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					Document Storage Device for
    DSD giving you true control over your business information
                                           15 years ago it was simpler. Business had one major form of

    This combined hardware                 communication, the paper-based letter. Employees knew if they
                                           wanted to find information, they simply went to the filing cabinet.
    and software system
                                           Today with the advent of email, word processing, online
    consists of:                           presentations and electronic spreadsheets, most companies’
                                           Intellectual Property is held across unconnected mailboxes,
     Windows Operating System              network drives, laptops and filing cabinets.
     SQL server database

     up to 2 terabyte of storage           The Redmap DSD protects your business documents and emails
                                           in an easily accessible and antivirus hardened storage vault. RAID
     state of the art document
                                           technology provides additional protection from hardware failure
     management application                ensuring that you will never lose a document again and ensuring
1    secure access via any web-browser     compliance with all major document retention legislation.

     completely self-contained solution

                                           Document Types

     The Redmap
     Document Storage Device
     Storing all business information in one central system,
     regardless of file format
                                                                               Business Functions
        Document Types
                                                      Strict user level and email level

                                                      security authorisation

                                                      Search across entire email archive,
email                                                 rather than just individual mailboxes

                                                      Massive reduction in mail server storage


                                                      Supports all major mail server platforms

                                  The Redmap DSD automatically archives all
                                  incoming, outgoing and internal email, thereby
                                  ensuring full compliance with email retention                  2

                                  In the archive process, emails and attachments
                                  are automatically indexed based on both meta
                                  data and document content. It is no longer
                                  necessary to spend hours or days trying to
                                  remember "who sent me that email?' or "where
                                  did I file it?" - you can find it using a plain-
                                  English 'Internet style' search.

                                  Furthermore, the information and knowledge
        According to a study      residing in email is now held in one central
        by Radicati Group,        location, making it significantly easier to be
        worldwide email           backed up, ensuring you never lose an email
        traffic each day totals   again. This facility means that individual inboxes
        approximately 136         or entire mail servers can be rebuilt in the event
        billion messages          of a disaster.
                                             Paper documents, such as invoices, proof of deliveries, faxes,
                                             purchase orders, client files and contracts, are scanned at the
                                             multi-function device and converted to TIFF format for long-term

                                             Once the documents are stored electronically the original
                                             paper documents can be destroyed, or at least stored in cheap
                                             offsite facilities, without the need to invoke expensive retrieval

                    paper                    By digitising this paper-based information, physical storage and
                                             manual handling costs are dramatically reduced. Data entry costs
                                             and human data entry errors are also eliminated.

                                             As with archived emails, scanned paper archives are searchable
3                                            by both content and meta data using the same 'Internet style'
                                             search engine.

    DSD enables clients to move towards a
    'paperless office' environment
                                             Integration with existing applications, such as ERP, CRM or
                                             accounting systems, offers significant scope for additional
                                             productivity gains.
    Improve document security

    Decrease time required to search for information

    Increase productivity

    Utilise office space fully
DSD is highly cost effective &
extremely simple to use
eDocs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint
and PDFs, are typically held in disparate file
systems on network drives, local hard-drives
                                                 Electronic Documents
and backup media such as CD, DVD or
                                                 Full 'version control' system for audit purposes
removable memory.
                                                 Easy to use search facility makes finding

Typical document management systems              information easier
are over-engineered for the average user         Store information in one central secure location
and are prohibitively expensive. Redmap's
                                                 Reduce storage requirements
Document Storage Device (DSD) is highly
cost effective and extremely simple to use.

Once archived, a document can be found
via meta data (document type, creation
date, author name, etc.) or text content. The
document can then be 'checked out' for
editing so that other users are aware of the

When the document is 'checked back in', a                     e-docs
version control system ensures a full audit
trail is maintained.
client focus

           Rubin Partners                                                Count Financial Ltd

           "The number one benefit of using Redmap’s                     "After some months of research, we chose
           software is the amount of space that has been                 Redmap as our partner because they stood
           created. By shredding the large amounts of                    out as having the required experience in our
           paper generated by the company we have been                   industry, as well as being strongly endorsed by
           able to create more space and expand our team                 current users of their systems.
           of income generating accountants.
                                                                         Redmap gave us the support we needed to get
           In a very short period of time after we decided               through all the planning and execution required
           to move forward with the scanning, indexing                   to transition our client files within a very tight
           and shredding of paper files, Rubin Partners                  timeframe. They assisted with training the staff
           employed two new staff members. Instead of                    on the new system and continue to partner with
           moving to larger premises, we were able to                    us in further developing ways to use the systems
           replace the room full of archive boxes with office            to improve our efficiency across our business.
           space for the new staff.
                                                                         Whilst there are many more areas for
           The return on investment was almost immediate                 improvement in our business through the use of
           as we were able to create space for the addition              the Redmap systems that we are yet to explore,
           of new staff members, and the amount of time                  we are already reaping the rewards of our
           spent by staff retrieving and filing information              investment."
           has been reduced considerably. Finally, Redmap
           has provided a quick and easy solution to our
           compliance and audit requirements. Lost or                    Stephen Aguilera-Mendoza
           misplaced files are a nightmare of the past."                 Business Development Manager

           Irene Budd
           Practice Manager
     DSD   Business Functions
                 Emails that are CC'd or BCC'd to multiple mailboxes, are stored
                 many times over in the various email systems, inboxes and
                 personal folders. The resulting storage waste is magnified when
                 large attachments are involved, which are often also copied to
                 local hard-drives.

Electronic documents are stored in
their original format, allowing for
easy version controlled editing

                 With the Redmap DSD, only a single instance of an email is
       store     stored. If it has been copied to multiple people, this information
                 is captured in the database for search purposes. This lack of
                 duplication results in significant storage reductions in the DSD
                 and because emails no longer need to be retained across
                 inboxes, the storage required on the Mail Server is dramatically

                 Paper documents are scanned and stored in the unalterable TIFF
                 format, which is required by all electronic document legislation.
                                        Locating emails or attachments in your own inbox is difficult and it is impossible
                                        from a colleague or ex-colleagues mailbox. Human error often means that
                                        paper and electronic documents are mis-filed or wrongly indexed. In addition,
                                        the rising cost of office space means that many documents are stored in offsite
                                        facilities, making retrieval a costly and time consuming exercise.

                       search           The Redmap DSD allows any authorised user to run a web-style search across
                                        all of a company's documents and emails regardless of format.

                                        For example, searching for "Redmap Licence" would find all scanned paper
                                        contracts, Word or PDF documents, and any emails with the phrase "Redmap
                                        Licence" in the text or attachment. Of course, you can also search on the
                                        metadata, such as document name or date, or in the case of email, the sender
                                        or recipients email addresses.

                                        This truly powerful discovery tool means that you will never lose an important
                                        document again and paper documents will rarely need to be retrieved from
                                        offsite storage.

    In the event of a disaster in the Mail           The Redmap DSD allows individual
    Server environment, a business is                emails, Inboxes or entire Mail Servers
    usually dependent on restoring from              to be restored at the touch of a button
    PST files. Often these PST files are out
    of date or have not been maintained,             A scanned TIFF image of a paper
    and significant data is lost. PST                document is a fully compliant version
    backups also require the entire file
    to be restored, not just a particular
                                                     of the original, and TIFF versions
                                                     have been used during discovery for
    message. In the case of paper                    court cases and in fulfilling legislative
    documents, there is seldom (if ever) a           requirements. You never need to fear
    backup copy made, so if the original             a disaster resulting in loss of valuable
    is lost or destroyed then there is no            data again
    recovery option.
Out of the box document
compliance with key legislation:
Electronic Transactions Act 1999
Email, like paper, is now considered form a busi-
ness correspondence.

Corporations Act 2001
All business related electronic communication
must be kept and archived for the same period
as paper; Tax - 5 years, Finance - 7 years, HR - up
to 75 years.

SEC Rules 17a-3 & 17a-4
In Dec 2002 the SEC fined 5 Wall Street firms (inc.                                                             8
Morgan Stanley & Goldman Sachs) A$13.4 mil-                         Sarbanes-Oxley Act
lion for poor email retention. They subsequently                    Health Insurance Portability and Account-
introduced rules requiring emails to be kept
                                                                    ability Act (HIPAA)
for 3 years minimum in a format that cannot be
overwritten or erased.                                              Archives Act 1983

                                                                    Evidence Act 1995

                                                                    Income Tax Assessment Act 1997

                                                                    A New Tax System (GST) Act 1999

                                                                    Work Place Relations Act 1996
                 Never lose a document again
                 Scanned paper documents, emails and electronic docs all stored
                 in the same archive.
                 All documents searchable based on content or metadata (Date,
                 To, From, etc).

    benefits     Ease of use
                 Automated email and document capture means minimal
                 ‘Web search’ style interface requires zero end user training.

                 Full document level and user level protection.
                 Full audit trail of document access and life cycle.

    Key Productivity Benefits
                 Take seconds to find documents.
                 Search for emails and documents created by other users.
                 No longer need to store emails in Inbox, eliminating mail server
                 capacity issues.
                   Intel(r) Celeron D352 3.2GHz Processor
                        Two (2) 250GB SATA-II Hard Drives
                                        512MB DDR2 RAM
            One (1) Marvell Yukon 10/100/1000 (On-Board)
                                Four USB 2.0 Connections
    Dual Auto Sensing Gigabit Ethernet Ports 10/100/1000
        RJ-45 Connector, with Teaming and Load Balancing
         One PCI Ultra 320 SCSI Connector (68-Pin VHDCI)
            One Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS Solutions CD
                      StorCenter Pro NAS Discovery Utility
            Computer Associates(r) eTrust(tm) Antivirus 7.1
EMC(r) Retrospect(r) Express Backup and Disaster Recovery
                         HTML User Manual and Help Files

 Iomega® StorCenter Pro NAS 250d/500GB
                                      with REV 70GB

                                                                     400R   Iomega® StorCenter Pro NAS
                                                                            400r/2TB & 1TB
                                                                            Intel® Pentium 4 Processor 3.0GHz, 128KB L2 Cache
                                                                            1GB ECC DDR RAM
                                                                            RAID 0, 1, 5 and JBOD
                                                                            4 x 500GB Serial ATA-150 Hot Swap, Hard Disk Drive,
                                                                            7200RPM, 8MB Cache
                                                                            Dual Auto Sensing Gigabit Ethernet Ports 10/100/1000, RJ-45
                                                                            Connector, with Teaming and Load Balancing
                                                                            One PCI Ultra 320 SCSI Connector (68-Pin VHDCI)
                                                                            Two USB 2.0 Connections
                                                                            One Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS Solutions CD
                                                                            StorCenter Pro NAS Discovery Utility
                                                                            Iomega Automatic Backup Software

                                                                            HTML User Manual and Help Files
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