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									                                           September 2009

Greetings, neighbors. Labor Day arrives a bit late           Charles Stewart Drive. Also, we asked VDOT to
this year, but it is one final summer weekend that           review three crosswalk requests: (1) to repaint the
many of us will savor.                                       current crosswalk at Charles Stewart Drive and Lt.
                                                             Nichols Road; (2) to add a crosswalk at Charles
As we move into fall, the big event for our                  Stewart Drive and Alexander Cornell Drive; and (3)
community is the Annual Meeting, scheduled for               to add a crosswalk on Ox Hill Road to assist people
November 19th at 7:30 p.m. in the Navy Elementary            walking the path.
School. This time we get a “twofer”—it’s also a
reconvening of the Special Meeting to vote on                David Boggs has continued his superb stewardship
amendments to our Declaration and Articles.                  of our open spaces. I’ll let you read his report of
Information about the issues has been online, and a          progress. Thank you, David!
new proxy will be posted there. During the Special
Meeting in May, we did pass a Bylaws amendment               Architectural Revie w Boa rd . The
that increases the FOEHA Board’s size to five,               Architectural Review Board will meet at 7:30 p.m.
however, this can not take effect until the Article of       on September 15th at 12549 Lt. Nichols Road to
Incorporation Amendment is passed.                           review all completed applications received at least
                                                             seven days before the meeting. An agenda for the
Homeowners, we need your help! Please consider               meeting will be posted on the FOEHA Web site
running for election as a Board member. Because              ( prior to the meeting.
we missed having a quorum at the last Annual
Meeting, the Board appointed Aaron Tolman as its             Important Note. Please be sure to submit your
third member for this year. Aaron was on the ballot          applications 30 days in advance. It is important that
last year, and I expect he will run again. That will         you follow the instructions closely on the
still leave an uncontested opening when my (Rick             application, such as providing a site plan (plat) of
Oborn) three-year term expires. Anyone interested            your property showing the locations of new decks,
may contact any of the officers listed in The Acorn or       removal of trees, and so forth.           Incomplete
our management company. Make the decision and                applications will slow the approval process.
call us.
                                                             ARB August 18th meeting results: Four applications
In response to continued concern about pedestrian            were submitted for review—a new front door;
safety, a letter was sent to Supervisor Michael Frey’s       replacement of a deck with a screened porch; a new
office requesting a traffic study on Ox Hill Road and
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                                        The Acorn September 2009
walkway with a retaining wall; and a new garage         the path between Ox Hill Road and Lt. Nichols
door. Three of the four applications were approved.     Road). We are looking for ideas to improve this tot
                                                        lot. We have heard that one reason it is lightly used
Contact information. Sequoia Management is your         is that it isn’t conducive for parents to socialize
primary contact for submission of ARB applications,     while children are playing. There is only one bench,
requests for re-sale packets, and reports of ARB        which is unusually tall (i.e., your feet dangle), and
violations. Contact Jan Fenton, Fair Oaks Estates       the bench is far away from the play area. We know
Homeowners Association, c/o Sequoia Management          we need to fix the existing bench and are looking to
Company, Inc., 13998 Parkeast Circle, Chantilly, VA     add more seating. We also are looking at adding
20151-2283, 703-803-9641, 703-968-0936 (fax), or        some other play equipment. If you have ideas about
e-mail                   possible improvements, please speak up by e-mailing
                                               Please put ‘Fair Oaks’ in the
Open Space Committee. Most of the work                  subject line.
this past month has been focused on the West Ox
Road entrance and many trees in the common areas.       Watch out for yellow jackets (bees) in the woods.
We had our contractor (Umberto Molina) clean up         They nest in the leaves and dead wood on the forest
the West Ox Road entrance area behind the Fair          floor. I’ve been stung eight times in the past month.
Oaks Estates sign. There was a large pile of tree       You may have heard about the yellow jacket activity
limbs and trunks and assorted debris left over from     in Rock Creek Park the past few weeks. It seems
the West Ox Road construction. The area behind the      there is an unusually high level of bee activity this
sign is much more visible now that West Ox Road         season.
has been widened. In addition to the clean-up,
Umberto’s crew removed three dead trees at the site.    FOEHA Flashes. Certain events arise where
We had five other dead trees in the common areas        rapid communications are best handled
removed. There are several other dead trees still       electronically. Consider checking the Fair Oaks Web
standing, but where possible we are trying to delay     site for “What’s New” postings. For those of you
having them cut because of budget constraints. (It      who find e-mails helpful, we would like to compile
has been a big tree year.)                              your addresses. They would be safeguarded and
                                                        used only for time-sensitive notices from the Board,
There is some erosion along the side of the new path    such as change of date for a homeowners meeting.
leading to the Washington Brice Road play area. We      Recipients would not see addresses for others on the
put some rocks in the area to fill the rut. It seems to e-mail. If you would like to participate, please send
be working. We will continue filling the ruts this      a note to Rick Oborn at

We have another Eagle Scout project that is pending.
It will be to fix-up and improve the small tot lot (on

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                                      The Acorn September 2009
It’s party time again! The end-of-season party for Recreation Association members will be on Sunday,
September 6th, from noon until 3:00 p.m. Look for further details in an Evite and at the pool.
Members—the Board needs to know what you think. Do you have comments or concerns about how the pool
has been run this summer? Do you have suggestions on ways we could improve the operation of the pool and
the Recreation Association? Now is the time to begin the discussion so that the Board can work on
incorporating new ideas into planning for the 2010 pool season. You can contact the Board and make your
views known by sending an e-mail to
The FORA Board is still in need of a few good men and women volunteers. We still need to fill the Treasurer
and Secretary positions. Please consider volunteering your time in support of the pool and its members. We
have been searching for quite some time and need additional support to keep the Board functioning and strong
into 2010. Call or e-mail any of the current Board members if you are interested in learning how you can

Let’s continue on the nostalgia theme to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Acorn by including some snippets
from the past. These are from the September 1985 issue:
   • We welcomed eight new families to the community; of those, only Evelyn Rector still lives here. (We’re
     saddened to recall that Evelyn’s husband, Harry, died in 1999.)
   • Terry Vermillion, who’s a Civil War buff and who still lives here on Lt. Nichols Road, was cited with
     appreciation for recommending a publication that helped the editors in preparing “local color” stories for
     The Acorn. For other Civil War buffs out there, the publication is the Fairfax Bicentennial Commission’s
     booklet, Fairfax County and the War Between the States.
   • March Price, who also still lives here on Ox Hill Road, was commended for providing the editors two
     issues of the original neighborhood newsletter, The Flyer, that we needed to complete our collection.
   • Our “Local Color” article featured news about a different Charles Stuart—not the Charles Stewart after
     whom Charles Stewart Drive and Charles Stewart Court are named. This Charles Stuart and his wife,
     Cornelia, lived farther west down Route 50 in the 1800s on a large farm near Sully Plantation. Cornelia
     named their estate “Chantilly” in remembrance of her grandfather’s home on the Potomac. During the
     1830s, this name was adopted by the post office that was established nearby, and that’s why we still have
     Chantilly and the Chantilly Post Office.
                                       The Acorn September 2009
Farewell to “Yankee.” On Sunday, August 2nd, “Yankee” passed away. “Yankee” was Maria and
Pauline Solomita’s beloved 10-year-old beagle. Washington Brice Road and Charles Stewart Drive won’t be
quite the same anymore. “Yankee” was Maria’s best friend and trusty sidekick. Together, they were our
neighborhood good will ambassadors. Maria’s waves, smiles, and kind words were shared with all of us as she
walked with “Yankee.” We will miss “Yankee,” but you, Maria, make us all a little bit happier. So keep on
walking and smiling.
White Squirrel Sighting. Mr. Editor recorded his first sighting of our furry white friend at the top of Ox
Hill Road about 2:00 p.m. on August 2nd. Such a cute little beast—if all squirrels were so cute, Mr. Editor
wouldn’t mind them eating from his bird feeders.
Fairfax County School Budget for the Coming Year. Education is expensive—the FY 2010
approved budget totals $2.2 billion.
Koi Alert Reminder. The Zen Nippon Potomac 16th Annual Koi Show will be held September 11th thru
13th at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna. Hours are Friday from noon till 4:00 p.m., Saturday from
9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m., and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m. Pond and koi vendors, arts and craft
vendors, informational seminars, raffles, and an auction will be available during the weekend. You can also
take the opportunity to tour the 90 acres of gardens that Meadowlark has to offer. During the show weekend
there will be a discounted charge to tour the gardens. There is no admission fee to enter the koi show. For more
information go to
Looking Waaay Ahead. Fairfax County has been selected to host the 2015 World Police and Fire
Games. “This is the second largest international athletic competition in the world and is a wonderful
opportunity for the County,” noted Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova. “In addition to the
economic benefits, the games are a chance to promote our County to thousands of visitors from around the
world.” One of three finalists, Fairfax County outbid Toronto-Ontario and Winnipeg-Manitoba to win the rights
to host the competition, which will take place at venues across the County and the region. The games are an
Olympic-style event held biennially throughout the world to promote friendly competition, camaraderie, and
international relationships among participants. More than 10,000 emergency personnel from over 60 countries
participate in the events.
What To Do If You Are Stopped by the Police. Fairfax County police have some guidance for
behavior in the event you are stopped by a police officer. This might occur because you are in the area where a
crime just occurred; you witness a crime; you fit the description of a suspect; you have been pointed out as a
suspect; you appear to need assistance; or you have violated a law. If you are stopped, police advise you to
consider that the officer may not be stopping you for the reason you think; that overreaction or lack of
cooperation will complicate the situation; that police are trained to remain in a position that will enhance officer
safety; and that the officer’s actions and communications are not intended to offend you. If you are approached
by a police officer, you should follow the officer’s instructions; keep your hands clearly visible; wait for
specific instructions before making any movements; and remain calm and do not become argumentative.

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                                       The Acorn September 2009
(Editor’s Note: Long-time Fair Oaks Estates                   organized in the Pender school house in 1903, and by
residents will have seen this article, but those of you       1907 the community had grown enough to be able to
who have arrived in recent years might be interested          undertake construction of the Pender Methodist
in a bit of local history.)                                   Church at the intersection of Route 50 and Ox Hill
                                                              Road. The church cost about $2,000 to build and, at
Most of us on most days probably travel through the
                                                              the completion of construction, the parish had an
intersection at Route 50 and West Ox Road at least
                                                              outstanding mortgage balance of only $200, which
once. Before this intersection became a cloverleaf in
                                                              was paid off within a year. This church building
the late 1980s, there used to be a white, church-like
                                                              served the congregation until 1964, when the new
building on the southeast corner with a sign saying
                                                              Pender Methodist Church was opened farther west
“Pender Veterinary Clinic.”         Although today’s
                                                              on Route 50, adjacent to where the Fair Woods
Pender Veterinary Clinic sits in approximately the
                                                              townhouse development is now located. In 1968,
same location, a bit of local history was lost in
                                                              when the Methodist Church merged with the
improving the traffic flow for our daily commutes.
                                                              Evangelical United Brethern denomination, Pender
In the 1800s, this area was a small crossroads village        Methodist Church became Pender United Methodist
at the junction of Ox Road—which went all the way             Church.
to Occoquan—and the Little River Turnpike, one of
                                                              The old church building at Route 50 and West Ox
the first improved toll roads in the United States.
                                                              Road was sold to a law firm, which rented it out to a
The community used to be known as Ox Hill until a
                                                              small Wesleyan Methodist congregation for a
post office was established here in the 1890s. (You
                                                              number of years. In the spring of 1971, Pender
might recall from the article in The Acorn last
                                                              Veterinary Clinic was founded, with the vets leasing
September discussing the dedication of the Ox Hill
                                                              the building from the lawyers with an option to buy.
Battlefield Park that this area was part of the setting
                                                              Doctors Powell and Johnson did purchase the
for the Civil War Battle of Ox Hill in September
                                                              property in 1982. When the building was lost to
                                                              construction of the current cloverleaf, they built the
The name “Pender” was bestowed on the area in the             new and improved Pender Veterinary Clinic.
1890s by John Ballard, a local merchant and future
                                                              A cornerstone from the old church was used in the
postmaster, and a former Confederate Army Captain.
                                                              construction of the new one, but this may be about
Ballard named the area in honor of his wartime
                                                              all of Pender that will survive. What used to be a
regimental commander Major General William
                                                              busy community with two stores, a couple of
Dorsey Pender, a North Carolinian, who died of
                                                              blacksmith shops, a post office, a school, 12 to 15
wounds received at the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.
                                                              homes and, of course, the old church has become a
Pender had graduated from the US Military
                                                              road improvement to make our daily commutes a bit
Academy at West Point in 1854 and served on Army
                                                              easier. Think about the history every now and again
duty along the Pacific coast until the war broke out
                                                              as you hurry past.
in 1861. At that time, he resigned his US Army
commission and entered the Confederate Army as a
Colonel, commanding the 3rd (later 13th) North
Carolina Regiment. He became one of the South’s
most capable younger generals before his death.
The old Pender Veterinary Clinic that looked like a
church actually was one.      A church was first
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                                      The Acorn September 2009
Some things to worry about.                                      • How bad will the swine flu season be?

Mr. Editor is fond of snacking on raw almonds.                   • Will we lose mail delivery on Saturdays?
Recently, he examined the “ingredients” label on one
of the almond containers and was somewhat                        • How will “American Idol” manage without
surprised.    Among the ingredients listed were                    Paula Abdul?
almonds—that was good—but the label went on to
warn that the container might also contain pits,                 • Will the Washington Redskins make the
                                                                   playoffs this year?
twigs, stems, or “other naturally occurring objects.”
Mr. Editor dares not speculate on what “other
                                                                 • And, of course, the perennial favorite, what
naturally occurring objects” might include, but the                crazy thing will North Korea do next?
mind boggles at the possibilities.
                                                             But to end on a positive note, here’s one thing you
For those of you who don’t snack on almonds, here            don’t need to worry about—will the Washington
are some other things to worry about (apart from the         Nationals make the playoffs this year? (Please
state of the economy, the prospects for health-care          control your hysterical laughter and guffaws when
legislation, and why the “cash for clunkers” program         thinking that anyone might have been worrying
ended before you got rid of your clunker):                   about this remotest of remote possibilities.)

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