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SPAIN PARK HIGH HEALTH EXAM Review Sheet List three characteristics by bigbubbamust


									                     SPAIN PARK HIGH / HEALTH EXAM 07-08
                                  Review Sheet

List three characteristics of people with high self-esteem
         o Can easily talk with/in front people
         o Can easily be assertive
         o Look out for the well being of themselves and others

FACT: Someone with high self-esteem usually can over come peer pressure because they… have
the skills necessary to say no and can stand up for themselves

List three factors of someone who is not mentally healthy person might have to endure?

        o   Often misunderstood by others
        o   Need to received medical and/or psychological treatment
        o   Often fear causes discriminations

Many people who attempt suicide do so as… a cry out for help. They often do not was to
actually end their lives.

A victim of sexual assault should never Take a shower or bath before going to the hospital or

Know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic. Be able to give 2 examples of each.

        o   Aerobic need an INCREASE of oxygen for the muscle to work properly (Works
            muscle endurance).
                Running/jogging, walking, dancing ect.
        o   Anaerobic DOES NOT require an increase of oxygen to work properly (Works
            muscle strength, power, or speed)
                Weight lifting of all kinds
                Sprinting

To gain aerobic benefit you must raise your heart rate to the Target Heart Rate Zone which is
 the Zone which one will receive aerobic benefit. It is also the safe zone for aerobic workout.

FACT: Aerobic activity should be done a minimum of 3-5 times a week for approximately 30
 minutes each session.

What are spot reducing exercises? Exercises that help to reduce problem areas. For example
 crunches for weak/flabby abs. Leg lifts and squats for thighs.

Know the differences between high reps/low weights and low reps/high weights. What are the
 benefits of each type of weight lifting?

        o   High reps/ low weight usually is done to increase muscle endurance and for toning
            the muscle. Often used by women more than men.
        o    High weight/ low reps is generally used for increasing muscular strength and size.
             Used to “bulk up”
A sedentary lifestyle is quickly adding to the obesity epidemic in America and causing many
 health related problems such as heart disease. What has caused Americans to become so
        o Modern day conveniences and technology has caused America to become much
             lazier over the past three decades. Because of this America is the Fattest Nation in
             the world.

Compare and contrast obesity and overweight.
      o Being over weight is being heavy for ones height.
      o Being obese means the 20% higher than ones recommended body weight.
      o NOTE: Someone can be overweight and not be obese. Someone can be obese and
          not because of fat. For example body builders are often classified as obese, but
          their BMI (body mass index) is in the healthy range.

What is the purpose of the Food Guide Pyramid?
        o Gives the guideline so that ALL FOOD GROUPS can become a part of the healthy
            daily diet.
Know the difference between complete and incomplete protein foods and be able to list two
 examples of each.
        o Complete proteins will digest by themselves.
                  Usually ANIMAL products eggs, milk. meat
        o Incomplete proteins need to be added to another incomplete protein to be digested.
                  Usually plant products. Peanuts are incomplete and bread is
                     incomplete…but a peanut butter sandwich is COMPLETE.

Fiber is most known for preventing which disease? Colon Cancer What are good sources of
 fiber? Grains, breads, vegetables, fruit.

Heart disease can be caused from eating a large amount of what type of fat? Saturated fat

Know the different types of cholesterol. HDL- good LDL- bad Know the purpose of each.
 LDL attached to the inner walls of the arteries. HDL helps to clear out LDL and digest it.

Know the three different types of eating disorders. List three characteristics of each. Also
 know how they are treated.

        o   Anorexia Nervosa –
                 self starvation
                 ritualistic secret eating habits
                 distorted body image
                 obsessive calorie counting
                 over exercise
        o   Bulimia nervosa
                 Binge eating followed by a purge of vomiting, laxatives, and over exercising
                 Secretive eating habits
                 oral/dental issues
                 severe mal nutriment
                 over exercising
        o   Over Eater
                   Unconscious eating
                   Binge eating (large amounts of food in one sitting)
                   Weight gains/fluctuations.
Know the four main classifications of drugs and what effects they have. (stimulants, depressants,
 hallucinogens, and opiates)
        o Stimulants- wake you up, increase heart rate, and increase breathing rate, causes
            irritability and restlessness, feeling of euphoria or invincibility (meth, cocaine, speed,
        o Depressants- complete opposite of stimulants. Slows breathing and pulse
            significantly sometimes to the coma levels. (sleeping pills, date rape drugs, alcohol)
        o Hallucinogens- can have a variety of effect physically. Causes a distortion of reality
            in time, visual images, and noises. (LSD, Mushrooms)
        o Opiates- a mild combination of all three begins as a stimulant and ends as a
            depressant. Physical symptoms are euphoria, pain relief, numbness, and mild
            hallucinations. (morphine, heroine)

What is Rophynol?
        o Nick named “Ruffies” #1 used date rape drug

FACT : Long term marijuana can cause someone to have a lack of motivation, damage brain
 cells, and lead to the use of more serious drugs.

Prescription drug use is on a rise because they are easy to obtain, given by doctors. Oxycontin is
 one that is most frequently used because it is similar to the high of heroine.

What age group usually abuses inhalants and why? Young TEENS because it is often things
 found around the house such as cleaning materials and paints.

Accidental injuries and suicide most often occur when someone abuses what drug? hallucinogens

Carcinogens are chemicals that cause and form of cancer
Tobacco accounts for ___approx 100,000 deaths in the US____ per year? FACT: Tobacco use
 related diseases are the #1 avoidable cause of death.

What is the difference between smokeless tobacco and smoking tobacco? What are different
 health concerns for each?

Define COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder

        o    Combination of chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema

List 5 warning signs of someone who is suffering from alcoholism.
        o Money problems
        o Relationship problems/change in friends
        o Mood changes
        o Secretive activity
        o Depression
        o Chronic fatigue and medical problems
What are 3 negative effects alcohol has on society?
       o Increase in fatal accidents
       o Increase in violent crime
       o Decrease in productivity
       o Increase is cost of medical and automobile insurance
       o Increase of taxes.
What are 3 negative effects alcohol has on the family?
       o Financial problems
       o Increase of Domestic violence
       o Abuse/neglect of children
       o Loss of job/income
       o Increase of divorce

FAS or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is caused when a mother drinks during pregnancy. Can Causes
 mild to severe mental and physical defects.

3 ways alcoholism treated?

        o   Inpatient treatment centers (rehab)
        o   Out-patient counseling (AA)
        o   Hospital treatments (medical treatments)
        o   Friends and family counseling (Al-anon, al-teen)

The zero tolerance laws mean…Anyone one under the age of 21 with ANY amount of alcohol
 in their system will be arrested and possible loose their license.

A BAC of 0.10 will result in a DWI which is worse than a BAC of 0.08 will result in a DUI if
 you are pulled over while drinking and driving.

Casual contact CAN NOT pass HIV from an infected to an uninfected person. Only
 __SEXUAL__ contact or sharing _Needles. Both of which exchange bodily fluids such as
 semen, vaginal secretions, or blood.

HIV is a disease that attacks the Helper T cells in the immune system.

AIDS is a disease formed by a weakened immune system.

Drugs that are used to treat HIV are called _Drug Combination Therapy. How are they
 designed to prolong the onset of AIDS? They slow the replication of the virus.

Why are teens (13-19) among the fast growing group of people being infected with HIV?

        o   Uneducated about the disease and how it is spread
        o   Experimental partners instead of long-term committed relationships
        o   Too embarrassed to buy protections
        o   Do not get TESTED

The first 2 months is the Ectopic stage part of pregnancy and the first 3 months is known as the
 1st trimester.
Ectopic pregnancies are dangerous because it means the fertilized egg implanted somewhere
 other than the nutrient rich uterus. This is dangerous and often results in a miscarriage.

FACT Being successful often has to do with being able to set goals and prioritize them.

Time management is being able to accomplish your desired goals in a timely manor at the desired

Someone on the verge of committing suicide often do the display the following signs obvious
 signs of depression, possible self mutilations/changes, withdrawal from friend and family,
 saying “good byes”, giving away personal items

Hazing means making a younger person to do certain things in order to “be friends” or a
 member of the group.

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