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									                                                                                            The Good Neighbor Health
                                                                                                   Clinic and
                  QuickTime™ and a
         TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor                                                    Red Logan Dental Clinic
            are need ed to see this picture.                                                Improving the health of medically
                                                                                            underserved and uninsured Upper
                                                                                            Valley residents by providing high
                                                                                           quality and free primary medical and
                                                          Drawing by Mimi Murray-Eastman                dental care.

             2006 ANNUAL REPORT 15th anniversary issue
Dear Friends,
   Please take a few minutes to read our Annual Report. It‟s special because it‟s our 15th report to you and all
of our supporters.
   All of us who comprise the community of volunteers and staff who serve our clients feel very honored and
privileged to do so. We are also proud of our track record for the past fifteen years.
    Over the years, we have experienced many challenges, face more presently and will in the future. I‟d like
to mention three that are current or looming. First of all, our very successful Executive Director, Karen
Woodbury, will be retiring in August 2008. Second, our patient mix is changing, with the majority coming
from New Hampshire, as Vermont moves toward universal health coverage. Last, but not least, requests for
primary dental care far exceed our capacity to handle them. To meet this challenge, GNHC has been the
catalyst in the creation of the Community Oral Health Initiative (COHI) to try to figure out how to address
this shortage and to make recommendations to the community.
   In closing, Good Neighbor can‟t meet all of the health and dental needs of the uninsured. We will need
additional partners to relieve suffering among our neighbors. We thank those of you who help and ask those
of you who haven‟t to join us. You‟ll be glad you did!
                                                                      Warmest regards,
                                                                      Ron Michaud, Chairman
                                                                      Board of Directors
             2006 EXPENSES - Total $328,716


       Insurance         $8,817.00

 Administration            $20,536.00

Building/utilities            $40,547.00

     programs &                      $64,356.00

      Salaries &

                     0      50000     100000 150000 200000 250000

                 2006 INCOME - Total $352,993

“What a relief to know there’s a place we can get some care!...and with a
smile!Clinic $3,009
                                                        GNHC patient
  Bowl-A-Thon                            $33,818

             Misc.                         $39,773
Mascoma Satellite Clinic by Dartmouth Medical Student Jessica Morgan
                                Mascoma Clinic is a Dartmouth              community spirit and improved health in
                                Medical School (DMS) student-led           the Upper Valley.
                                effort to expand the services – and
                                spirit – of the Good Neighbor Health       Following a $4,000 grant from the United
                                Clinic (GNHC) to the Mascoma Valley        Way and Alpha Omega Alpha to create
                                region of New Hampshire. For many          the clinic in 2003, Mascoma Clinic has
                                years, GNHC recognized that a              been awarded an additional 4-year grant
                                population of uninsured residents of       of $20,000 from the Association of
                                the area had unmet medical needs.          American Medical Colleges (AAMC) in
                                                                           2006. DMS was one of eight schools that
                                Since 2003, dedicated volunteer            year to receive an AAMC Caring for
                                medical students and DHMC                  Community grant for medical student
                                physicians have provided free basic        community service programs. This
                                health care and social services to         additional funding is being used to
                                this population.                           expand patient services and to sponsor
                                                                           patient outreach and education.
                                Teams of students and physicians
                                operate a free clinic two evenings a       The clinic was recently honored at the
     DMS student Kristen        month in a local pediatrics office in      2007 Martin Luther King Jr. Social
   Yurkerwich giving flu shot   Canaan, NH. They work together with        Justice Awards as the Outstanding
   to Mascoma Clinic client     clients in addressing their medical and    Student Organization at Dartmouth
         Lara Maville           psychosocial needs, thus promoting         College for its efforts to promote equality
                                                                           and health care access.

    MESSAGE FROM THE NURSE CASE MANAGER                                        by Ceil Furlong, RN, BSN

    Clinical microsystem, "the place where patients, families and clinical teams meet," was the buzzword for
    2006! Our aim was to create an efficient and caring professional environment by providing volunteers
    and staff with training, information, and systems they need to accomplish their work and improve the
    quality and value of patient care. We spent time defining our responsibilities and roles, improving our
    scheduling and appointment reminder systems, increasing staff communication with daily huddles and
    weekly meetings, and enhancing our in-house referral and follow-up systems. There is still work to be
    done, but it has been very satisfying and exciting to witness the major improvements with just small

    Case management is the link that provides continuity of care and improved health for our clients
    through health education, chart reviews, coordination of services, referrals for specialized care and
    testing, assistance with medications, and helping with enrollment into social services and state

    The vast majority of our patients report delaying care or not getting needed care because of cost. This
    has significant human and economic costs making health care access crucial for this vulnerable group.

    As a resource in the community, Good Neighbor Health Clinic relieves the hospitals of unnecessary and
    costly emergency room visits, but more importantly, provides patients with free care on a timely basis,
    and thus provides early intervention, prevents complications and accomplishes cost effectiveness. Our
    major goal is to break down barriers that exist to health access and connect people to resources in their

    Prevention is the best investment we can make in health. We believe investments in programs that
    promote exercise, smoking cessation, weight loss and healthy eating will mean healthier, longer lives
    for our patients.
    PAUL MANGANIELLO by Naomi Hartov
Q. What was the impetus for you to get involved          neurology, otolaryngology, endocrinology and
in planning for a free clinic?                           gynecology) who brushed up their primary care skills
                                                         and joined us in providing basic care. A number of
A. In the late 80’s, a number of churches got            specialists who didn't feel comfortable providing primary
together to help Headrest find shelter for homeless      care gave us generous financial support.
people. About eight local churches had volunteered
to take in Headrest clients for overnight stays. The     Q. What were those early clinics like? What were the
Interfaith Coalition Against Homelessness and the        main services being offered?
League of Women Voters convened the original
conference. At a panel discussion, someone asked         A. The space was inefficient but cozy. We saw patients
where the homeless go for health care. Peter Mason       both upstairs and downstairs, and were challenged to
and I researched the question and placed notices in      maintain confidentiality because of poor sound-
the local papers that we wanted to a start free clinic   proofing. We provided basic, primary care. There were
and conducted organizational meetings. Major             no free dental services at the time. Red Logan was a
players joining us in our efforts included Michael       retired dentist who volunteered at the clinic in a clerical
Shoob of the Hitchcock Foundation, Hilde Ojibway         role. After his death, his family requested that memorial
of LISTEN, Dave Shumway of Headrest, and Mary &          donations be made to GNHC, and that was impetus to
Paul Feeney of The Haven. We were offered the            start a free dental clinic in Red’s name. Red’s good
Rectory of St. Paul’s Church on Taft Ave. We             friend, dentist Bob Keene, got that ball rolling.
petitioned Jim Varnum of DHMC and Bob Mesropian
of APD for funds for rent. In 1991, when DHMC            Q What was the early vision and how has GN
moved to Lebanon, we were given lots of                  measured up to the vision?
equipment. DHMC also agreed to extend
malpractice insurance for volunteer physicians and       A. This was the time when the Clintons were
paid for them to acquire Vermont licenses.               formulating a national health plan, so we thought it
                                                         would be temporary. Gov. Howard Dean of Vermont
Q. Was it difficult to get doctors and nurses to         was also looking to expand health care to Vermonters.
volunteer their time?                                    He came to the GNHC opening ceremony and stated
                                                         that he planned to close us down within five years. It
A. We had incredible support from a broad variety        was meant to be a stop-gap, a bandaid, until health
of sources in the community, from businesses to          care was universal, and then close. So, for that reason
health institutions to individuals. Initially we had a   it has not been a success. This is not the way to deliver
number of physicians and nurses who volunteered,         health care. We are not anywhere near where I had
including a number in specialty areas (like              hoped we would be. Everyone should have access to
                                                         health care, and that is still the vision.

   And a word from Bob Keene…
     Back in the „80s, when I read Paul Manganiello‟s article about providing free health care for the
   homeless and uninsured, I thought “we need to do that for dental care too.” In the beginning,
   patients seen at Good Neighbor Health Clinic who had dental problems were referred to private
   dental offices for free care. For the first three years or so, I saw them in my practice, and then
   Bob Alvarenga saw them in his practice. Once Good Neighbor had the opportunity to rent and
   renovate the Gates Library building, it was decided that a dental clinic should be included. When
   my good friend, retired dentist and Good Neighbor volunteer Red Logan died, I thought it would
   be a great tribute to name the new dental clinic after him. I called his widow and asked what she
   thought about requesting that memorial donations in Red‟s name be made to the new dental
   clinic, and she was delighted with the idea. Thus the Red Logan Dental Clinic was born, and
   over the years, about 25% of the areas dentists have volunteered time there providing primary and
   emergency dental care to those in need.
Good Neighbor Clinics and the Upper Valley: A
Community of Good Neighbors by Karen Woodbury
For 15 years the Upper Valley community has provided           From the Hartford Middle School to Dartmouth
the critical resources needed to realize our mission to        Medical School and the Tuck School of Business,
provide primary medical and dental care to the                 students have provided invaluable talent and time
uninsured. All of our volunteers and the bulk of our           for special projects.
funding come from the Upper Valley. It truly takes a
community to make these clinics happen.                        Many pharmacies in the Upper Valley accept our
                                                               vouchers, so that patients can get the
First and foremost are the volunteers who provide their        medications they need in a timely manner and at
time and skills to make sure our patients receive the          a location convenient to them. Special thanks go
very best care in the most caring way. Some volunteers         to Corner Drug in White River Junction for helping
work on the front lines, others behind the scenes, but         us stretch those pharmacy dollars by giving us
each makes a unique and necessary contribution to the          low prices.
                                                               Both Alice Peck Day Memorial and Mary
Over the years, various creative, community-initiated          Hitchcock Memorial Hospitals work with us to
events have raised money for the clinics. These include:       make it easier for our patients to access services
breakfasts, 5 Mile Walk/Runs, concerts, dances, follies,       in their facilities.
skits, and in the beginning, bingo as well. For the past six
years, Upper Valley Lanes and Games has hosted our             Without all these community players, Good
annual Bowl-A-Thon, which has raised nearly $90,000 for        Neighbor and Red Logan would not exist. And
the two clinics.                                               the 6,000 individuals who have received medical
                                                               and dental care at our clinics would have gone
Individuals, churches, businesses, foundations, local          without. This community should take great pride
hospitals, and organizations have given generously to the      in knowing that here in the Upper Valley, we truly
clinic over the years in response to our annual appeal.        are good neighbors.
We have also received many contributions in memory of
beloved volunteers, patients, and donors.

                                                                         GET IN TOUCH
                                                                The Original Upper Valley
                                                                Community Health Guide
                                                                If you haven‟t seen our Get in TOUCH
                                                                guide or would like to have easy access to
                                                                it, it is now available on our website,
                                                                goodneighborhealthclinic.org. It is
                                                                chock-a-block full of useful information
                                                                about services and resources in the Upper
                                                                Valley, from heating assistance to free
      Our warm and inviting waiting room in the                 meals and all along the spectrum of human
      Gates Library Building.                                   physical and emotional needs. Check it
                                       Thanks to our GNHC volunteers!
    Bruce Andrus           Pat Daly              Brooke Judd           Jennifer Miranda       Joanne Sandberg-Cook
    Leah Ansell            Kate Devine           Alonda Kaler          Anika Mirick           Mary Sansone
    Toni Apgar             Mary Drinane          Kathryn Kaminski      Brenda Moore           Clara Savage
    Ayesha Appa            Eileen Dugan          Kristine Karlson      Jessica Morgan         Sue Schmitt
    Matthew Baird          Franny Eanet          Clara Karpovsky       Jean Moss              Brenda Schwab
    Constance Baldwin      Lynn Feenan           Grace Kehoe           Nancy Muller           Sally Scott
    Morgan Baldwin         Yale Fillingham       Ben Kelley-Outten     Stephanie Murphy       Michael Shoob
    Richard Baughman       Sarah Fink            Bonnie Kenyon         Judy Music             Voora Smith
    Carol Bean             Christina Fitch       Audrey Kern           David Nierenberg       Scott Sussman
    David Beaufait         Jessica Ford          Rita Ketay            Carla Nordstrom        Vijay Thadani
    Jordana Beeber         Jennifer Frese        Stephanie Kim         Renee Novello          Eleanor Thadani
    Emily Bensen           Timothy Gardner       Kelly Kinney          Tom Ozahowski          Kristen Tobin
    Deb Berryman           Alex Gifford          Katrina Klaus         Martin Palmeri         James Town
    Brittany Beth          Pat Glowa             Don Kollisch          David Park             Jack Turco
    Breanne Blanchette     Mary Godin            Angela Krapovicky     Dale Parker            Pam Vernon
    Bonnie Briggs          June Golden           Margo Krasnoff        Thomas Parrott         Matt Walton
    Fran Brokaw            Erin Gooch            Don Lacey             Lisa Pastel            Mary Waugh
    Jen Brooks             Lindsey Gossage       Thea Lee              Henry Payson           Alice Werbel
    Christi-Lynn Brown     Beth Gould            Campbell Levy         Crandall Peeler        Craig Westling
    Ashley Brunelle        Jean Graf             Ellen Lewis           Deborah Piper          Richard White
    Lily Burke             Alex Grossman         Caroline Lin          Christal Puo           Noah White
    Christopher Burns      Sarah Hannaford       Jay Liu               Stephanie Rathgeb      Ellen Whitney-Garvey
    Sheila Cardamone       Reem Hannun           Ashlee Logan-Walls    Katie Ratzen           Susan Wiitala
    Narath Carlile         Naomi Hartov          Erin Loskutoff        Brita Reed             Ivy Wilkinson-Ryan
    Nicole Carrey          Tracey Hayes          Judy Macnab           Laurie Reed            Caitlin Willard
    Gerard Carroll         Mark Hazen            Paul Manganiello      Andrea Rhodes          Maureen Williams
    Sue Carver             Fran Hickey           Wendy Manganiello     Robin Rice             Heather Wittmann
    Sal Casella            Bob Higgins           Barb Mason            Katie Richard          Kim Wood
    Laurie Clute           Wilbert Hill          Emily Mason           Carol Rittenhouse      Beckley Wooster
    Mary Cooper            Noah Hoffman          Peter Mason           Jane Roberts           Sarah Young
    Cariker Cunningham     Douglas Hoffman       Beth Mazzarese        Terri Rodee            Kristen Yurkerwich
    Merdith Cunningham     Natalie Hornak        Tom McCoy Jr          Jordan Romano
    Gladys Curtis          Ben Jastrzembski      Sarah McNeil          Beata Root
    Linda Dacey            Zoe Johnson           Richard Merrill       Charlotte Sadler       …and our
                                                                                              Red Logan
The Meal Program…by Kathy Scheuer                                                             volunteers!
When it came to my attention that GNHC was paying for meals for volunteers who
worked through the dinner hour, I thought to myself “What if we could cut out the cost          Bob Alvarenga
                                                                                                Angela Avery
of feeding the volunteers – use the money to buy much-needed supplies for
                                                                                                Gregory Baker
diabetics?” I pitched the idea to the outreach group at my church and they loved it! At         John Dresser & Staff
this point, I have organized 13 groups and individuals to provide evening meals for             Jim Gold
GNHC volunteers, saving the Clinic over $3400 this year alone. I tell my groups, when           Mona Gustafson
I visit, that yes, one pot of soup can make a difference in people’s lives. There are still     Mary Harrington
a few openings left, so if you are interested in helping, please contact the Clinic.            Thomas Hillebrand
.                                                                                               John Holbach
GNHC extends hearty thanks to the following churches and individuals:                           Tia Johnston
           St. Barnabas, Norwich           Norwich Congregational                               Tim Johnston
                                                                                                Toby Kravitz
           St. Thomas, Hanover             United Church of Christ, WRJ
                                                                                                Jodee Lee
           St. Paul Episcopal, WRJ         Enfield United Methodist                             Art Lyford
           Living Waters, Enfield          Assembly of God, Canaan                              Rhonda Mitchell
           Community Lutheran, Enfield     Our Savior Lutheran, Hanover                         Jennifer Mironda
           Unitcd Church of Christ, Dartmouth                                                   Roger Phillips
           Ruth Bedor, Lorien Zaremski, Kathy Scheuer                                           Chris Root
                              Board of Trustees         Staff
   Good Neighbor                Robert Alvarenga        Marlayna Darling, Mgr. Red Logan Dental Clinic
    Health Clinic               Robert Asselin
                                                        Ceil Furlong, Clinic and Case Manager, GNHC
                                Sy Conarck
                               Stacey Crawford         Mimi Murray-Eastman, Needy Meds Coordinator
     Red Logan                  Mary Godin
                                                        Karen Woodbury, Executive Director
    Dental Clinic               Naomi Hartov
                                Alex Hartov
       PHONE:                   Clarissa Holmes
     802-295-1868               Margaret Jacobs
                                Zoe Johnson
                                Donald Kollisch
                                Loretta Land
 We’re on the Web!              Naomi Lucas
                                Paul Manganiello
   See us at:                   Ronald Michaud, Chair
www.goodneighborcli             Jessica Morgan
     nic.org                    Judy Music
                                Steve Taylor
                                Craig Westling
                                                          Groundbreaking at 70 No. Main St. in
                                                          May 2002

   Some services our patients received in 2006:

   Among the total of 2,159 visits (792 individuals) to Good Neighbor Health Clinic and 564 visits
   (290 individuals) to Red Logan Dental Clinic this year, were the following:

   38 people visited the hypnotherapist in 66 visits.
   30 people attended Live Free Smoke Free in 95 visits.
   10 people tried acudetox for quitting smoking in 25 visits.
   There were 68 visits for physical therapy.          There were 57 visits for mental health.
   Massage therapists gave 79 massages.               7 woman signed up for Ladies First.
   83 pap smear tests were done.                      There were 52 visits for acupuncture.
   There were 18 visits to the naturopath.            We assisted 7 people with CCBA memberships.
   Our diabetes clinic had 48 visits plus 12 visits to our diabetes educator.

Good Neighbor Health Clinic
70 No. Main St.
White River Junction VT 05005
                                                         Thumbs up for smoking
                                                         cessation! by DMS student
                                                         Noah Hoffman (shown with ex-
                                                         smoker Dave Blanchard)

   The beginning of the second year of medical
   school was an exciting time. The fact that I was a      of each new day. Tired of wasting his money,
   medical student was really starting to sink in.         laboring to breathe, and aware of the
   With all the stimulating changes that came with         consequences to his health, Dave was eager to
   the beginning of second year, there was still a         quit smoking and dedicated to the process. With
   glaring deficit in extensive patient contact that I     the help of a friend, Dave was at Good Neighbor
   knew was still a whole year away. Live Free             every Wednesday - always with a smile on his
   Smoke Free at The Good Neighbor Health Clinic           face and a joke that he had seemingly been
   and David Blanchard enriched the lecture-based          saving for days. Dave was a challenging patient
   curriculum and gave me something to look                with a complicated history but seemed to quit
   forward to as the weeks wore on and the                 with ease once we formulated a personalized
   excitement of second year became more of a              plan. His ability to advocate for himself and
   routine. Dave is a man with a fascinating history       accept assistance when he needs it make Dave
   – both medical and personal. A veteran who was          exactly the kind of patient I hope to work with as
   injured in a car accident many years ago, there is      I look forward to my clinical years . I am very
   no doubt that Dave has been dealt a tough hand.         grateful for the opportunity I have had to work
   But he doesn‟t let it get to him. As I got to know      with the people who ensure that Good Neighbor
   Dave, it became clear that he is grateful for every     succeeds. It is a wonderful resource for medical
   day he has and is adept at facing the challenges        students like me to get valuable clinical
                                                           experience and patients like David, who can be
                                                           so successful when they get the help they

   Our donors include 735 individuals, 42 churches,
   17 foundations, 33 local organizations, and 77

                  to all of our generous sponsors
and eager bowlers, for making our annual Bowl-
a-Thon, held on April 28th, a HUGE success! We
brought in over $100,000!!
1999 -Created health education resource center, including internet access, within the clinic
2000 -Needy Meds Program begins to provide prescription drugs
     -Partnered with New Hampshire Community and Technical College to provide physical
     -Diabetes workshops organized by a Dartmouth Medical student
2001 -Patients and Stan Weinberger, Dartmouth Medical School student create the Get In
     TOUCH guide.
     -Mental Health Services begin, provided by a volunteer psychiatrist
     -Partnership with Headrest for substance abuse counseling at Good Neighbor.
     -Live Free Smoke Free comes to Good Neighbor from Dartmouth Hitchcock.
2002 -Daytime clinics are added twice per month
     -Moved into our new clinic in downtown White River Junction.
2003 -Partnered with VT Dept. of Health’s Ladies First program to provide breast and cervical
     cancer screening for eligible Vermont women.
     -Began using Franklin County Scorekeeper to identify risk factors for heart disease and
     to tailor intervention programs for patients based on results.
     -Acupuncture and massage services added
     -Canaan satellite clinic begins!!!
2004 -Free pedometers given out with Scorekeeper screening.
     -Chomp and Stomp for the Heart is created – cooking classes and walking groups
     -Partnership with Antioch New England Graduate School brings individual, group,
       couples and family counseling
     -Yoga classes started
     -ACORN begins to provide free and anonymous HIV testing at GNHC
     -Two tobacco focus groups help us identify ways to improve and expand our tobacco
       cessation services
     -Single pharmacist helps us put bulk medications program in place
     -GNHC participates in large health fair in Enfield, New Hampsphire
2005 -GNHC participates in Spring Into Summer, a health fair and walking event on the
     Lebanon green
     -Good Neighbor Cookbook and Beginners Guide to Walking Heart Disease Away are
     produced by students of Dartmouth College’s Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences
     -GNHC joins Vermont Program for Quality Health Care and Vermont Chronic Care
     -Monthly Shared Medical Visits (for diabetes) begin
     -Hypnotherapist joins GNHC and complements tobacco cessation program
     -Partnered with Rotary Club for successful Fall Into Health Fair on Lebanon Green
2006 -Ceil (nurse manager) trained as Acudetox specialist to complement tobacco cessation
     -GNHC gives presentation on Diabetes Shared Medical Visits at first National Free
       Clinic Association meeting in Chicago
     -more than 200 people stop by our booth at the Fall Into Health Fair at the Lebanon
       Farmers’ Market

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