Health Triangle Project by malj


									                         Health Triangle Project
  1.      Create a “tab book” illustrating your physical, mental/emotional, and social
          health. Your book my combine original drawings, photos from newspapers
          and magazines, your own photos and computer clip art.
          ~ Represent your “true” triangle as it appears today.

  2.      Quality of Project/Appearance:
          Aspects/Qualities to include
              Detail
              Color
              Well-Organized
              Neat
              Complete sentences, grammar, spelling etc..
              Clear
              Legible
              Creative
              Securely Attached

  3.      Analysis (you will write a paragraph minimum for each side of your health
          Your paragraph must include:
           Describe what physical, mental and social health is in each section.
           Explain your triangle (basically explain your collage in written form)
              ~ What pictures did you include and why
              ~ How do these images fit into your life and how do they represent that
                aspect of the health triangle?
           What are your strengths and weaknesses for each aspect of health?
           Write one goal for each aspect of the health triangle (Smart goal)

      Representation of each side of the triangle (8-10 pictures min. artistic work)
       (8 points each) (24 total)
      Neatness, quality, effort and appearance of project
       (10 points)
      Paragraph Analysis (Description of each side of the triangle)
       (10 points each) (30 total)
      Goals (What could you work on?)
       (2 points each) (6 total)

       Total Points for Project =70 points

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