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									             Promoting Pakistani Products in the International Market

Karachi, May 6, 2010: National Foods Limited (NFL), Pakistan’s leading multi-category Food
Company, recently shared the Pakistani meal experience with international distributors at a
special conference held in Dubai. National Foods Limited proudly manufactures over 250
different products in 12 categories, including Ready-to-Eat meals, authentic Pakistani meal
solutions, fragrant basmati rice and a wide range of convenience food ingredients and
condiments. NFL products are available in over 35 countries.

The Distributors Conference was attended by fifteen major distributors from as afar off as
the USA, Canada, China, and Mauritius. Distributors from Middle East countries were also
present. The conference included detailed presentations by NFL top management; product
details were shared by the Marketing team while the Export division presented their plans.
A special interactive session was also held to illustrate best practices and explore potential
partnerships. Distributors from Mauritius and Canada were recognized for their leading
contributions in NFL export sales.

Speaking about his company’s active promotion of Pakistani products at the international
level, Mr. Abrar Hasan, CEO National Foods Limited, said, "I believe that due to increasing
globalisation in the food industry, companies have to adjust to a changing market and make
the most of prospects beyond their borders. Overseas markets are a vast area for expanding
a business; exhibitions and conferences in Dubai provide a unique setting for professionals
to meet and pursue these opportunities. It is our aim to share the Pakistani meal experience
with the world".

While talking to distributors at the conference, Mr. Zahid Majeed, Corporate Marketing
Director NFL, said, “National Foods Limited has the product range and quality to compete at
an international level. We have strong plans in place to develop excellent partnerships with
distributors around the world, creating a win-win situation while introducing Pakistani
brands to global consumers.”

NFL holds ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and HACCP certifications along with SAP business
technology to drive the company’s strong commitment to quality and management
excellence. NFL is an international brand sold in over 35 countries and it aims to be a Rs. 50
billion company under its Vision 20/20. NFL is dedicated to improving the well-being of
society through continuous development of innovative food products and through a wide-
ranging corporate social responsibility program.

For more information about National Foods Limited, please visit www.nfoods.com

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