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					                        GOLF COURSE SUPERINTENDENT

                              General Statement of Duties

       Performs managerial, supervisory and highly technical professional agronomic
work in maintaining a healthy golf course in quality playing condition daily.

                          Distinguishing Features of the Class

        An employee in this class plans, organizes and supervises the daily maintenance
and improvements of the eighteen hole golf course and facilities. Work includes
preparing annual and long range budget recommendations; developing the yearly and
semi-annual calendars of maintenance activities; and assigning work and supervising full
and part-time staff and community service workers. Professional duties include checking
greens for disease and “hot” spots, maintaining the irrigation system; maintaining records
of and overseeing fertilizing and chemical treatments to the course; and assist the Golf
Director in planning for course improvements, and integrating activities into the work
calendar. Work involves ensuring precise course maintenance and that legal standards
are followed by staff in mowing, fertilizing and chemical treatments. Participates in the
selection process, trains, evaluates performance of crew daily, and recommends
disciplinary action. Work requires professional knowledge of turf grass and golf course
landscape management and tact and diplomacy in dealing with the public and other
course superintendents. Work subjects the employee to inside and outside environmental
conditions, noise, vibration, and hazards associated with golf course work, fumes, odors,
dust, mist and oils. Work is performed under the general supervision of the Golf Course
Director and reviewed through results of course conditions, players’ feedback, and
periodic conferences.

                              Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Duties and Tasks
        Prepares and recommends an annual budget covering maintenance equipment and
supplies, and long range capital improvements to the course; breaks projects into costs
categories and monitors; assures stays within budget.
        Plans and organizes course maintenance and improvements to eighteen holes,
including pin placements, greens, putting greens, driving range, roughs, fairways, tee
boxes, sand traps and surrounding grounds and wooded areas; establishes semi-annual
and annual calendar maintenance activities which covers fertilization, chemical spraying
to control weeds and disease, cutting, pruning and planting of trees, shrubs and flowers,
renovating and aerating greens, and improvements such as replacing sod, rebuilding tee
boxes, greens, and traps, etc.; and factors in seasonal customer volume levels to
determine appropriate time for maintenance activities etc., in setting up the calendar.
        Performs professional turf and landscaping management work; checks greens
daily, four to five times a day in summer, analyzing conditions to identify diseases, “hot”
spots and water problems that can destroy the greens, fairways etc., overnight and assures
appropriate action is taken; evaluates mowing to assure greens, approaches, tee’s
Golf Course Superintendent
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fairways, roughs and traps are cut accurately to avoid killing the grass or destroying
desired playing conditions; and identifies potential irrigation leaks or other problems.
         Checks irrigation pumps daily; checks gages for proper working order; assigns
staff to dig ditches and resolves problems.
         Supervises full-time staff and part-time seasonal maintenance workers directly
and through the Assistant Superintendent in routine maintenance activities, such as
mowing, fertilizing and chemically treating greens, other landscaping tasks, and in
renovation or improvement work; reviews and keeps time sheets for payroll; oversees all
construction on the course.
         Assures routine maintenance performed on equipment; may assist in mechanic
task; assigns work and performs repair work to irrigation system at the golf course and
Town Hall.
         Develops specifications for equipment; determine parts required in repair;
prepares and issues purchase orders.
         Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with the public playing
on the course to build interest and motivation to play at the course regularly; may handle
and resolve situations with the public as it relates to course maintenance activities which
are occurring through out normal playing time.
         Assures safety regulations are implemented; manages risk strategies directly and
through assistant supervisor; conducts safety meetings; observes for compliance.
         Tracks and maintains records of chemicals stored and sprayed in accordance with
pesticides laws and regulations on hazardous materials.

Additional Job Duties
       Performs any task necessary to fill in and ensure smooth operations and timely
customer services; and operates equipment in mowing, digging, and cutting down trees.
       Performs related duties as required.

                         Recruitment and Selection Guidelines

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
        Extensive knowledge of the principles, practices and methods of golf course
maintenance, including equipment operation and repair.
        Thorough knowledge of agronomy, especially turf grass, as related to golf course
management, chemicals used in fertilizing and treating the course and related laws and
        Considerable knowledge of the game of golf, course design and landscaping, and
standard, quality conditions required for good playing conditions.
        Considerable knowledge of federal safety regulations associated with golf course
maintenance and play.
        Skills and ability to play golf and underlying knowledge of PGA rules.
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        Skills in operating equipment including tractors, mowers trucks, etc., needed to
maintain the course.
        Ability to plan and budget for course maintenance activities, and to organize and
supervise golf course maintenance staff.
        Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with employees,
the public, community and business leaders, contractors, superiors, officials, and PGA
officials and other course professionals and managers.
        Ability to express oneself clearly and precisely in oral and written forms.

Physical Requirements
        Must be able to physically perform the basic life operational functions of
climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing,
walking, pulling, pushing, lifting, fingering, grasping, talking, hearing, and repetitive
        Must be able to perform heavy work exerting up to 100 pounds of force
occasionally and/or up to 50 pounds of force frequently, and/or up to 20 pounds of force
frequently or constantly to lift, carry, push, or pull or otherwise move objects.
        Must possess the visual acuity to prepare and analyze budgets and reports, to
inspect work of others, and to operate heavy equipment.

Desirable Education and Experience
        Graduation from a college or university with a degree in agronomy or related
agricultural field, preferably including accounting courses and considerable experience in
golf course maintenance; or an equivalent combination of education and experience
which provides the required knowledge and skills.

Special Requirements
       Possession of North Carolina state Public Pesticide Operators license.
       Membership in the National Golf Course Superintendents Association.


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