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Healthy youth_ Healthy Nation_-' Enhancing Relationships_ For the


									Healthy youth: Healthy Nation:-‘ Enhancing Relationships: For the Common
 Good’. A conference being held under the auspice of the Commissioner for
                          Children and AEISEC

According to World Health Organization, those between the ages of 10 and 24 are young people.
This age group is composed of two overlapping sub-groups: "adolescents" (aged 10–19) and
"youth" (aged 15–24). Addressing the needs of such a group will contribute not only to
social and economic development, but also to social harmony, gender parity, population
stabilization and improved quality of life for all Maltese citizens. Adolescence is
characterized by physical, psychological and social change. While adolescents are not yet adults,
neither are they completely out of childhood. Adolescence is a time of tremendous opportunity
and change. It is also a time of heightened vulnerabilities. Programs that can provide
information, ensure access to services, and develop life skills are crucial to the future of this
population. Such view was also supported in the International Conference on Population and
Development (ICPD) (1994), held in Cairo. During the ICPD (1994) it was recommended to
governments to focus more attention on adolescents through an integrated approach to their
health, education and social needs.

Designed for people who work with or care about youth, this one-of-a-kind conference brings
together people from different national community sectors who share a common goal: to
work together to promote positive youth development through asset building. This
intergenerational event is aimed to attract approximately 400 people who want to learn,
connect, renew and be equipped to become asset champions and community change leaders. The
aim of this cconference is to bring together professionals and volunteers who work with families
to learn about issues facing today‟s parents and caregivers, and network with other family
advocates. This is an opportunity where information is generated in order to find ways to
enhance our youths’ potential. After all healthy youth means health nation, as the youth of
today are the adults of tomorrow.

No one can become truly happy without relationships, yet the thruth is that those we are closet
to can cause us the most pain. Developing good relationships take a lot of wisdom and
investment. The theme, „Enhancing Relationships: For the Common Good’, will enable us to
focus on the importance of intentional relationship building and why it is so critical to a better
world where all children and youth thrive. What happens as a result of relationships transformed
because of building assets? Do they really change our society and the world? If good
relationships brings us closer to a vision and reality of „common good‟, what does that look like
in our communities? Sessions during this conference will describe projects that have enhanced
positive relationships across traditional divides of race, gender, class, age, and geography; young
people as civic activits carrying out meaningful and sustained work for the common good. This
conference is a show case where reference will be made to practices and supports that keep
young people engaged in community change efforts; and transformed relationships in the
context of individual citizens, parents, neighbourhoods, caregivers, schools, youth
organisations, businesess, health care providers, the media, community foundations and
local goverment.

Topics in this conference represent crucial issues of concern occupying the minds of all those
concerned about youths.

Target audience :

Individuals and teams, from communities and organistaions who are involved or intrested in
positive youth development efforts should participate in this conference. Leaders from
businessess, community initiatives, youth organisations along with educators, counselors,
family-serving professionals, health-care professionals, parents, prevention specialists, and all
others who care about the well-being of children and adoloscents will also benefit from

Venue and date:

The conference will be held at Radisson SAS Golden Sands Resort & SPA, on Friday 2nd May

This conference is being held under the auspice of the Commissioner for children and
AIESEC (World’s largest youth organisation).

Book early not to be disappointed!
Conference Porgramme:

8.00am - 9.00am         Registration at the ‘Radisson SAS Golden Sands Resort & Spa - Golden
                        Sands’.           Coffee and tea will be served.

9.00am - 9.05am         Opening Remarks by Chairperson, Ms. A. Sciberras; Bsc (Hons) Midwifery,
                        Former AIESEC President.

9.05am - 9.25am         Opening Speech - Commissioner for Children; Ms. C. Zammit

9.25am - 9. 55am        ‘Adoloscent Development’ – Ms. A. Martin; SRN, SRM, Clinical Psychologist

9.55am – 10.15am        ‘Active Youth Particpation In Civil Life’ - Representative from National
                        Youth Council

10.15am - 10.25am       A Presentation By Youths From The Mellieha Youth Centre

10.25am- 10.45am        ‘Path To Success: Planning For Achievement’- Erika Borg; AIESEC

10.45am – 11.05am       Question time

11.05am – 11.45 am      Coffee break
11.45am - 12.45pm       Presentation by Mr. P.Vella, ITS Student. Youth story telling about
                        ‘BULLYING’. Panel discussion to follow. Panel: Prof. M. G. Borg – Research
                        Psychologist Specialising in Educational Psychology; PhD(Birm) MEd(Birm)
                        BA(Ed)(Hons) AFBPS CSci CPsychol FRSA, Ms. M. Mousu – Safe School
                        Programme: Anti Bullying Department; Ms. C. Bonnici – Bsc (Hons) Nursing,
                        SRM, SRN, parent; Mr. P. Vella – ITS Student, Ms. D. Zerafa - BA (Hons)
                        Social Work, Masters (Australia)

12.45pm - 1.05pm        ‘Spiritual Development: A Missing Emphasis in Youth Development?’ – Dr
                        Grech Attard; MD, Dip. Rel. Stud, B.A. (Theology)

1.05pm – 1.25pm         ‘Youth And Risk: A Useful Cconcept? – Dr. M. Clark; B (psych), Msc Psy,
                        PhD Sociological Studies. Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of the
                        Department of Youth and Community Studies at the Faculty of Education.

1.25pm – 1.45pm         ‘Grounding Youth Centres In Positive Youth Development’ – Ms. L. Cini SN,
                        BA (Hons) youth studies

1.45pm - 2.05pm         Question time

2.05pm-2.15pm           A Presentation By Youths From The Mellieha Youth Centre
2.15pm -2.30pm          Closing of Conference by the Chaiperson, Mrs. A. Sciberras Bsc (Hons)
                        Midwifery, Former AIESEC President

2.30pm – 4.00pm         Lunch and Networking
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    StandardRate – Full day including Lunch and 2 cofffee breaks 45 EURO (Lm19.31)
      Early Bird Rate – Full day including Lunch and 2 coffee breaks 40 EURO (Lm17.17) provided that
registration will be handed in by the 10th April 2008
     Group Rate – Full day including Lunch and 2 coffee breaks 35 EURO (Lm15.02) per person in
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                    REGISTRATION CLOSING DATE: 28th April 2008.
                       There will be no refunds after 22nd April, 2008.
                      All cancellations before that date will be refunded
                                  less a 10 Euro handling fee.
 The Organising Committe would like to inform you that registration at the desk will be accepted but
           FEE WILL be of 47 Euro and certificate of attendance will be sent by post.

           Please enclose registration form with cheque, payable to: “D-Blaze”, and forward to:
                           D-Blaze, P.O. Box 7, Qormi, Malta.
          For further information contact Mrs. J. Muscat: 99243850 or Mrs. M. Cutajar: 79730575

Data Protection: The data on this form will be used for administration of this event and retained for
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