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Merciful Redeemer Catholic Churc


									Merciful Redeemer Catholic Church                     School Council Fundraiser
2775 Erin Centre Boulevard                            The School Council has selected Lamontagne
Mississauga, Ontario                                  Chocolates as its main fundraising activity this
L5M 5W2                                               year. These products are NUT-FREE.              The
Tel: (905) 812 - 0030                                 fundraiser is now underway. All chocolate sales
Fax: (905) 812 - 0011
                                                      must be completed and returned by Tuesday,
Pastor: Father Vid Vlasic
                                                      October 13th.    The School Council is looking
                                                      forward to another very successful campaign, and,
                                                      with your assistance, we hope to raise over $14, 000
                                                      in just two weeks.
Grade 2 - First Reconciliation and First
Communion Parent Meetings. Please note                Movie Night
that parents must attend a First Communion            The School Council will be holding our first
meeting at the church on Wednesday, October 7th       Movie Night of this year on Friday, October 16 th.
at 7:00 p.m. Presentation of names for First Holy     Ticket information will be sent home with your
Communion will be at any Mass on Saturday and         child. The movie is “Monsters and Aliens”.
Sunday, November 7th & 8th. First Reconciliation      Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and the movie begins at
for St. Sebastian School students will be on          7:00 p.m. Please join us for an evening of fun
Wednesday, March 10th , at 10:45 a.m. in the          and relaxation with your friends and
church. First Communion will be on Sunday, April      neighbours!
18th, at 3:00 p.m. in the church.
                                                      Hallowe’en Trick or Treat Collection
Grade 8 Confirmation                                  From November 2nd through to November 13th,
The Letter of Request for Confirmation is Saturday,
                                                      please bring wrapped trick or treat candies to
November 21st, at the 7:00 p.m. Mass at the
                                                      the office for donation to Canadian Food For
church. Presentation of Cards for Confirmation
takes place on Saturday, February 6th, at the 7:00    Children - Dr. Simone. These treats will be sent
p.m. Mass at the church. Grade 8 Confirmation         to children in third world countries. Your
will take place on Sunday, May 2nd, at 3:00 p.m at    contributions will help to brighten and bring a
the church.                                           smile to children less fortunate.

Terry Fox Walk                                        Happy Hallowe’en
Congratulations students, teachers and parents!       On Friday, Oct. 30th, students are invited to wear
On Friday, September 25th our eager students          black and orange or Hallowe’en costumes.
walked 3.8 kms. and raised over $1,500. We once       Kindergarten children are invited to wear
again demonstrated to the community that we are       costumes for their morning or afternoon class.
a school that cares!                                  Please make sure costumes are appropriate for our
                                                      Catholic school. No masks, weapons, or make-up,
Pizza and Sub Days                                    please.
Our pizza and sub days are set for the months of
October, November, and December. Pizza Days           Information Centre
will be every Friday (with the exception of PA        Thank you to our St. Sebastian School community for
days) beginning October 2nd. Sub Days will be         your overwhelming support of our Book Display on
every second Wednesday beginning October 7th.         Thursday, September 24th in the Information Centre.
                                                      Many families purchased and generously donated books
The next Pizza and Sub order forms will be sent
                                                      to help build our collection. These books will become a
home in early December for the months of January,
                                                      permanent part of our school library. Every gift is
February, and March.                                  recognized with a bookplate identifying your family as
                                                      the donor. Once the books are ready for circulation your
                                                      child will be the first to sign out the book(s) donated by
                                                      his/her family.
St. Sebastian Catholic School Staff:       Staff Special Services
JK A.M. & P.M.      Mrs. Boere             Special Services staff provide resource to the school
JK A.M. & SK P.M.   Mrs. Pita              for a variety of services. We are pleased to have
SK A.M. & P.M.      Miss. Kameka           available the following personnel:
Grade 1             Miss Ligotti           Speech Language           Mrs. P. Szagala
Grade 1             Mrs. Zack              Social Work               Mrs. P. Codner
Grade 1 /2          Ms. Lee                Psychology                Dr. P. Tobin
Grade 2             Miss Curran            CYW                       Mrs. H. Yateman
Grade 2             Mrs. Tully
Grade 2             Mrs. Mueller           School Council
Grade 2 /3          Miss King              The first School Council meeting was held on
Grade 3             Mr. Embrack            Tuesday, September 29th. The next School Council
Grade 3             Miss Melo              meeting is set for Wednesday, Nov. 11 at 6:30 p.m.
Grade 4             Ms. Russo              The School Council Executive for 2009-2010 is as
Grade 4             Mrs. Bojanc            follows:
Grade 4             Ms. Gallagher
Grade 5             Miss Boscarino         Chair: L. Davoli
Grade 5             Mrs. Rodrigues         Treasurer: R. D’India
Grade 5/6           Miss Sax               Secretary: I. Antao
Grade 6             Mrs. Steflik           Fund Raising Chair: L. Tirado & D. Savard
Grade 6             Ms. Madigan            Principal: C. Devlin
Grade 7             Mr. Alminana           Vice-Principal: G. Hilton
Grade 7             Ms. Fernandes          Teacher Rep.: S. Melo, E. DelGrosso-Milek, C.
Grade 7/8           Miss Crabbe            Boscarino
Grade 8             Mrs. Carnevale         Non Teacher Rep.: Z. Kameka
Grade 8             Mrs. Amaral            Parish Rep.: R. Lim
SERT                Mrs. Cini
SERC/SERT           Mrs. DelGrosso-Milek   Indoor / Outdoor Shoes
SERC/SERT           Mrs. Boscarino         The students should have a pair of indoor shoes to
ESL                 Mrs. Rodrigues         wear at school in class and for gym. Outdoor
FSL                 Mme. Garofalo          shoes/ boots will be kept for outdoor use only and
FSL                 Mme. Otchere           out of the classrooms in order to reduce the
FSL                 Miss Makhlouf          amount of dirt and mud brought indoors. This will
PE                  Mrs. Dormer            assist Mr. Alora and staff in keeping the school
LIBRARY             Mrs. Diab              clean. Thank you for your co-operation.
Planning Time       Mr. Berce
ERW                 Mrs. Farrows
ERW                 Mrs. Coniglio          Calling All Volunteers!
ERW                 Ms. De Melo
                                           If there are any parents that would like to
ERW                 Ms. Firth
                                           volunteer in the school, please see the front office
VICE -PRINCIPAL     Mr. Hilton
                                           for the appropriate forms. All volunteers must
PRINCIPAL           Ms. Devlin
                                           have an updated police Criminal Reference Check,
SECRETARIES         Mrs. Kameka
                                           or updated Criminal Offence Declaration Form,
                    Mrs. Keenan
                                           before they can volunteer.
CUSTODIANS          Mr. Alora
                    Mr. Marques
                    Ms. Hynes
Kiss and Ride Reminders                                 Allergy Awareness Alert
We encourage parents to drop off children at the        St. Sebastian School staff would appreciate the co-
designated drop off points. For those parents           operation of the entire school community in NOT
using the Kiss & Ride, this area is for drop-off        sending any lunches or snacks that contain
and pick-up only. Cars can not park in this             peanuts, nuts or any other life threatening
area. Parents dropping off JK and SK children           allergens, which could potentially harm a child.
are asked to park in the West parking lot. If you       We would like to keep the classrooms allergen
are caught in the parking lot by buses dropping         free. In an effort to do so, any child that brings a
off or picking up students, please be patient in        lunch into the classroom that contains any life
trying to exit. Please exercise extreme caution         threatening allergens will eat their lunch in another
when driving.       At times, it can become             location in the school designated for that specific
congested, and extra care is needed both on             purpose. Please make sure that all of your
school property and on the roadway in front of          children’s caregivers are aware of this request.
the school.     Please obey all traffic signs,
including the “One Way Sign - DO NOT                    We understand that students enjoy celebrating
ENTER,” posted at the East driveway entrance.           special occasions with others in the classroom;
If there are any parent volunteers that are             however, to ensure everyone’s safety, the policy at
interested in working the Kiss and Ride on a            St. Sebastian School is that non-edible treats only
daily basis, please notify the school, as soon as       will be permitted to be shared. There are many
possible.                                               alternatives to bringing in food for birthdays and
                                                        special occasions. Some suggestions are: stickers,
Playground Supervision begins at 8:45 a.m.              gift certificates, erasers, dollar store items, pencils,
Parents should not drop off their children prior to     etc. If you would like to discuss any other ideas,
8:45 a.m. For Junior and Senior Kindergarten p.m.       please talk to your child’s teacher or the school
classes, supervision begins at 12:45 p.m. For your      administration.
child’s safety, we request that he/she not be on        We look forward to your understanding and co-
school property until scheduled supervised times.       operation in making our school safe for all
STUDENT DROP OFF When dropping off
students, please DO NOT park in the front of the        Medical Concerns and Forms
school. All parents are expected to use the safe Kiss   For any students who have medical issues
and Ride lanes at the side of the school. The front     requiring medication to be administered and
of the school is a Bus Unloading and Loading            stored at the school (e.g. epi-pens and puffers),
Zone Only. It is not safe for the students to be        please ensure the school has all the necessary forms
crossing in front of the buses. We do not want any      and medication. Please contact Mrs. Kameka if
students hurt.                                          you have any questions.

Bringing Lunch for Students                             Bike Safety
If you are bringing lunch to a student, please drop     All students riding their bikes to school are
off the lunch at the table on your right as soon as     expected to be wearing safety helmets. It is also
you enter through the school front doors. Please        expected that students will walk their bikes once
make sure your child’s name, grade, and teacher is      they are on school property. This is to make the
attached to the lunch, and your child knows to go       school grounds as safe as possible for everyone.
down to the front door at lunch time (a note to
your child’s teacher might help with this). Please      School Website
do not wait in the front foyer as it becomes very       Please       visit our     website      at
crowded at lunch time. Thank you to parents and for the latest school
care-givers for doing such a good job so far this       information.
year following the procedures for bringing lunch to

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