn on Farm Practice at all times. Students will not be able to attend Farm Prac-
tice, Horse Riding, Woodwork, Metalwork or Small Motor classes if they are wearing sports

It has been very pleasing to see so many students keen on the equine program and involved in
the many sorts of activities. A healthy life style is important and this has been reinforced by the
Federal Government with its Healthy Active Australia Policy. I have included next weeks menu for
the main meals. You may wish to give feedback so we can adjust it. A new menu is produced
every seven days.

Congratulations to Joshua Simpson (yr8) and Raymond Papertalk (yr8) for their selection to the
Midwest Soccer Academy. This is a phenomenal achievement as both boys have only started
playing soccer this year (4 games)
                                   We ourselves feel that what we are
                                     doing is just a drop in the ocean.
                                       But the ocean would be less
                                      because of that missing drop.
                                                                                         Mother Teresa

                   No one else on earth thinks just like you, has dreams like yours,
                              or has precisely the same gifts and abilities.
                              No matter who you are or what you become,
                              you’ll leave your unique imprint on the world.
              In the words of Mary Kay Blakely: ‘One life stamps and influences another,
                       which in turn stamps and influences another, on and on,
      until the soul of human experience breathes on in generations we’ll never even meet.’

  Yours Sincerely

  Nicholas Lynch

From the Deputy
As I sit writing this message, the school is quiet and a little strange, as a school without pupils often is.
The students have all gone off for our boarders’ long weekend, visiting family and friends, and having a
break from the school routine before resuming the rest of the term.
When I look at our calendar I am constantly amazed at the number of activities and excursions and
sporting functions we offer to the students. We could not do this without the enthusiasm and
generosity of the teaching and boarding staff. These people regularly put in efforts which are above and
beyond the call of duty in order to provide our students with opportunities to extend themselves. I’d
like to take this moment to thank them for all their efforts so far this year.
I have included photographs of our mural group, who are a talented bunch of year eights. (What is the
collective noun for a bunch of year eights? A zoo? An infestation?) They have been working with a
visiting artist at the Mullewa shire to create ceramic tiles for a public mural which will be permanently
displayed in a park in the main street of Mullewa. Our students have been praised by the facilitators as
studious, conscientious, creative and thorough. Some of the townsfolk have commented that the work
looks like it was done by adults! I am very pleased with these students and their efforts, and as Art
teacher and Deputy I’m quite happy to take the credit! (What is the collective noun for a bunch of
Deputy Principals? An arrogance??, A reflected glory??)
We are now working towards the open day exhibitions and are looking forward to the 17th of June.
Tell your friends and come along. You’ll get some idea of all of the subjects and unique activities that
the school offers to our students. See you there!

Grant Howarth
Deputy Principal
Community Service
Recently we have started taking the year 10’s to ‘Our Lady of Mt Carmel’ primary school to read
with the younger children.
The year 10 boys have enjoyed this enormously and have stayed for playtime with the students to
kick the football and play basketball with them. We will continue to visit the school every Monday
morning for the rest of term two.

Anita Krippner
Yr 10 teacher

  From term three it will be a requirement that all students who wish to ride and par-
  ticipate in the Equine subject must be equipped with their own helmet and smooth
  soled riding boots.

  Students will not be able to borrow helmets and boots, and it is mandatory that stu-
  dents are safely and correctly dressed for horse riding. We have listed some busi-
  nesses which stock helmets and boots.

                               Woorree Stock Feeders 99218437
                               Stockyard stock supplies 99213702
                                       K&R Rural 99646222
                                        Nagmart 94931108
                                       Horse land 93286988
                                      Saddle world 92746322

 Term three fees
 Included with this newsletter are school fees for term three for your son/daughter .
 The school would appreciate your prompt payment of these accounts. Payment plans
 and direct debit plans are some of the options available to parents/caregivers who wish
 to pay their fees off. Please contact Janette in the front office to receive further infor-
 mation or to organise a payment plan.
     Thursday 5th July - Monday 23rd July
   Parents/guardians could you please make arrangements for your child/s travel home on Thurs-
    day the 5th July. Please book and pay for their seat as soon as possible to ensure they get a
        seat. Please inform Laurie on 99615212 of booking numbers and other details ASAP.
                Batavia Tickets 99648881 or Transwa 1300 662 205
  Return home details
  Geraldton and surrounding area students will be dropped off at the old Railway station at 8.30am
  on Thursday the 30th May.
  Transwa bus Geraldton to Perth Thursday 5th July
  Departs Geraldton 8.30am
  Arrives Midland 2.00pm
  Arrives East Perth 2.30pm

  Return to CBAS details.
  Geraldton and surrounding area students will be picked up at the old Railway station at 2.30pm
  on Monday 23rd July.
  Transwa bus Perth to Geraldton Monday 23rd July.
  Departs East Perth 8.30am
  Departs Midland 8.50am
  Arrives Geraldton 2.30pm
                                       Ceramic Tile
                                       Public Mural
                                       Workshop in
                                      Left: Mark Tureia
                                      Below: Banjeeri Dwyer

                                                               Above: Baden Zat and Chris Roberts

                                                              Above: Tayla Fairclough, Misty Gray,
Above: The group hard at work
                                                              Geraldine Hogan-lemon & Alisha Fairclough
                Christian Brothers’ Agricultural School, Tardun
                         CBAS staff and students extend a warm invitation to all
                            parents and friends to attend our annual
                                   Open Day
                              Sunday 17th June 2007
Commencing at 12.00 noon, the day will provide opportunities for you to tour the school informally,
view student work and encounter a range of school activities. There will be a raffle, pony rides, dem-
onstrations, competitions and refreshments available throughout the day.

A barbecue lunch and afternoon tea will be provided free, drinks and ice creams will be sold from the
tuck shop.

Most importantly, we wish to use this opportunity to bring together past, present and future families
and friends of Christian Brothers’ Agricultural School to celebrate the continuing life and work of our

We would be delighted to answer any questions you might have on 99615212.

                                                                  The mobile dental van has been at
                                                                  CBAS for the last two weeks. Tegan
                                                                  (dental therapist) and Brooke (dental
                                                                  assistant) have checked and
                                                                  performed work on all the students
                                                                  who had their parental permission
                                                                  and medical details forms returned.
                                                                  This is a free service provided by the
                                                                  government for all students in grades
                                                                  We thank Tegan and Brooke for
                                                                  time at CBAS and hope to see them
                                                                  again next year when the dental van
                                                                  visits CBAS.

                                                                  Left: Year 8 Student Shaye Harris
                                                                  having her teeth looked at by Tegan
                                                                  (sitting) and Brooke (standing)
Dinner: Roast chicken - pumpkin, potato, peas and corn
Desert:Tinned fruit

Dinner: Lamb curry and rice, broccoli, corn and cauliflower cheese
Desert: Fruit and custard

Dinner: Lasagne and salad

Dinner: Fish and chips salad
Desert: Rice cream

Dinner: Beef stew, beans, carrots and corn on the cob
Desert: Jelly and fruit

Dinner: Barbecue and salad
Desert: Fresh fruit

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