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					                             Happy Hoofer Horse Camp
Our day camp emphasizes riding, handling, safety and fun! This is a great way to teach kids about
responsibility while they also learn to ride. Campers will be taught how to
handle themselves around horses and how to keep themselves and their
horses safe as they learn how to catch, halter, lead, groom, saddle, ride
and more.

Our riding lessons focus on learning to achieve a partnership with horses
based on trust, confidence and communication. This program offers a
curriculum that will encompass the whole horse. In addition to riding, the
curriculum will cover safety, ground work, general horse care, basic anatomy,
grooming and tack. Campers will learn about horses emotional issues, such as
fear and trust. This knowledge will enhance your child’s horsemanship skills and
help build confidence in him/her.

Day camp runs from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Early drop-off
is permitted starting at 7 a.m. and pick-up must be done by 6 p.m. On Friday,
parents are welcome to show up early and come to our horse show, where the
campers will show what they have learned!

All of our campers are required to wear a properly fitted ASTM/SEI approved
helmet and parents must sign a liability release form. Lunch, drinks and
snacks are included in the camp fees. These don’t take into account any
special dietary needs – parents are responsible for additional food/drinks other
than what we serve (no sodas please!). Campers must wear long pants and
closed-toe footwear for riding. Boots are preferable. Sandals or flip-flops are
not allowed when working around the horses. They can bring shorts for
bathing and grooming work. Sunscreen is recommended. Camp Sessions are as follows:

2008 Summer Horse Camp Sessions:
1st Session: Jun 9 – Jun 13      2nd Session: Jun 16 – Jun 20                   3rd Session: Jun 23 – Jun 27
4 Session: Jul 7 – Jul 22        5th Session: Jul 14 – Jul 18                   6th Session: Jul 21 – Jul 25

If you have your own ASTM/SEI approved equine helmet, the fee to attend is $350 per week. The fee is
$395 if you do not have your own ASTM/SEI approved equine helmet (the helmet will then be yours to
keep). Campers who enroll in multiple sessions will follow a slightly different curriculum to assist them in
further learning and to develop them into a more confident rider. Additional sessions and additional
children qualify for discounts (see registration form for details).

Your instructors are Pam Mauldwin, Ashley Kostelac and Dabney Abbott. Pam owns Hacienda del
Capitan, a horse boarding facility, and works with kids on a daily basis. Ashley and Dabney are both active
in showing horses and are wonderful in working with the kids. In addition to the instructors, there will be
other staff members on hand to insure individual attention to all campers.

Contact information:
Telephone: 850-384-9294
Camp Location: Hacienda del Capitan, 9448 Redland Rd, Milton, FL 32583 (located
approx. 30 minutes from downtown Pensacola or Gulf Breeze and 20 minutes from Navarre)
Registration Form for Horse Camp
Welcome to Horse Camp! This registration form is your first step to discovering the joys of horses.
Horsemanship helps teach essential lessons in responsibility, leadership, teamwork, self
reliance and self confidence. Horses provide a unique opportunity for children and teen-
agers to grow and learn, while also having fun and making new friends.

Our program is packed with fun and is designed to be a comprehensive learning program
for beginning riders. Our sole focus is horses and teaching kids about horsemanship. We
hope the experience here will be a wonderful memory and that the lessons will have long-
lasting effects.

To reserve your child’s place at Horse Camp, return this registration form, along with a place-holder fee of $100,
to 9448 Redland Rd., Milton, FL 32583. Please make checks payable to Happy Hoofer. The place-holder fee is
non-refundable. Your fee balance must be paid in full before camp starts.

Child Name: ________________________________________ Age: ____________ Sex: ______F ______M

Describe previous experience – if any - child has with horses: _______________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Contact Phone No: ____________________________ Additional Phone No: ___________________________

Parent Email: _____________________________________________________________________________

Fees are $350 per session plus $45 if your child does not have an ASTM/SEI approved helmet (helmet is then
yours to keep). If you are registering for multiple summer sessions, you receive a discount of $25 for each
additional session, excluding the first session. If you are enrolling multiple children from the same family, you
receive a discount of $25 for each additional child.

Please sign my child up for the following Camp Session(s):

2008 Summer Session (circle one: 1 2 3 4 5 6 ):                     _____child(ren) at $350/child $__________

Additional Summer Sessions (circle: 2 3 4 5 6 ):                    _____child(ren) at $325/child $__________

________My child does have an ASTM/SEI approved helmet                                                $0

________My child does not have an ASTM/SEI approved helmet                                            $45

I am enrolling ___________ additional children at a discount of $25/each                    minus $__________

Total Amount Due:                                                                                     $__________

Parent Signature: __________________________________________________________________________
                         Happy Hoofer Camp at Hacienda del Capitan

Frequently Asked Questions

What age children do you accept into horse camp?
We accept children aged 6 to 16.

Are the children separated by ages during camp?
For certain activities, children are grouped by age. During early lessons, they will receive individual instruction.
For most activities there is one staff member per every two to four children. During lunch and some of the
lecture/lesson times, all campers will be together regardless of age.

What if my child becomes afraid of the horse?
There are children who think they love horses until they get up close and realize how big they are! The last thing
we want is a fearful child around a horse. It’s normal to have some initial trepidation when first introduced to
large animals, however if we determine that a child is truly afraid, we will request the parents remove the child
from camp and will refund all but the $100 registration fee. This decision will be ours to make. Should a parent
decide to remove a child from camp that we don’t feel is truly afraid of horses, there will be no refund.

How big are the horses you use?
The horses vary in size from small ponies to large ponies to horses. To make things easier we call them all
horses, even though many of them are technically ponies. We try to match up each child to a compatible horse,
regardless of size. Frequently the smaller horses are actually more difficult to handle and require a more
confident child.

Why are helmets required?
Horseback riding does carry the risk of injury, just like swimming, skiing, skating and many other sports.
Equestrian helmets are designed to protect the head from injury and in today’s litigious society, we prefer to
have all the protection we can. They are required – no exceptions.

Why do I have to sign a liability waiver?
Again, horseback riding does carry the risk of injury. The state of Florida has a statute in place to protect
responsible horse owners and instructors but, to be even more prudent as well as to not minimize the risks
involved, we still require a signed liability waiver.

My child is allergic to cats/dogs – is this a problem?
It very well could be. There are several resident barn cats and dogs on the premises. There are also goats,
chickens and turkeys. If your child has strong animal allergies or is allergic to hay, horse camp may not be for
him or her.

Does my child need boots?
Boots are not required but they are preferred. If boots are not worn, then close-toed shoes with a good thick sole
are the second choice. Many a toe has been broken from having a horse accidentally step on it and not having
proper footwear on! Additionally, having a slight heel, as boots do, gives added protection to keeping the rider’s
foot safely in the stirrup.

What happens if my child gets hurt?
Accidents do happen but the vast majority are minor – cuts, scrapes, bruises, etc. – and they will be attended by
staff members. If a more serious accident were to happen, the parents/guardians would be contacted
immediately and appropriate medical attention secured. All costs associated with any accidents are the
responsibility of the parents/guardians, just as would be the case in other sports the child may participate in.

What do you actually do at Horse Camp?
See the attached schedule of activities.
Happy Hoofer Camp at Hacienda del Capitan

Activity Schedule for Summer Horse Camp:

              Monday             Tuesday             Wednesday        Thursday   Friday
7:00-8:00     Early arrivals can help feed horses!
8:00-8:15     Check-in and morning briefing
8:15-10:30    Safety Lesson      Riding Lessons – individual and group
              and Introduction
              to the Horses      Grooming & Groundwork

11:45-12:45   Lunch
12:45-2:30    Riding Lessons – individual and group                               Horse Show -
              Grooming & Groundwork                                                 welcome!
                                                                                 Show includes a
2:45-3:45     Daily Lessons (Breed Identification, Horse Psychology, etc.)
3:45-4:00     Snack Break                                                           walk/trot,
                                                                                 obstacle course
4:00-4:30     Horse Bowl, Games                                                     and egg &
5:00-6:00     Late pick-ups can help feed horses!                                  spoon race!

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