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Centre Information

Hauteville sur Mer
Normandy, France

                       Acorn Adventure - Hauteville-sur-Mer

Hauteville sur Mer is situated near to Granville on the picturesque west coast
of Normandy. Established in 1984, the Centre is well developed and provides
an excellent range of activities in a fun and safe environment. The region is
largely untouched by foreign tourism and gives an authentic view of French
Hauteville offers:
         Three Villages.
         Golden, sandy beaches only five minutes' walk away.
         A full programme of land and water activities.
         Excellent public sports facilities.
         Many local areas of cultural and historical interest.

Acorn Adventure
Camping du Nord
Hauteville sur Mer
50590 Montmartin
                     Acorn Adventure - Hauteville-sur-Mer

Group Member Tents
Group tents usually sleep 4 people, but can
accommodate up to 5. They are made in
waterproof    and     fire   retardant PVC
exclusively for Acorn Adventure. Solid
flooring and metal-framed beds with foam
mattresses are provided in each tent.

Party Leaders' Tents
     These have an inner tent, lighting,
     electricity, wardrobes and patio
     Acorn Adventure does not supply
     bedding in any of the tents.
     Please remember to pack a
     sleeping bag, pillow and single
     cover sheet.
      Important Note: In the case of
      small groups joining with other small groups, we cannot guarantee
      that each Party Leader's tent will be equipped as described.
There are two standard villages, and one
Super village.

Standard Village
      Each has 16 tents and can
      accommodate up to 60 people (13
      tents for young people plus three
      leaders' tents). Special arrangements
      can be made for larger groups.
      For reasons of safety and of ratios
      dictated by governing body guidelines
      we can only guarantee activities for 48
      We guarantee exclusive use of a
      village for 40 or more full paying
      people. Groups consisting of less than
      40 full paying people will be paired
      with another small like-minded group.
Damage: Please report any damage to tents or other equipment to
 your Groups' Manager or Village Representative so that it can be
repaired promptly. The cost of damage caused by wilful practice or
     negligence will have to be settled before your departure.
                       Acorn Adventure - Hauteville-sur-Mer

Super Village
       Each village has 22 tents and can accommodate up to 80 people (18
       tents for young people plus four leaders' tents). Special
       arrangements can be made for larger groups.
       For reasons of safety and of ratios dictated by governing body
       guidelines we can only guarantee activities for 60 people.

Each Village has a marquee for meeting,
greeting and eating. It has wooden
flooring, electric light, notice board,
furniture and food-serving area. A fridge
and hot drink facilities are available for
visiting adults. Children should not be
allowed to use the marquee unsupervised.
Games area
There is a volleyball court and boules area on each Village, and a full size
football pitch in the area.
Drying facilities
Drying lines are provided so please do not drape wet clothes over or
inside tents. In the event of clothing not drying because of persistent poor
weather we will be happy to make alternative arrangements .
Local services
Details of local doctors, dentist, banks, shops, places of interest etc. are
available at our Centre office.
Acorn Adventure Shop
Our shop offers a limited range of confectionery and merchandise such as
Acorn Adventure T-shirts, caps, mugs, glasses and key rings .
Toilets and Showers
The toilets and showers are located near to each Village.
        There are five toilets for boys and three toilets for girls.
        There are five showers for boys and five showers for girls.
        Party Leaders are able to share the staff toilets and showers.
        There is a toilet / shower which is wheel chair accessible.
        Payment cards / tokens are not required.
There is a telephone box about 200 metres away for which telephone
cards are required. Phone cards are available from local shops .
The Centre is surrounded by a perimeter fence, and there is a gated
entrance by our office; other entrances are lockable.
                       Acorn Adventure - Hauteville-sur-Mer

Security Measures
Security lighting is installed at strategic points throughout the camp and
there are also a number of CCTV cameras. There are guard dog and
CCTV warning signs placed around the site to deter unwanted visitors.

Duty Tent
There is always a member of Acorn's staff on
night duty, and they are situated in the Duty
Tent, which is placed in a prominent part of
the centre. This person can be contacted
throughout the night in the case of an

Raising The Alarm
There are steel drums placed in the middle of each village for raising the fire
alarm and you are then asked to congregate at the assembly point
                       Acorn Adventure - Hauteville-sur-Mer

Adventure Programme
The activities included in your programme depend on the duration of your
stay, and are subj ect to prevailing weather conditions and other
operational factors. The Centre's courtesy call to you a few days before you
set off will include reference to your programme of activities.
We will do our very best to accommodate
any special wishes you may express.
However, because individual group plans
must be made within an overall context,
no guarantee c an be made unles s
confirmed in writing.
Activities are delivered by our staff to suit
the age and experience of your group
members. The sessions are progressive
and each activity session begins with a short introduction followed by
practical instruction and concluded with a short feedback session.
The activity programme for each group is based on groups of twelve
participants including the Party Leader. If the number of participants
exceeds forty-eight (standard village) or sixty (super village) to maintain our
approved instructor to participants ratio, Party Leaders are unable to take
part in activities.
The typical day
A typical activity day is divided into three sessions. Several activities run
simultaneously during a session, each conducted with a group of twelve or
fewer participants. A typical day will proceed as follows:

      8.00               Rise and Shine

      8.30               Breakfast in your marquee

      9.30    -12.30     Morning activity session

      13.00   -14.30     Lunch

      14.30   -17.30     Afternoon activity session

      17.30   -18.00     Free time for shopping, games etc.

      18.00   -19.30     Evening meal

      19.30   -21.30     Evening activities

      22.00              Quiet

Times are approximate and may be subject to change
                       Acorn Adventure - Hauteville-sur-Mer


Raft Building
Raft building is an exc ellent way
to d evel op t eam work, c r eati vit y
and in iti ati ve, and it is als o
gr eat f un. Materials are provided,
though not always given: teams have
to earn them or find them from clues
given by the Instructors. The session
finishes with a competition to put the
work of the group to the test.

The kayak session takes place on a river about ten minutes drive from the
Centre and is ideal for beginners to master the rudiments or for more
experienced paddlers to undertake more advanced activity. Kayaks can be
used to encourage individual confidence.

Mission Impossible
An excellent activity that encourages both group involvement and
individual initiative. A series of problematic situations is based around a
themed challenge. Participants take turns to lead their group.
Competitive elements can be introduced according to the nature of the group
as a whole.

An activity that promotes agility,
coordination and balance.
Opponents face each other, kitted
out in a face mask, padded tunics
and gloves and the aim is to score
contact points using a foil.

Climbing and Abseiling
A range of climbs is used, in suitable and safe
locations offering an ideal introduction to climbing
and abseiling. Instruction is given to suit both the
beginner and the more experienced participant.
Archery tuition in the basic skills is given under supervised conditions
following strict guidelines set our by the Grand National Archery Society.
Competitions and games help to consolidate these techniques. These skills
are easily mastered and extremely satisfying for all ages.

Although not "Orienteering' in the strict sense of the word, routes have
been devised around the area, where groups work their way using map and
compass or pictures to find a series of clues. The exercise can be adjusted
to suit the ability of the participants.

High and Low Ropes Course
This is a great activity to
provide participants with self
confidence. There are numerous
tasks that include overhead walkways.

Places to visit
         Arromanches                                       (55 miles)
         Bayeux Tapestry and War Memorial Museum           (45)
         Chateau de Gratot                                 (6)
         Fougeres Castle                                   (50)
         Jersey Day Trip
         La Cite de la Mer, Cherbourg
         Mont St. Michel                                   (40)