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					                       e-Health @LIS Workshop

Date: 13 – 14 of March 2006 (to be confirmed)
Location: Belo Horizonte, Brazil


       The four @LIS e-Health demonstration projects
       Evaluation Specialists from Roskilde University (Denmark) and
        Provincia Autonoma di Trento (Italy)
       Specialist from World Health Organization
       European Commission Delegation of Brazil
       Brazilian policy-makers from the public health field
       Other actors that might be interested in adopting the projects
        results (foundations, associations)

Workshop Objectives:

   Confrontation and “benchlearning” between the @LIS e-Health
    projects models and the others initiatives being developed in Brazil
    and LA.
   Increase of the synergies and interactions among the @LIS e-
    Health Projects, toward the creation of an integrated “e-Health
    services portfolio”.
   Exchange of best practices among the e-Health @LIS projects.
   Improve the evaluation and the impact analysis process of every e-
    Health demonstration project
   Outline the factors that facilitates future implementations for e-
    Health services in Brazil and LA.
   Prepare a common set of intention for the Lisbon meeting.

Foreseen Results:

   More visibility for the @LIS e-Health projects in Brazil and LA.
   Better interaction among the @LIS e-Health projects.
   Production of documentation and visibility material for future
    implementations of the @LIS e-Health services in Brazil and LA.
   A common “results portfolio” to be presented in the EU-LA Lisbon
    Policy Forum as an example of integrated outcomes of @LIS

Areas of Intervention:

       Telemedicine (common technology for all @LIS e-Health
       Evaluation Process
       Sustainability
       Extension and transferability of the e-Health services in Brazil
        and LA


       IT as an instrument to improve the health services
       Presentation of the state of the art for each @LIS demonstration
       Round tables

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