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					Israel’s Security & Safety Industries


For the past more than five decades, Israel Security & Safety Industries have gained world
reputation, as a market leaders in the various aspects of modern life‟s safety and security needs –
covering personal security; residence, companies & institutional security as well as public and
national security.

Since its first day of independence, Israel has experienced not only large-scale wars against the
military forces of neighboring countries, but also an almost constant battle against terrorism.

This situation drove both the government and the industries to put a strong emphasis on improving
and developing new technologies, equipments, and theories/concepts. Years of conflicts on the one
hand and much efforts and hard work on the other, resulted in Israel being a well-defended country
and a leader in the world of Safety and Security.

Israeli engineers and scientists reached the highest standards in developing and manufacturing
security and safety equipment, with the ability to integrate know-how and products into solution

The rapid development of the Israeli hi-tech sector in the past two decades contributed much
support to the development of Israel modern security industry.

No wonder therefore, that with the vast amount of knowledge and experience have been
accumulated through the years, Israeli security companies are covering all possible fields and
aspects of this profession: perimeter defense and fencing, terror combat and firearms, protection of
dangerous & hazardous materials, armor protection of vehicles, alarm & security systems, riot
control, personal protection, airport security and security of civil aviation.

Scores of Israeli companies, big and small, offer customers a wide range of products and services,
like alarm systems, detectors, CCTV and video surveillance systems, access control, perimeter
protection, electronic fences and sensor cables, software & hardware protection, anti-terrorism
equipment and training, emergency & rescue, safes, locks & doors, armoring vehicles, night vision
systems, protection of sensitive & hazardous materials.

Israeli security companies are offering customers at home and abroad full and comprehensive
“solution packages,” which would incorporate a concept, products to be integrated into a whole
security system, professional support, manuals, consulting, training and post-sales service. What
they are offering is an integrative, flexible thinking and planning, as well as a customer-oriented
approach to security – custom tailored solutions. “Tell us what you need, and we shall try to

Security experts emphasize that Israel‟s advantage in this field lies not only in supplying off-the-shelf
products and systems, but also in offering operational experience, training of professional personnel
and consulting, advise on concepts and plan strategies
At the beginning of the 21 Century, we believe there is a vast potential for cooperation
between the Bulgarian and the Israeli safety and security industries and companies, facing
furure threats and the vicious aspects of globalization of therror and other threats to our well

Following is a short review of the Israeli safety and security industries.

The threat

In order to be able to offer security solution packages, two initial primary phases are vital: Identifying
the threat to security & Intelligence gathering.

Threats have many faces. They can be tactical or strategic, they can be applied against countries,
governments, organizations or individuals, they can be applied against military installations, airports,
infrastructure, economic targets, at the personal residence of a VIP or against innocent shoppers in
a shopping mall or riding a bus.

Terror could strike and badly damage security anywhere – in the street, in a restaurant, at home and
in your office – anywhere in the world (not necessarily in countries directly involved in conflicts).
Arms and destructive materials, including Anthrax envelops, are easily available today. Terror is the
greatest enemy to security !

Once the security threat has been identified, the next stage to be taken in order to start planning the
security strategy is intelligence gathering. Eliminating threats and maintaining high-level security
would always be based on intelligence – „Know Thy Enemy‟.

For many years, different Israeli intelligence-gathering organizations have gained vast experience in
all the classical aspects of intelligence –

   Gathering & analyzing information about terror groups, organizations, supporters and
   Administering information to proper agents, military and civilian, whose duty it is to engage
    terror, eliminate it and maintain security and safety.

Some of these security know-how and expertise that are available to local and overseas customers
will be described in the following pages

Security Consulting and Integration Services

Israeli consultants have been involved for many years in hundreds of security projects all over the
world, in all continents. Some bigger companies would offer both consultation services and
technological products and systems, while others concentrate on consulting only.

Consulting companies specialize in planning, integrating and managing large- scale security and
defense projects, and usually they would offer a three stage program:

1. Analysis of threats and risks, like terror groups, industrial espionage, criminal activity,
   political threats.
2. The preparation of security surveys and consulting projects for targets, like border & shore
   defense, aviation & maritime transport, industrial installations, nuclear & energy plants,
   petrochemical complexes, finance institutions, state civil defense and crisis management.
3. Presenting the client with proposed security program, bases on basic and detailed
   engineering, procurement plans and support, workforce recruiting and training, on-going

Counselors could also advise clients on the kind of products, hardware and systems that would suit
the specific needs of this particular client – like equipment designed for security, anti-terror and law
enforcement, all kinds of arms (Western and Eastern), air, land and marine military products and
systems – in all these fields consultants could recommend the procurement of either Israeli or
foreign-made products, or a combination of both.

An “integrated training” method has been developed in Israel, based on the following stages of
training people, the human factor, for maintaining high level security:

   Theoretical studies of security aspects (lectures and workshops),
   Technical practice for acquisition of personal operational abilities,
   Application and experience – applying theoretical studies in simulation exercises originating
    from real-life situations,

   All these stages are acquired through personal training by teams of highly experienced
security experts.

    Israeli companies are experienced in consulting not only on military and defense security but
also “civilian security”, like law enforcement (establishing police units), criminal investigation
(laboratories, fingerprints, chemistry & biology), polygraph, drugs investigation (detection, location
and identification), technical surveillance and technical consultancy (to investigation bureaus,
insurance and investment companies and private individuals).

Outdoor Perimeter Security

Question: What is common to a Royal Palace in London, O‟Hare International Airport of Chicago,
border areas between Israel and its Arab neighboring countries, an oil pipe-line in Azerbaijan,
schools in the U.S., nuclear reactors around the world and a sensitive installation in China?

Answer: All these installations are being protected by Israeli-made perimeter security solutions and

In the year 2001 an outdoor fence is much more than wire. It is a sophisticated system, embedded
with electronics, sensors and video technologies, aimed to provide a superior security system,
which would detect, locate and identify intruders, preventing them from even trying to penetrate the
protected area, or preventing any unauthorized person from gaining access to the area.

This perimeter security line would include taut wire, vibration detection systems, field disturbance
sensors, video motion detection system – while the whole complex would be electronically
connected to a Security Management System, where the fence would be monitored and controlled
by trained security officers who would react and response to any intrusion threat to their protected

Such Israeli planned and made systems, offered by several highly experienced companies have, in
addition, several features and advantages:

   Fence mounted sensors can withstand harsh environmental conditions.
   Very high-rate probability of detection (nearing 100% in some systems),
   Very low false alarm rates (nearing zero in some systems), to distinguish between a terrorist
    and an animal,
   Detect escape attempts (when protecting a prison) or distinguishing between authorized
    and non-authorized individuals (when protecting a military camp or a sensitive office
   Using closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras in order to verify whether or not alarms
    reported are valid or false,
    A relatively new field: Security solutions aided by remote video services. Advanced video
    surveillance and alarm monitoring functions display video images and snap-shots of an
    alarm event, and transmit visual information in real time to a central monitoring station for
    analysis and response.
   Solid state infrared LED (Light Emitting Diode) illuminators creating light invisible to the
    naked eye, enabling illumination of intruders without them being aware of it.
   Security Management Systems, which allow operators to automatically control, monitor and
    operate all those elements of perimeter protection, integrating the fence itself, the sensors,
    the CCTV and Video systems, diagnose alarms – all from the Central Control.
   The use of buried cable intrusion detection sensors, which allow a covert, invisible
    protection system when the customer wishes the object to be invisibly and discreetly

To name one example, Israeli firms would offer customers a whole security & protection solution of
a military camp, which would incorporate integrated elements like: electronic taut-wire intrusion
detection, option - electric shock deterrent, wireless CCTV & video surveillance, indoor access
control, electric concertina barbed tape (provides a physical barrier and a non-lethal electric shock
deterrent), and a computer operated central control unit.

For civilian installations, customers who do not want their protected area to look like an army camp
could opt for a decorative fencing, which provides all the necessary protection - with the advantage
of an aesthetic look.

Other Israeli companies take an even broader view of offering control systems not only for a
perimeter - but for a whole area, like border or shore & coastal defense, or for the protection of
sensitive installations, like nuclear power plants, oil refineries, power stations or large sensitive air
force bases.

This Total Area Control System (T.A.C.S.) is a concept, which includes much larger-scale features
than just fencing. In this field clients would be offered regional headquarters with command &
control systems, long-range day/night observation systems, mobile/stationary surveillance radar,
search radar for detection & tracking sea vessels, voice & data communication equipment, video
transmissions and sensors – and even a balloon-mounted Tactical Aerostat Observation System.

Advanced Security and Anti-Terror Training

„There is only one way to effectively combat terrorism and crime – by employing specialized units to
neutralize the threat”. This sentence could serve as the motto for the services offered by Israel‟s
leading schools for security and anti-terror training.

These establishments offer trainees, Israelis and foreigners, the most advanced and sophisticated
electronic shooting ranges, a wide range of weapons and unique training programs and methods of
chasing terrorists, personal surveillance, tracking, built-area combat, intelligence gathering and body
guarding. Special security programs planning is taught in classes, using state-of-the-art computer

These schools focus on offering customers at home and abroad five aspects of security included in
the syllabus:

   Personal Security – Bodyguard training for the protection of Heads of State security units,
    government officials, business and other VIPs.
   Public security – Training specialized units for crowd control.
   Installation Security – Training security officers to safeguard installations against infiltration
    and theft. The Academy is equipped to teach security of military installations, industrial
    plants, oil and gas, embassies, airports, aircraft, harbors, banks, hotels, casinos, etc.
   Information and Computer Security – Specialized teams are trained to effectively secure
    and ensure the safety of information, computer networks and communication.
   Intelligence – Operations and fieldwork, interrogation, agent recruitment and operation,
    tailing, eavesdropping, information processing and analyzing.

Customers list of these schools would show that there is a great demand for training security and
special anti-terror units in Israel. They are also trained in hostage release, close quarter battle,
sabotage, sharp shooting and other related skills that would prepare them for combating hostile

Training is based on battle-proven experience, and training programs and courses are based on the
ability to offer high standard tailor-made security.

Aviation Security

Israeli civilian aircraft and crew have been hijacked and/or attacked in the air and on the ground
several times – but these events happened about 30 years ago. The State of Israel and its security
organizations have learnt their lessons, resulting in Israeli Aviation Security being considered the
best and safest in the industry.

Highly trained personnel, sophisticated methods and advanced equipment have been successfully
protecting Israeli civil aviation, airports and aircraft, not only at home but wherever Israeli blue &
white aircraft are landing and passengers boarding.

Israel‟s aviation security is equiped with the most advanced systems for screening luggage and
personal belonging, while emphasizing the human factor – the greatest advantage of Israel‟s
aviation security:

   Highly trained security officers apply a unique method of questioning passengers before
   Aircraft are protected by security personnel in the air,
   Air Cargo is professionally checked before being loading.

>>> World Civil Aviation can share the Israeli experience.

More than 40 airports in the U.S. alone are protected by Israeli know-how and equipment, and many
international airlines have planned or upgraded their security, based on surveys and reports by
Israeli experts.

Israeli companies offer complete perimeter security projects for protecting an airport, which would
include electric fencing, taut-wire, electro-coil system, sensors, video-motion detection,
computerized control center and security management systems. Other available sophisticated
safety systems are pre-screening of passengers by advanced computerized systems or computer-
based training for security teams.

The concept is designing and implementing a full security plan for aircraft, passengers, cargo, from
the airport perimeter outside circle until embarkation, including equipment and training.

Monitoring & Surveillance, Intelligent Sensors and Alarms

Homeowners can protect their homes these days even when hundreds of miles from home – using
their cellular phone.
Cellular technology is becoming an important component in the 21 century security enabling you to
control and monitor your home alarm system, detect intrusion and alarming the police.

Sensors are so sophisticated – aptly named Intelligent sensors – that they could distinguish
between a burglar trying to enter your home and your beloved dog trying to get out. Research &
Development teams of some Israeli companies have already developed technologies, some still
experimental and others on sale, which would enable to operate all the above mentioned and many
more functions using the Internet. Other technologies already embedding security systems are
Video recordings, Infra Red and Radars.

   Ground or vehicle-mounted Radars are used for Site & Border detection, for detecting and
    analyzing objects buried in the ground, for detection and marking leakage from petrol, gas
    and water pipes and for area protection when integrated into a perimeter fencing system.
   An Automatic Detection IR System capable of panoramic scanning that generates thermal
    image every few seconds, detecting intrusion attempt into protected areas.
   Video surveillance systems are already being operated in numerous protection applications,
    considered among the best solutions. These systems have full remote control capabilities,
    the video devices would not only observe, identify and record any suspicious activity, but
    more advanced systems would also provide operators with capabilities like auto
    sequencing, freeze frame and VCR replay.

    Another Israeli invention is the “Vigilant Solution,” for those demanding security applications that
    require real-time recording of video for all cameras all the time. This system is comprised of a
    processing unit, storage unit and a view-station, and it allows users to view video immediately
    from any point on the video stream. Optional applications could be securing airports, monitoring
    and controlling road traffic, controlling casinos, banks, jewelery stores or hi-tech offices.

Protecting and Armoring Vehicles

It is technically possible to armor any vehicle - just a matter of price and weight. However, Israeli
industries have developed advanced new engineering techniques to significantly reduce the weight
of armored cars, using lightweight composite materials and special installation processes
concealing the armor panels, while retaining the main performance characteristics of the protected

Years of experience with military vehicles locally allow Israeli companies to offer clients Bullet-Proof
Armoring for all types of vehicles – personnel carrier, army & police vehicles, armored VIP vehicles
or cash-transit armored car.

Riot Control Vehicles of several models are manufactured in Israel, with a variety of features like
Tear Gas or Dye injection into the water pulse, Gas nozzles for protection, Close Circuit TV and
Video systems and ballistic armoring against any threat level.

Personal Protection

Most advanced technologies and materials are being used today to protect the most important and
vital potencial target – the individual.

These modern products also contribute to the personal safety of any one who is engaged in security
and terror fighting, enabling him or her to perform effectively while reducing risks and feeling much
less vulnerable.

Once again, the Israeli experience has a lot to offer: Israeli military and police, security personnel
and civilians who live and move in dangerous areas – are all well familiar with body protection and
bullet-proof vests.

From helmet down to boots, Israeli manufacturers offer security personnel a whole line of the best
body protection products:

   High quality helmets are made from composite, weight-reducing materials that are stronger
    and more comfortable, helmets that provide all-weather protection and high ballistic
    performance. Helmets undergo shock and impact tests.
   New generation of eye protection and combat goggles, some approved by the Israel
    Defense Forces as standard, would provide ballistic, dust and wind protection, with different
    types of lenses used as filters against solar and laser radiation.
   Israeli-made Bullet-Proof Vests, some of which meet (and exceed) U.S. and European
    standards, are made of various combinations of composites, fibers and ballistic materials to
    stop any ballistic threats while allowing for more comfortable performance. The vests
    undergo rigorous testing in special ballistic laboratories before use.

Nuclear – Biological - Chemical (N.B.C.) PROTECTION

Israel had carefully learnt the lessons of the Gulf war, in which Iraq attacked Israeli cities with
missiles. Since then, as a matter of routine, Israelis check and upgrade their defense kits, gas
masks and N.B.C. protective equipment.

Local industries develop and manufacture a wide range of equipment, some supplied to Israeli
security and military organs and the general public, some exported overseas. They include boots,
protective clothes, radiation detection and monitoring devices, as well as:

   Equipment made especially for children and babies of all ages, including protective hoods
    for children aged 3 to 8, special baby-shield infant clean-air overpressure module for
    protection of infants and tots from birth to 3 years.

   Filtration systems for compartments, shelters, containers, tents and vehicles,
   Advances, specially treated active carbon protective outfits, suits and reliable easy-to-use
   Gas masks for military units, for crews of armored vehicles, for civilian population, including
    drinking and ventilation systems


The State of Israel would naturally prefer to offer the world Jaffa oranges, polished diamonds, Hi-
Tech and colorful flowers – which it has been successfully exporting for many years. However, this
country‟s unique geo-political situation has forced it to also focus on security, and develop –
alongside Hi-Tech and flowers – state-of-the-art know-how, products and systems related to
maintaining alert and security and fighting terror.

The best Israeli field & battle-proven capabilities are applied to the tailor-made security plan, the
training of personnel, supplying of adequate equipment – and integrating it all into a solution
package that would precisely meet the customer‟s operational needs.

*** The above report is based on an industry brief, received from the Israel Export and
International Cooperation Institute (November 2002)

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