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                      A v iara Oaks Elem e n t a r y • Ca rls b a d , CA
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Volume 15 Issue 3                                                                                                                             December 2008

A Message From Your PTA President                                                        by Liz Cooke
                                                                                                                              Calendar of Events
We have many things to be thankful for at AOE! We have accomplished so much, so quickly this
year! Thanks to our dedicated parents we have met our SOS goal, the specialty teachers are all in                              December
place, our new music program has begun, and smart boards are up and running in all 4th and 5th grade                                 1   Site Council Meeting
classrooms.                                                                                                                          4   Recycling
Now with the Holidays upon us, it’s a good time to turn our focus outward and give assistance and                                  1-5   Giving Tree Donation
support to some deserving members of our extended community.                                                                             Week
                                                                                                                                     5   Holiday Fair
Throughout the year we ask our AOE community to assist various groups by donating cash, food,
gifts, and sometimes just their time and caring.                                                                                   11    Recycling
                                                                                                                                   18    Recycling
Our Kids Korps chapter gives kids the opportunity to volunteer their time to helping others
                                                                                                                                22-1/2   Winter Break
throughout the year. The Support Our Troops program gives us the chance to honor our military
by providing for the military families. The Angels Depot Food Drive helps senior citizens with                                              (school closed)
limited incomes. The Giving Tree program gives classrooms the opportunity to share their holiday
spirit by sponsoring families in need in our Carlsbad community.

Whether our giving is just a way to say thank you, or to provide help and support for community
members in need, these programs provide simple ways to express our caring. Most importantly the
programs provide wonderful opportunities to teach our children the value of giving.

Thank You AOE Parents, Teachers, Students and Staff for everything you do!

Principally Speaking...                                 by Kimberly Huesing, Principal                                           Holiday Duck Sale!!
The instructional year is in full swing at Aviara         report that we were given great feedback for timely
                                                                                                                                    Look for holiday ducks coming
Oaks Elementary. I feel it is important to stop and       evacuation and accountability. If you are ever on
mention what an extraordinary school community we         campus during one of our drills, please participate                               soon! They will be sold
have in AOE and be thankful for the safe, curriculum      with us to model safety for our students.                                      Wed. 12/17 & Thurs. 12/18
rich, and well rounded school we enjoy.                   Instructional Technology is a huge theme for AOE                       after school for $1.00 each. They
                                                          this year. The implementation of SMART Boards in
                                                                                                                                 make great stocking stuffers! All
My primary responsibility as your principal is to         fourth and fifth grade classes has been so successful
ensure the safety of your students while they are at      that we are planning to expand their use into other                                 proceeds will benefit
school. I often review safety guidelines for traffic      grade levels as funds permit. The new technology is                                5th grade promotion.
in the parking lot and safe play procedures for the       supported by our Instructional Technology Resource
playground; additionally, I am also current in First      Teacher, Mrs. Jami Rushing, as well as through on-site
Aid, CPR, Crisis Prevention and Intervention, and         training in mid-November, (funding for which was
Community Emergency Readiness Training. Teams of          100% acquired through grants and direct fund raising
my teachers are also trained in the above categories      events). The Instructional Technology lesson for the
and together we have written a comprehensive school       month of November is the use of electronic resources
safety plan. As you know, we participated in the          in the content area of Social Studies. Whether your
“Great Shake Out” this month, which was a great           child’s class has a SMART Board or not, all class-
reminder for students regarding safety procedures         rooms have internet accessible LCD projectors and
in the event of a real emergency. After the Drop,         document cameras that can help bring Social Studies
Cover, and Hold earthquake drill, we practiced a fire     out of books and into life!                                                       Attendance Line
evacuation. Our fire drill procedure was reviewed by                                                                                          760.331.6070
the Carlsbad Fire Department, and I am proud to
                                                                                                        Continued on page 2                  School Office
*Fr om L i t t l e A c o r ns D o Gr ea t Oa k s G row*
Principally Speaking...                                        Continued from Page 1   Eagle Electives                 by Theresa Kirven

                          This year AOE has been identified as a Title 1 school
                          under the No Child Left Behind Act. Consequently,            Thank you to the following parents and community members for volunteering
                          AOE has qualified for Federal monies that will enable        to teach an Eagle Elective:
                          us to support our struggling learners. The Tile 1 pro-
                          gram provides four more teachers on staff Monday –           Kevin Lynaugh: Lego Mindstorms NXT Robotics Engineering
                          Wednesday to work with small groups in classes during        Claudia Felix: Spanish
                          morning hours as well as one-on-one instruction in the       Sachiko Suzuki: Japanese
                          afternoon as needed. Students identified as “At Risk”        Tina Wu: Chinese
                          during conferences will receive this extra instruction       Shelly Lang: Art
      Kimberly Huesing    so that they are given directed support to meet grade        Joan Carr: Design/Crafts
                          level expectations.                                          John Coffey: A Study of the Human Body
                                                                                       Brad Schlachter: “The Great 8” Sports and Sportsmanship
Parent/Teacher Conferences that occurred in October were instrumental in setting       Maura McInerney: “Odyssey of the Mind”
the tone for the academic success of all students. In grades 3 – 5, teachers dis-
cussed past performance on the CSTs and planned for individual student improve-        Eagle Electives will run for two sessions. Each session has 8 classes, meeting on
ment. All teachers presented grade level content expectations for standards
                                                                                       Fridays from 1:20-2:20. Fourth grade will begin with Session I on Dec. 5th and
achievement as well as strategies to help students perform at their personal best.
                                                                                       fifth grade will join in and begin Session II in March. If you are interested in
I encourage all families to stay in close communication with your child’s teacher,
                                                                                       assisting in a class or would like to teach a class, contact Theresa Kirven at
keep up-to-date with weekly bulletins and the increasing demands in grade level
curriculum. Together, we can make this year the most successful yet, by every

   Support Our School Annual Giving Campaign
   SOS November Update by Vickey Syage      Total as of 11.17.08                                                                                  $53,700
Because of your generosity, we have raised $53,700, surpassing our goal of $50,000 for the 2008-2009 Support
Our School Annual Giving Campaign. Every SOS dollar collected will be used to pay for Science Teachers for
grades 1 – 5; Kindergarten Karate; PE teachers for grades 1- 5; a wonderful new music program for kindergar-
ten – grade 5; and classroom grants for all of our children’s classrooms.

Our $50,000 goal for the SOS campaign was established to help offset the projected $83,000 annual cost of
educational enrichment programs, with other PTA fundraisers (such as gift wrap sales, recycling, restaurant
nights, carnivals, festivals, etc.) expected to make up the difference. With the funds we have raised through our
SOS program, we are that much closer to fully funding these programs!

And although our formal SOS campaign has ended, we will graciously accept any and all donations throughout
the year to continue to support these important programs for our children. Every dollar counts!

Thank you to all of our donors. Each and every contribution makes a difference and all of your donations were
appreciated. Because of you, all of our children will receive a greatly enhanced educational experience this year at AOE.

Thank You Donors!
Britton • Doughty • Gardner • Ginn • Harelson • Howard • Jones • Kirven • Mus • Schreibman/Radcliff • Sepkovic • Tan/Chang • Tedesco • Rons • Wells
Ackles • Barnes • Carnes • Chilstrom • Costan • Felix/Chan • Hayashi • Kelly • Kuznik • McNiff • Methot • Muilenburg • O’Grady • Perhach
Pierro/Atanasovski • Phillips • Radvar • Salvagio • Scaglione • Segal • Trautt • Tuomi/Francis • Williams
Anderson • Apostol • Arganda • Backalukas • Baldner • Boda • Brooker • Chandu • Chen • Cohen • Cooke • Dister • Doyle • Falk • Gardner • Goedken
Hamilton • Healy • Heon • Hinanay • Holve • Jordan • Joseph • Kane • Leathers • Libby • MacCallum/Jimmink • Manuel • McFarlane
Monize/Matyas • Morris • Nelson • Oberman • Perello • Porath • Porush/Allen • Reid • Renna • Rich • Robison • Short • Siegel • Sommers • Suzuki
Syage/Whittington • Vadun • Zaks
Azar • Billings • Borgardt • Buck • Carr • Clexton • Connor • Davis • DelGrande • Ducharme • Dunlap • Evans • Greene • Hernandez • Huerta • Huesing
Hushman • Jones • Jones • Klarer • Knowles/Yuhas • Krak • Laszuk • LeMasters • Levy • Madison • Mallajosyula • Manning • Mathias • McMurray • Meinen
Menigoz • Nakfoor • Nejad • Parker • Pocock • Pomerleau • Rodgers • Rosenthal • Sardina • Secades • Tiab • Trihn • Waggoner • Watkins • Werner
Witman • Zamojc
Pending Corporate Matching
Cymer • Genentech • Google, Inc. • Microsoft • Millipore Foundation • Nokia • Qualcomm • Intuit
                         Thank you to our Acorn Sponsors!

Student of the Month                                                           Acorn Sponsorship Space
The following students received the Student of the Month Award
for the month of October. Congratulations to all!
                                                                               Do you own a business? Do you work for someone who would like
Ryan Gonzales, Nathan Lunde, Jack Jansen, Neal Lobo, Alex Kuznik, Joseph       to reach the families of the Aviara Oaks Elementary School commu-
O’Neill, Vanessa Segovia, Peter Khayat, Kerolos Hanna, Jacob Nava, Colton      nity?
Dister, Megan Werner, Stella Riggio, Catherine Meinen, Jack Baldner,
Elaina Davis, Colin Sepkovic, Marie Dunlap, Dylan Baker, Viviana Garcia,
Lucy Jones, Kevin Cooke, Aimee Rose, Noah Clark, Samantha Ryder,               As an AOE parent you get the FIRST opportunity to let other parents
Jack Spencer, Sophia Vigil, Annika Vrklan, Danny Pettis-Daniels, Madison       at our school know about the services you offer by sponsoring The
Nelson, Kristin Chow, Grant Holve, Natalie Trautt, Miguel Zapata, Akhil        Acorn Newsletter.
Vishnubhotla, Matthew Kirven, Ella Salvagio, Hannah Ackles, Garrett Lampe,
Shea Morales, Olive Robertson, Natalie Sumitra, Trevor Menigoz, Christian
Manning, Jaden Davis, Aaron DelGrande, Sam Ginn, Ryan Mellick, Grace           If you are interested in making a donation to our publication, as a
O’Grady, Sean Billings, Max Christian, Denim Olsen, Kyle Werner, Tess          thank you for your contribution, we are pleased to acknowledge your
Jensen, Brian Garcia, Alyssa Zurita, Cooper Higgins, Claire Karaffa, Cedric
                                                                               business in our newsletter.
Jung, Katrina Dang, Hannah Bai, Gaby Howard, Nate Gardner, Finn Reid,
Justin Morris, Andy Kuznik, Jose Ogren, Joey Uhl, Leah Salvagio, Kelly
Grebbien, Mason McKinzie, David Meinen, Erin Billings, Bhrugu Mallajosyula,    To download a sponsorship form please visit www.aviaraoakselemen-
Ashley Budiwarman, Jeffrey Sardina, Jake Locken, Maile Powell, Olivia under the Newsletter section. Questions? Please contact
Oddone, Christian Evans, Jazmin Gutierrez, Justine Chen, Preston Mills,
                                                                               Sandi Clexton at 760.908.6009 or
Ariana Ballesteros-Miranda, Ryan Martinez, Christian Santiago, Kyle Lynaugh,
Mudith Mallajosyula, Julia Hayashi, Jessica Lempe
The following teacher received the Teacher of the Month Award                  No PTA or AOE endorsement is implied.
for the month of October. Congratulations! Syndi Lyon
Community Outreach                             by Lisa Borgardt and Shelley Healy
                                                                                    AOE Cookbook                     by Penni LeMasters
The Giving Tree
AOE is participating in the special holiday program sponsored by the                The Aviara Oaks Cookbook will arrive in early December. If you have
Carlsbad Christmas Bureau. Formerly called Adopt-a-Family, our program is           already purchased a book, it will be delivered to your child’s classroom.
now called The Giving Tree, as it gives us the opportunity to reach out to
those in need in our community and to teach our children the spirit of giv-         If you would like to purchase a book now, the current cost is $15; it will
ing. Details about the families sponsored by each classroom were distributed        increase to $20 in December. Supplies are limited so please let me know
in the November 14th Eagle Express. There are boxes in the classrooms for
the students to deliver their gift donations. The boxes will be in the class-       if you would like to purchase one or more. For information, contact Penni
rooms until December 5th. Please remember those in need in our commu-               LeMasters at 602.9147 or at
nity this holiday season.

                               Flag Raising Ceremony                                Educational Enrichment                                by Michelle Ginn

                                                                                    We are pleased to announce the
                                                                                    launch of AOE’s Music for Learning
                                                                                    and Life program beginning the
                                                                                    week of Monday, November 17th!
                                                                                                                                         Music for
                                                                                    Thanks to parent donations and           Learning and Life!
                                                                                    generous support of AOE’s staff and          ~an AOE program~
                                                                                    administration, we are pleased to
                                                                                    bring a comprehensive music partner
                                                                                    -- Children’s Conservatory of Music Arts -- to AOE.

                                                                                    Introducing AOE’s new Music for Learning and Life Team:
                                                                                    Beth Vinas (substitute- assistant and director): Beth Vinas is the director of the
                                                                                    CCMA, and has taught piano for more than 20 years. Her major in music placed
                                                                                    an emphasis in theory, and she thoroughly enjoys sharing the history, setting, and
                                                                                    makings of music. Beth has coordinated and planned dozens of fieldtrips and out-
                                                                                    side events with students’ families to the symphony, the opera, and any live music
                                                                                    event to which she can get people interested! Beth has produced dozens of musi-
                                                                                    cal theatre workshops and camps, placing a strong emphasis on teamwork, and
                                                                                    creativity. Her “no Diva zone” means everyone is important, and equal in every

                                                                                    Sara Elliot (K-1-2/3 classes-drama): One of the CCMA’s favorite voice and the-
                                                                                    atre teachers, Sara Elliot is certified in in KinderMusik and Kindermotion, which
                                                                                    gives her great insight and background with younger children. While following the
                                                                                    SPOTLIGHT on MUSIC Curriculum, Sara will bring additional movement, motion,
Dads Club Update                       by Mike Barnes                               percussion, and singing to the K-1 classes. Her professional resume includes lead
                                                                                    performances with Moonlight Theatre. Ms. Elliot also works as an instructor, and
Thank you to all the Dads (and Moms) who
helped with Hauntapalooza. We had dads help                                         lead director at Carlsbad Community Theatre. Her experience teaching children
with set-up Thursday night, the bbq on Friday                                       and her energy during class are a strong combination that allows her to connect
and then breakdown equipment, props, etc.                                           well with children.
Additionally, thank you to the Dads who
came on Sunday November 9th to help start                                           Patrick McGuire (2/3rd-4th-5th classes-choir): Patrick is a well-rounded profes-
                            re-painting the
                                                                                    sional who is experienced as a voice, piano and guitar instructor. His studies with
                             main fence; Doug
                             Hamilton, (also                                        California Institute of the Arts have an emphasis in music performance. He is a
                             thanks for the                                         National Merit Participant, and has received certification in Piano at the advanced
                             extra supplies,                                        level. He has worked with students in general music classes, as well as in choirs
                             water and muffins that were donated by Mimi’s          and musical theatre.
                             Café!), Rob McNiff, Mark Scaglione, Keith Jain,
                             John Kuznik, Scott Christian, Rob Hayashi and
                                                                                    Watch for all of the exciting programs that your students will experience with
                             Hercson Romero. We were able to paint the
                             portion of the fence along the main gates. Future      CCMA as our partner, including:
                             Dads Club work parties will complete the paint-                  ·2009 Variety Show
ing of the fence around the kindergarten area. We’ll also be painting a num-                  ·4th and 5th Grade Musical Production – May 2009
ber grid on a four square for the 2nd graders. If you are interested in helping               ·Music Field Trips
please contact Mike Barnes at Thank you.
Recycling Recap                     by Theresa Morris                                                      Thank you...
                    Thank you to all of our families who have participated in our electronic recycling many during Red Ribbon Week! To Dr. Sheik,
                    program. We are now mid way through our first electronic recycling contest of          Dr. Coffee, Dr. Simmons, Dr. Davis, Home
                    the school year. AOE partners with Cartridges for Kids for electronic recycling.       Depot, Costco and Von’s Aviara for their gener-
                    Cartridges for Kids will refurbish and resell or re-use components from items we       ous donations! To Playwerx for donating the prizes
       $5000        turn in, and send cash to AOE. If there is an item that can’t be refurbished or        for each class for the pumpkin contest! To Deidre
                    reused, Cartridges for Kids will ensure that it is disposed of properly. We already    Hushman, Lisa Pocock and Laurie Williams for all
       $4000        have more than 70 entries with more than a week left in our contest.                   of their time! Finally, thanks to the Girl Scout and
                                                                                                           Boy Scout troops for their help decorating the
       $3000        If you missed this contest, our next contest will be held after the first of the       campus!
                    year. We collect used inkjet and laserjet cartridges, cell phones, digital cameras,
       $2000        laptops, PDAs, GPS systems, iPods, video games and consoles, and working DVD  Lisa Hayashi, Suzanne Sardina and Kris
                    movies. They all bring money to AOE. Some items are only worth a few cents,            Pomerleau for baking Brownies for the teachers for
       $1000        while others help to raise $20 or more. Every single item helps us reach our goal      Red Ribbon Week.
                    and, more importantly, keeps toxic waste materials out of our landfills.
                                                                                                  Jill and Dylan Gardner, Mykaela Barnes, Sandi
                    Recycling Fact: Recycling all of the 100 million cell phones ready for end of life
                                                                                                           and Andrew Clexton for selling Glo-Necklaces for
      $3,000        management in the US every year would save enough energy to power more than
                    194,000 US households with electricity for one year. Cell phones are considered        the 5th grade promotion“fun”raiser.
                    hazardous waste due to their content of lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic.
                                                                                                  Carmela McNiff for the Starbucks coffee dona-
                                                                                                           tion for Veteran’s Day Military Breakfast.
Gift Wrap             by Alicia Scaglione
                                                                                                  all the AOE Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts for
Our gift wrap fundraiser was a huge success this year! We made more than $10,000.00 for our                participating in the Veteran’s Day Flag Ceremony.
school. Thank you to every child, parent, family member and friend who placed orders and sup-
ported this program.                                                                              the newly opened PlayWerx (a mega play
                  I would like to congratulate the following top sellers of each grade                     structure owned by the Coval family) for donating
                   Our over all top seller for AOE is Matthew Aijala!!! He sold 58 items!!                 CRV/CA CASH REFUND bottles and cans to the
                   Matthew is our top seller for 5th grade. Great Job!                                     AOE recycling program. This has been made pos-
                   4th Grade Top Seller is Samantha Schneider
                                                                                                           sible by Kim Austin, who sorts and transports the
                   3rd Grade Top Seller is Makoa Bryson
                                                                                                           items each week to school!
                   2nd Grade Top Seller is Nate Gardner
                   1st Grade Top Seller is Dharma Dorazio
                  Kindergarten Top Seller is Sam Ginn                                             Temple Etz Rimon Religious School (929.9503),
                                                                                                           to Foam Mart (1.800.9GETFOAM) and Carol Fuller,
Our Dippin’ Dots party will be held at the end of school on                                                Vocal Instructor (721.6648) for contributing lots of
Tuesday, Nov. 18th. The Hurricane party will be after school on                                            CRV bottles and cans to our recycling program!
Thursday, Nov. 20th in the auditorium.
                                   Because we surpassed our goal,
                                    the entire school was invited
                                    to watch the “Why Dogs Fly”
                                                                                                           Events You Just Won’t
                                    show on Oct 28th. The kids                                             Want to Miss!
                                    loved seeing the flying dogs
                                    catching Frisbees.
                                                                                                              • Holiday Fair
                                    I would like to thank the following people for their help
                                    and support; Mark Scaglione, Penni LeMasters, Sharon                      • Giving Tree Donation Week
                                    Atanasovski, Patty Schreibman, Theresa Morris, Stacy
                                    Gardner, Liz Cooke, Britta McKesson, Kari Gordon,
Maureen Goldey and Laurie Ackles. I would have been lost without all of you! I would also like                      “My parents did their shopping
to thank John Coffey for taking the pictures at the dog show.                                                          at the mall, and not at the
All the orders have been delivered. If you have questions regarding your orders, please contact                       AOE Holiday Fair. We missed
me at 760.929.8677.                                                                                                out on the Holiday Bingo duckies!”

SOS Tiles 2007-08                                       Public Notice
Your 2006-07 SOS tiles have been placed!                School Site Council Meeting
Stop by the Flag Pole and take a look at all            Monday, December 1st
the beautiful family tiles!                             3:00-4:00 pm
We are now ready to complete the 2007-08                AOE Library
SOS tiles. If you made a donation of $300               For more information, please see the School Site
or more, please contact Donna Costan at                 Council page on our school to get your tile kit!                 website at
                       Start making your list...

    Holiday F2008
                                                                                                                 Presented by AOE PTA
                                            Friday, December 5th
                                            12 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.
                                            AOE School Auditorium & Outside on the Lawn
                    Join us for a fabulous afternoon of holiday shopping and festive fun for the kids!
                       This year our annual holiday boutique will be more exciting than ever!
        Not only will you find a great selection of gifts for everyone on your list, but for the first time ever,
                      there will be lots of fun for the kids too! And remember...when you shop,
               a percentage of what you spend will go directly back to the school to enhance your
                                                    child's education.
                    Come shop for an amazing array of gifts -- at equally amazing prices!
              More than 20 wonderful vendors have been specially selected to make finding gifts
          for your friends and family fun and easy. Vendors will be ready to help you complete your
            holiday shopping with some of the hottest toys (including THE COOLEST STYLES OF
         YOMEGA YO-YO'S -- currently selling out at stores everywhere), designer clothes for men,
        women & children, accessories, decorative home goods, trendy handbags & shoes, baby items,
        luxurious soaps & lotions, jewelry, gourmet items, sports gear, candles, art and so much more!!
     Have your children bring their lists too as there will be lots of great gifts to fit their shopping budgets.
                Enter to win some fantastic raffle prizes (look for our special ticket-selling elves)
             and indulge in some yummy treats while the kids enjoy some FREE FUN of their own like
                    Marshmallow Holiday Bingo with "special duck" prizes and Holiday Caroling.
   dusk...grab a hot chocolate and watch our holiday movies outside under the stars!
                  So, forget the malls...come shop while the kids are in class and then have them join
                       you at pick-up to do some shopping of their own and enjoy the festivities!
                Contact Carol-Ann Monize at or Liz Sloss at
                             Cash, checks & VISA/MC (from some vendors) accepted
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           Aviara Oaks Elementary, a California distinguished school, is located at 6900 Ambrosia Lane, CA 92011 (760)331-6000
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