Foreign Bill of Exchange


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									This is a document that signifies a payment drawn up in one country that is payable in a
foreign country. This document can be used to exchange dollars, pounds, or sterling,
but can easily be modified by the user to exchange any type of currency. Instead of
carrying large amounts of cash while traveling, this document can be used to ensure the
safety of an exchange by allowing the payee to receive the cash amount once they
arrive at the pre-determined location. This document is ideal for small businesses who
are engaged in international trade or by individuals traveling for leisure purposes to
ensure the safety of bill exchange.
                      FOREIGN BILL OF EXCHANGE

Place _________

Date _________

No.____(Reference no.)______

Exchange for _______ (Dollars/pounds/Sterling)

At sight of this first of exchange or at _____ (No. of days) ______ after sight of this First of
Exchange (second of the same date and tenor remaining unpaid), pay to ____(Name)____, or
order the sum of _________ (Dollars/pounds/Sterling) (________(Dollars/pounds/Sterling)),
for value received, and charge the sum paid to the account of _____(Name)____ against your
letter of credit No. ____________________ dated ___________.

Drawer (Name)



  Drawee (Name)

  __________ (Address)

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