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					                       “We guide communities to improve
             the nutritional & physical wellbeing of our children”

Dear Healthy Foods Producer/Distributor,

Kids First invites you to showcase your healthy products at the upcoming:

                Northeast Regional Healthy Foods Marketplace
                                      Thursday, August 14, 2008
                                         10:00AM – 3:00PM
                                         Crowne Plaza Hotel
                                     Warwick, Rhode Island 02886

The demand for healthier food options in our communities continues to grow! Many states have
passed laws requiring schools to shift from high sugar, high fat and high calorie foods and
beverages to healthier choices. This increased demand has created an opportunity for increased
sales for producers and distributors of healthier food items.

The Healthy Foods Marketplace will give your company an opportunity to make business
contacts with food buyers from New England public and private K-12 schools,
colleges/universities, hospitals, childcare centers, corporations and community organizations
such as YMCAs and Boys & Girls Clubs. Representatives from Sodexho, Chartwells and
ARAMARK will be in attendance. This is not a public show. Food buyers will be looking to
source out new vendors with healthy products for vending, ala carte & meal programs. They will
want to discuss ordering, pricing, packaging and other distribution issues.

The nutritional content of all foods displayed and sampled at the Healthy Foods
Marketplace must be reviewed and meet Kids First approved nutrition guidelines.

For more information or to receive a complete Exhibitor Contract, please call Kids First at
(401) 751-4503 or email Karin Wetherill You can also download the
Exhibitor Contract at


Dorothy Brayley                             Karin Wetherill
Executive Director                          Trade Show Coordinator                         5 Richmond Square
                                                                                         Providence, RI 02906
(401) 751-4503                              (401) 246-2666                              Phone (401) 751-4503                                       Fax (401) 421-0248
                                                                                 Visit us at
  Are you looking to meet food service buyers from schools, hospitals,
  corporations and colleges/universities to showcase your healthy
                          THEN THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU!!

                              Where buyers and vendors
                              of healthier foods MEET!

                    Thursday, August 14, 2008
                                      10am – 3:00pm
                                Crowne Plaza Hotel
                              Warwick, Rhode Island 02886
                                    (401) 732-6000

      Exhibitor Space Registration & Information
                                  See inside for details

            Brought to you by:

                                We guide communities to improve
                        the nutritional & physical wellbeing of our children

                             For more information please contact:
      Dorothy Brayley, Executive Director or Karin Wetherill, Trade Show Coordinator
                   Kids First • 5 Richmond Square • Providence, RI 02906
      Telephone: 401-751-4503 • Email: • Visit us at
                  Northeast Regional Healthy School Foods Marketplace
                  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI
                  August 14, 2008: 10am – 3:00pm
Please carefully complete the contract, including the following contact information. Sign and return the original,
with payment, to Kids First, 5 Richmond Square, Providence, RI 02906 or by fax to (401) 421-0248. The contact
information provided below will be printed in a Vendor List given to all attendees at the Healthy Foods

         Company Name
         Mailing address
         City                                           State                    Zip
         Contact Person                                         Title
         Phone                                Fax                                Email

         Person Attending Trade Show                                             Title
         Phone                                Fax                                Email

**Please list below the EXACT products you plan to exhibit. Attach the Nutrition Information,
  including ingredients list and package size, for EACH food and beverage item. Products will be
  reviewed by Kids First to determine eligibility. All products must meet Kids First established
  Nutrition Guidelines.

Will you need electricity? Yes No
         If yes, you must order electricity using the attached Exhibitor Equipment Order Form. There
         will be a charge for electrical hook-up. Please fax the electrical form directly to Tracie Souza,
         Crowne Meetings Manager, Crowne Plaza Hotel at 401-732-6000, x 7959.

All exhibit space assignments will be made upon receipt of payment. The cost for each exhibit space is $400 (early
bird) if paid in full by June 20, 2008 and increases to $450 (standard fee) thereafter.

EARLY BIRD FEE – Pay in full by June 20, 2008:
         10’ x 10’ exhibit space               $ 400 = $
                Second 10’ x 10’ space only            $ 350 = $
STANDARD FEE – Pay in full after June 20, 2008:
         10’ x 10’ exhibit space              $ 450 = $
                Second 10’ x 10’ space only            $ 400 = $
                                                    Total Fee = $
Please make check payable to: Kids First

We agree to abide by all rules and regulations governing the Healthy School Foods Marketplace as printed in
the Trade Show Packet and which are a part of this contract. Acceptance of this application by Kids First
constitutes a contract.
                                                                                               For Kids First only
Authorized signature:                                                                          Payment rec’d

Print name:                                                                                    Check #
                                                                                               Application rec’d
Title:                              Date:
                                                                                               Amount $
EXHIBIT INFORMATION                      Electricity:                          Exhibit Space Allocation:
                                         Electricity may be obtained           Kids First will work directly with
Dates, Times and Location:               from the Crowne Plaza. Please         exhibitors to allocate space to
The Healthy Foods Marketplace is         complete the attached electrical      meet the best interest of this
on Thursday, August 14, 2008             order form and submit directly        event on a first come first serve
from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. The             to Tracie Souza, Crowne               basis as payment and signed
Marketplace will be in the Crowne        Meeting Manager, at the               contract are received.
Plaza Hotel Conference Center.           Crowne Plaza Hotel. There are
Set-up time begins at 6:00AM             additional charges for                Cancellation:
and we ask that you be                   electricity to be paid directly to    Should an exhibitor find it
completely set-up for 9:45AM.            the Crowne Plaza by the               necessary to cancel a reservation,
(Special Guests, including the           Exhibitor.                            the rental fee will be refunded,
Press, will be invited to come in at                                           less a $100 cancellation fee, if a
9:45AM.) Breakdown will occur            Delivery of Freight:                  written request is received before
immediately at 3:00PM.                   If you plan to ship product or        August 4, 2008. No refunds will
                                         exhibit displays by separate          be made after the above date, nor
TableTop Exhibit Space:                  delivery to the Crowne Plaza          will any previously paid monies be
All exhibitors will have a 10’ x 10’     Hotel at the Crossings, you must      applied to offset another
tabletop space in which to set up.       pre-arrange the receipt of your       company’s space rental fees.
Your space will include the              delivery with the Crowne Plaza.       Exhibit spaces are not
following:                               Please refer to the enclosed          transferable and cannot be sold,
 One 6’ x 2½ ’ table, draped            Crowne Plaza “Shipping and            rented or given to another
     (white linens are boxed to the      Receiving Policy” for more            company by the original
     floor) “classroom style.”           information. AND, please              contracting company. Payment
 2 chairs                               contact Tracie Souza, Crowne          must accompany the contract for
All display furnishings and utilities    Meetings Manager at 401-732-          exhibit space and must be
beyond those outlined above are          6000, x7959. The Crowne Plaza         returned to Kids First prior to
the responsibility of the exhibitor.     has limited storage space, so         August 11, 2008. Any company
All display furnishings and other        please contact immediately to         with an outstanding balance will
items, including samples, must fit       confirm any freight delivery and      not be allowed to exhibit in the
within the 10’ x 10’ area.               storage arrangements you may          Healthy Foods Marketplace.
Due to fire code regulations, no                                               Questions?
exhibit displays are to extend           Exhibit Space Fees:                   Call Dorothy Brayley, Director of
above or beyond the dimensions           Space assignments will be made        Kids First, or Karin Wetherill,
listed, protrude into the aisles or      upon receipt of payment.              Trade Show Coordinator at
be set so as to block the                Confirmations will be sent within     401-751-4503.
sightlines of neighboring displays.      two weeks of receiving both
Any exhibitor whose display              payment and contract (enclosed).
furnishings impede the flow of           The cost for each 10’ x 10’ exhibit
traffic, airflow or sightlines will be   space is $400 (early bird) if paid
asked to remove them as it will          in full by June 20, 2008 and
put at risk the opening and/or           increases to $450 (standard fee) if
continuation of the Healthy Foods        paid in full after June 20, 2008.
Marketplace by fire officials.           As an extra benefit, exhibitors
                                         may earn a discount for a second
                                         10’ x 10’ space included on the
                                         same contract and listed with the
                                         same company name.
USE OF SPACE                             Oversized Display                         The exhibitor assumes responsibility
                                                                                   for losses, damages and claims
                                         Information:                              arising out of injury or damage to
A A single or second 10’ x 10’           Any display that exceeds normal
tabletop exhibit space may be                                                      exhibitor’s displays, equipment and
                                         display regulations must be
occupied by only one company.                                                      other property brought onto the
                                         approved in writing prior to the show.
                                                                                   premises of the Crowne Plaza Hotel
                                         Permission must also be granted and
B A 10’ x 10’ tabletop exhibit space                                               at the Crossings, and shall indemnify
                                         arrangements made for any
must be occupied by the same                                                       and hold harmless the Crowne Plaza
                                         oversized display that may require
company for the duration of the                                                    Hotel agents, servants and the
                                         early setup. Also be aware that
show.                                                                              employees from any such losses,
                                         oversized items may not be able to
                                                                                   damages and claims.
                                         be brought into the Ballroom area.
C Display dimensions may not             Exhibitors who need to gain approval
exceed an 8 foot height. Displays        and make special setup                    Storage of Packing Boxes
violating this rule may be dismantled    arrangements must contact Kids            or Crates:
at the discretion of Kids First due to   First in writing at least 20 days in      Storage crates, boxes or other
infringement on the visibility of or     advance of the show. Displays that        extraneous materials are not to
interference with adjoining displays.    do not conform to regulations stated      remain in the exhibit areas during the
                                         herein and have not been approved         show. Arrangements must be made
D Exhibits that include the operation    by Kids First prior to the exhibition     so that these items are stored
of radios, talking motion picture        will not be accepted.                     elsewhere in the hotel or in your
equipment, public address systems                                                  vehicle.
or any other noise-making machines       Restrictions in Operations
must be conducted or arranged so                                                   Care of Building and
that the noise resulting from the        of Exhibits:
demonstrations will not disturb          Kids First reserves the right to          Equipment:
adjacent exhibitors. Operators of        restrict exhibits that, because of        Exhibitors or their agents shall not
noise-making exhibits must secure        noise, method of operation,               injure or deface the walls of the
approval of operating methods            materials, or for any other reason,       building, the Crowne Plaza
before the exhibition opens.             become objectionable. Kids First          Conference Center, or the table and
                                         also reserves the right to prohibit any   chairs provided. Exhibitors are not
E Distribution of promotional            exhibit that, in the opinion of the       permitted to drive tacks, nails, or
material may be made only within the     show management, may detract from         screws into the walls or woodwork.
10’ x 10’ space assigned to the          the general character of the              When such damage appears, the
exhibitor presenting such material. A    exhibition as a whole. In this event,     exhibitor is liable to the owner of the
firm or organization not assigned        Kids First is not liable for any refund   property so damaged. The use of
exhibit space will not be permitted to   of rentals, etc.                          stickers and decals is limited to the
solicit business within and directly                                               exhibitor’s own display.
outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel and       Security and Liability:
Conference Center.                       During the exhibit setup and              Fire Prevention:
                                         dismantling hours, Kids First will        All materials used in displays must
F Kids First reserves the right to       provide overall security in the           be flameproof and meet local fire
decline the acceptance of any exhibit    exhibition area. During exhibit hours,    regulations. All electrical wiring must
space reservation request or to          however, the exhibitor’s                  conform to local codes. These
cancel the exhibit space contract due    representative will be responsible for    regulations will be enforced.
to cause.                                security in the booth. Small items of
                                         value should be removed from the
G All regulations stated in this         area when the show is not in
brochure are part of the legally         session. Exhibitors wishing to insure
binding exhibit space reservation        their goods should do so at their own
contract. In signing, the exhibitor      expense.
agrees to abide by the regulations as
stated herein and on the exhibit
space reservation contract itself.
                                       EXHIBITOR EQUIPMENT ORDER FORM
    Event Name: Healthy Foods Marketplace                                             Date: August 14, 2008
    Organization:                                                                     Booth #: TBD, Kids First
    Address:                                                                          Phone:
    City:                State:      Zip:                                             Fax #:
    Ordered By:                                                      Signature:
    Method of Payment: Check______ Credit Card______ (Please fill out Credit Authorization Form below)

                                                 Electrical Requirements
 QTY.            ITEM                PRICE        TOTAL                  QTY.                ITEM                 PRICE       TOTAL
         110 Volt Service                                                          208 Volt-Three Phase
            Under 15 Amps            $35.00                                            Under 20 Amps             $150.00
             15-20 Amps              $50.00                                             20-40 Amps               $250.00
         208 Volt-Single Phase
            Under 20 Amps           $85.00                                         Extension Cables               $7.50
             20-40 Amps             $125.00                                        Power Strip                    $10.00

Equipment Subtotal:_______+ 20% Service Charge________ +7% RI Tax:_______= Total:___________
                                  Please mail or fax to the attention of Tracie Souza at:
                                       801 Greenwich Avenue Warwick, RI 02886
                           Phone 401-732-6000 Ext. 7959  Fax: 401-738-4170 or 401-737-2062
             Pricing is per day except where noted. *PLEASE MAKES CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Crowne Plaza Hotel

                              Payment Information/Credit Card Authorization
    Cardholder Name (Print):                                                 Organization:
    Type of Credit Card: ____VISA ____Mastercard ____American Express ____Discover
    Card #:                                        Expiration:
    Signature of Cardholder:
                                                   Charge Calculations:               Equipment Total:
                                                                                          Labor Charges:
                                                                                    Storage Fee Total:
        I authorize The Crowne Plaza Hotel to charge my credit card the calculated amount. Initial: _______
                                      Please make checks payable to The Crowne Plaza Hotel.
    Please attach front and back photocopy of credit card and driver’s license  Orders will not be processed without photocopied items.
   All requests must be received by the Hotel Conference Services Department at least fourteen (14) business days prior to the date of
   the function. A $25.00 (twenty-five dollar) fee will be charged on all late requests in addition to the normal charges.
On behalf of the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Crossings Sales and Banquet Team, we are looking forward to welcoming your group to our

We have found that, periodically, our meeting customers will ship materials to the Hotel in advance of the program date. In an effort to
streamline the process and avoid any confusion with refused shipments or misdirected boxes, we are providing you with the Hotel’s
Shipping and Receiving Policy. We have found that a firm policy protects our clients, as well as the Hotel, from any disappointments
which would occur if shipped materials for an important program were not properly handled.


All delivery, removal and storage of materials and boxes must be arranged through the Sales Office in advance of shipment. Storage
space is limited; therefore, the Hotel reserves the right to restrict the number of boxes or cartons stored or shipped in advance. We
request materials be shipped to arrive no more than two days prior to the function, and be removed prior to the conclusion of the event.
All Events with shipments of 10 boxes or more will be assessed a $4.00 per box storage fee. All shipping arrangements must be made
directly by each individual through their selected shipping company. The Hotel assumes no liability for damage or loss of any goods or
equipment stored, received or shipped on behalf of an organization. The Hotel recommends that each individual procure security for
any equipment or valuables to be stored or left unattended.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding shipping materials or any other aspect of your program, please call the Sales
Office at (401) 732-6000.

                         Please attach the following shipping form to every box that is being shipped.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------
From: ____________________

                                                      Crowne Plaza Hotel
                                                      Attn: Kids First Healthy Foods Marketplace
                                                      Co. Name/Booth:_______________________________
                                                      801 Greenwich Avenue
                                                      Warwick, RI 02886-1855

Group Name: Kids First, Healthy Foods Marketplace
On-Site Contact Name:
Crowne Meetings Manager: Tracey Souza
Total Number of Boxes Being Shipped: ________
Date of Event: August 14, 2008

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