; Parts of the Sewing Machine Quiz
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Parts of the Sewing Machine Quiz


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									                        Parts of the Sewing Machine Quiz

1. _______________controls the movement of the take up lever and needle;
                   can be controlled by hand or power; should always be turned
                  towards you.

2. _______________ turns off/ on machine and light bulb

3. _______________ adjusts the tension on the thread as required for a particular

4. _______________ holds the thread inside the machine.

5. ________________ holds fabric in place while you sew.

6. ________________ holds the bobbin while winding the bobbin.

7. _________________ a place to cut threads without using scissors

8. ________________ pulls thread from the spool

9. ________________ carries the thread and pierces the fabric

10. _______________ shows you which pattern the machine will sew

11. _______________ controls how fast the sewing machine sews

12. _______________ moves fabric as you sew

13. _______________ holds the bobbin; allows the bobbin to turn and stitch; provides
                    bobbin tension

14. _______________ allows machine to stitch backwards

15. _______________ holds the spool of thread in place

16.________________ sets the width of the zig zag stitch

17. _______________ provides tension on thread when winding bobbin

18. _______________ lifts and lowers the presser foot

Bobbin                       Bobbin case                   Bobbin winder spindle
Bobbin winder tension        Feed dog                      Foot control
Hand wheel                   Power switch                  Needle
Presser foot                 Reverse control               Presser foot lever
Spool Pin                    Stitch pattern selector       Stitch width control
Take up lever                Thread cutter                 Thread tension control

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