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					Johnny Tremain: Chapter 7 Analysis

Page 129: What decision in London resulted in the uniting of the colonies?
          Why do you imagine that Esther Forbes mentions that it is June of 1774?
Page 130: What economic connections are shared on this page? How will this affect the
          How was the Port Act being enforced?

Page 131: What did General Gage have the power to do?
          What per cent of Boston seemed to be British soldiers?
          How much time has passed since the story began?

Page 132: Explain what is bothering Rab and the consequence he suffered because of it?

Page 133: Identify the foreshadowing on this page.
          Remember when Esther Forbes made a point of explaining that Johnny used
          his money to buy riding boots and spurs? How does she use this detail to
          move the story forward now?

Page 134: What advantage is available to Johnny in his new found work?

Page 135: Explain the strategy used by General Gage to deal with the situation in Boston.
          Describe the source of the food supply for Boston.
          What was frustrating Johnny?

Page 136 – 137:
          What new emotion in Johnny does Esther Forbes introduce into the story on these
           What has caused Cilla’s improvement as an artist?

Page 139: What do you think about the change in Cilla’s life?

Page 140: What do you think Esther Forbes is foreshadowing when she mention that, “Goblin
          was the only horse in the stable that did not belong to a British officer …”

Page 141: Under what condition does Dove reenter Johnny’s life? Why was he there?
          What did Dove do that caused Johnny to leave him to the English boy?

Page 143: What did Johnny lead Lydia to believe the British wanted to do with his horse?

Page 144: Why do you think Lieutenant Stranger was not angry with Johnny?

Page 145: What did Lieutenant Stranger offer to do for Johnny?

Page 146 What assignment did Rab give Johnny that was going to leave Johnny “bored to death
         for this country” ?
          What great change in his life does Johnny realize?

Page 147: Describe the change in Johnny’s opinion of Mrs. Lapham. What has brought him to
          this new point of view concerning her.
          What had caused the change in Johnny’s feelings about Cilla?

Page 148: What changed in Isannah’s behavior toward Johnny?
          What did Johnny think had happened to him in the birth and death room?

Page 149: What was Johnny’s reaction to Madge’s marine, Sergeant Gale.
          Why would Ester Forbes make a point of sharing how Johnny felt about this British

Page 150: What decision did Johnny make about his life?

Page 151: Do you recognize any foreshadowing on this page. If so, what does it concern?

Page 152 – 154
          What is revealed about Cilla’s place in the Lyte home?
          What is revealed about Lavinia in the drawing room scene?
          What is revealed about Cilla’s relationship with Isannah since moving into the Lyte
          What is revealed about Johnny in the drawing room scene?
          What is revealed about Mrs. Bessy ?

Page 154: What foreshadowing is there on this page?