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									At the Heart of Our Community

January/February 2007

                                               DIRECTOR’S UPDATE
                             At long last we are into our new accommodation in Martin Snape House
PAGE 1                      on the St George Barracks site in the town centre. Together with
                            Gosport CAB we are now settling in and we now look forward to working
Directors up-date           to improve our services on behalf of all our members and supporters in
PAGE 2                      Gosport. I would like to take this opportunity to say many thanks to
GVA email & contacts        everyone at Gosport Community Association for all of their support over
Attention all group workers many years in providing our previous home. We will miss them but look
PAGE 3                      forward to maintaining our good working relationship in the future.
Preparation for
volunteering FREE course   Thank you also to all of you who attended the last Compact event which
                           looked at the funding issues that affects us all. It was a very useful
                           meeting which will go a long way in helping us develop the Compact
Law up-dates               Funding Code for Gosport.
                           Another important event that has taken place is the Charities Act
Funding                    becoming law. The Charities Bill received royal assent in November
PAGE 6                     2006 bringing in changes that will have an impact on many of us. I will
                           be circulating information on these changes as soon as I can but if you
Training                   wish to find out more details sooner you should look at the Charity
PAGE 7                     Commission web site:
One to one supervision–
PAGE 8                     Well, like it or not Christmas is nearly on us! As I write for this edition of
                           our newsletter there are only two weeks to go. It has been an eventful
                           year for us at GVA with a very happy conclusion with our move and we
PAGE 9                     are now looking forward to 2007.
Volunteer induction
checklist                  Can I wish you all a very happy Christmas break and a prosperous and
PAGE 10                    successful new year.
News                       Best wishes.
                                             David Miles

 Following the merger with Gosport Development Trust, Gosport Voluntary Action
 would like to wish a very warm welcome to Karen Merritt and all the staff within
            Email & Contact list
             Director – David Miles 023 9258 3836
     Deputy Chief Officer – Karen Merritt
              023 9258 3836
          Admin – Ann McLellan 023 9258 3836
         Admin – Emma Cummings 023 9258 3836         Attention all groupworkers!
          Finance – Angela Weston 023 9252 8511
                                              4M is a small family concern which
           Befriending – Jean Legg               writes and publishes its own 023 9252 9300     educational books on communication,
        Volunteer Centre Manager –           group work and teamwork. There are
              Nicola Staveley               many textbooks, but not much written 023 9258 8347         material which puts sound theory
          Volunteer Centre Admin –           within a friendly, non-academic style,
              Jenny Romicheva                 bringing a note of fun into the text, 023 9258 8347       and attending to anti-discriminatory
         Homeserve – Jackie Pringle           practice. Our books have sold well
      (incorporates DART & gardening)         over the years in the voluntary and
              statutory sectors - they are particularly
               023 9260 1314                  relevant to the work you are doing.
        Dustbusters – Julie Wrightson

              023 9250 3871
   Connect Advocacy – Alison Flack,
Yvonne Collins & Bernadette Beresford
             01329 848649
          Supported Volunteering –
               Peter D’Agostino
                023 9252 3322
        Disability Information Centre –       A book to help members of groups
              Sue Eden-Browne 023 9258 0373
                                              (that's all of us!)

      Rowner Community Development
              023 9258 0096
     Jacky Charman –
    Debbie De-La-Haye –
                                              For full details, with sample pages,

                                         Early January 2007
                                                (dates yet to be set)

                                        8 week certificated

      Enabling Everyone To Volunteer

                       Preparation for
     Venue: the Old Chapel, St Georges Walk, Gosport PN12 1FH
                To reserve a place or to find out more contact
                     Peter Dagostino on 02392 523322
                     or email
        The course is open to everyone regardless of mental or
                          physical disability

New Fire Regulations - Free Sessions

The first Wednesday of each month commencing 09.30 - 12.00 at Southsea Fire Station, Somers
Road sees a presentation covering the new legislation and risk assessment. It is designed for
people (with little or no knowledge) that are employers, run a business or are responsible for fire
safety issues.

For further details of the “Risk Seminar” contact the Technical Fire Safety Team on 92 664656 or
visit the Hampshire Fire Service web site, including the FIRE LOGBOOK
that can be downloaded.

Guides     to     the    new      legislation      can      be      downloaded       free     from

Age Discrimination Legislation
The Age Positive campaign promotes the benefits of employing a mixed-age workforce that
includes older and younger people. We encourage employers to make decisions about
recruitment, training and retention that do not discriminate against someone because of their age.

From 1 October 2006, new laws protect workers from age discrimination. The Employment
Equality (Age) Regulations make it illegal for employers to discriminate against employees,
trainees or job seekers because of their age and ensure that all workers, regardless of age, have
the same rights in terms of training and promotion.

To download a guidance document visit or telephone 0845 715 2000 to
receive a hard copy.

                                        Rowner Access Point
                We want to hold an all day event which will cover all ages etc and be fun, free
                and motivating, empowering people through information in a style that they enjoy.

                To plan this amazing event we need to know what the local people would like!

             The Rowner Family Well-being Festival will be held on the 3rd March 2007 at the
Nimrod Community Centre.

We are asking local people what sort of things they would like, come along and offer any ideas or
suggestions you may have.

Local people want to know what’s out there for young people and how the parents can support
their young.

If anyone wants more information please contact Jacky Charman, Community Development
Officer on 023 9258 0096 or you can email jacky on :

The BBC Children in Need Appeal gives grants to organisations working with disadvantaged
children and young people living in the UK. The children and young people that the Appeal supports
may be affected by:
      illness, distress, abuse or neglect
      behavioural or psychological impairment
      living in poverty or situations of deprivation
There are two closing dates for applications 30th November 2006 and 30th March 2007. The grant
application form can be completed on line at The website also contains a
new grant application toolkit and lots of other information about making an application to BBC
Children in Need.
If you require further information then please contact Austin Riley at

                             HAMPSHIRE COUNTY YOUTH SERVICE
                                          GOSPORT DISTRICT
                                  YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES FUND
    The youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is a pot of money, given to us by the Government, to pay for
                                      young peoples activities.
The YOF offers you the chance to apply for grants so that you and other people in your area can do
                          some of the amazing things you want to do.
                      You do have to meet the grant aid criteria printed on this flyer.
Applying is not difficult so talk to your friends about what you would like to do and then get in touch
            so that we can give you more information and help you with an application.
                               Maria Calway-Kennedy, Senior Youth Worker
                                              Tel: 07779 344769
                                                Grant Criteria
         Applications to the Youth Opportunity Fund must be for groups/young people aged 13-19.
         Applications must be completed by young people.
         Applications must have a sponsor organisation, which must be a constituted group with its
          own bank account, (this maybe an organisation such as a school or youth club, but could
          also be a young people’s group).
         All sections of the application form must be completed.
         Applications form projects that involve or benefit groups of vulnerable young people will be
          given additional weighting in the decision making process.
         Applicants must show how they offer equality of opportunities.
         Applications should be submitted by the 30th of the month.
         Following successful funding, projects must provide feedback to the Youth Funds
          Management Board on the success of their project.

                         HAVANT AND GOSPORT SRB TEAM
                                   TRAINING COURSES
                 Refreshments are available ¼ hour before the course start time
                                               These workshops are free of charge.
                                             Full notes will be supplied to all delegates.

                             TOPIC                                            DATE                VENUE

                                                                       Wednesday             The Acorn Centre
    ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION                                            24 January            76 Eagle Avenue
    If assertiveness has never been your strong point – or if you
    sometimes wonder if you’re being too rigid or to flexible in       9.30 – 12.30
    how you communicate – you’ll welcome the coaching and
    solid advice this course offers

    BUSINESS PLANNING                                                  Thursday              The Acorn Centre
    This practical workshop will help you write an effective           25 January            76 Eagle Avenue
    business plan for a funding bid or strategy. Business Plans
    are increasingly required by many potential funding bodies.        2007                  Wecock
    Participants will receive a Template document and
    opportunity step-by-step on how to complete the plan. Tips         9.30 – 3.00pm
    and advice to make the whole process less work and more
    FINANCIAL BUDGETS/CASH FLOWS                                       Thursday              The Acorn Centre
    This can be used as a follow on from the Business                  8 February            76 Eagle Avenue
    planning course
    A workshop (which helps participants writing a business plan)                            Wecock
    and others undertaking funding bids. It is not for the faint       9.30 – 12.30
    hearted, looking at all the financial aspects of medium/large
    funding bids from understanding to writing cashflow.
    budgets, costing a project and management issues.

                                          To book a place:
                                          Ring Carolyn Wager on 023 9244 6563
                                          Havant Borough Council,
                                          SRB Office, Havant, Hants, PO9 2AX
                                          Fax on 023 9244 6545
                               One to One Supervision
What is supervision?

The main functions of supervision are to maintain focus and motivation: To monitor and review
working practice and perhaps above all, to provide support for the worker.

Why do we need it?

Working with people can be stressful. Most of us are often at the cutting edge, working long hours,
managing a number of different and difficult situations often unaided and usually giving our all to the
service users or clients.
This level of activity and personal commitment is only sustainable in the long term if we are being
properly supported and supervised by the organisation.

We are aware that in busy environments supervision can get relegated to the bottom of the pile –
Both managers and workers can be reluctant to make the time necessary for supervision as other
work commitments seem more pressing. Unfortunately and inevitably this causes stress levels to
build up and may even lead to burn out.

How can we make it more effective?

For supervision to be effective it needs to be regular and consistent. Good managers recognise this
and give supervision the priority and recognition it deserves.
Managing a supervision session is a key management skill and therefore requires training. Effective
Supervision Skills training is a two day course that examines a one to one supervision session, and
explores the range of skills –professional and interpersonal- that are needed of the supervisor. This
includes; building and maintaining the working relationship; clarifying issues and determining
appropriate interventions. All of which will enable both the supervisee and supervisor to feel more
confident and less stressed about their roles.

Effective Supervision is insurance for the service users, the staff and the organisation. It is an
acknowledgement that all workers need support and guidance and demonstrably recognises the
need for continual professional and personal development.

Effective Supervision Skills. (A 2 day Course)
Provided by - IDT Training & Education

Portsmouth. 5th & 6th March 2007

For further information about this two day course, other venues & dates please
visit our website, or email/phone for a course leaflet.



Phone.        01803 299049

                                           2nd Gosport Scout Group

2nd Gosport Scout Group is looking for adults to work with Beaver and Cub Sections.
We meet at the Nimrod Centre Nimrod Drive on Wednesday Evenings
Beavers 5.30 – 6.45pm (5¾ - 8yrs)
Cubs 6.30 –8pm (8 – 10yrs)

We are a friendly group taking part in lots of activities both on the Wednesday evenings but also
some weekends.

No experience needed, as full training will be given. There will also the opportunity to gain an Open
College Network Certificate (equal to NVQ). Volunteers must be willing to complete a CRB check.

      For more information contact Sue Archer (Group Scout Leader) on 02392 524687 or e-mail

                                                    Ghost Walks

                                             7th, 14th, 21st February

    Discover the fate of past workers in a twilight - guided walk through the historic buildings of the
    Royal Navy’s munitions stores at Priddy’s Hard. Tea and Coffee will be served before and after
                                 the walk in the Museum Boardroom.

                       Tickets: £4.00 - Limited places so please book in advance

                                                Explosion! Museum



                                                    "I am nobody
                                               Nobody is perfect
                                     Therefore, I must be perfect!"

                              Gosport Voluntary Action is a company limited by Guarantee.
                                   Registered in England & Wales Number 4191320
                                          Registered charity number 1087177
                                   The views in our NEWS may not be shared by us.
                       Gosport Voluntary Action, Martin Snape House, 96 Pavilion Way, Gosport PO12 1FG
                                    Please Telephone: ( 023 9258 3836 or fax 023 9260 2505

                 We are grateful for the support of Gosport Borough County Council and all our Volunteers

                 Volunteer Induction Checklist


       Trustee/Committee Member Application Form
During the last two Volunteer Co-ordinator Forums, one or two of you have
asked me to either find or develop two particular forms. I have now
prepared two draft forms, as I have been unable to find either on
Volunteering England, the Governance Hub or the NCVO websites. I
would be delighted to send out one or both to anyone who is interested. If
you would like to see a copy, please email Jennie Romicheva on: or me on: I would be very
interested to receive constructive criticism or any additions or

For further information look at the following: and then Good
Practice Bank

Happy Christmas, Nicky Staveley

We have been offered a colour printer/fax/copier/scanner - HP K80 and
TRUST flat-bed scanner free to collect.

Any charitable organisation interested in this equipment can contact:

Gosport Voluntary Action on 023 9258 3836
                                       Good News for DAG

Members of the Disability Activity Group received a welcome boost on December 13th, when they
were presented with a cheque for £250 from the Southern Co-operatives Foundation.
The GVA project meets in the Old Chapel, St George’s Walk, and was set up to meet the needs of
disabled people who are socially isolated and want to achieve personal independence. The
donation is the result of an application to the Community Award Scheme 2006 and the money will
enable the Group to participate in fun and mentally stimulating workshops to help them achieve
their aims.
Everyone at the Disability Activity Group greatly appreciates the award and would like to
wholeheartedly thank the Southern Co-operatives Foundation for their support.

                                           Annual Scoot

Gosport Shopmobility and Age Concern had their annual scoot from Waterlooville to Bury House on
the 1st December 2006. Members of both groups participated in this event, the oldest competitor
was Rose whose a young bubbly 80+. Rose felt younger than we did when we arrived.

The mayor, Councillor June Cully met us all at the Gosport Ferry and guided the group home to
Bury House where light refreshments were available. The Mayor kindly presented 3 Hampers 1 to
Bury House Age Concern, the Lutman Centre and Cheshire Homes, Lee-on-the-solent.

All funds raised will be divided between Shop Mobility and Age Concern. So far £450.00 had been
counted and we still have sponsor money coming in.

                              OUR FIRST HOME WARMING PARTY

                                MINCE PIE & COFFEE MORNING

 Gosport Voluntary Action held its annual mince pie and coffee morning on 14th December 2006.
    This event was our first in the new building and was very successful with approximately 40
 volunteer attendants from a variety of groups, including Befriending, Office Volunteers, Disability
                 Information Centre, Shopmobility and Supported Volunteering.

Gosport Voluntary Action would like to thank The Mayor, Councillor June Cully for kindly presenting
     Certificates to volunteers for completing an eight week course, Preparing to Volunteer.

Thank you to Peter Carroll for organising the supply of mince pies for the morning which were very
                                   kindly donated by the Co-op.

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