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					                 Machine Readable Passports (MRP):
   Existing non-MRP Bangladesh passport holders can travel abroad
                   during April 2010 and beyond

Government of Bangladesh is taking all preparations to introduce Machine
Readable Passport (MRP), as per guideline of the International Civil Aviation
Organization (ICAO). The ICAO, of which Bangladesh is a member, has
mandated its member countries to issue at least Machine-Readable Passports
(MRP) by April 2010. However, ICAO also decided that all traditional non-MRP
passports must be withdrawn from circulation by 2015 - November 24, 2015 to
be precise.

Therefore, non-MRP passports issued by Bangladesh will be honored as a bona
fide travel document till 31 March 2011, even if the Machine Readable Passport is
already in circulation. Non-MRP passport renewal would continue only up to 31
March 2011 as per circular issued by the Government of Bangladesh. However,
the Embassy would advise passport holders to renew their passports at least six
months prior to a travel to avoid any travel glitches.

Therefore, the Embassy of Bangladesh in the USA and its two consulates in New
York and Los Angeles, will continue to issue hand written non-MRP (Emergency/
Urgent) Passport up to 31 March 2011.The same passport will have only 01
(one) year of validity from the date of issue and the fee is $ 33.00 only.

The Passports that expired its validity (5/10 year) after 31 March 2010, the same
will be renewed only up to 31 March 2011. The fee is US $ 17.00 for Urgent and
US $ 9.00 for Normal delivery.

Renewal fee for Bangladesh student visa holder is US $ 5.00 for Urgent and US $
3.00 for normal delivery.

Please feel free to call us at +1-202-244-0183 Ext: 307 or e-mail us at

 (Reference : Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of Bangladesh’s Circular, No
    sha:ma-pa:nee: (Shadaran)-02 (Bohi-1)/334, Dated : 27 March 2010. The
 circulars could be found at and