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Happy Chief Executive Officer Retires Thanksgiving Peace Country Health President by bigbubbamust


                                                                                                                                                     October 2006
          Happy     Chief Executive Officer Retires
       Thanksgiving                         Peace Country Health President & Chief Executive Officer
                                            Dalton Russell’s final day leading the Region was September
                                            30th, 2006.
                                                                                                                   Having originally come from
                                                                                                                   northern Ontario before
                                                                                                                   moving to northern Alberta,
                                                                                                                   Dalton has a connection to
                                            “After five years with Peace Country Health I believe the              the region. “I love the north

                                            Region has made substantial progress towards fulfilling our            and communities the size of
                                            vision and mission, and for me, the time is right to move on           Grande Prairie,” he said.
                                            to the next phase of my life,” said Dalton after announcing his
        Dietitians Trailblazing             decision to the Board of Governors in July.                            Dalton    will  miss   the
                                                                                                                   challenge of being CEO
        High Prairie Planning               “We have excellent people from senior leadership right down            at Peace Country Health

                                            to our frontline staff, and I have been proud to lead a Region         where     he    used   his
                                            where I clearly see dedicated people doing their best to do            background in finance and
Prestigious Certification                   the right thing for the people they serve, residents in our            health management to
                                            Region who need health services,” said Dalton.                         work with government and
                                                                                                                   the community to lead the
Increasing Education                        Choosing to retire was a major decision for Dalton and his wife        ever-changing and growing

                                            Deborah, but it wasn’t a sudden one. The decision to retire            health region. There’s the
                                            may mean the couple will have more time for their travels,             constant challenge of using finite resources to meet the
Fulfilling a Dream                          which they love to do. Whether it’s a bicycle tour through part        service demands and needs of our residents, said Dalton.
                                            of Europe or a hike in one of the parks or wilderness areas
Diabetes and Your Heart                     in and around the Peace Country, Dalton and Deborah are                Along with the people he’s worked with in the Region he also
                                            always looking for another adventure.                                  got to work with some great people in other health regions and
                                                                                                                   at Alberta Health and Wellness, he said. “There really is a lot
Dispatcher Delivers

                                            Dalton came to Peace Country Health in 2001 from Fort                  of neat and interesting things happening in health,” he said.
                                            McMurray where he was Chief Executive Officer of Northern              “Health is evolving and that’s what makes it so exciting.”
                                            Lights Health Region from the inception of regionalization in
        The Community Village
                                            1994. He was previously Chief Financial Officer of the Fort            Dalton’s leadership in his role as CEO of PCH is something
                                            McMurray Regional Hospital. Dalton led the creation of Peace           that’s going to be missed, said Board of Governors chairman
    Chronic Disease Planning                Country Health through the merger of three health regions in           Marvin Moore. “Dalton brought strong leadership and

                                            2003, and oversaw the development of a Strategic Service               direction to Peace Country Health. We value the work he
                                            Plan that is now the guideline for regional service delivery.          has done tremendously and his decision to retire is truly our
No Good-byes for Val                        Dalton also led the Region as PCH took over responsibility             loss,” said Marvin.
                                            for Mental Health and Emergency Medical Services.

Mental Health Initiatives
                                              CEO Search Begins

                                              The search has started for a new President and CEO following Dalton Russell’s announcement of his retirement.
The Balancing Act
                                              An Executive Search Committee (ESC) made up of six Board of Governor members was formed in mid-July to lead
Trends & Issues                               the process. An executive recruitment firm to assist in the search was selected in August and two regional physician

                                              representatives were invited to join the E.S.C. Advertising for the CEO position started nationwide Sept. 9, with the
                   Shawn Waldron              goal of having short-listed candidates identified in early October. The ESC will interview candidates and make a
                                              recommendation to the Board.
                      Golf Classic
                                              An acting CEO was appointed on Oct. 1 to lead the Region until a new CEO is selected.

9                                           Influenza Vaccine Delay
Plan Ahead:
Travel Immunizations
                                            The annual influenza vaccination campaign will get a bit               Peace Country Health’s

Coming Events                               of a later start this year. Due to production delays for this          Executive Team has
                                            year’s vaccine the campaign won’t begin until the middle of            approved funding for
                                            November.                                                              influenza     vaccination
          Briefs                                                                                                   of    immediate     family
                                            While the delay will mean tighter timelines for clinics, Peace         members of PCH staff.
                                            Country Health, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Albert de Villiers       We are still waiting for
          Rural Skills Day &                said it isn’t too much of a concern because the worst of the flu       the final word on vaccine
          Corporate Challenge               season is between December and February.                               availability.

The Current is published by Peace Country   Even if it is a little later than usual it’s still important you get   In Grande Prairie, there
Health.    We welcome and encourage         a flu shot, he said. When you get the influenza vaccine, you           will be staff influenza
contributions. If you have something to     are protecting those around you who may not have good                  clinics on 2 West (Mackenzie Place) and Public Health
include, questions or comments, please
send them to Communications:                defences against influenza. Those people might include your            Nurses will have their roving cart in your area sometime
                                            grandma and grandpa, toddlers, newborn babies, or the                  during the Influenza campaign, between mid-November and
Phone:                                      neighbour down the street who just had a transplant.                   mid-December. Check your local Public Health Centre for
(780)538-5108                                                                                                      staff dates and times in your area.
Toll Free:
1-800-732-8981                              The eligibility criteria for funded vaccine includes not only
Email:                                      health care workers, people with chronic illness and the               Public clinics are planned for many communities in the                          elderly, but also infants between 6 and 23 months, pregnant            Region. Check our website at or watch and
                                            women and all their household contacts.                                listen to your local media outlets about clinic dates.
Design by imageDESIGN Professionals Inc.
                                                          Dietitians Trailblazing
                                                                                 Dietitians in Peace Country Health          Respiratory Therapists, already have a proposal submitted
                                                                                 are the first group of health care          to the Intraprofessional Practice Council and they will see a
                                                                                 professionals to get approval to            quicker and smoother transition into doing restricted activities
                                                                                 expand their practise into a restricted     because of the ground-breaking work of the dietitians.
                                                                                 activity in our region.
                                                                                                                             Renee sees allowing professionals to do restricted activities
                                                                                 “We’re       trying    to     encourage     could draw more staff to the region if people know PCH
                                                                                 interdisciplinary practices, where          supports a broader scope of practice.
                                                                                 each member of the team practices to
                                                                                 their full scope of practice,” said Jane    “For us being a small area it’s good for recruitment,” Renee
                                                                                 Manning, Vice-President Regional            said. “It’s exciting and I think it’s great.”
                                                                                 Health Services.                            It’s providing a greater understanding of what a truly
                                                                                 As the first group to get approval from     interdisciplinary team means, said Jane. All members of the
                                                                                 the Board, Medical Staff and Executive      team come to the table with knowledge and expertise and are
                                                                                 Team to perform restricted activities,      equal members in developing the plan to care for people.
                                                                                 dietitians are the trailblazers, said       It also makes health professionals more accountable for their
                                                                                 Jane.                                       own practise and as part of the team that will mean more
                                                                               The Region had to develop policy              rewarding careers for people, she said.
                                                                               to allow staff to perform a restricted        They have a greater responsibility not only as part of the
                                                                               activity after they have demonstrated         team but also in their own practice by always developing their
                                                                               to their professional college they have       skills.
Patti Kinch is one of three Dietitians in Peace Country
                                                          the competency to perform the tasks.
Health who are certified to perform a restricted
                                                                                                                             “We’re really looking to invigorate and enhance what has
                                                          Joanne Penson-Boucher, Manager of Clinical and Community           been and move toward more optimal quality of care,” said
                                                          Nutrition did a lot of work to develop the process to enable       Jane. “It’s a big step forward.”
                                                          dietitians to do restricted activities, said Jane.
                                                          While they will still work as part of the interdisciplinary team     Restricted Activity
                                                          involved in the patient’s care since Aug. 1, they can now            The Region has now set out how health professionals
                                                          support the care in consultation with the medical staff and          in Peace Country Health may gain approval to
                                                          team by assessing needs and writing orders for patients,             perform restricted activities they have demonstrated
                                                          said Renee Little, dietitian at the QEII Hospital who along          competence to perform in their scope of practice with
                                                          with Patti Kinch and Kim Sorochan, are able to perform this          their own professional college.
                                                          restricted activity.
                                                                                                                               A restricted activity is a procedure or service that
                                                          “It means that we are performing our restricted activity of          requires specific professional competence to be
                                                          prescribing parenteral nutrition and Schedule 1 drugs as it          performed safely.
                                                          relates to parenteral nutrition,” she said.
                                                                                                                               The Intraprofessional Practice Council reviews requests
                                                          It allows the dietitians to take a more active role with their       to perform restricted activities with program leaders
                                                          patients and support the physicians in an interdisciplinary          and directors. The council then refers it to the Medical
                                                          care model, she said.                                                Advisory Committee for review and support with the
                                                          “Before we would make suggestions about total parenteral             Executive Team and Board of Governors providing final
                                                          nutrition,” said Renee.                                              approval and endorsement.

                                                          It recognizes dietitians for their knowledge, expertise and          Registered Dietitians, along with Respiratory Therapists
                                                          their role in the team, said Jane.                                   were the first disciplines to go through an approval
                                                                                                                               process to practice authorized restricted activities
                                                          “This is a significant accomplishment, as it advances our            within PCH.
                                                          ability to practice and contribute to the best possible outcomes
                                                          for our clients,” said Joanne.                                       The Policy and Procedure that governs who can perform
                                                                                                                               restricted activities is available on the Intranet, under
                                                          While most health professions have a broad scope of practise,        Clinical Services, then Interdisciplinary. The Policy
                                                          Jane expects there will be more proposals for restricted             number and name is: CS-XI-565 Enacting Authorized
                                                          activities from other health professionals coming forward.           Restricted Activities.

                                                          High Prairie Planning
                                                          Planning currently underway to replace the High Prairie Health Complex and the J.B. Wood Nursing Home in High Prairie is
                                                          moving ahead at an aggressive pace to help ensure construction can begin in 2007.

                                                                                                     A series of interactive design workshops were held in July and August with Peace
                                                                                                     Country Health (PCH) staff, the project committee, public representatives and
                                                                                                     Stantec Architecture Ltd., the firm that was hired to design the new facility. The
                                                                                                     purpose of this phase, called the Schematic Design Phase, was to receive input on
                                                                                                     all aspects of the facility including site planning, interior layout and appearance.

                                                                                                     “We are striving to make this a very inclusive process,” said Kate Butler, Director of
                                                                                                     Health Services for High Prairie and area. “Everyone has been excellent in providing
                                                                                                     input to create a facility that suits both programming and community needs.”

                                                                                                     PCH also plans to incorporate unique features that reflect the Aboriginal population
                                                                                                     the facility will serve and who represent a significant portion of the people living in
                                                                                                     the High Prairie area.

                                                                                                     The project committee includes representation from the Alberta Government, the
                                                                                                     public and PCH. Shawn Terlson, Chief Financial and Information Officer for PCH
                                                                                                     and the Committee Chair, has outlined a very aggressive schedule that would see
                                                                                                     the project go out for tender next summer.

                                                                                                     “The schedule is partially being driven by a booming economy in the Peace Country
                                                                                                     which is affecting the availability of construction trades,” said Shawn. “In order to
                                                                                                     secure a date that would see the facility completed in a reasonable time we need
Thomas Hardjowirogo leads PCH staff as well as High Prairie and area residents through a planning    to be ready to go next year otherwise we will have to wait one full year to before
session for the new High Prairie Health Complex.                                                     starting construction.”

                                                          The new facility is being built to last for 50 years and is intended to serve a population of 20,000, which includes the 3,000
                                                          residents of the Town of High Prairie, the Municipal District of Big Lakes and surrounding communities.
Prestigious Certification
Renee Little, a registered dietitian at the QEII Hospital, has more confidence in her practice
after receiving a prestigious certification.

Renee is one of only 2,000 dietitians worldwide to be certified with the American Society
for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN ) and can now use the protected title “Certified
Nutrition Support Dieititan.”

The main focus of the rigourous certification is to recognize competency for dieticians working
in the area of parenteral and enteral nutrition.

Enteral nutrition is for patients who cannot orally meet their nutrition needs. The purpose of
care for Enteral nutrition provides supplemental or total nutrition by feeding directly into the
gastrointestinal tract using a feeding tube.

Parenteral nutrition is intravenous nutrition that provides energy and essential nutrients and
promotes protein synthesis. It is for patients with a nonfunctioning gastrointestinal tract who
can’t tolerate oral or enteral feeding.

Renee is originally from the Peace Country – she grew up in Eaglesham, and graduated
from the University of Alberta with a BSc in Nutrition and Food Science. She completed
her internship in Peace Country Health then started a permanent full-time clinical dietitian
position at the QEII Hospital.

It was about a year ago when Renee’s manager Joanne Penson-Boucher encouraged her to
take the exam.                                                                                                                                           Renee Little, dietitian at the QEII Hospital.

ASPEN recommends dieitians wait until they’ve worked for at least two years before attempting the certification. Renee,
however, had been working at the QEII Hospital for only a year at that time so it was going to be challenge for her to seek
the certification.

Renee took self-assessment exams to determine where she needed to improve her knowledge, spent the next six months
studying and challenged the exam in April of 2006. “It focuses your knowledge, it basically keeps you very current in the
practice area of nutrition support,” said Renee. That allowed her to build her knowledge without being overwhelmed by the
amount of research and literature that exists.

She’s incorporated her knowledge into her practice and believes she’s increased the level of care she provides to her
patients. “It helped my confidence and increased my knowledge,” she said.

Increasing Education
Regional Dietitian Lori Beaulieu has an added level of training to help
educate people with diabetes on how to best manage their disease.
Lori passed her Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) exam in the
summer and, while she says the experience taught her she has more
to learn, she feels she’s better prepared to educate clients about their
“The Certified Diabetes Educator title confirms you have a strong base
of knowledge of diabetes care,” and that you have the right education
to teach people how to manage their diabetes” Lori said.
Lori is the Regional Dietitian for the Fairview and Spirit River area,
and also provides outpatient nutrition counselling at the Grande Prairie
College and Community Health Centre.
Lori joins her colleague Charlene Boyce, Home Care Dietitian as well
as the Regional Dietitian for Beaverlodge and Hythe, who also has the
CDE designation.
After working in Peace Country Health, which included providing
diabetes education, for about three years, Lori decided to take the
exam in the spring. She wrote the exam in May and found out she
passed in July.
“It made me feel pretty good,” she said. “But I realize there’s definitely   Lori Beaulieu, Regional Dietitian in Fairview, who recently passed her Certified Diabetes Educator exams, works with
more to learn,” said Lori. “It is a challenging exam.”                       Niklas Velve at the Diabetes Education program.

Preparing for the exam required studying a broad range of information,
more than she would generally teach on a regular basis in her position as a dietitian.
“It’s useful to have good base of knowledge of all areas of diabetes care because not all the questions that I have from clients
are specifically nutrition-related. It’s nice if I can answer some of these questions when they come to see me,” said Lori.
With the increasing emphasis on chronic disease management, coupled with how common diabetes has become in the
population, having diabetes education specialists throughout the Region is important.
Lori appreciates the financial support that she received from her department, Nutrition and Food Services, as well as the
encouragement she received from her colleagues. She’s benefited from the experience and encourages her colleagues
working in diabetes care to go for the certification.

   The certification program for Certified Diabetes Educators in Canada is managed by the Canadian Diabetes Educator
   Certification Board (CDECB).
   To take the certification exam you must be registered with an eligible professional regulatory body and, while registered,
   need to have worked at least 800 hours in direct diabetes education over the previous three years
   For more information about the certification program for Certified Diabetes Educators in Canada visit the CDECB
   website at

                                                   Fulfilling a Dream
                                                   Even as a child Bodil Andersen knew she wanted to be a              “It’s all so interesting - seeing everything and hearing the
                                                   doctor.                                                             nurses at work,” she said.

                                                   Now the 18-year-old from Manning is on her way to achieving         The summer work experience and then nurse attendant job
                                                   that dream and wants to return to her hometown when she’s           at the hospital gave her the chance to see if medicine was
                                                   done.                                                               the right choice, she said. “I did it to make sure it was what I
                                                                                                                       wanted to do.” The experience proved she was on the right
                                                   “I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was a little girl,” she said.   career path.

                                                   Bodil graduated in June from Paul Rowe High School with             As a nursing attendant she cared for residents in the
                                                   honours and is now at the University of Alberta studying a          Continuing Care, helping bathe, dress and feed them. “I
                                                   Bachelor of Sciences general degree and then plans to apply         loved all the residents,” she said. “Caring for them just makes
                                                   to get into medical school.                                         me happy.”

                                                   “I’m just so excited,” said Bodil about beginning her education     Bodil’s mom Nancy is a Registered Nurse at Manning so
                                                   to become a doctor.                                                 she grew up hearing about work at the hospital and helping
Bodil Andersen with Manning Health Centre
                                                                                                                       people. “I grew up with it all,” said Bodil. “I was just always
resident Wayne Ellis.                              She’s starting her education with some background working           around it so I became interested in it,” she said.
                                                   in a hospital after she did a work experience at the Manning
                                                   Health Centre during the summer of 2005 which turned into a         Now at university working towards becoming a doctor Bodil
                                                   job she held until she went to university. “I liked working there   is fulfilling her lifelong dream.
                                                   so much I stayed on as a nursing attendant,” Bodil said.
                                                                                                                       “I want to be a general practitioner in Manning. I want to come
                                                   During her work experience, which was organized through             back,” Bodil said. “It’s so versatile. You get to see everything
                                                   her high school to encourage youth to go into the medical           and I just love the community.”
                                                   field, she got to job shadow staff in different areas of the

                                                   Dispatcher delivers
                                                   When a Grimshaw area woman’s baby decided to arrive
                                                   into the world faster than an ambulance could arrive at their       “It’s nice to hear the crying at the end,” said Mike who has
                                                   home, Peace Comm dispatcher Mike Farrow was there to                three children of his own. “It was exciting for me. It’s an
                                                   help deliver the baby over the phone.                               euphoric feeling.”

                                                   The woman was in active labour when the call came in                The delivery went quite smoothly and mom and baby were
                                                   during one of Mike’s shifts in early August, said Mike who          calmly waiting as PCH EMS staff arrived to take them to
                                                   has worked at Peace Comm as a 911 dispatcher for the past           hospital in Peace River, said Mike.
                                                   three years.
                                                                                                                       Answering the call to help bring a new life into the world was a
Mike Farrow is congratulated and presented a Stork Pin by Bryan Nilsson, EMS Zone         The woman’s mother           good change from the calls the dispatchers get where people
Coordinator - North.
                                                                                          was a midwife and she        are in crisis and an emergency.
                                                                                       was guiding      the birth at
                                                                                       home but during labour          “It’s nice to have a positive call,” he said, “It enforces what
                                                                                       decided they should call        we’re doing to help people.”
                                                                                       an ambulance and get to
                                                                                       the hospital, said Mike.        When the ambulance crew got back to the station they were
                                                                                                                       congratulating Mike on his first delivery. Mike was presented
                                                                                       Shortly after dispatching       a Stork Pin, which dispatchers receive when they help deliver
                                                                                       an EMS crew to the home         a baby, by Bryan Nilsson, EMS Zone Coordinator – North.
                                                                                       Mike realized the baby
                                                                                       wasn’t going to wait for an     “It was definitely a highlight,” said Mike a day after helping
                                                                                       ambulance to arrive and         mom safely deliver her baby.
                                                                                       he was going to need to
                                                                                       help deliver the baby over      However, he was quick to share the limelight with the EMS
                                                                                       the phone while EMS was         workers who showed up on scene and helped the mother
                                                                                       on its way.                     and baby.

                                                                                       The training to handle such     Mike certainly isn’t alone in the Region for having helped
                                                                                       a situation automatically       deliver a baby over the phone. He knows of at least two or
                                                                                       kicked in and Mike helped       three others at the dispatch centre in Peace River.
                                                                                       guide the woman through
                                                                                       the quick delivery birth.       Most importantly he praised the mother who remained calm
                                                                                                                       throughout the delivery for the positive result.
                                                                                       The baby was born less
                                                                                       than 10 minutes after the       “I didn’t do any of the work,” he said. “She did all the work.”
                                                                                       911 call was made.

                                                   Diabetes and your Heart
                                                   Diabetes is a condition that can lead to serious health problems. If you have diabetes your body cannot make enough insulin,
                                                   or it cannot properly use the insulin it makes. The glucose stays in your blood and your cells don’t get the energy they need.
                                                   If you are one of the approximately 2 million Canadians that have diabetes, you are at a very high risk of developing heart
                                                   disease, also know as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and/or a stroke (cerebrovascular disease).
                                                   In fact up to 80 per cent of people with diabetes will die as a result of a heart attack or stroke. People with diabetes may
                                                   also develop these types of problems at a younger age and die from these events at rates much higher than people without
                                                   diabetes (3 times higher for men and 5 times higher for women).
                                                   The good news is that people with diabetes can lower their risk of heart disease and stroke considerably by paying careful
                                                   attention to all of their risk factors and stay healthy by eating a healthy diet and doing regular physical activity.
                                                   November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and a time for all of us to acknowledge the seriousness of diabetes. There
                                                   is a need to raise the awareness of diabetes and help prevent the growth of diabetes in our communities. Watch for more
                                                   diabetes information in November throughout the region.

The Community Village
Being part of the Community Village that’s taking shape at                   “We see this as an opportunity to communicate, coordinate
the former St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in downtown Grande                   and collaborate with other agencies,” said Donna. “There are
Prairie will let Peace Country Health reach more people and                  endless possibilities of things we can work on.”
provide even greater access to Community Health Services.                                                                                                   What programs will
                                                                             “Sharing space will help us understand what services are                       PCH have at the
It’s an innovative concept focused on improving the health of                offered by each agency,” Brenda said. “You learn so much by                    Community Village?
the population which makes it a good fit for Peace Country                   being and working together.”
Health, said Donna Koch, PCH Director, Regional Community                                                                                                   •   Sexual Health
Health Services.                                                             The various organizations already do a lot of referrals between                •   Sexual Transmitted
                                                                             each other but getting the people to actually go to another                        Infections
“The whole idea of The Community Village is to bring services                location and get the service they need has been a problem.                     •   Community Nutrition
together,” said Brenda Moore, HIV North Society Executive                    Being in one spot will make it easier for the clients to connect               •   Mental Health
Director. The concept is to provide a central location for a                 with services, she said.                                                       •   Nurse Practitioner
variety of health and social service agencies.                                                                                                              •   Teen Counselling
                                                                                                                Northern Lakes College moved                •   Cervical Screening
                                                                                                                into the former Parish Centre               •   Travel Clinics
                                                                                                                September 5 and the various                 •   Immunization Clinics
                                                                                                                other agencies, including Peace             •   Breast Feeding
                                                                                                                Country Health, going into the              •   Lactation Consultants
                                                                                                                former Church Administration
                                                                                                                Building will move in in early              Could evolve to include
                                                                                                                October.                                    classes including:
                                                                                                                                                            • Prenatal
                                                                                                                The Catholic Church is still using          • Smoking cessation
                                                                                                                the main Church building and it will        • Car Seat clinics
                                                                                                                be November or December before
                                                                                                                the Village takes possession of it.
                                                                                                                That large space, with its sloping          Current Community
                                                                                                                floor, will be the biggest renovation       Village partners:
                                                                                                                project at the village. The vision          •   HIV North Society
                                                                                                                for that includes meeting rooms,            •   Peace Country Health
                                                                                                                a public resource library, a coffee         •   Deaf and Hard of
                                                                                                                shop and more office space, said                Hearing
                                                                                                                Brenda.                                     •   Northern Lakes College
                                                                                                                                                            •   Habitat for Humanity
                                                                                                                Renovation plans also include               •   Gay and Lesbian
                                                                                                                lots of exterior painting to give it            Association of the Peace
                                                                                                                a vibrant village look along with           •   Lesser Slave Lake
                                                                                                                the interior renovations in the                 Regional Council
                                                                                                                 various buildings that make up
Brenda Moore, Executive Director of HIV North, hold an artist’s conception of what the Community Village will    the complex.
look like with Catherine Mullaney, Sexual Health Educator with PCH and Cheryl Hardy with PCH’s STI Program.
                                                                                                                                                            Capital Campaign
Catherine and Cheryl are also both members of the HIV North Board                                       “We want to make sure the                           The      Community      Village
                                                                                                        community feels welcome so we                       has launched a fundraising
                                                                             are creating a warm and inviting place,” Brenda said.                          campaign with the goal of
PCH, which has been involved in the project from the                                                                                                        raising $1 million to renovate
beginning, will have two clinic rooms in the Community Village               Being part of the Community Village is a creative solution to                  the former Church into
set up to run a wide range of services that will be scheduled                the space crunch PCH is facing in the Region’s facilities as                   an important part of The
either by appointment or on a drop-in basis.                                 the population it serves increases, said Donna.                                Community Village. There are
                                                                                                                                                            sponsorship opportunities for
It’s an accessible location for the public and, with other                   It’s taking an innovative approach to how, where and when                      corporations to put their name
agencies sharing the space, PCH may reach people who                         you provide the service, said Donna.                                           on the entire Village, one of
otherwise may not go to the Region’s other facilities, said                                                                                                 the buildings, the resource
Donna. “We want to be where the people are,” said Donna.                     Peace Country Health has been a longtime supporter of HIV                      library or a meeting room.
                                                                             North and its involvement lends more credibility and stability                 Organizers are also looking
She expects once they’ve settled into the space in the former                to the project, added Brenda.                                                  for sponsors to come barter
Church administration building there will be referrals going                                                                                                for a brick. Donations of cash
back and forth between the agencies and opportunities                        “We are a part of the community,” said Donna. “We want to be                   or gifts of supplies or labour
to partner on other projects, programs or initiatives with                   a good community partner.”                                                     can get the donor a brick
community partners. Those connections will also help                                                                                                        with their name on it in the
see the right programming for the needs of the community                                                                                                    Courtyard.

Chronic Disease Planning Session
The Chronic Disease Management Program held a two-day                        directions to the Chronic Disease Management Steering
Service Planning Session in Grande Prairie this summer.                      Committee, which can now integrate these suggestions and
                                                                             comments in future planning and services.
The session brought together a broad range of stakeholders
from a variety of disciplines and programs, throughout Peace                 A very special thank you goes out to Staff Development and
Country Health, to identify and plan for improved care to                    Education Resources staff (Karin, Martin, Dorothy, Ghislaine,
people with a chronic illness.                                               Eunice) for facilitating. Lisa Sather, John Dunn, Dr. de Villiers,
                                                                             thank you for your excellent and informative presentations
The approach was inter-professional and collaborative to                     and Nadine Doris and Moira Ford for the arrangement and
identify and plan for Chronic Disease Management services                    operations.
and to meet the strategic directions of Peace Country
Health.                                                                      Most of all, thank you to all the participants who attended
                                                                             and shared their knowledge and expertise. The information
The planning session evaluations were very positive.                         sharing was invaluable and will be acknowledged.
Participants were satisfied with the session and excited about
the future of Chronic Disease Management.                                    Submitted by Trina Noskey Manager, Chronic Disease
There was an increased understanding of what chronic
disease is and how everyone is “part of the puzzle” to meet
the needs of our clients.
The planning session provided valuable information and clear                    John Dunn, Health Promotion Facilitator, was one of the presenters at the
                                                                                                      Chronic Disease Management Planning Session.
                                              No Good-byes for Val
                                              Days before Valerie Beynon’s ‘Transition Party’ September          on a research program travelling throughout the Arctic and
                                              15 she suspected her co-workers were hosting the event so          evaluating nurse practitioner programs. That was definitely
                                              they could roast her as she leaves her position as Community       one of my career highlights,” she said.
                                              Health Manager in High Prairie to work part-time.
                                                                                                                 It was after that project that she moved to Salt Prairie and
                                              “They are still stuck with me,” said Valerie with a laugh noting   worked briefly in acute care before getting back into Public
                                              the change isn’t being called a retirement but rather being        Health with the Peace River Health Unit.
                                              billed as a ‘transition.’
                                                                                                                 Salt Prairie was also where she met her husband. Valerie
                                              Valerie still plans to work part-time in her dream job as          and David have two kids aged 20 and 18. Their son, Mark,
                                              the CDC/Immunization co-ordinator. She likes the idea of           is at Augustana in Camrose studying psychology and their
                                              continuing to work with the Public Health Nurses and other         daughter, Amy, is studying to be a LPN with Northern Lakes
                                              staff while managing to avoid some of the management               College in Grande Prairie.
                                                                                                                 Throughout her career Valerie held various management
                                              It’s also going to give her more time to pursue her interests.     positions with Peace River Health Unit and with Keeweetinok
                                              She’ll get to spend more time outdoors kayaking, canoeing,         Lakes Regional Health Authority after regionalization in 1995.
                                              sailing, snowmobiling, downhill skiing and camping.                Since Peace Country Health formed in 2003 she’s been a
                                                                                                                 manager in Community Health.
Valerie    Beynon                             It’s another step in Valerie’s career that started in Toronto
celebrated       a
transition      in                            where she graduated from the University of Toronto and             Valerie’s best memories of her years working in Public Health
September as she                              then spent three years working in Public Health, mostly in         are when she faced new challenges – like the meningococcal
left her position                             Toronto’s Cabbagetown area. Work was interspersed with a           immunization campaign.
as a Public Health                            year and a half of travelling through Europe, North Africa and
manager in High
Prairie.                                      North America.                                                     “It was pretty exciting,” she said. “It was something completely
                                                                                                                 new and different.”
                                              When she returned from her travels she moved to Alberta for
                                              a year in 1975. That one year turned into another, and then        The meditech project, helping to develop the first client
                                              another, and now she is going into semi-retirement at her          server version for Public Health, was another highlight, said
                                              home in Salt Prairie with her husband, David Drummond.             Valerie.

                                              Most of her career in Alberta has focused on the north.            Working in Gift Lake, where she was the first nurse in the on-
                                              She first worked in Assumption at the nursing station and          site office was another highlight of her career. “It’s a wonderful
                                              completed a nurse practitioner course.                             community,” said Valerie noting she got to know the people
                                                                                                                 well and felt included as a community member.
                                              She later moved to Edmonton and was the nursing director for
                                              the nurse practitioner program at the University of Alberta.       “I can’t say I was ever bored,” said Valerie, thinking back
                                                                                                                 over the years. “There was always something new to learn,
                                              That gave her the opportunity to spend a year and a half           something to keep you interested.”

                                              Mental Health Initiatives
                                                         Peace Country Health has started launching a            Community Liaison Therapists
                                                         variety of new programs and staff positions to
                                                         meet Mental Health needs in our communities.            Two new positions, a psychiatric nurse and psychologist,
                                                                                                                 will work in physician’s clinics to help address Mental Health
                                                         The new initiatives are all designed to serve           needs. The Community Liaison Therapists will meet with
                                                         the community in new and different ways, said           individuals and provide counselling, referrals or assessments
                                                         Sandra Guzzwell, Manager, Mental Health New             that are needed.
                                                                                                                 “The aim is to relieve some of the pressure the physicians are
                                                         “We’ve filled in some of the gaps that were             feeling and to be a support to physicians in the community,”
                                                         identified,” said Sandra.                               Sandra said.
                                                         “The population is growing and we didn’t have           Regional Clinical Supervisor for Mental Health
                                                         staff or infrastructure to support it,” she said
                                                         adding none of these new initiatives duplicate          The Regional Clinical Supervisor for Mental Health will be
                                                         what already exists in community services.              dedicated to supporting Mental Health staff improve their
                                                                                                                 skills, learn new therapies, and offer ongoing educational
                                                         Throughout the entire process of developing the         opportunities.
                                                         new programs, and making changes to existing
                                                         ones, Sandra has been involving the community           Housing Co-ordinator
                                                         through meetings to make sure the programs              Peace Country Health is hiring two housing co-ordinators,
                                                         reflect the Region’s wants and needs, she said.         one for Grande Prairie and area and another for Peace River
                                                         Sandra credits her staff for the work that has been     and area.
                                                         done to establish the new services. “I feel very        The individuals, once hired, will work with Community Mental
                                                         lucky to have excellent qualified staff,” she said.     Health programs, inpatient services and the Day Treatment
                                                         “When the programs are a success, the credit will       Program to identify housing options for clients, said Sandra.
Sandra Guzzwell, Manager, Mental Health New              have to go to them.”
Initiatives                                                                                                      Mental Health Transition Support Unit
                                              The new initiatives include:
                                                                                                                 Renovation work is nearly completed for the new Mental
                                              Day Treatment Program                                              Health Transition Support Unit in Mackenzie Place. The
                                              The Day Treatment Program, in the works for two years,             Transition Support Unit will provide support to inpatient clients
                                              started running in September. The program is designed for          as they prepare to move back into their communities.
                                              people who are not ill enough for inpatient services, but          The new facility has two clusters of ten beds that offer a
                                              are going through a crisis, or dealing with issues like anger      warm, home-like setting for short stays, for low-need clients,
                                              management or depression.                                          said Sandra.
                                              The group-based program will run for six to eight week periods.    While renovations are being completed the Mental Health
                                              Groups will run throughout the day and individuals can stay        Transition Support Unit likely won’t be running until after
                                              for as much of the day as they need or want. Participants can      Christmas when the staff are all in place to operate it and
                                              get help with everything from life skills to intensive therapy.    there are more psychiatrists, said Sandra.
                                              Referrals to the program will come from psychiatrists,
                                              Community Mental Health Services or community agencies
                                              and physicians. A counsellor will assess the individual’s
                                              needs and they will then be put into a group if appropriate.

         Balancing Act

   Sleepless Again?
Sleep is extremely important, and most of us don’t get enough                  Environmental:
of it. Good, quality sleep affects our mental, emotional, and
physical health. It maintains our emotional balance and                        Sleep in a dark and quiet room - light and noise can keep you
bolsters our immune system. Research suggests that there                       awake. Install room-darkening blinds, and wear re-usable
is no ‘right’ amount of sleep, it’s up to you as an individual                 earplugs, if necessary.
to know what leaves you well rested, whether that’s 5 or 10                    Open a window, or remove a blanket. Most people
hours. However, if you’re consistently having trouble falling,                 sleep better in a cool room.
and staying, asleep you may be suffering from insomnia.
                                                                               Night-time Strategies for Dealing With
Preventative Strategies for Keeping Insomnia Away                              Insomnia
Cut Down on Caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that speeds up                   You’ve followed all the preventative strategies for
your system. Reduce your overall consumption and eliminate                     dealing with insomnia. However, it’s 2 a.m., you
it completely four to six hours before you go to bed.                          still can’t sleep, and it’s driving you crazy. What
Quit Smoking! Smokers tend to be lighter sleepers because                      can you do?
nicotine is a stimulant.                                                       Count sheep. Really. Counting visualized objects,
Adjust Your Diet. Avoid late-night snacks and heavy dinners                    or your own breaths if sheep seem too ridiculous,
that make your metabolism work overtime, keeping you                           is an effective method of calming yourself to sleep.
awake.                                                                         Count each inhalation and exhalation up to ten,
                                                                               and then go back to one.
Exercise. Physical activity releases stress and produces
endorphins, which are natural stimulants that decrease your                    Try relaxation techniques. For example: Breathing
reliance on other stimulants such as caffeine.                                 calmly, try to slowly relax the muscles in your
                                                                               body, beginning with your toes. Gradually move up
Sleeping schedule. Maintaining a regular sleeping schedule                     your body, then concentrate on moving from your
helps to ensure regular sleeping patterns.                                     fingertips up to your shoulders, slowly releasing.
                                                                               Imagine the tension flowing away as you release
Napping. Naps can be refreshing, but they can also interrupt                   the muscles in your shoulders and neck.
your regular sleeping patterns.
                                                                               Get up. If you’re still unable to sleep, get up. Sit
Forget the “hot toddy.” Alcohol before bed may make you feel                   somewhere comfortable and read a book or listen
sleepy temporarily, but as the alcohol gets metabolized by                     to music until you feel drowsy.
your system it disrupts the sequence and duration of your
sleep state.                                                                   Have a hot drink. Hot milk, and non-caffeinated
                                                                               drinks like camomile tea, will help you to fall
Your bed is for sleeping in. Separate waking life activities                   asleep.
from bedtime rituals by establishing your bed as a place for
sleeping. Don’t read, work, eat, or watch TV in bed.                           Put on some socks! Having warm feet helps people
                                                                               to fall asleep. Wear loose-fitting socks that don’t
Take a bath. A hot bath before bed is both relaxing and an aid                 cut off your circulation.
to sleeping. It raises your core body temperature and after,
the drop in your body temperature promotes deep sleep.                         Remember, if the preventive and night-time
                                                                                                                                                             QEII Hospital Housekeeping staff member, Tammy
                                                                               strategies for combating insomnia listed above don’t                          Lungle, poses for a picture about feeling a little
Stress and/or depression. If you think stress or depression                    work for you, don’t despair! Your doctor or a sleep specialist                tired on the job.
are affecting your ability to sleep, meeting with an EFAP                      can help with effective methods of conquering mild or chronic
counsellor could be beneficial.                                                insomnia and sleep disorders.
If you have any questions about this topic, or if you wish to discuss a personal situation you may be experiencing, we invite you to contact your Employee
Assistance Program (EFAP). All contact between you and your EFAP is completely confidential. You may reach us at: English Service: 1-800-387-4765,
French Service: 1.800.361.5676 and TTY Service: 1.877.338.0275. Support services are available 24 hours a day, everyday.

                                          e-Learning Underway                                                               by Martin Anderson

Implementation of Peace Country Health’s e-Learning program is now well underway.
Managers from most disciplines have now participated in an orientation session
about the e-Learning program. We have also already oriented over 100 staff to
e-Learning. Orientation sessions have been made available in most sites across
the region.
Over the summer we ran a series of e-Learning training sessions to staff in Grande
Prairie, Peace River and High Prairie. We will continue to contact managers and
directors to arrange demonstrations of the new system. Interested managers and
directors are also welcome to contact us to arrange demonstrations.
While annual in-service topics have initially been placed on the new e-Learning
system, in the future there will be an option for programs to place other material
on e-Learning.
The Peace Country Health e-Learning program has a number of advantages over
the existing self-study modules. With the PCH e-Learning program, we will be
able to track who has completed courses. It also allows the option of quizzes
to assess knowledge. The program automatically marks the quizzes and a pass
mark can be set in the system.
We are very excited about this new system and look forward to demonstrating this
program to you and your staff.
If you have questions or would like to set up a time to view the program, please
contact Martin Anderson at
                                                  Shawn Waldron Golf Classic
                                                  Breaks Fundraising Record
                                                               A new fundraising record was set Friday               success of this special annual event and we are so grateful
                                                               September 8 when over $80,000 was raised at           for their continued trust and generosity,” Don said.
                                                               the 7th Annual Shawn Waldron Golf Classic -
                                                               in support of Peace Country Health Emergency          Since 1999 Randy, Debby and Nikki Waldron, and their
                                                               Medical Services (PCH EMS). Funds from the            families, honour the memory of Shawn - son, brother, nephew,
                                                               annual event benefit PCH EMS’s Operation              grandson and friend - by organizing the Shawn Waldron ‘Star
                                                               Heart Safe program.                                   of Life’ Golf Classic, hosted each September at the Grande
                                                                                                                     Prairie Golf and Country Club. Shawn died of a Sudden
                                                              “We will be able to put more Automated                 Cardiac Arrest - he had no signs - his heart simply stopped.
                                                              External Defibrillators or AEDs into high-risk
                                                              communities throughout the Peace Region as             Through Shawn’s legacy, resident’s of the Peace Country
                                                              well as improving survival from Sudden Cardiac         have seen substantial benefits: numerous AED’s have been
                                                              Arrest by teaching the life-saving skills of early     placed in high risk areas, Operation Heart Safe instructors
                                                              recognition, early access and early CPR - as           have trained individuals in CPR in communities throughout
                                                              part of the chain of survival,” stated the Director    the Peace Country, and AED’s have been provided to area
Jolene Thomas-Carter, the Peace Country Health
                                                            of Ambulance and Emergency Services for Peace            ‘first responder’ agencies such as the Grovedale and Hythe
EMS Cardiac Care Coordinator with Randy Waldron                                                                      Fire Departments.
from E-Z Lay Pipehandlers and Joanne Ballance,    Country Health, Don Hunt.
Program Leader - EMS Development.                                                                                    For information about the innovative Operation Heart Safe
                                                  “Shawn’s parents, Debby and Randy Waldron, and their
                                                  company, E-Z Lay Pipehandlers, are the Honorary Chairs             Program, please contact Jolene, PCH EMS Cardiac Care
                                                  and Title Sponsors of the tournament. They are critical to the     Coordinator at 780-512-0790 or call Joanne Ballance, PCH
                                                                                                                     Program Leader - EMS Development at 780-513-5290.

                                                     Pirates of the Health Care Region

                                                              Ahoy mateys! RSHIP is sailing fast. Get on or get wet! Coming soon to a department near you… Quality
                                                              Management and Risk Management.
                                                              Stay tuned for your invitation to find the buried treasure. Only those who attend the Risk Management Module
                                                              Sessions will get the Doubloons and a chance at the big prize. One 30-minute session will teach you how to
                                                              document safety reports (formerly known as incident reports). Teaching began in October and the module will go
                                                              live in select areas on Nov. 1.
                                                              This module (QM/RM—for Quality Management/Risk Management) provides for the timely reporting of incidents/
                                                              safety concerns for employees, patients, volunteers, vendors, and visitors.
                                                              Information will be easily entered into a program that permits clear and prompt notification of supervisors and care
                                                              The end result is a timely record of reports that will allow supervisors to pull useful data which will help us improve
                                                              the care of our clients, share information between sites and disciplines, and provide an opportunity to highlight
                                                              areas of strength.
                                                              All staff will be taught how to do the patient and employee notifications electronically using the Risk Management
                                                              module as a guide
                                                              There will be learning opportunities for those who are responsible for compiling safety reports, and for trending
                                                              information regarding patient and employee safety.
                                                              Watch for the lighthouse symbol which demonstrates the commitment of this Region to act as a beacon for safe
                                                              And, keep a sharp eye out for our playful mascots of the Pirates of the Health Care Region. You can’t miss

                                                  Full Steam Ahead
                                                  Even though there has not been a lot of activity on the RSHIP              •  Meditech system. (Pathology, Blood Bank,
                                                  project over the summer, the project is by no means over!                     Optical Images, Equipment Management to
                                                  This spring, Peace Country Health moved to a new Meditech                     name a few.)
                                                  system, and the majority of our Meditech application systems               • Electronic Lab Test Result Delivery to Physician
                                                  are now running through a data centre in Red Deer.                            Office Systems / Netcare
                                                                                                                             • Electronic delivery of DI Text reports to
                                                  We are still actively working on moving our Payroll, Human                    Physician Office Systems / Netcare
                                                  Resources, Staff Scheduling and Quality/Risk Management                    • Home Care
                                                  systems to the ‘New Meditech’. These applications are                      • Abstracting Encoder
                                                  anticipated to GO LIVE in November or December of this                     • AGFA PACS Implementation
                                                  year.                                                                      • and more!
                                                  We have many other applications waiting in the wings, that        Meetings are being planned for early this fall to look at other
                                                  are on the schedule for startup later this fall. These include:   applications to be put in place once the work listed above
                                                                                                                    is completed. Applications such as Emergency Department
                                                          •    Several conversions are still underway to            Management, Patient Charting for Acute Care, Budgeting &
                                                               migrate data from our former systems to the          Forecasting, Cost Accounting, Public Health, Mental Health,
                                                               new RSHIP                                            and more are still in the works for the future.

                                                     Public Health went Live with an Interim Solution on May 1st. Because of potential problems with duplicates, a
                                                     decision was made in August to remove vaccines from the EMR. Although vaccines are still appearing in the EMR
                                                     this information is NOT complete. Therefore it is crucial that when staff require immunization history on Public Health
                                                     clients they go to the Pharmacy module for this information. Information sheets were made available to managers to
                                                     give to their staff with step-by-step instructions. There are also Quick Reference cards available. If you would like
                                                     one, please call Mary LaFleur, Team lead for Public Health at 831-3890 or e-mail RSHIP-PH.
Plan Ahead: Travel Immunizations
Summer has now definitely turned into fall and for anyone already planning to escape the coming winter to somewhere warm,
they should start thinking about what immunizations they will need.
The Travel Clinic is open daily and staff will assess the risk level of an individual’s travel plans
and advise them what precautions and vaccinations they may need to stay healthy on their
holiday and when they return home.
“A lot of people don’t realize how much there is to be concerned about,” said Public Health
Nurse, Colleen Buchanan. “The best bet is to always come and see us.”
During the consultation, the nurse will assess the person’s general health in addition to where,
how long, and what type of trip a person is going on. These are all factors considered in
determining the health risk while traveling abroad.
Someone backpacking for a month in remote areas will face a different risk level than another
person staying in a five-star all-inclusive resort for a week, she said.
“There are many variables,” she said. “Each person is individually assessed for his or her
Determining the level of risk will help identify what vaccinations people need before they leave.
There is a long list of possible vaccinations. In addition to the routine Canadian immunizations,
other vaccines may be necessary such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Influenza,
Meningitis, etc. In some circumstances, proof of Yellow Fever vaccination is required to enter
certain countries.
A vaccination series may take up to six months to complete, so the sooner someone visits the
Travel Clinic before a trip the better, said Colleen.                                                                                     Jim Anderson gets an immunization from Public
                                                                                                                                          Health Nurse Colleen Buchanan in preparation
In addition to vaccinations, people traveling may be exposed to malaria and have to take anti-malarial medication starting                for an upcoming trip he and his wife Doris, in
prior to departure, during the trip and for a period of time after they return in order to avoid infection. Referrals for anti-malarial   background, are planning.
medication, are provided by the Travel Health Nurse for the client to take to their family doctor
Travellers are seen on an appointment basis only. To book an appointment, call your local Peace Country Health Public
Health Centre. For any questions about Travel Health, call Health Link at 1-866-408-5465.

    Preventative Measures
    It’s not just vaccines the Public Health nurses at the          Other advice regarding food is also provided at the consult
    Travel Clinics hope to inject into travellers. They have a      such as foods to avoid, staying away from food vendors,
    good dose of preventive measures people can take to             and eating only at reputable restaurants.
    avoid any infection.
                                                                    Proper hygiene is important to prevent the spread of
    “We really focus on food, water and hygiene issues,” said       disease, so if people do not have access to soap and
    Colleen Buchanan, Public Health Nurse.                          water, using a good hand sanitizing gel is an alternative.
                                                                    Hand washing is especially important before eating.
    Many developing countries have problems with inadequate
    water treatment and sewage handling.                            Mosquitoes spread a lot of disease such as Yellow Fever,
                                                                    Japanese Encephalitis, Malaria, Dengue Fever, said
    “We really encourage people to use purified water,” she         Colleen.
    said. If people are travelling, they need to be purchasing
    purified bottled water to drink. If that’s not possible, then   “Avoidance is the best measure,” she said. Some of the
    boiling or purifying that water with proper filtration or       recommendations include the use of repellant with DEET
    chemicals is necessary.                                         and permethrin treated mosquito netting.
    Following some general rules about food consumption is          Again, with mosquitoes, it does depend on where you are
    important. Food must be well cooked, cleaned well and           going, as to what the risks are and what vaccinations or
    peeled if it’s fresh fruit or vegetables, otherwise leave it    anti-malarial medication may be required.
    alone, said Colleen.

    Coming Events
    2006 Community Health Council Forum                             Strategic Service Planning
    The 2006 Community Health Council Forum is scheduled            Celebrating Success: Building on
    for October 27 and 28 in Grande Prairie. The forum is a         Evidence
    professional development event for the volunteers who
    sit on the Community Health Councils (CHC) throughout           A staff planning session will be
    the Peace Country Health. Before the forum the CHC              held in early November at the
    Chairs will meet to discuss common issues.                      QEII Hospital Auditorium. The
                                                                    planning session with community
    Forum highlights include:                                       stakeholders will be held November
                                                                    17 and 18 in Grande Prairie.
    ● An Emergency Preparedness and Pandemic Planning
    presentation that will provide participants with an insight     Food Safe Course
    to the master plan that has been developed in the event
    of a Pandemic.                                                  Sanitation    Program      for   Food
    ● A Recruitment and Retention presentation where
    participants will learn more about PCH’s Workforce Plan         A 14-hour course about safety
    and the recruiting efforts that are used to attract medical     preparing and storing food to
    personnel to PCH. This presentation will also include           prevent illness. Level I and II
    information on physician recruitment activities.                Certificate Program.
                                                                             November 20 and 21, 2006
                                                                             8:30 am - 4:30 pm
                                                                             Grande Prairie, AB (location T.B.A.)
                                                                             Contact: Marilyn Olson; (780) 513-7517

Briefs                                                                                Rural Skills Day:
Ambulatory Care Service                    Chronic Disease                            Peace River
Manager – Peace River                      Management
Congratulations Trudy McIlroy who          Lisa Sather is moving from her role        A program designed to give medical
is the new Ambulatory Care Service         as Health Promotion Manager to             students an idea of what being a
Manager in Peace River.                    be Coordinator for Chronic Disease         physician in a rural community is
                                           Management.                                like was held at the Peace River
“Trudy has 35-plus years of
experience in the Emergency setting        “I’m really looking forward to the         Community Health Centre in
and is a great resource to staff in that   opportunity to work with staff             September. Thanks to the efforts
area,” said Sandra Herritt, Director of    across PCH in order to implement           of our Peace River physicians who
Health Services, Peace River.              a comprehensive Chronic Disease            make this event possible!
                                           Prevention     and     Management
Trudy will oversee the day-to-day          Program,” said Lisa.
management of the Emergency

Department and the visiting specialist     “Lisa takes an innovative approach
clinic at the Peace River Community        to primary and secondary prevention

Health Centre. She started in the          activities and will be a great leader
new position July 24.                      in building relationships with an
                                           interprofessional Chronic Disease
Trudy has worked in maternity,             Program,” said Sandra Herritt,
surgery and as evening supervisor          Director of Health Services (Peace
over her years working in Peace            River)     and    Chronic    Disease
River. She has also worked in Brooks,      Management.
Inuvik and Lloydminster during her
career.                                    “I am excited about this position
                                           because of the possibility for change
Now she will be using her experience       that will ultimately lead to more
to manage issues like human                coordinated client-centered care,”
resources, budgets, committee work,        said Lisa. “I believe by working
,as well as succession planning.           together we can improve the quality
“I’m looking for it,” said Trudy about     of life for PCH residents, which is
the new role. “It will be challenging.”    the reason I’m looking forward to my

                                           new position.”

                                                                                                      BIN             G
Program Leader – EMS Development                                                               S CRUB
Peace Country Health is pleased to announce Joanne Ballance has joined PCH

                                                                                                                                                                   NG THE
Emergency Medical Services as Program Leader – EMS Development.
Joanne has returned to the Peace Country after six years working in B.C. She
was the Manager of Resource Development for the Minerva Foundation for B.C.
Women in Vancouver for the past year. Prior to that she worked in Development
and External Relations at the University of Victoria.

Before moving to B.C. she was involved in several high-profile events and
organizations in Grande Prairie. She worked as Manager of the QEII Foundation,
and was Associate Vice-President, Marketing for the 1995 Canada Winter Games
hosted by Grande Prairie. Joanne was also coordinator of the Suicide Prevention
Program in Grande Prairie in the late 1980s.

                                                                                      Corporate Challenge:
“I am delighted to be back in the Peace Country and look forward to building strong
relationships with the staff, volunteers, and donors throughout the communities we
serve, and to help PCH EMS continue their commitment to making PCH EMS the
leading EMS service in Alberta,” said Joanne.
                                                                                      Grande Prairie
                                                                                      Thank you to our staff and their families for participating in this year’s Corporate
Congratulations - Dr. Libsekal                                                        Challenge. Their enthusiasm, sportsmanship and team spirit helped PCH win
Congratulations to Joan Libsekal who has completed her PhD with a specialization      third in the Spirit of the Games category which is awarded to the teams that
in Health Care Administration.                                                        best exemplify the spirit of the games. The win comes with a trophy which can
                                                                                      be seen in its place of honour at the site office at the QEII Hospital.
Joan starting working on her doctorate in October 2004 at the Capella University.
Her research and studies focused on nursing leadership styles and their impact
on satisfaction, effectiveness and extra effort.
“My job research findings demonstrated strong support for the importance of
and need for leaders with a clear vision, who are able to inspire and motivate
their front line staff to successfully achieve the goals of the organization and
department,” said Joan is who PCH’s Workforce Planning Leader.
Joan is a leader provincially in workforce planning and plays a key role in Peace
Country Health. Joan has helped shape the strategy that has resulted in the
Region seeing the success it has in recruiting new staff.
“I’ve been extremely fortunate to enjoy a multitude of experiences in this
organization over the past 25 years. We have some really good people here,
which is one of our greatest strengths that we need to capitalize on.”
While the Region has seen plenty of success Joan adds there are plenty of
challenges and opportunities ahead for the Region, said Joan.
Joan said all the hard work and time spend studying to complete her PhD was
worth it.
“It was definitely not a walk in the park and it would not have been possible
without the strong support of my husband and children. My success is due mainly
to them. Completing my PhD was a big commitment, but it has certainly opened
a lot of new doors and opportunities for me. It has also reaffirmed that the more
you know, the more you don’t know,” said Joan.

To top