facebook solution if your facebook hack by by yokohima


									solution if your facebook hack by hackers

Have you ever been to hack facebook? What are his solutions?? Because I also had to
hack facebook people. (Ssssssstttt. do not tell ....) Relax, you will not be my Facebook
hack. but this tutorial will discuss the solution if you are at hack facebook. Is it the
solution? not to worry and discouraged. I have a solution! guaranteed effective. Then
what's the solution? Curious? Continue!

What did you do when your on facebook hack?

- Stress?
- Surrender?
- Pray all day?
- Report the police?
- Cry?

Relax, the solution is easy, all you have to do is to report to the facebook. This way:

- Open the url below:


- Fill the Form, when he click Submit.

- Later on or within a few days, there will be a reply via email from the facebook. Check
Your Email.
- Done!

By: yokohima

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