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					                       TWEED VALLEY EQUESTRIAN GROUP (TVEG)

                              Hooves and                               Thursday, 18 February 2010
                                                                       Volume 3 Issue 2

Hello to all members, hope you and your horses are well. 2010 the Year of the Tiger has
begun and we are also gearing up for a great year.
TVEG has lots of events planned weather permitting of course!!
Our first event is a beach ride at Cabarita on the 21st February. This will be followed by
the 14th March with our sign on Gymkhana Fun Day. The 28th March will be our first
Official/Associate Event, so we have lots to kick off the year !! To run these events we
need people to help so this year we are trying a new Volunteers Rewards Programme. Ba-
sically it will work as follows , if you work at an event you will earn TVEG Money / Credit.
You will then be able to use that money/ credit at any TVEG Event in 2010, be it dres-
sage, hack shows or jumping days etc. More information on the Rewards Programme is in
this newsletter. Please come and help us run these events they are for you and we need
helpers. The AGM was held on 1st February and all Office Bearers were returned with
the addition of Brooke Clifford as our new Treasurer. Thank you Brooke for volunteer-
ing your time, we look forward to working with you! We would like to welcome North
Coast Automotives on board as our Major Sponsor for 2010. So if you are thinking of
buying a new car this year, consider North Coast Automotives they will give you a great
deal! They service cars too!
Look forward to seeing you all soon
Kim Jackson

                                          Check out our website for
                                          updates and programmes
    T W E E D V A L L E Y
    E Q U E S T R I A N G R O U P
    ( T V E G )

                Newsletter 2010

        Phone: 02 6677 1496 Kim Jackson
               Fax: 07 5523 4812
          0428 536868 Keighley Leeson
( T V E G )

            Newsletter 2010

    Phone: 02 6677 1496 Kim Jackson
           Fax: 07 5523 4812
      0428 536868 Keighley Leeson
                                                     2010 Committee

                                             President—Kim Jackson
                                             Secretary—Keighley Leeson
                                             Treasurer—Brooke Clifford
                                             Vice-President—Judy Cartwright

                                             Canteen Officer—Steve Brown
                                             Trophy Co-ordinator—Joan Eccelshire
                                             Volunteers Co-ordinators—Angela Beresford and Mary
                                             Pemberton (Showjumping)
                                             Arena Co-ordinator—Tim Leeson
                                             Publicity Officers—Judy Cartwright and Sue Bilson-Hewitt
                                             Sponsorship Co-ordinators—Helen Byrne and Ruth Brown

                                                                       to Helen and
                                      Attention                        Kristy-Lee Byrne
               General Meeting is held                                 on naming the
            Every 1st Monday of the month
                     Tongs Thai,
              Commencing 7:30pm sharp
                                                                       “TVEG’S Hooves
         All members welcome to come along                             and Happenings”
      Have dinner before the meeting to catch up!

           NEXT MEETING 1st March
                           TVEG 2010 Dates
   21st February—Beach Ride Cabarita
   14th March—Fun Gymkhana
   28th March—Official/Associate Dressage
   11th April—Show jumping Day
   2nd May—Associate Dressage
   20th June—Official/Associate Dressage
   11th July—Cliff Cartwright Hack Show
   31st July/1st August—Official Championships
   5th September—Associate Championships
   17th October—Power of Pink Dressage

The club is looking at holding some clinics during the year. Richard
Weis is no longer travelling for clinics.
So ……..Nicole Tough is one instructor we may be able to get. Nicole
Tough a is a EFA/NCAS level 2 Dressage specialist and a NJAS level B
international judge. Some of you may have seen Nicole at the QLD
Dressage Festival or other Dressage events around Australia. To check
out Nicole details go to
Also another excellent instructor that I have had lessons with and per-
sonally recommend is David Finch, NCAS Level 11 showjumping spe-
cialist, David was voted EFA QLD coach of the year 2009. See David’s
details at
Kim is also going to enquire about getting Vince Corvi, we’ll let you
know more details next newsletter. If you are interested in having les-
sons, please email us so we know people are keen.


HACK DAY                                      DRESSAGE DAY
SUNDAY 21 FEBRUARY                            SUNDAY 21 MARCH
     Please email Viveca if you would like a copy of either of the programs emailed to you –
Page 4
                                                                                                            Page 5

                                   BEACH RIDE
                                 CABARITA SHOWGROUNDS

                         SUNDAY 21ST FEBRUARY
             Early Lunch after the ride - Bring your own or have a picnic with friends

                              Head out on ride approx. 10am
               ****Riders must be a member of the TVEG or EFA, day insurance of $20 to be
               paid or join TVEG and have all your events in 2010 covered
                            *regulation helmet and boots must be worn

                       $5 per float - payable to the caretaker on the grounds

Enquiries:           Keighley 02 6677 9319       or     Kim 02 6677 1496

               Please call/text or email Saturday afternoon/evening if weather looks nasty (wet!)

                                                                                T W E E D V A L L E Y
                                                                            E Q U E S T R I A N G R O U P
                                                                                      ( T V E G )

                                                                                       Newsletter 2010

                                                                               Phone: 02 6677 1496 Kim Jackson
                                                                                      Fax: 07 5523 4812
Page 6

           Member Money $$$$$$
   Member money can be awarded to members and non-members volun-
   teering. A Minimum of 3 hours will get you a $20 voucher. Jobs in-
   clude set-up arena’s, gear check, pencil/steward/ Admin/ canteen etc.
   So putting up your hand to help is now EVEN MORE rewarding!
   Full terms and conditions are still being put together. Your voucher
   can be used towards entry fee’s at any TVEG event or your member-
   ship fees. Any volunteers who have suggestions about the programme,
   drop me an email to we can fine tune this together.

                                         Horse Minding
                  What do you do with your horses when you go away? Ann Whyte
                  has suggested we start a list of horse people that are willing to
                  check on our precious horses, giving you peace of mind while you
                  are away. If anyone would like to be on the list email me. We
                  have two people so far, Ann Whyte and Keighley Leeson

   *Membership Cards will be issued in the very near future, your member number
   is permanent so you will have the same number for life. Look out for your card in
   the mail. Member numbers may be needed for some competitions, so keep it
   handy.                       Tweed Valley Equestrian Group Inc
                                       Membership Card
                          Membership: Family

                          Name:      Kim Jackson
                          Membership Number: 137

                                  Valid until 31st December 2010
                                                   TVEG Inc
                                                   PO Box 7
                                          Murwillumbah NSW 2484
                                                                                Page 7

 T-Shirt                                               Gymkhana

                             Murwillumbah Showground
               14th March 2010, starting at 11am
 Entry Fee       $20 TVEG Members and EFA Members only
                 $40 Non Members (Includes Day membership for insurance)

 Entry price includes all classes for the day, sausage sizzle and drink

 Join Tweed Valley Equestrian Group - Family membership $52, Single $42 - Get your
 required insurance and discounted entries for all TVEG competitions in 2010

*Hack Class *Rider Class *Pleasure Hack(No whips or spurs) *Bends *Keyhole
 Trotting Race *Diamond Flag *Barrels *Walk, Trot and Lead
*3 Mug Race

 All riders must wear an ASA approved safety helmet and riding boots

 All classes in age groups
 Rider Under 9 yrs Led, Under 9yrs, Under 13 yrs, Under 15 yrs, Under 17yrs,
 Under 21yrs, Under 35 yrs and Riders Over 35 yrs
 *(some age groups may be combined due to size)
                              Ribbons to 6th place
                               Canteen Facilities Available
 Enquiries:       Keighley 02 6677 9319     or     Kim 02 6677 1496

                             *Please call or email to confirm if there has been rain*
                                                Page 8

       FOR SALE
Wintec Jumping Saddle
 16.5 inch, unmounted, black synthetic, .
 8 years old, however not used in the last 4
 years. Good, clean condition. Sadly, rider
 now has 17.5 inch bum!       $300 neg.
 Phone 02 66779581 or mob 0414802008

Dressage Saddle
Kiefer brown leather dressage saddle.
16.5 inch. Unmounted. Very well cared for. In
very good condition. Only a few marks. It has
not been used since it was repacked.
$1000.00 ono
Phone 02 66779581 or mob 0414802008
Tweed Valley Equestrian Group Inc – Affiliated with
                                                                                                                                                    TWEED VALLEY
TVEG Inc                                                                                                                                          EQUESTRIAN GROUP
PO Box 7
Murwillumbah NSW 2484
                                                                                                                                            Official & Associate Dressage Event
Horse sports are a dangerous activity                                                                                                                     28th March 2010
I understand and acknowledge that horse sports are a dangerous activity and that horses can act in a sudden and unpredictable                       Murwillumbah Show
(changeable) way, especially if frightened or hurt.
I understand and acknowledge that serious INJURY or DEATH may result from horse sport activities and in particular from
events in which I participate. I agree that I PARTICIPATE at my OWN RISK.
I agree not to drink alcohol or take drugs prohibited by law before or during competition
                                                                    If under 18 Years of age
Competitor Name: -________________________________                  Name of Guardian ____________________________________
Address: _________________________________________                  Address: ____________________________________________
________________________________________________                    ___________________________________________________
________________________________________________                    ___________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________ Date of Birth: ___________               Phone: _____________________________________________                       Entries close: 12th March 2010
                                                                    Occupation: _________________________________________
Effect of this document
I understand that my signature to this document constitutes a complete and unconditional release of all liability the Equestrian                Tweed Valley Equestrian Group
Federation of Australia Ltd including all of its state bodies, coaches and affiliated clubs, to the greatest extent allowed by law in the  
                                                                                                                                                              PO Box 7
event of me and/or the children under my care, suffering injury or death.                                                                             Murwillumbah NSW 2484
                                                                                                                                                  Phone: Kim Jackson 02 66771496
                                                                                                                                                   Keighley Leeson 02 6677 9319
Dated ___/_ ___/______                 Signature of competitor/guardian ________ ____________ ___________ ___________ _________
TVEG Members please provide a helper. Tick which job you can assist with:
__Set up arena’s(Sat 3pm approx.)              __Gear check          __Pencil         __Admin(scoring)          ___ Canteen
Helpers Name:________________
                                                                     Class   Horse /Pony Name & EFA #        Pony        Bridle     Points           Rider’s Name                EFA No          Fee
    1)    EFA Preparatory 3 Jnr
                                                                                                             Y/N          No
    2)    EFA Preparatory 3 Snr
    3)    EFA Preparatory 4 Open
    4)    PRELIMINARY 1B Jnr
    5)    PRELIMINARY 1B Snr
    6)    PRELIMINARY 1C Open
    7)    NOVICE 2B Jnr
    8)    NOVICE 2B Snr
    9)    NOVICE 2C Open
    10)   ELEMENTARY 3B Open
    11)   ELEMENTARY 3C Open
    12)   MEDIUM 4B Open
    13)   ADVANCED 5B Open
    14)   Official PRELIMINARY 1A
    15)   Official PRELIMINARY 1D
    16)   Official NOVICE 2A
    17)   Official NOVICE 2D                                                                                                                                   Camping @ $15.00 per event
    18)   Official ELEMENTARY 3A
    19)   Official ELEMENTARY 3D                                                                                                  Ground Maintenance Fee $3.00 per horse compulsory fee $3
    20)   Official MEDIUM 4A
    21)   Official ADVANCED 5A
                                                                                                        Return of draw includes email (Unless stamp self addressed envelope is provided) $2.00
Associate TVEG Members                 $13.00                                                                              *Day insurance for non-members of the EFA or TVEG $20.00
Non Members                            $18.00
Official TVEG Members                  $15.00                                                                                                Stables or yards $15.00 per day X _____ days
Non Members                            $20.00
                                                                                                                                                1st aid levy $3.00 per rider compulsory fee $3
Conditions of Entry +Juniors MUST note on the entry form or
will not be entered in the junior competition – Juniors are under
17yoa. EFA & FEI rules apply – Jackets are optional at TVEG –                                                                                                                      TOTAL
horses may compete in 2 consecutive levels and no more than 3
tests may be ridden on any single day, riders may ride no more       Are you a Junior rider under the age of 17?                                                         Yes __ No __
than 2 horses, stabling and camping is available. Bookings and
payment must be made with entries. All tests may be commanded
at EFA level, riders must arrange their own callers. Dogs must be
                                                                     Please read the conditions of entry and complete correctly. Any forms not completed will not be
kept on a leash at all times, spectators, cameras & videos must be   accepted. The indemnity on the reverse side forms part of this entry form and must be correctly
at least 20 metres away from the arenas, Tests are available 30
minutes after final score is entered on the board, QLD
                                                                     completed and signed. * If you are not a member of the EFA or our club you must add $20.00 to
competitors need to organise spraying – phone Boyd’s Bay             your entry fee to cover insurance.
Border Crossing. In event of cancellation or withdrawal (vet
certificate required) the organising committee will retain 20% of
entry fees to assist in covering costs.
 Tweed Valley Equestrian Group Inc.
 PO Box 7 Murwillumbah NSW 2484

                      Application for Membership
               Financial Year 1st January to 31 December 2010

Single         New                   $42.00                    Renewal           $35.00
Family         New                   $52.00                    Renewal           $45.00

Full name of applicant (s) - must be 18 years of age or over

Full Address

_____________________________ ________________________________________
Phone No                            Email

I__________________________________ hereby apply to become a NEW MEMBER of the Tweed Valley
Equestrian Group Inc. (TVEG) and agree to be bound by the rules of the Association

I __________________________________ hereby apply to RENEW my membership to the Tweed Valley
Equestrian Group Inc. and agree to be bound by the rules of the Association

_____________________________________ _________________________________
Signature                                       Date

I ________________________________ Date _________________________________
Being a member of TVEG Inc, nominate the new applicant (who is known to me) for membership of TVEG


I ________________________________ Date _________________________________
Being a member of TVEG Inc, nominate the new applicant (who is known to me) for membership of TVEG

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