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									Job Description
And person specification

Part A: Details of post
Division                   Human Resources
Branch/Unit                Integrated Corporate Services
Job Title                  Health & Safety Advisor

Grade                      SEO
Location                   Various UK locations

Reports        Job title   Health, Safety & Wellbeing
to:                        Manager
               Grade       7

Reports on
Conditions                 Full Time
Reference number           SEO/ 980/981

Part B: Job Description
Organisational Position

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Job Description
And person specification


 The FSA is going through considerable change. A new strategic plan is being developed for the
 period commencing in 2010. The FSA’s executive agency, the Meat Hygiene Service (MHS) is
 about to go through a machinery of Government change to make it an integrated part of the FSA.
 This element of the change programme is titled ‘One Agency’. The Corporate Services Function of
 both the FSA and the MHS are combining to create an ‘Integrated Corporate Service’ and the
 combined HR function is being structured; the new model being based on the ‘Business Partner’
 concept, with a centralised ‘Specialist Services’. In addition the HR function is to have a new
 Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which is currently being selected.

 Job Purpose

 The Health & Safety Advisor (HSA) is the first point of contact for the provision of competent
 professional health and safety advice across the organisation.

 Working as within HR Specialist Services they will;

     Support business areas and key stakeholders to assess risk, identify and act upon health &
     safety issues, and will act as a coach and consultant as required – is responsible for ensuring
     managers and staff have access to up to date, fit for purpose and reasonably practicable

     Support the process of corporate governance as well as contribute to a range of corporate
     initiatives to meet Agency needs including a lead role in the research, design and delivery of
     corporate policies.

     Be responsible for supporting management teams to ensure compliance with a wide range of
     legislation and corporate policies whilst supporting and advising key stakeholders on risk
     management and the delivery of sound health & safety solutions.

 Key Responsibilities

         Keeping abreast of business issues, contribute to and influence managerial decisions to
         ensure that such processes are underpinned by informed positions capable of
         withstanding scrutiny within a context of corporate governance, risk management and

         Deliver an advisory and audit service to the organisation contributing to effective risk
         management including the successful management of risks arising from contract service

         Provide advice to and/or direct control over incident investigations and act as a competent
         advisor in cases of personal injury claims, liaising with legal advisers, HR and other
         professionals to provide a clear opinion to inform the case decision making process

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Job Description
And person specification

 Key Responsibilities

         Take a lead role within the health and safety advisory service in the design and delivery of
         learning solutions

         Analyse performance information to advise and challenge managers where appropriate
         and inform the development and on-going management of the health and safety system

         Liaise with Human Resource Advisors and Occupational Health service providers to
         identify and assist in cases of absence caused by injury or occupational ill health and
         directly contribute to the design and implementation of specific return to work and wider
         preventative packages, ensuring that solutions are fit for purpose

         Under the framework of the organisation’s Health and Safety Policy, research, design and
         deliver specific technical policy solutions to meet business needs

         Ensure the provision of subject matter expertise relating to health and safety across a
         range of projects and initiatives across the organisation

         Develop strong relationships with key stakeholders to ensure the delivery of an efficient
         and effective customer-facing health & safety service across the business. This includes
         direct engagement with FBOs, TU Reps and enforcement authority personnel to ensure
         professional and competent representation of the organisation

         Contribute to initiatives aimed at securing or achieving positive wellbeing outcomes across
         the business acting as a support adviser where appropriate

         Observe the Agency’s Equal Opportunities Policies and Procedures with regard to all
         aspects of work

         Maintain confidentiality of the Agency’s internal communications, records and
         commercially sensitive information and have a working knowledge of information security,
         Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act

         Observe and adhere to the Agency’s Health & Safety Policies and Procedures with
         regards to all aspects of work

Part C: Person specification
• For posts from AA to Grade 6 level, the Agency’s Core Competency Framework applies. This
  can be viewed at:
• For posts at Grade 7 and above, the Professional Skills for Government also apply. These can
  be viewed at: or
• Highlight any aspects of these competency frameworks that are particularly important to the post.

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Job Description
And person specification

Essential Criteria

Collaborative Working

               Proven experience in internal stakeholder engagement (including Trade Union Safety
               Representatives), relationship building, managing expectations, challenging and
               influencing thoughts and decisions including upwards management, as well as guiding
               and influencing the development of health & safety policy

               Proven experience in developing strong links with external stakeholders and contractors
               including the management of health and safety risks arising from contract arrangements

               Proven experience in supporting incident investigations to ensure that incidents are
               investigated thoroughly and unsafe areas or practices are identified and dealt with. The
               ability to work with Legal, HR and other professionals to analyse evidence relating to
               Personal Injury Claims and provide opinions as necessary

               Proven experience of supporting line managers by providing a specialist health & safety
               consultancy advice service

               Proven experience in handling difficult situations, solving health and safety problems
               and delivering pragmatic solutions in a creative, practical way


               Proven experience in communicating complex issues effectively at a variety of levels,
               both in writing and verbally, in a clear concise manner with the capability to adapt to the
               needs of the audience and situation

               Proven experience in delivering persuasive argument to achieve positive outcomes

               Well developed influencing skills which have supported a reduction in health & safety

Analysis and use of evidence

               Proven experience in encouraging others to review their own analysis or view, and is
               able to provide constructive feedback effectively

               Proven ability to proactively analyse, produce and use health & safety statistics,
               management information and evidence to support policy development and change, as
               well as the ability to identify any trends and make recommendations to prevent

Delivering Results

               Proven ability to proactively analyse, produce and use health & safety statistics,
               management information and evidence to support policy development and change, as
               well as the ability to identify any trends and make recommendations to prevent

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Job Description
And person specification

Essential Criteria

               Proven experience of being able to self-start and manage on a remote worker basis
               capable of making decisions and operating with accountability

               Proven ability to identify, assess and manage risk appropriately and is aware of cost
               associated to action taken, and is able to monitor health & safety solutions for
               cost/risk/benefit effectiveness

Know How

               Holder of, working toward or willingness to study successfully, the NEBOSH Diploma (or
               an equivalent) and membership of a national, professional health and safety body

               Detailed knowledge of the health and safety statutory framework

               Considerable experience in conducting risk assessments, investigations, audits and

Desirable Criteria

               Professional qualification and experience sufficient to enable corporate or chartered
               membership of a national, professional health and safety body

               Knowledge of health and safety management systems, in particular HSG 65

               Significant practical experience of working in health and safety of a complex, multi-site

               Demonstrable understanding of the wellbeing agenda within an occupational context
               and involvement in related initiatives

               Experience in participating in training development and delivery (either on a one to one
               basis or to groups)

               Experience of delivering against business and personal action plans

               Previous experience of contributing to Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

               Experience of setting standards and service levels and ability to measure performance
               against them, using management information appropriately

               Evidence of CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

               Experience of contributing to both operational and strategic agendas

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Job Description
And person specification

Extensive travel is expected in addition to occasional over night stays.

Staff Figures for Business Partner Roles

  Staff Number as of 11 June
            2009                    Grade Profile (Headcount)              Grade Profile (Percentage)
                     Numbers        SCS G6/G7 SEO/HEO EO/AO/AA             SCS    G6/G7 SEO/HEO
   HRBP Food
    Safety and
     Healthy            412          11      79         207          115   2.7%   19.2%      50.2%
   Eating (FSG
   and CCDH)
  Services and
    (Corporate          424          13      55         197          159   3.1%   13.0%      46.5%
  Comms, MHS
       (MHS             977           3      22         105          847   0.3%   2.3%       10.7%
  excluding MHS

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