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cpalead tricks


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									                   How to make money with CPALEAD
CpaLead hasn’t been around for that long, but the idea and structure of the company are amazing. They
  are company that practices sustainability. I want to point this out to you now, this year in December,
2009 they gave everyone net 15 payout instead of net 30 so all their affiliate would have money for the
 holidays. Now I am a partner of many networks and I must say that none of them are willing to do that
   or are even as considerate of their affiliates. With that being said let’s get down to making money.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for CPALead and become a publisher.


*or you can sign up under my referral


 You have to be accepted into their network. A couple good ways to get accepted are by having a
website that offers the following, videos, movies, game cheats, exclusive videos, ebooks anything you
can think of that people would be willing to complete a survey to get access too. It’s pretty simple if that
doesn’t work and you do not get accepted into the network, you can use these contacts and speak with
the affiliate/publisher manager directly and you should be accepted.

Aim – CPALeadJeremy
Yim – CPALeadJeremy

Ok, so you have been accepted into the network! Now comes the fun part, well at least making money is
fun, ha.

Yahoo Answers

People really don’t think they can make money with yahoo answers but it’s really the easiest method to
make at least $50 a day. You just need to get some level 2 accounts then search questions under
advances that are still open and post your link. For example people made thousands off of “Watch New
Moon.” Take a look pretty easy.


Just come give people what they want, new movies, ufc fights, tv shows you name it. They just have to
complete a survey to watch it, and you make money.

If you want to check the top movie’s being searched you can check two reliable sources


There you have it, now remember those two sites because they are going to come in handy for finding
out what people are searching for. Now we move on to the next method.


This method is really simple, you just need to find the right videos people want to watch again and post
clips saying youtube will not allow this content, and tell them to click the link in your description. It
works like a charm people search youtube all day for movies and videos online. Remember since you are
reading this ebook you are most likely already ahead of 90% of the curve. Not everyone is an internet
marketer like you! Just because you aren’t dumb enough to click on links and do surveys doesn’t mean
the other 90% aren’t just dumb things down a bit and don’t over analyze.

Example of a youtube video with CPALead

Just get one video, someone probably already has one up. Get FlashGot if you want to download anyone
youtube video. It’s a free firefox extension and really come in handy.


Ok so you now have a video, now you should convert it and make it into 30 videos, just cut off a second
of each video with your favorite video editing software. Personally I use Xillisoft, but I can’t give you
everything, sorry.

How do I make a lot of youtube accounts fast?

Well you can either buy them, or just use gmail accounts. It takes like 10 second to make a new youtube
account using a gmail account, trust me.

Will youtube ban me?

They may if you upload a crapload of video all from the same IP address, but it will only be temporary.
To get around this I recommend using a VPN. I use cyberghost it is free and it is totally anonymous.


And that’s pretty much the youtube method, you can put your own spin on things and make even more

I’ve moved away from this method personally, but still know a ton of people making bank from it. You
can post listing on craiglist giving away free things, game items, paperclips whatever… and then send
them to your CPALead site. They have to complete a survey to get what you are offering, working like a
charm. Pretty simple and straight forward this can bring you a ton of traffic.


Blasting forums with newly released movies can make you bank. Xrumer I know you all have heard of it
this is one thing it is really good at. You can get thousands of backlinks super fast and watch the traffic
roll in. You can do it by hand if you wantm, it just takes way longer. Forums are a great way to get extra
traffic to your CPALead website.

Real Bank

So you want to make like 20k in 2 days? A guy on CPALead bought “watchnewmoononline.com” and in
two days he had already made $15 which is practically a down payment on a house. Just from one
keyword rich domain. Find a new movie that hasn’t come out yet but the domain and do your research
and watch the money roll in faster than ever. You may need to do a little SEO but Blackhatworld should
have taught you well and if it hasn’t start searching the forums, I know it helped me.

Ok, guys I think I covered enough this should help you make at least $100 a day

If you liked my tutorial please sign up under my referral link =]


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