March 2006 Newsletter

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					                    March 2006 Newsletter
Thanks to everyone for their very positive feedback on the Newsletter and the In Briefs. This has
proved to be a great way of communicating and the newsletter is also on the website for all to see.

Some of the previous information about the yard will remain on the newsletter for your information so
apologies for it being repetitive but it is helpful. I‟ve made this repetitive information section in italics
at the end so if you don‟t want to re-read it then you don‟t have to.


This has now taken place in February and all horses on the yard have been wormed. Thanks to
those for prompt payment and helping the system to work well.


The Ernest Dillon day took place on 24 February. A feedback form will follow shortly to all those that
attended. Verbal feedback so far is that the majority would like Ernest to come back again and teach
them and these lessons are open to people outwith Tannoch too. Watch this space for updates.

For your information: Ernest Dillon FBHS is a Fellow of the British Horse Society, an accredited BSJA
Coach and a highly respected show jumping specialist. Dawn has provisionally arranged for Ernest
Dillon to come and do a jumping clinic on Friday 28 February starting at 4 pm and running into the
evening.     Here’s his website details for more information about him: http://www.ernest-


You will notice that the main car park has been extended with hardcore so hopefully this will help you
with parking and make the place look even better. This will give a good viewpoint too for the outdoor
jumping arena beside the Braemar stables.


As mentioned previously from February to May there will be a minimal area grazing rota. This is to let
the grass grow in fields for the grazing in May.

There will be a new May rota for the summer. The field rotas will be put up in each area near the
diaries so that everyone knows where their horses should go. Please if in doubt ask Dawn.

March Newsletter                                                                      Issued 7 March 2006 No2

Please let Dawn know in person when you intend to give notice to leave as this will help with the
waiting list for new clients and would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


2 Hand: Two pairs of rubber riding boots, size 7, in good nick £10 per pair, please see Barbara or
Maggie (Bailey‟s mums) up every Saturday morning and Tuesday evenings (or contact Barbara on
2     Hand: Loads of horse riding books. All videos sold. Please see Barbara for a list.

New: Sturdy wooden saddle stands with shelf for tack boxes and riding boots, can hold two saddles.
Very strong and good looking, on display in Braemar stables. £40 See Dawn or Stewart on the yard
or call Tannoch Stables on 0136 733 424
2 Hand – added to newsletter 6/2/6 BNWT COB SABRE DORTMUND BRIDLE
Brand New with Tags still on never been near a horse, Cob sabre Bridle in havana brown with all
buckles made of brass and brass horse head motif on side of headpiece -this bridle is top class made
in England Walsall (best in the world) so very high quality, this was bought the wrong size! They are in
the Derbyhouse catalogue for £110. I am selling the same one for only £75, so a saving of £35!!!!!!!
This bridle will last a lifetime, I have another one and its still in great nick even after 10 years!!!!
grab a bargain
email lyndsay bingham on
or phone: 07862282396


Harry Hall Make, Size Medium (12/14), dark blue, velcro shoulder straps, double buckle fastening at
waist (originally velcro but modified for secure grip), Beta class 3/CE96, suitable for the „cautious
hacker‟ or riding clubber. Material is worn at base (spine area), hence only £15.00.

Contact Moira on 01236 452355 or 07835 850334

Fiona with Ava may have a nice set of travellers for sale so see her in Kinnaird stables or contact
Barbara on email for details.

Another Fiona is selling BRAND NEW STILL IN THE PACKET Woofie Wear front brushing boots
£28 for £20 – black Large.               Contact Fiona in Braemar Stables or email (or email Barbara).


I haven‟t got all the new names at Tannoch this month but welcome to the 8 new liveries at Tannoch..
If you want your email address added to the information updates please email Barbara – Thanks.

March Newsletter                                                                   Issued 7 March 2006 No2

Jen McLaren, the Captain of Glasgow University Riding Club has given some input to our newsletter.

“Thanks, to Dawn‟s coaching and to all the livery owners that let us use their horses for lessons and
competitions, we have had the most successful season in the clubs history! Alice and Michelle from
the A team have qualified for the British Universities Regional Championships, the B team have
qualified for the British Universities Shield League National Finals, and if the C team win or come
second to Herriot Watt at their competition at Houston Farm next week then they will also have
qualified for the Shield League National Finals! I really just wanted to say a massive thanks to
everyone who has helped us get this far in all of the competitions - especially to Dawn for all the hard
work she has put in coaching us and running our home competitions.”

Photo below of the C Team – Babs will update when she‟s heard from Jen how they did at Houston

“C team (from left to right Jen, Jennifer, Hailey and Nicole) after winning our home competition. The
horses we had used that day were Dunlop, Harvest, Cassie and Milton for dressage and Ava, Bailey,
Otto and Jessica for jumping. Unfortunately don't have any horsy pics from the home comp - I think
we were all too busy being nervous!!”


The TS Riding Club will hold it‟s annual meeting on Saturday 11 March – at about 12.30 pm Main
Office. New potential members come along. We are looking to vote in a chairperson, treasurer and


Going down a storm is Linda and Brian‟s home cooking on Saturday afternoons 12 to 2 pm. Please
support the Children‟s Charity by donating towards the food – hot burgers, soup and cakes…. For
more information please see the last newsletter with the In Brief information at the end of it. January
Newsletter will be on the website.

Linda wants to thank everyone that has supported her fundraising. You have all been very generous
in your donations towards the food. Linda will continue with the food for the next few months but is
likely to be having some time off during the Easter fortnight in April so keep an eye on any updates for
her opening times.

March Newsletter                                                                  Issued 7 March 2006 No2
                               Barbara thinks this is Lynn and Fletcher, my apologies if it‟s not but good photo!


Tannoch Stables will have a show on Sunday 26th March:

Nursery Novice/Lead Rein 1'
Novice 1'6
Intermediate 2'6"
Open 3'3"
Classes enter on the day. Tannoch entry fee £4.00 others £5.00
There will be a trophy for the best turned out horse and rider from EQUITACK

(Equitak also offering free head collar & lead rope on orders of £25 or more from equestirian supplies
catalogues found in Main Office, please see order forms and Stewart or Dawn)
On Sunday 26 February The North Lanarkshire Riding Club hired Tannoch facilities for an
unaffiliated showjumping show. Thanks to all those that supported North Lanarkshire – some
competitors from Easteron Stables in Milngavie came along and had a good day too. North
Lanarkshire are holding another show, details below:
Sunday 9 April North Lanarkshire Riding Club Easter Show Indoor Unaffiliated

Starts 10.30 am.
Class 1 Novice, max 1‟9”
Class 2 Easter Scurry max 2‟6”
Class 3 Intermediate max 2‟6”
Class 4 Open max 3
Separate jump off for horses and ponies except class 2. Rosettes to 6                        place. Entry £4 NLRC
members, non members £5 and First Aid £2.

If you have any shows you would like to advertise please contact Barbara or Dawn.


Everyone seems to be enjoying the learning nights and these are continuing (see previous News In


The toilet is located in the gallery overlooking the Iona outdoor arena. Please remember to switch the
light off after use.


There is a coffee/tea machine in the main office at the indoor arena. There is a cold vending machine
with drinks, crisps and sweets outside the main door of the indoor arena. There is also a can and
sweet vending machine in the Iona yard.

March Newsletter                                                                               Issued 7 March 2006 No2

We now have a new rug dryer at the main door of indoor arena/start of Braemar and it has been put
to good use with this wet weather we’ve been having. If you wish to dry off any rugs please speak to
Dawn or Stewart.


These are made in the main office at the indoor arena with staff. Please note that there is a
cancellation fee for short notice cancellation. To avoid this please telephone and speak to a member
of staff or leave a message on the answer phone cancelling your lesson at least 6 hours in advance,
otherwise you will unfortunately incur a cancellation charge.


Please note that Dawn’s mobile phone is for EMERGENCIES only. All other calls (and texts) about
horses at the yard, lessons etc can be put to the main Tannoch phone number 01236 733 424.
Messages can be left on this number as the answer phone is checked regularly throughout each day
by staff. Messages will be passed to Dawn if necessary.


Shoeing must be paid in advance in full and put in the letterbox by the Tuesday before a Thursday
blacksmith visit. The blacksmith checks who needs shoeing with Dawn on a Tuesday so if you pay
late unfortunately the blacksmith will be unable to fit you in. Put your shoeing request in the diary in
the main office and your money /cheque in an envelope and hand to Dawn only or put in the letterbox
in the front door porch clearly marked with Blacksmith and what needs to be done to your horse.


The staff working at Tannoch are:
Linda J
Linda W
Natasha               The office is often run by our receptionist Holly who also helps with security.
Vicky                 There are also very helpful weekend volunteers to help round the yard.


    1. Please ALWAYS tie up horses/ponies to baling twine attached to rings and not directly to
       the rings. If a horse spooks and wants to break free then the twine will burst, if fixed direct to
       a ring the horse will do a lot of damage to itself trying to get free. If there is a ring without
       baling twine then please tie some on!

    2. Please NEVER leave a horse on it’s own in a field. It will get upset and may injure itself trying
       to get out of the field to be beside other horses. This can be extremely dangerous to the
       horse and anyone in the field. If you need to take a horse out of a field and only one horse is
       remaining please get a friend or colleague to go with you and bring in the other horse in or get
       them to put another one out with it at the same time (not just any horse, all horses have
       companions that they don’t fight with). If in doubt please speak to staff to find out which horse
       is suitable to put together with another.

    3. When briefly leaving a horse with tack on, please leave girth loose, stirrups run up and the
       reins on horses neck but twisted under throat with throat lash slotted threw the two reins.

March Newsletter                                                                   Issued 7 March 2006 No2
         This stops the reins going over the horses head or moving about – please ask staff or
         someone knowledgeable to show you how to do this. If in doubt ask. It is best not to leave
         horse with tack on but this cannot always be avoided.

    4. Return all stable equipment - forks, shovels, wheelbarrows etc to designated areas. These
       can get lost in hay or bedding or on yards or walkways and can cause accidents. It also
       makes everyone’s working day easier to find equipment in the correct place.


Please look at our website for updates also. This newsletter will be put on the website for you to see
also. For equipment, rugs, tack etc there Equitack on the Tannoch website. Catalogues and details
can be obtained from Stewart. The Tannoch website is: Equitack can be found
on this website, see the icon:

Barbara on behalf of Dawn & Stewart and Tannoch Stables


March Newsletter                                                                 Issued 7 March 2006 No2