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Golf Pitches


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									                                  Golf Pitches

The Wanaka Golf Course is a picturesque 18 hole golf course surrounded by
mountains, with spectacular views overlooking the lake, nestled above the
township of Wanaka. It was established in 1922 and is home to 1000 members
and the well-maintained course hosts plenty of happy holidaying green fee

Arguably one of New Zealand's most scenic vineyards, Rippon, is also home to a
nine-hole GolfCross course. This is golf with goals instead of holes, played with an
oval shaped golf ball. A great activity for families, parties and corporate
weekends. It is so easy to play that you can play a round with a bottle of wine in
your hand or under your belt and you can always finish off with a round of
tastings at the cellar door.

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Tarras is New Zealand's smallest working village and is also home to Tarras Golf
Course. With fairways maintained by four-legged woolly lawnmowers and
mountain views, this is rural golf at its best. The nine-hole course has a balance
of flat and undulated fairways with an honesty box for visiting golfers

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