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					Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council

The Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council (GSSAC), in partnership with Consumer
Healthcare Products Association (CHPA), will make funds available to help support local
Meth Watch programs in Washington State.

Funds may be given to applicants that meet the criteria below.

• Demonstrate collaboration through the County Meth Action Team
• Submit a grant application (maximum 2 pages)
• Submit a final report which documents program completion according to the grant
application submitted

At this time, money is intended for county-wide efforts. Preference will be given for
applicants that include some funding to encourage community-level involvement.
Interested applicants that do not meet the above criteria may receive technical assistance
from GSSAC. If you are from a local organization, contact GSSAC to see if a county-
wide effort has been initiated. The maximum grant request cannot exceed $750.00.

Funds may be used for: development and/or expansion of the Meth Watch Retailer
Program and/or the Meth Watch Community Presentation Program, printed Meth Watch
materials, reproduction of training videos, community training, distribution of materials,
web site development, and staffing. Please remember that NW Hidta has provided
funding through GSSAC to supply Meth Watch door decals, shelf stickers and tags
throughout Washington State and the supply should meet all state requests.

Application deadline: Available until all funds are gone.
Recipients will be notified within 20 days of receipt of the application.

Submit completed grant application to:
Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council
Attn: Meth Watch Grant Committee
8104 E. Sprague; Spokane Valley, WA 99212
Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council


   1)      Agency Information (Include legal status and connections with the County

           Meth Action Team)

   2)      Contact Information – both Grant Coordinator and County Meth Action Team


   3)      List Key Partners

   4)      Describe your Action Plan on how to use the grant funds

   5)      Additional Sources of Funding to help with the Action Plan

   6)      Financial Request with Budget and Brief Timeline (max amount $750.00)

   7)      Anything else that would be helpful to the Grant Review Committee

   8)      Contact information for the person completing application

   9)      Contact information for the County Meth Action Team Convener (if different)

If you would like to discuss the Action Plan or gain ideas such as hosting a Breakfast of
Champions, etc., please don’t hesitate contacting us.

Linda Thompson, Executive Director
Greater Spokane Substance Abuse Council
8104 E. Sprague; Spokane Valley, WA 99212
509.922.8383 or or LThompson

Marcia Via, Regional Meth Prevention Coordinator
509. 922-8383 or 509.991.7921 or MVia

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