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					                                                     AUGUST 2006

                                                     Mountain District Horse & Pony Club Inc. A00221754V
                                                     P.O. Box 840 CROYDON, Vic. 3136

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•         New Member
                               Christmas in July
                               Good Food and Good Company was to be
•         Ambulance            enjoyed at this years annual Christmas in July.
          number               What a great turnout to see the majority of the club
          1800 648 484         attend. A big thanks to Felicity Capaldo and Jenny
•         Christmas in         Cannon for their many hours of organisation, and of
          July photos.         course the boys who helped set up.
•         Sock-it-to-you
          orders back
          soon.                 Coming Events
                                July         30        Langwarrin PC Combined Training
                                                       Ringwood H&PC Combined Training
                                August       6         MDH&PC Rally - Wandin Rail Trail G/Check 0930hrs
                                             13        Maryborough PC Horse Trials
                                             19        Alan Mitchell Showjumping Clinic - Melton
                                             20        Seville Dressage Day
                                                       Bunyip & Lillico Pony Clubs SJ with Hickstead & H/Mount     Attendance /
                                             21        MDH&PC Committee Meeting 8:00pm Clubrooms                     Sign In
                                             24        SMZ Annual General Meeting                                Riders please sign
                                             27        St Andrews PC SJ Gr. A-E + inexperienced E
                                                       Monash PC - Pre Royal Show
                                                                                                                 in when you arrive
                                                       Doongala PC Dressage Day                                  at Rally prior to
                                             30        Yarra Valley Vet Clinic Interschool Comp - Dressage       lineup & hand in
                                September    3         MDH&PC Rally                                              your grading card
                                             9         Speed to safety [Flemington Racecourse]                   to Merja ……
                                             16-17     Monbulk PC Horse Trials [Wandin Park]
                                             18        SMZ Cross Country Clinic Gr 3 & 4                         Prior to going
                                             20-21     NMZ Eventing Clinic Gr. 3 & 4 - Yarrambat PC              home please sign
                                             23-24     Werribee PC Horse Trials
    Inside this issue:                                                                                           out and collect
                                             24        Wyena PC - Show & SJ
                                                                                                                 your Pony Club
    A word from Wally      3    October      1         MDH&PC Rally
                                                                                                                 Card, if you leave
                                             8         Ballarat PC ODE
    New Dressage           4                           Dunolly Riding Club Gymkhana                              @ lunch a rally
    Tests                                                                                                        will not be
                                             12        SMZ Meeting
    Christmas in July      5                 15        Sale PC Gymkhana                                          recorded as per
                                             22        Langwarrin Showjumping Day                                PCAV Guidelines.
    August Birthdays       5
                                             29        SMZ Showjumping Clinic Gr A - D
                                                       Lilydale PC Horse Trials
                                November     5         MDH&PC Rally
                   AUGUST 2006

Committee List
President -         Kevin Cannon          Ph: 5961 9175
Vic President -     Doug Shirrefs         Ph: 9733 0911
D.C. -              Wally Capaldo         Ph: 9874 5030
Secretary -         Merja Cluning         Ph: 9728 4644
Treasurer -         Mario Difalco         Ph: 9737 9836

General Committee Members -               Rhonda Beohm
                                                     —Uniform Co-ordinator
                                          Vicki Harper
                                          Tim Smith
                                           Kym Shergold
                                          Jenny Wright

Junior Committee List
President -         Bridie Cannon
Vice President -    Emily Shirrefs
Secretary -         Monique Bell                                                         Ambulance Membership
Treasurer -         Victoria Harper
                                                                                             1800 64 84 84
General Committee Members -               Rachael Capaldo                                         Single $60 a year
                                          Sophie Duguid                                          Family $120 a year
                                          Victoria Halkias
                                          Emily Jackson
                                          Travis Jackson                                You are covered 100% for all..
                                          Caitlin Salter                                • Emergency Ambulance Service
                                          Maddison Shirrefs                             • Non-emergency Ambulance Service
                                                                                        • MICA [Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance]
                                                                                        • Air Ambulance Services
         Working bees during winter will now be held on the Sunday
         morning of the rally - 1hr prior to the start of the rally.

            WORKING BEE ROSTER FOR 12 MONTHS                                           CANTEEN ROSTER FOR 12 MONTHS

 FEBRUARY               Bell              Boehm              Cannon          FEBRUARY         Ward        Shergis              Wright

   MARCH             Capaldo             Cluning             DiFalco          MARCH          Smith        Russell              Shirrefs

    APRIL             Duguid              Halkias             Harper           APRIL        Capaldo     Fasan-Jones            Jackson

     MAY             Jackson          Fasan-Jones        Pettit-Southall       MAY            Bell        Halkias              Harper

     JUNE             Russell            Shergis             Shirrefs          JUNE          Duguid       Cannon               Wright

     JULY              Smith              Wright              Ward             JULY          DiFalco      Shergis              Russell

   AUGUST               Bell              Boehm              Cannon           AUGUST          Ward        Shirrefs        Fasan-Jones

SEPTEMBER            Capaldo             Cluning             DiFalco         SEPTEMBER       Smith        Jackson              Shergold

  OCTOBER            Davidson             Halkias             Harper         OCTOBER        Capaldo       Harper               Cannon

 NOVEMBER            Jackson              Jones               Salter         NOVEMBER         Bell        DiFalco             Bloomfield

 DECEMBER             Russell            Shergis             Shirrefs        DECEMBER        Duguid        Smith               Wright

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              AUGUST 2006

              A word from Wally...
                             Trail Ride…...Sunday the 6th August
                                                9.30AM Line up
                                               Wandin park Melways 119F7
                                           We must park on road that goes to left

This Rally will be a trail ride on the Warburton Trail.
It is free dress with a gold coin donation that the junior committee will be collecting for the
Royal Children’s Hospital.

            You must wear Medical Arm Bands, Riding boots and Helmets.

The day will start at Wandin Park Equestrian Centre. Line up and gear check will be
completed before we proceed on the trail ride. The group will walk all the way no trotting,
cantering or galloping. The nervous riders will be surrounded within the group to ensure
their safety. We will complete our group ride at Woori Yallock. Melways 286E10 where we
will have lunch and a short meeting. If you would like to go home from there you can or you
can ride back in groups to Wandin Park. There will be various groups leaving at different
times travelling at different paces. (There will be a group that will walk all the way back.)
For lunch we will be having Kevin’s famous SKIPPY steak and Wally’s WOG salad. Please let us know if anyone
wants Veggie burgers. There will be a charge for lunch to cover the cost.
It would be an enormous help if some of the Mums or Dads can join us on the trail. They can ride a horse, push
bike or walk. They will be involved with general help in the groups and also stopping traffic at road crossings.
You may invite friends outside the pony club however we will need to know in advance so we can cater for lunch.

This is a fun day for everyone. and is an excellent way to teach our horses and riders to be calm and safe in an
open situation.
                            Games and Flat Teams.

After our successful July Rally it is time to represent and compete as a club with in the Southern Metro Zone.

Tim Smith has kindly volunteered to coach the Games team and is looking to gather a team.

We are also currently seeking a flat coach (if any of the older girls or parents would like to help please let me

The practices for both games and flat will be held after our rally days for 30-45 minutes. Can each member let me
know what they would like to do ASAP.
Please let us know if you have any problems with your horses in regards to floating or other issues so we may be
able to resolve the matter.

 It would be great if the whole club can get behind this. I’m sure the club members that have done this before will
tell you how great it was. It is a fantastic chance to be involved in a team experience for both horses and riders,
and can teach both horses and riders many invaluable skills.

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              AUGUST 2006

General News                                                                        Eltham Dressage Day

                    NEW DRESSAGE TESTS                                         Rosie Russell competed at
                                       Eltham Dressage Day riding
   New Dressage tests were released on to the PCAV Website on
   July 1 2006 and are now current. The old tests “Dressage                          Ben in Grade 3.
   for the Pony Club 2004” will be phased out, the last day                      They placed 3rd and 7th
   these tests can be used is the 31st December, 2006.                              Well done Rosie.

   You need to be very clear on which tests you are sitting and
   if this is not stated on the entry form it is worth a phone
   call to check with the organising committee if they are 2004
   or 2006 tests.

   PCAV have also released Expected Standards to help riders
   know what is expected of them and their mount and also aid
   in grading decisions for DC’s

                                          EXPECTED DRESSAGE STANDARDS
1.1 Grade 5
1.1.a   Grade 5 is for the youngest groups, say 8–10 years. It can be for beginner riders under 15 years, who are riding their
        first test and not yet capable of stage4.
1.1.b   Grade 5 riders have very few riding skills. All they can do, or try to do, is make the pony go and keep it as nearly as
        possible on the required track. The better it goes forward for the rider the better it will follow the track and the
        straighter it will be. It is more important that the pony goes where the rider wishes rather than how. The judge
        should not be too concerned with details of position or correctness of the aids. The pony should be quiet and
        obedient. Incorrect diagonal or leading should not be penalised. Remarks should be simple and generous with their
        praise and every sheet should somewhere carry remarks that comment on the rider’s ability or otherwise to fulfil
        the two basic requirements; “to keep the pony going at required speed and on the correct line.”

1.2 Grade 4
1.2.a   Grade 4 is for beginners 15 years and over and more experienced juniors.
1.2.b   The judge now expects the rider to be more balanced in their position, with better control of their hands and better
        application of the aids. The horse should go willingly forward. The rider who tries to get their horse near the corner
        and on the track should be marked more leniently than the rider who lets the horse take the line it chooses. The
        fact that the rider has to use the outside rein causing the horse to look to the outside is a minor detail at this grade.
1.2.c   At this grade, it is not always possible to achieve correct bend and flexion. The horse that goes quietly but lacks
        impulsion should mark better than one that is pulling and over bent. Riders should be rewarded for trying to do
        transitions on the markers.
1.2.d   Increase the trot. Riders should show a difference in energy and activity. Judges should show some leniency at
        grade 4 and early grade 3, as at these levels horses do not have to be on the bit, so will not be able to maintain
        rhythm and lengthening and will tend to run and quicken the stride. When asked to increase the trot the rider
        should be able to ride a reasonably straight diagonal, with the horse going forward more energetically, so that there
        is a difference from the working trot. If the horse does not lengthen the stride this should not be penalised at this
1.2.e   As the rider progresses through the grades improvement should be made so by grades 1 and 2 the horse is expected
        to maintain rhythm and lengthen the stride.
1.2.f   Free walk. The horse should stretch out the neck and walk with long, relaxed, marching strides but would not be
        expected to maintain contact.
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              AUGUST 2006

General News
                                                                                             Happy Birthday for
                                             Jessica Oberstar                                     August
                                      My name is Jessica Oberstar, I’m
                                      12 years old and I live in Wonga
                                      Park. My horse’s show name is
                                      Foxborough, but his paddock
                                                                                                  Cassie Jones
                                      name is Foxy. He is a 16 year
                                      old, 14.3hh, Australian Riding
                                      Pony x Thoroughbred and I have
                                                                                              Maddison Smith
                                      had him since April (about 4
                                      months). So far with Foxy I
                                      have been to the Glenbrae Inter
                      school series, an Inter – Equestrian Centre                                    Competition:
                      Challenge and of course Pony Club. I will be                                Find the Horse Shoe
                      going to the 2006 Victorian Pony Dressage and                          The first person that comes along to
                                                                                             Vicki at the rally on Sunday & tells
Show jumping Challenge at Werribee on the 6th, August. So far I have
                                                                                               me where they have found the
enjoyed Pony Club to the max and I can’t wait ‘till the next rally!                           “Horse shoe” somewhere in the
                                                                                               newsletter, will receive a small
                                                                                                 prize. …...Happy Hunting

                                   EXPECTED DRESSAGE STANDARDS Cont…...

1.3 Grade 3
1.3.a   Grade 3 is for more experienced juniors and less experienced senior riders. Experienced senior riders may ride
        young horses in this stage.
1.3.b   The rider should be starting to show an ability to influence the horse’s way of going. This is possible due to a
        more balanced position, steadier hands and better understanding of application of the aids. The horse is not
        expected to be supple enough to go far into the corners as it may take uneven steps and bend its neck excessively
        and the smooth bend through the whole body is lost. The horse must not be ridden on too short a rein, which
        would result in short restricted paces, pulling, over bending and stiffness. There must be an obvious effort to ride
        the horse forward to contact on the bit with some resulting effect on the horse’s frame. This does not have to be
        consistently maintained. At this grade riders should be able to ride accurate figures and transitions on the
1.3.c   Consistent over bending throughout a movement should be penalised with a mark below 5, as insufficient, with
        corresponding loss in collective marks. However, momentary lapses behind the vertical should not outweigh
        correct work shown in other aspects. Any restriction of the horse’s natural stride by the use of too short a rein is
1.3.d   Every sheet should report on the success, or otherwise, of the rider’s efforts to round the horse up while keeping
        him going. This is basic to any further progress in the horse’s education.

        …………….Grade 2 & 1 next Month

                                                                  What is the hardest thing
                                                                  about learning to ride?
                                                                  - the ground

                                                                  How can you make a
                                                                  horse higher?
                                                                  - ride him up a hill

                                                                  What should you do
                                                                  with a green horse?
                                                                  - wait til he gets ripe.

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       AUGUST 2006

Christmas in July

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