Homework 6 Revision Homework by iarthur


									 Due Tuesday 20 January!!!!!

1. Give 2 advantages of using the 2s complement system to represent negative
whole numbers

2. Give 3 advantages of using the binary in computer systems

3. Using 2s complement convert the following negative numbers to binary

(a) -171
(b) -66

4. I have a graphic that is 300 dots by 400 dots and is in true colour. Calculate the
storage requirements

5. What is the total addressable memory if I have an address bus of 16 bits and a
data bus of 16 bits?

6. What is the difference between ASCII and Unicode?

7. (a) Give 2 different ways of improving computer performance

(b) Explain how increasing the amount of cache memory improve computer

8. Give 4 functions of an interface

9. What is the difference between a client server network and a peer to peer

10. Give 3 different tests that you can use to test a computer’s performance

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