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Deer Run Golf and Tennis Club


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									Deer Run Golf and Tennis Club

  Golf Information Booklet

             James Famula
             PGA Professional
              General Golf Information
2008 Golf Season
The golf course will officially open for play April 1, 2008. (Weather
permitting) The golf course officially closes October 31, 2008. The
course may remain open beyond October 31 based on course / weather
conditions at the discretion of the course Superintendent.

Hours of Play
Monday – 3:00PM to Dusk
  (The course is closed until 3:00PM on Mondays for maintenance)
Tuesday thru Sunday – Dawn to Dusk
No players are permitted to use the course outside the hours of play listed
above or when the course is closed due to maintenance, weather, or
safety reasons.

Pro Shop
Pro Shop Telephone Number – 973-694-0758

Pro Shop and Cart Hours:
  Monday – 3:00PM to 1 hour before Dusk
  Tuesday thru Friday – 8:00AM to 1 hour before Dusk
  Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays – 7:00AM to 1 hour before Dusk

2008 Guest Greens Fees
Weekdays - $25.00
Weekends and Holiday - $40.00
Above rates are applicable for either 9 or 18 holes

2008 Cart Fees
18 Holes - $17.00 per person
9 Holes - $9.00 per person
                      2008 Golf Rules

General Golf Course Rules
  USGA Rules are always in effect, weather and conditions permitting.
  Local Rules apply as stated below or re-stated for tournament play.

  All players must register with the Pro or his staff to sign in prior to
  play. Members must sign in on the porch if no golf staff is present.

  Unless otherwise stated, the course will be staffed Tuesday thru
  Fridays from 8:00 AM till dusk and weekends and holidays from
  7:00 AM till dusk.

  The course will be open for members (walkers) from dawn till dusk
  except for Mondays when the course is closed till 3:00 PM for
  maintenance. The putting green will remain open on Monday
  mornings unless putting green maintenance is required.

  Members are responsible for their guests and all guests must adhere
  to all rules and regulations.

  All Members must display a current Deer Run Bag Tag and must be
  able to produce a valid Deer Run Photo ID upon request by the Golf

  Each player must have their own golf bag and clubs.

  Please repair your ball marks and at least one other on each hole.
  Replace all divots (or use „divot fill‟ if available) and rake and repair
  all bunkers. Place all trash in the proper receptacles. All Members
  must help police the golf course.

  All players must start from the 1st Hole unless authorized by the golf

  Foursomes and Threesomes have the right of way while playing, but
  slower groups should allow faster groups to play through when
  possible (i.e. – an open hole in front).
Singles and Twosomes on Weekends and Holidays may only play
with permission from the golf staff. Players must pair up when

Groups larger than four are only permitted with golf staff approval
during non-peak hours.

Starting groups will be required to alternate with groups making the
turn from Holes #9 to #10 with the initial priority being the group
making the turn from Hole # 9. The golf staff has total control of the
starting tee and turning group‟s at all times.

Players must make certain all players are out of range before hitting.
It is the player‟s responsibility to yell “Fore” loudly for errant shots
that are headed to towards any one on the course. This includes
players or staff.

It is the responsibility of all golfers to study and know the rules and
etiquette of golf and exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.
Instances of any breach of rules and/or etiquette should be reported
to the Golf Professional/Pro Shop.

Golf pull cars, manual or electric, and bags are excluded from tee
areas and greens and collars.

The Golf Shop building is a nonsmoking facility.

Any member or guest playing golf with range balls shall be
suspended from play.

All golfers should refer to the bulletin board and/or Deer Run
website and signs in the Pro shop for seasonal changes in daily fee,
time of play, conditions of play, and tournament and outing
schedules. In addition, the Pro will distribute emails (if necessary) to
inform golfers of any noteworthy changes.

The Greens Superintendent may close all or any part of the course at
any time without notice due to severe conditions.

Alcohol is not to be sold or stored on the common areas.
  Players hitting „Out of Bounds‟ shots to the left of the first fairway
  up to the top of the hill, are not allowed to search for balls on the
  driving range when players are hitting on the range.

  Conduct unbecoming a Deer Run Member will not be tolerated.
  e.g. Abusive language, not following rules and regulations, or
  insubordination to any golf staff members.

  Any violation of the rules can be referred to the Deer Run Board
  of Trustees with the possibility of warnings, fines or suspensions
  depending on the severity of the offense.

Dress Code Requirements while playing or using the
Practice Facilities
  Men: Shirts must have a collar or can be a mock style golf shirt. No
  tee shirts, no sweat pants, no jeans of any kind, no cut off shorts, no
  jogging shorts.

  Women: Tops: If a top has a collar, it may be sleeveless, if a top
  does not have a collar, it must have sleeves. No jeans of any kind, no
  sweat suits or sweat pants, no workout or gym style shorts, no halter
  tops. Only golf shorts or golf style slacks and or skirts will be

  Foot wear: All players must wear golf shoes with soft spikes only,
  or sneakers with normal bottoms. Golf staff has final approval of

  During the time period from Nov 1st to March 31st, jeans and sweat
  pants will be allowed.
Golf Cart Use
  In order to prevent damage to your course, daily cart regulations
  must be followed. Each day the golf staff will advise all players of
  the cart rules for that particular day. All players are responsible for
  any personal and or cart damage while renting a motorized golf cart.
  Deer Run is not liable for any golf cart incidents.

  Players must follow all cart signs and ropes. Carts should never be
  within 30 feet of any tee or green. Carts should always be parked on
  the cart path when teeing off. All par 3's (Holes #5 and #9, #14 and
  #18) are always cart path only. Please practice the 90 degree rule
  when applicable and any other direction given by the Golf Staff.

  The Greens Superintendent or Head Golf Professional may on any
  given day not permit the use of motorized golf carts.

  Never drive a cart in muddy places, through puddles of water, or in
  any place that might damage the turf.

  It should be noted that a member is responsible for the actions (cart
  rule violations) of any guest he/she brings to the Club.

  Eligible handicapped members or guests issued a "Flagged Cart" may
  operate them up to the traps along the green. Flagged cart users must
  receive daily instructions from the Pro Shop before they play.

Practice Area Use
  The Practice Green will be available to all members and their guests
  during normal Golf course hours. It is intended for putting and short
  chips shots only.

  The Driving Range is available for a fee. See the Golf Pro or his
  staff for rates. Players hitting on the Driving Range must be aware of
  errant shots hit to either side of the Driving Range and yell “Fore”
  when necessary.
  The Practice chipping green and practice trap (near first tee) is
  available to all members and their guests. Players must be aware that
  multiple player‟s may be using the practice area at any one time and
  must make others aware of errant shots. Player‟s using the area 130
  yards before the practice chipping green must yield to players hitting
  on the Driving Range. If the pro or his staff is running lessons, he
  will have precedence over the use of this area.

Guest Policy
  Each member can host up to 7 guests for a total of two foursomes.
  Any guests above this must be approved by the Golf Committee or
  Pro at least one day in advance.

  Unaccompanied Guests and Pro‟s guests are as follows:

  Monday – Friday (no holidays): The pro can host up to 2 foursomes
  per hour as pro‟s guests during the week up to 1PM. During the
  week up to 1PM, member‟s unaccompanied guests are unlimited.
  After 1PM, all guests must be accompanied. Members must contact
  the pro shop at least one day in advance to authorize unaccompanied

  Saturdays: 1 foursome per hour will be allowed for either the pro‟s
  guests or for member‟s unaccompanied guests on Saturdays (all day).
  On Saturdays, these guests must book an approximate tee time with
  the Pro-Shop staff. Member‟s guests have first right to these tee
  times and can reserve them up to 12:00 Noon on the Thursday before
  desired play. After 12:00 Noon, the Pro can fill the slots that remain.

  Sundays: No Pro‟s Guests or member‟s unaccompanied guests are
  permitted. A member must escort all guests.

  Guest passes issued prior to 2008 will expire on May 26th, 2008.

   The Golf Committee reserves the right to modify these rules during
                        the year if necessary.
               2008 Schedule of Events
Opening Day Scramble
    Sunday, April 13th (Rain Date April 20th)
    9:00AM Shotgun Start
    Open to all Deer Run Members.
    Scramble format with the pro making the pairings.
    Groups will be paired on ABCD format.
    Lunch and awards to follow play.

McGladrey Team Event
   Sunday, May 18th (Rain Date TBD)
   Starting times from 8:00AM to 10:00AM
   Open to all Deer Run Members.
   Better Ball of 3 Competition using 85% Handicap
   Max. team handicap for a team of 3 men is 54.
   Max. team handicap for a team of 2 men and 1 woman is 70.
   Max. team handicap for a team of 1 man and 2 women is 80.
   Max. team handicap for a team of 3 women is 90.
   The successful qualifying team will play with Deer Run Head
      professional, Jim Famula at the New Jersey Sectional Event for a
      chance to represent New Jersey in the National Event.
   Note: A minimum of 7 teams is needed to host a local qualifier.

President’s Cup
    Saturday, June 7th (Rain Date June 14th)
    8:30AM Shotgun Start.
    Open to all Deer Run Members.
    27 Holes of Stroke Play Championship using 100% Handicap.
    Pairings and starting times will be made by the pro shop.
Member Guest
   Friday July 18th – Sunday July 20th (Rain Dates TBD)
   Starting Times To Be Announced
   Open to all members and their guests
   Friday: Twilight practice round with putting contest and
     barbecue following play.
   Saturday: Matches within flights. Teams will play within a flight
     of 4 teams
   Sunday: Your first match will be against the final team in your
     flight and the second round on Sunday will pit teams 1 vs.2 and
     3 vs. 4 in your respective flight. A playoff between all flight
     winners and a wildcard will take place immediately following
     play. Lunch and awards to be provided on Sunday.

Senior/Junior Championship
    Saturday August 8th (Rain Date August 16th)
    8:30AM Shotgun Start.
    Open to all Deer Run Members.
    Senior is 50 and over and Junior is under 50.
    6/6/6 Format using 90% Handicap for 18 Holes.

Club Championship
    September 6th,7th, 13th, and 14th (Rain Dates TBD)
    Starting Times To Be Announced.
    Open to all Deer Run Members.
    Men‟s, Women‟s, and Junior‟s brackets
    Entrants will play an 18 hole qualifying round on September 6th.
    Qualifying will be in flights of 8 and begin match play the
      following day. (No Handicaps).
    Consolation bracket for those losing their first match.
Pro Member
    Wednesday, September 17th (Rain Date TBD)
    1:00PM Shotgun Start
    Open to all Deer Run Members
    Guests may be added based on the amount of people signing up.
    There will be 2 pros and 3 members in each group.

   Please contact the Pro Shop for more information regarding
   tournaments including cost.

   The Golf Committee and Golf Staff has the right to modify the
   tournament schedule and formats during the year if necessary.

Informal Tournaments and Events
     There will be pro shop tournaments on most Sundays when a
      tournament is not scheduled.
     Look for emails or call the pro shop for more information.

Men’s League
      Thursday Nights
      Season Long Individual League
      Play May 1st – Sept 11th (20 Weeks)
      Play as little/often as you wish, but count your 10 best scores
      Stableford Scoring System
      Open to Members and Member‟s Guests
      Starting times from 4:30PM – 6:00PM
      Cost is $15 per person for prize funds (Guests must also pay
       Greens Fees)

Women’s League
      Tuesday Nights
      4:45 PM Starting Time
      Play May 6th – August 16th (16 Weeks)
      Open only to EWGA Members
            2007 Tournament Winners
President’s Cup
Men‟s Division - Tim Almquist
Women‟s Division – Kathy Morath

Lou Oberti and Robert Dispoto

Club Championships
Men‟s Club Champion – Steve McCrimlisk
Women‟s Club Champion – Janet Rourke
Men‟s A Flight Champion – Bob Schneider
Men‟s B Flight Champion – Richard Teer

Most Improved Golfers
Most Improved - Richard Teer
Runner Up #1 – Larry Farly
Runner Up #2 – Coach Lentine
                 2008 Golf Committee

Ron Kraft - Co-Chairman, Superintendent Liaison

Tom Moreland - Co-Chairman, Golf Pro Liaison

Doug Taylor - Handicap Chairman, Rules Committee

Jim Butler – Handicap Assistant, Superintendent Liaison, Rules
    Committee, Bag Tag Committee

Marc Martorana – Secretary, Golf Pro Liaison

Sue Blacknick - Treasurer / Bookkeeper, Ladies Golf Liaison

Tim Almquist - Golf Pro Liaison

Frank Alesso - Superintendent Liaison, Bag Tag Committee

Steve McCrimlisk - Member
                 Pro Services Section

Lesson Rates and Packages
      $80 per Hour
      $45 per Half Hour
      Package of 5 One Hour Lessons - $325
      Package of 5 Half Hour Lessons - $195
      Junior Lessons (17 and under) $30 per Half Hour
      Group Lessons, Mens / Womens / Juniors Clinics will also be
       offered throughout the year. Please contact the Pro-Shop for
       additional information

Driving Range:
Individual Sessions
  $6 per Half Hour
  $10 per Hour

Unlimited Use Packages
  $225 for an Individual Unlimited Range Plan
  $375 for a Family Unlimited Range Plan

Driving Range Hours of Operation
  Monday – Closed
  Tuesday thru Friday – 8:00AM to 1 hour before dusk
  Saturday, and Holidays – 7:00AM to 1 hour before dusk
  Sunday – 7:00AM to 5:00PM

Pro Email Address
Advertising Section
  Douglas Bell
Electrical Contractor, Inc.

       Phone: 973-633-0444
        Fax: 973-305-1992

            1982 - 2007

              Years of
           Douglas Bell
        Electrical Contractor

      Emergency Service

         Bucket Truck Service
      Swimming Pools / Hot Tubs
       Pool Bonding and Testing

          NJ License # 6549
Farewell to Jason Morgan and Marty Vybihal
During this past off season, our Head Golf Pro, Marty Vybihal and Golf
Superintendent, Jason Morgan decided to pursue other excellent
opportunities in the golf industry. Marty accepted the position as Head
Golf Pro at Bear Brook Golf Course in Newton, NJ. Jason accepted the
position as Golf Superintendent at a new course that David Glenz is
constructing. Marty was Head Golf Pro at Deer Run for 4 years while
Jason was Superintendent at Deer Run for 7 years. The Golf Committee,
Board of Trustees, and Deer Run Community are very grateful for the
fine work of both these individuals. They both made Deer Run a better
place and we all wish them the best in their new ventures. We would
like to welcome James Famula as the new Head Golf Pro at Deer Run.
We are presently in search of a new Superintendent and should have this
decision finalized before the season opening.

Message from Jim Famula
Deer Run Community,

I‟m happy to now be part of the Deer Run community. You belong to a
great community with a beautiful golf course. I invite you to the Pro
Shop even if you're not a golfer. Maybe it's time to learn how to play
and enjoy the game of golf. Throughout the year I will be conducting a
series of beginner clinics and also offer private lessons. Additionally, I
have exclusive Deer Run logo apparel and golf equipment from all the
leading manufacturers. Please think of the pro shop when you need to
buy a gift as I can ship your item anywhere. Aside from offering you the
best service, I will also guarantee that you will not find it for less
anywhere. So take advantage of this opportunity and give me a call.

Jim Famula, PGA Professional
Repairing ball marks

      Use a pronged ball mark repair
      tool (preferably), knife, key or

      Insert at the edges of the mark-
      not the middle of the

      Bring the edges together with a
      gentle twisting motion, but
      don't lift the center. Try not to
      tear the grass.

      Smooth the surface with a club
      or foot. You're done when it's a
      surface that you would putt

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