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									Aerosol Delivery System AES-02
Aerosol delivery system AES-02 is an accessory for fabrication of optical fiber preforms, where special
dopants and precursors are delivered into deposition zone by aerosol technology. This method permits
either aerosol or direct particle deposition techniques (in-situ deposition) to be used in fabrication of highly
doped        amplifier       fibers
(EDFAs) or dual clad (laser)
fibers.      Using       nebulizer,
dissolved reagents are sent
into      deposition     zone    in
substrate tube in the form of
liquid, finely dispersed into
very small droplets.

AES-02 unit is an add-on device for standard MCVD preform making system (but can be used with OVD
and PCVD devices as well), which permits use of MCVD preform lathe for fabrication of standard preforms
when aerosol process is not used. It can be (on customer’ request) integrated with deposition system
control software and process computer.
                                               AES-02 aerosol system consists of:
                                               ??   nebulizer assembly with aerosol generator, reagent tank with
                                                    thermal bath, circulation pump and quartz sliding tube

                                               ??            s
                                                    Optacore’ rotary seal for aerosol applications (RSH-03, see
                                                    separate catalogues), for aerosol delivery directly into hot
                                                    zone, using sliding quartz tube, moving in unison with burner

                                               ??   sliding support mechanism, made of sturdy, lightweight
                                                    extruded aluminum profiles and fixed to lathe headstock

                                               ??   control cabinet with power supply, front panel commands for
                                                    manual operation and optional interface to deposition line
                                                    control system

                                               ??   installation and start-up support by Optacore personnel

                                               ??   OPTION: mass flow controller, power supply and control
                                                    electronics for carrier gas (helium gas recommended)

                                     ? ? OPTION: process support or know-how
AES-02 aerosol system permits use of reagent solutions containing glass forming materials (i.e. TEOS or
even silica particles), rare earth ion precursors (chelates, acetates), aluminum, germanium or phosphorous
containing precursors, dissolved in water, alcohol or cyclic organic solvents. The choice of precursor

 OptaCore d.o.o.                                 Ident no. SI 63438593                           AES-02CAT-51206V1.DOC/BL
 Reg. no. 1/34693 in Ljubljana    Licence no. 1628836      Capital 3 800 000 SIT   IBAN SI56020180090307350 Swift: BASI2X
materials is wide and permits research and development engineer to vary glass compositions with precision
and to develop new materials or characteristics
Aerosol process is suited for in-situ deposition of
highly doped glass layers in fabrication of rare earth
doped amplifier and dual clad fibers. Doping by
transition elements and metal ions is also possible.
By its versatility and wide choice of reagents, it
provides development and research engineers with
exciting possibilities to design new and improved
silica glass materials and products.

Optacore offers AES-02 with full installation and process start-up support. Customers receive a list of most
suitable solvents and precursor materials, as well as training in set-up and preform fabrication procedures
as part of commissioning work. When required, process support or know-how in fabrication of specific
products and use of specific processes or compositions can be offered (option).
                                                            ACCESSORIES & CUSTOM DESIGN
                                                            AES-02 aerosol system can be installed to a wide
                                                            spectrum of preform lathes (Photonium, Heathway, SGC,
                                                            Nextrom,    Arnold,       Litton,     Lefevre    and     others)    by
                                                            modifications to rotary seal design and fixing parts for the
                                                            sliding mechanism. It can be combined with Optacore’
                                                            CDS-03 Chelate Doping system, through use of the same
                                                            rotary seal assembly.

Dimensional data:                                                    Process data:
Control box (D x W x H in mm)       120 x 200 x 250                  Size of reagent charge               200 – 400 ml
                                                                     Minimum reagent charge               150 ml
Aerosol unit with tank and nebulizer 200 x 150 x 350                 Hourly delivery rate (at 25 °C)      approx. 50 ml
                                                                                                          (viscosity as water)
Sliding support (L x W x H in mm)   1750 x 200 x 200                 Inert gas for carrier (He)           Purity 99.995%
                                                                                         OH-              below 1 ppmw
Electrical data:                                                                         THC              below 1 ppmw
Power connection                    220 V 50 Hz, fuse 6 A                                Inlet pressure   2 – 5 bar
                                    EURO cord                                            Consumption      10 slm max
Power consumption approx.           max. 500 W                       Number of mass flow controllers      1
                                                                     Type and flow through MFC                                  d
                                                                                                          He 0.2 to 10 slm recom’
Electrical data – US version:
Power connection                    110 V, fuse 10 A                 Nebulizer temperature                20°C to 60°C, ±2 °C
                                    Power cord USA type                                                   RTD sensor, PID control

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                   1000 Ljubljana            

Note: Optacore reserves the right to change construction and/or specification of this product without notice.

 OptaCore d.o.o.

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