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         SUNDAY 23rd AUGUST 2009

               HP17 8NG

Jumping, Showing, Fancy Dress & Gymkhana – classes for
               all. Ages 17 years & under

  POINTS WINNER + smaller one to runner up!

           Rosettes to 10th Place + Specials
POSTAL         Mrs Ann James                                 POINTS SYSTEM – TO WIN THE ANDERSON TROPHY
SECRETARY      161 Kingsmead Road
               High Wycombe                                 All competitors at this show will have an equal opportunity of winning
               Bucks HP11 1JB                               the beautiful Anderson Trophy that has been so generously given by
                                                            Mr Peter Anderson, Upholstery and Coach Trimming Services. This
TELEPHONE      01494-520118                                 trophy is a handsome Bronze statue of a horse being shod by a
                                                            farrier and the attention to detail is unique. This will be an annually
ENTRY FEES     £6.50 per class for HWRC Members             awarded trophy and the winner will hold it for one year, until the
               £8.00 per class for Day-Members              following year’s Junior Show. There is a smaller bronze to the runner-
               £1.00 extra per class for late entries       up, to be held for one year.
               £4.00 per rider/handler for First Aid
                                                            Points System
               Cover (applicable to all)
               £5 per class for all in Gymkhana             Each time a competitor wins a rosette,      they will be awarded the
                                                            following points :-
ENTRIES CLOSE Wednesday 19th August 2009
                                                                   1st place     10 points
                                                                   2nd            9 points
ROSETTES       Rosettes will be awarded to 10th place
                                                                   3rd            8 points
               in all classes (except Gymkhana) with a             4th            7 points      Plus lots of super prizes to
               special rosette to the highest placed HWRC          5th            6 points          the winners of each
               member in each class Gymkhana to 4th                6th            5 points                 class
               place.                                              7th            4 points
                                                                   8th            3 points
FACILITIES     Refreshments will be available.                     9th            2 points
               Paramedics in attendance.                           10th           1 point

RULES          All jumping classes will be judged under     The more classes entered, the more opportunities of being placed and
                                                            adding to the scores.
               British Riding Club Rules (4 faults for
               each knockdown, 4 faults 1st Refusal, 8      Competitors are invited to go to the leader board in the Secretary’s
               faults 2nd Refusal, elimination for 3rd      Tent, where the points will be added, to see how their scores are
               Refusal and elimination for a fall of        totalling up! The Anderson Trophy will be awarded at the end of the
               horse and/or rider)                          Show to the competitor who has amassed the most points on the day.

                                                            It will be the responsibility of the winning competitors
.                                                           parents/guardians to sign for and accept full responsibility for the
                                                            Anderson Trophy and the runner’s-up bronze whilst they are in their
                              RING ONE                                         RING TWO        SHOWING CLASSES for 11-17 yrs
 9.00 am start         * All double clears win a Clear Round
                         Rosette All classes Table A7                          CLASS 8        BEST TURNED OUT HORSE & RIDER
                                                                               9.30 am
CLASS 1 PETER PAN JUMPING                   Riders 10 years & under            Judged on 50% turnout of rider, 50% turnout of horse.
Riders not to have won a 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any jumping class. No spurs
allowed. May be led. Fences approx. 18”. In the first round.
                                                                               CLASS 9        BEST RIDER
CLASS 2 MINI NOVICE JUMPING Riders 17 yrs & under
Riders not to have been placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any jumping class.   Jumps
                                                                               May be required to jump a small fence.
approx. 2’ in the first round.

CLASS 3 BEGINNERS JUMPING Riders 17 yrs & under
Riders not to have won a total of £5 in any jumping class.                     CLASS 10       RIDING CLUB HORSE / PONY
Jumps approx. 2’ 3” in the first round.                                        10.30am
                                                                               Horse/Pony most suitable for Riding Club/Pony Club activities. May be
CLASS 4 NOVICE JUMPING Riders 17 years & under.                                required to jump a small fence.
Riders not to have won a total of £10 in any jumping class.
Jumps approx. 2’ 6” in the first round.
                                                                               CLASS 11       MOUNTAIN & MOORLAND RIDDEN
CLASS 5 INTERMEDIATE JUMPING Riders 17 yrs &                                   11.00am
under                                                                          Open to large & small ponies/horses, registered and unregistered.
No restrictions on horse or rider. Jumps approx. 2’ 9” in the first round.

CLASS 6 OPEN JUMPING Riders 17 years & Under                                   CLASS 12       HORSE / PONY MOST SUITED TO IT’S
No restrictions on horse/rider. Jumps approx. 3’ in the first round.
CLASS 7        NOVICE TOP SCORE JUMPING Round 1                                11.30am
RWHS QUALIFIER. Heights of fences between 2’ to Joker fence 3’0”.              May be required to jump a small fence.
Riders in this Novice class must not have won any money in BSJA
competitions. The course will consist of up to 12 fences, each of which will
be capable of being jumped in either direction. Fences will have different     CLASS 13 WORKING HUNTER PONY / HORSE
points values, increasing with the height of the fence. There will be a        12.00 noon
Joker fence worth 200 points. Time allowed is 60 seconds. Details of this      Will be expected to jump a small course of rustic fences approx. 2’ 6”.
Qualifier competition available in Secretary’s Tent.                           Judged 50% jumping, 50% manners, performance and style.
                          LUNCH BREAK                         RING THREE         SHOWING CLASSES 10 yrs & under

RING TWO           11 – 17 yrs Showing Classes continued
                                                              CLASS 19       BEST TURNED OUT
CLASS 14       BEST CONDITION IN-HAND                         Judged on 50% turnout of rider, 50% turnout of horse/pony. May be led.
No restrictions. Grass kept and Stable kept.                  CLASS 20       BEST RIDER
                                                              May be required to jump a small fence at Judge’s discretion.
Large and small breeds, registered and un-registered.         CLASS 21       FIRST RIDDEN
                                                              Ponies 13hh and under. To be ridden off the leading rein. No cantering
CLASS 16       PRETTIEST MARE IN-HAND                         allowed except for individual show.
2.45pm         No restrictions.

                                                              CLASS 22       LEADING REIN PONY
CLASS 17       MOST HANDSOME GELDING IN-HAND                  11.00am
3.15pm                                                        Ponies 12.2hh and under. To be led from the noseband. Riders in this class
No restrictions.                                              may not ride off the lead in any other class.

3.45 pm                                                       11.30am
Horse / Pony to be 15 years and over.                         Registered and un-registered ponies.

PLEASE NOTE : Our times are given only as a guide to          CLASS 24       PONY MOST SUITED TO IT’S RIDER
help competitors to plan their classes and may run earlier.   12.00pm
                                                              May be led. Will not be required to canter or jump except in individual
                          LUNCH BREAK                                              CLEAR ROUND JUMPING

RING THREE           Showing Classes 10 years & Under continued   RING FOUR
                                                                  Heights of fences raised throughout the day according to
                                                                  jumping classes running in Ring 1. £3.00 per round for all.
CLASS 25       BEST CONDITION IN-HAND                             Jumping will finish at 2.30pm to allow for Fancy Dress at 3pm
1.45pm                                                            and Gymkhana at 3.30pm
No restrictions. Grass kept and Stable kept.
                                                                  RING FOUR
CLASS 26       MOUNTAIN & MOORLAND IN-HAND                                           FANCY DRESS CLASS
2.15pm                                                            Open to all ages under 17 years. Hard hats must be worn.
Registered and un-registered.

CLASS 27       PRETTIEST MARE IN-HAND                                                       GYKKHANA
No restrictions.                                                  3.30pm start. Tickets available from Secretary’s tent all
                                                                  day. Rosettes to 4th place + specials. Classes split according
                                                                  to ages.
No restrictions.                                                  Section A   Leading Rein Classes for riders under 8 years :-

CLASS 29       VETERANS IN-HAND                                   Bending
3.45pm                                                            Ride and Run
Ponies to be 15 years and over.
                                                                  Section B      Riders 10 years and under

PLEASE NOTE : Our times are given only as a guide to              Section C      Riders 11 years to 17 years
help competitors to plan their classes and may run earlier        Bending
or later according to number of entries.                          Carton Race
                                                                                                       Hard hats, riding boots
                                                                  Ride & Lead
                                                                                                       and jodhpurs must be
                                                                  Sack Race                            worn in all Gymkhana
                                                                  Walk, Trot, Canter, Walk             classes
                                                                  Sweet Race
                        CONDITIONS OF ENTRY                                               DIRECTIONS TO BLACK BARN FARM

1.       No claims will be entertained for anything which may happen to
         Competitors, their servants, onlookers, horses, vehicles or
         property in connection with or arising from this Show, and it shall
         be a condition of entry that each entrant shall indemnify the
         Committee and the proprietor of Black Barn Farm against any
         legal action arising from any mishap.

2.       The Judge’s decision is final in all events.

3.       Correctly fitting hard hats to PAS 015 or BSEN 1384 or ASTM
         F1163 with three point fastening secured MUST be worn at all
         times when mounted. We recommend that BACK PROTECTORS
         BE WORN when jumping. Correct attire must be worn in all
         ridden classes.

4.       No horses or ponies under 4 years of age to be ridden on the
                                                                                                   From Princes Risborough
                                                                               At roundabout by Tesco’s, go straight over, signposted to Longwick
5.       The Committee reserve the right to refuse or reject any entry and
                                                                               At next roundabout by Petrol Station, go straight over
         withdraw or amend any prizes offered or cancel a class at their
                                                                               Keep on this road (A4129) and after approx 1.5 miles, look for a signpost
                                                                               directing to the right to Cuddington, Haddenham & Aston Sandford.
6.       No entry fee will be refunded unless a class is cancelled, or a
         Doctor’s or Veterinary Surgeon’s Certificate is produced, dated
                                                                               Turn right here
         no later than 24th August 2009.
                                                                               Showground entrance is a few yards on and is the second driveway on the
7.       Any queries or complaints must be made in writing and handed
         to the Show Secretary within 15 minutes of the incident, together
         with a fee of £15.00 which will be refunded if the objection is
         upheld.                                                                                             From Thame
8.       Riders are requested to ride sensibly at all times and to give due    Take Kingsey Road (A4129) towards Longwick
         care and consideration to spectators and others on foot.
                                                                               Turn left at sign to Cuddington, Haddenham & Aston Sandford
9.       Please do not muck out horse boxes and trailers on the show-
         ground and lorry park. Thank you.                                     Showground entrance is a few yards on and is the second driveway on the
     Our grateful thanks to Mr Chris Baylis for allowing us to use
                       his land for this show.