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2009 Golf Schedule


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									                              2010 Golf Schedule
      26th      BMGA Kickoff Party
March                                             3rd    BMGA Stroke Play
        13th    Opening Day Event                 5th    Holiday Scramble
                                                  6-7    Aerification of Greens
April                                             23rd   BMGA Friday Night Lights
        1st     Couples Twilighter                29th   Couples Twilighter
        10th    Masters 2-Man                     31-1   BMGA Ole 49’er
        17-18   Spring Calcutta
        22nd    BMGA Steak & Brew          August
        30th    BMGA Friday Night Lights        5th      BMGA Steak & Brew
                                                7th      BMGA Stroke Play
May                                             13th     BMGA Friday Night Lights
        6th     Couples Twilighter              21-22    Men’s Club Championship
        15th    BMGA Stroke Play                26th     Couples Twilighter
        21st    BMGA Friday Night Lights        28-29    Men’s Club Championship
        23rd    Couples Event                            Match Play Finals
        27th    BMGA Steak & Brew
        31st    Memorial Day Scramble      September
                                                 4-5     BMGA Summer Calcutta
June                                             6th     Labor Day Scramble
        5-6   BMGA Spring                        17th    BMGA Friday Night Lights
              Member – Member                    23rd    BMGA Steak & Brew
        11th  BMGA Glow Ball                     30th    Couples Twilighter
              9 Hole Event                       TBA     Couples Sunday Event
        18th  BMGA Friday Night Lights
        24-26 36th Annual BMGA             October
              Member/Guest                       14th    BMGA Steak & Brew
                                                 TBA     Couples Club Championship
                                                 TBA     Ryder Cup Event
                                                 TBA     Senior Club Championship

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