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									                              The Acorn
 Founded 1954
                                                May 2009

      Sevenoaks & District Motor Club

                      Zoomworks Photography                                        Zoomworks Photography

Above: Geoff Foot, 1st in class, AO                Above: Richard Moore, 1st in class, B2

                                                           Zoomworks Photography

                 Above: Chris Judge on his way to Fastest Time of the Day

                        Zoomworks Photography                                                Colin Shipway

  Above: Mark Garner, 1st in class, B3          Above: Bill McKenna, 1st in class B4 and 3rd overall
                                                                                                                   Club Contacts
                                                                                                                   Club Contacts
                                                                                                                   Club Contacts
                 Sevenoaks and District Motor Club Ltd
                      PRESIDENT: John Symes               VICE PRESIDENT: Vic EIford

                                   ACORN MAGAZINE
                                                  May 2009
 The Editor, Committee and Club do not necessarily agree with items and opinions expressed within ACORN magazine

                                          OFFICERS and COMMITTEE
CHAIRMAN,                   Chin

VICE CHAIR,                 Dawn Travers

SECRETARY:                  Rosemary Mead

MEMBERSHIP SEC:             Andy Elcomb

TREASURER:                  Clive Cooke

ACORN EDITOR:               Suze Bisping

COMPETITION SEC.,           Ian Crocker

SPEED LEAGUE                David Balderson

RALLY SECRETARY:            Iain Gibson
                            Tel: 01474 873573

CHIEF MARSHAL:              Philip Fawcett

SOCIAL SECRETARY:           Situation Vacant – if you are interested in helping to organise the club’s social
                            events, please contact a member of the committee.

PRESS & PR:                 Steve Thompson

WITHOUT PORTFOLIO:          Chris Scudder

WEB ACORN:                  Ralph Travers

                               Website -

                                You can e-mail copy to
           I will also accept copy on disc, CD Rom, memory stick etc or paper (typed or handwritten).


                     Editorial Ramblings                                               Chin’s Chairman’s Chat

                              o, a new Acorn, and a new Editor! As I’m sure

                                                                                         t was encouraging to see a reasonable number of
                              you’re aware, Dawn Travers had been looking                you at the AGM, together with those who took the
                              for someone to take over for a while and having            trouble to send their apologies there seems to be a
                     served on committee in a Press & PR capacity for two              good level of enthusiasm within the club. This may
                     and a half years, I decided to have a change. But don’t           have been generated by the presentation on Crystal
                     worry, Dawn will be back—she’s already been asked                 Palace which followed but that would then indicate the
                     to look after an edition or two of Acorn next year when           support out there for this project.
                     I get married and go on honeymoon! Thanks to her for
                     all of her help and support, now I just need to try and           Although I wasn’t directly involved in the running of our
                     fill her shoes - gulp! (Size 8 Suze!!- The Ex-Ed) I’ve            April North Weald Sprint, I managed to get to the
                     met many of our members over the last few years                   event by about lunchtime having spent a worthwhile
                     when I’ve been competing but for those who don’t                  morning at Sculthorpe launching the ASEMC Club
                     know who I am, you can find a “self interview” later in           Stage Championship. By the time I arrived the meet-
                     this issue.                                                       ing was well under way and
                                                                                       everyone was having a good time so I managed to
                     7oaks have recently run two events, a scatter and a               have a good chat with several of you and then get
                     sprint at North Weald, and results, news and some                 roped in to dish out the awards. Well done top Chris
                     pictures from those can be found in this edition. A               Judge for FTD in his Jedi – he says it was the new
                     good result on the scatter and a sunny day at North               sticky tyres that made the difference. The organising
                     Weald rounded off a busy week for me, being my third              team did well and carried on our tradition of running an
                     event in a week, and so the long Easter weekend is a              event for everyone to enjoy.
                     welcome break. I understand that there haven’t been
                     many registrations for the Speed League this year, so             As far as the 2010 Speed regulations go, I have made
                     please send your forms in [it is free!!!] to David Bal-           representations, under the ASEMC banner, to the
                     derson. These are available on our website or at the              Speed Committee of the MSA to check that the word-
                     back of Acorn.                                                    ing of their regs properly reflects their intentions as I
                                                                                       don’t think they do as they stand. Also I have made
                     The Summer Autotest series kicks off this month and               the case for the limiting, in the road going classes, of
                     as always, Stacey Thompson is doing a great job of                tyres to those from List 1A. We’ll see what happens in
                     organising things. However, people always seem to                 due course.
                     enjoy the competing but don’t step in and help. If you
                     can get out and marshal an evening or two, or give                As was mentioned by Dawn last month, Suze Bisping
                     Stacey a hand in any way, I’m sure she would appreci-             has taken over as Acorn Editor – thank you Suze. I’m
                     ate it.                                                           sure she’ll make a great job of it and, as I can tell by
                                                                                       the magazine being almost ready by the deadline and
                     Also this month, we have two socials - Chin’s Quiz on             Suze needing to chase me for this month’s drivel, she
                     the 20th May at The Bell, Kemsing, and a Scalectrix               has the enthusiasm of youth on her side. Dawn has
                     Night at The Bell, Kemsing, on the 26th organised by              edited the Acorn for over 8 years if my memory serves
                     Nigel Mead. The Scalectrix Night has been organised               me correctly which is a long time and an awful lot of
                     for half term week so if you’re not away, hope to see             hard work. The mag has grown in stature during that
                     you there for an evening of competitive fun!                      period with more pictures, the electronic version and
                                                                                       the availability on our website – thank you Dawn.
                     Congratulations go to April’s Monthly Mug winner, Ben
                     Webber, for being the youngest person to take part in             Crystal Palace is coming together and the promotional
                     one of our club’s Car Trials, sitting alongside his Dad           package is almost ready for us all to go out into the
                     Andy in his Lotus Elan +2. Ben is one of the youngest             commercial world and achieve the partnerships we
                     members, competitors, and helpers in our club and                 need to get this great event under way. The website is
                     can often be seen marshalling along with his younger              up ( and is beginning
                     sister Jade - maybe he will be seen autotesting in the            to take shape, so watch that space for developments.
                     not too distant future!                                           We need to raise a substantial amount of funding so
                                                                                       please all members do what they can to raise that
                     If anybody has any suggestions for anything they                  cash. Nigel Mead is coordinating this effort so, if you
                     would like to see included in Acorn, or any changes,              have any contacts that may be interested in joining us
                     please feel free to get in touch with me either by                on this event, please let Nigel know 01892 832420 or
                     phone [details on the front page] or by email           
            I will try and live up to
                     Dawn’s legacy, but only time will tell! Lastly, please do         Well, that’s it for this month – I hope to see as many of
                     try and send copy in on time - this magazine is what              you as possible at the Evening Autotests.
                     you, the members, make it with a little input from my-
                     self, and event reports / photos / snippets of news are
                     of course always welcome.                                         Chin
                     So long until next month...        Suze Bisping

                                 COMPETITION CALENDAR 2009

DATE           EVENT                ORGANISING CLUB / Contact                            LOCATION              Status Open To/

2nd May          Sprint       BARC(Mids): Noreen Ward             Curborough          Nat B

           12 Car Regularity Eastbourne & Ram MC (Weald MC): Contact Tim
3rd May                                                                                        TBC              CS
                 Run         Smith 01424 222662,

            Autotest Training MMKMC: Autotest Training Day, email
3rd May                                                                                 Headcorn Airfield       CS
                  Day for more information

             Evening Grass    MMKMC: Evening Grass Autotest, email
6th May                                                                                 Headcorn Airfield       CS
                Autotest for more information

             Evening Grass
               Autotest    7Oaks & MC (for Weald MC): Entries and Offers of
7th May                                                                                    Farningham           CS
            (Summer Series help to Stacey Thompson Tel: 0208 3002609

            Miglia Quadrato UHULMC: Regs for this event can be obtained from               City of London
9th May                                                                                                         CS
                  2009      Dave Lygoe Eve Tel: 0208 363 9850                           starting at Midnight

                              Herts CAC: Tony Staines,
10th May         Sprint                                                                      Debden            Nat B League

           12 Car Regularity Eastbourne & Ram MC (Weald MC): Contact Tim
10th May                                                                                       TBC              CS
                 Run         Smith 01424 222662,

             Evening Grass    MMKMC: Evening Grass Autotest, email
13th May                                                                                Headcorn Airfield       CS
                Autotest for more information

                           Croydon DMC: Pam Douce 01883 343450,
            Three Counties                                                                Start 9.15am
17th May                                                                     CS
                 Tour                                                                     Whyteleafe FC
                           Route: 130 miles on OS 187 and 188, £60 entry

                              Quiz Night organised by Chin, contact
20th May   Quiz, May Social                                                             The Bell, Kemsing      Social
                     for more information

            Evening Grass
                           7Oaks & MC (for Weald MC): Entries and Offers of
21st May      Autotest                                                                     Farningham           CS
                           help to Stacey Thompson Tel: 0208 3002609
           (Summer Series)
                              Blackpalfrey MC (for Weald MC): Entries to Andy
                              Gibson 01227 792740 or check out
24th May     Hughes Rally                                                               Starts in Wrotham       TBA
                     for more infor-
                             Scalectrix Night, for an evening of family fun. Con-
26th May    Scalectrix Night tact Nigel Mead for more information on 01892        The Bell, Kemsing            Social
                             832420 or

             Evening Grass    MMKMC: Evening Grass Autotest, email
27th May                                                                                Headcorn Airfield       CS
                Autotest for more information

              Kent Driver     MMKMC: Kent Driver Autotest, email
30th May                                                                                   Sittingbourne        TBA
               Autotest for more information

                                        For further information contact:

           Competition Secretary: Ian Crocker 01892 546006 email:

Speed League contact : David Balderson, 01689 601661 email:
                                                                                      Club Social Calendar

                          The winter rallying season is
                          over, long live the Summer                                   What’s On in 2009?
                          Grass Autotest Series 2009!
                                                                                Wednesday 20th May
                          With Spring well under way, here
                          are the dates for the new Grass                       Quiz Night—rescheduled due to lack of
                          Autotest season events for Weald                      participants in January. Chin has been
                          Motor Club by Sevenoaks & District MC.                busy compiling devious and not so devi-
                                                                                ous questions to test your skill. Bring a
                          Venue:                                                team or join up with mates on the night for
                                                                                a fun evening. The Bell, Kemsing from
                          Coldharbour Farm, Farningham,                         8.30pm.
                          Kent MR 177/540670
                                                                                Tuesday 26th May 2009
                                                                                Scalectrix Night at The Bell Kemsing,
                          Thursday evenings 7th and 21st May                    from 7.30pm. Food will be available at the
                          4th and 18th June                                     venue, and as this falls in half-term week,
                          2nd and 16th July                                     hope to see you there! Contact Nigel
                          and all day Sunday 9th August.                        Mead on 01892 832420 or
                          Signing on 1800 onwards, last sign on 1930  
                          for the evening events. £12 for evening
                          autotests, £18 for the whole day autotest or          Wednesday 17th June
                          £75 for all 7.
                                                                                Film Night at The Bell Kemsing—If you
                          Regs to be published shortly and will be              have anything Motorsport related of
                          available to download from                            interest to bring along preferably on VHS
                                            or DVD, please come along or ring a
                          or from organiser Stacey Thompson                     committee member.
                          Tel: 0208 3002609
                          Email:                                                Wednesday 16th July
                                                                                Skittles at the Haycutter Inn, Oxted.
                          Got a youngster aged 14 to 18? Bring                  Following on from the skittles night last
                          them along to have a go. A Production                 summer, we’ll once again be returning to
                          permit will be applied for if there’s enough          the Haycutter Inn for another evening of
                          interest. Contact Stacey for more details.            fun (and no doubt some friendly
                          Autotests are an excellent way of introduc-           competition!).
                          ing car control to youngsters. And if they’re
                          7oaks members and under 21, they get free             Wednesday 16th August
                          entries too—bargain!
                                                                                Bat & Trap evening, please contact Dawn
                                                                                Travers for more information.

                                                                                We are still looking for a new Social
                                                                                Secretary. The role mainly involves
                                                                                organising the club’s social events, and
                                                                                new ideas are always welcome. If you’re
                                                                                interested, please contact Chin or any
                                                                                other member of the club’s committee.

Sevenoaks Scatter 2nd April 2009
Thanks to all for your support on the night, it was great to see so many of you. I trust you enjoyed the
event. Hope to see you all later in the year for more of the same when it gets dark again!

Andy Elcomb
Results below:

         DRIVER            CAR              NAVIGATOR               CLUB             SCORE          P’sn
1   Suze Bisping        Micra        Daren Hall               7Oaks / CMC        250-5 = 245          1
2   Clare Dane          Polo         Lee Bezuidenhout         CMC                170                  5
3   Steve Winter        Discovery    Chris Winter             BPKMC              190-30 = 160         7
4   Kevin Ablitt        Corsa        Tarna Ablitt             7Oaks              150-40 = 110        9=
5   Darren Tyre         MX5          Tracey Niel              7Oaks              110                 9=
6   Jason Andrews       Tiger        Shelly Albrow            7Oaks              20-20 = 0           11
7   Andy Kilby          Escort       Chin                     BLCC & 7Oaks       150-5 = 145          8
                                     Glyn Williams / Sam
8   Nick Powter         Corsa        Williams                 BLCC & 7Oaks       190-25 = 165         6
                                                              MMKMC &
9   Robert Sharpe       MX5          Brian Sharpe             7Oaks              180                  4
10 Nigel Mead           Polo         Rosemary Mead            7Oaks              230                  2
11 Chris Morton         BMW 320      Mick Sullivan            7Oaks              190                  3

A big thanks to Andy for running the event. The sticker format worked well – it was the first time I had
done an event where you were looking for stickers and not telegraph pole numbers etc. The clues were
straightforward to plot, though of course with the event being on both maps 188 and 189, this got nav
Daren Hall moaning, as Andy has been known to comment on before!

With Daren’s quick plotting and good calls, there wasn’t much for me to do apart from drive around
some of Kent’s lovely lanes for the evening. We were deducted 5 points for allegedly being 1 minute
late back to the pub, but we both say that was Andy’s dodgy watch!

We followed Nigel & Rosemary Mead and Kevin & Tarna Ablitt for a while, but lost them at one point.
It was good to see so many crews supporting the event, the only downside of this being that Andy
wasn’t expecting so many and had to hurriedly prepare some more copies of the clues! Jason An-
drews and Shelly Albrow were out for the first time in their Tiger, as a “birthday treat” for Shelly and
there was a wide variety of cars out, as you can see from above.

If you haven’t tried a scatter before, make sure you look out for the dates when they start up again later
in the year. With very cheap entry fees (normally around the £10 mark) they are great fun for both driver
and navigator, and one of the cheapest forms of motorsport you can try.

Suze Bisping


  DATE               EVENT                               CONTACT                         LOCATION           Status Open To/


                                        Entries and Offers of help to Stacey Thompson   Coldharbour Farm,
  7th May      Evening Grass Autotest                                                                        CS
                                        Tel: 0208 3002609,          Farningham

                                        Entries and Offers of help to Stacey Thompson   Coldharbour Farm,
  21st May     Evening Grass Autotest                                                                        CS
                                        Tel: 0208 3002609,          Farningham

                                        Entries and Offers of help to Stacey Thompson   Coldharbour Farm,
  4th June     Evening Grass Autotest                                                                        CS
                                        Tel: 0208 3002609,          Farningham

                                        Entries and Offers of help to Stacey Thompson   Coldharbour Farm,
 18th June     Evening Grass Autotest                                                                        CS
                                        Tel: 0208 3002609,          Farningham

                  Evening Grass         Entries and Offers of help to Stacey Thompson   Coldharbour Farm,
  2nd July                                                                                                   CS
                    Autotest            Tel: 0208 3002609,          Farningham

                                        Entries and Offers of help to Stacey Thompson   Coldharbour Farm,
  16th July    Evening Grass Autotest                                                                        CS
                                        Tel: 0208 3002609,          Farningham

  26th July          Autosolo           TBA                                                North Weald       CS

                                        Entries and Offers of help to Stacey Thompson   Coldharbour Farm,
 9th August       All Day Autotest                                                                           CS
                                        Tel: 0208 3002609,          Farningham

                                        Enquiries to Clive Cooke
11th October          MV Trial                                                            Kent, various      CS
                                        Tel: 01732 353814,

                                        Enquiries to Chin
7th November        20/20 Rally                                                               Kent           CS
                                        Tel: 01732 823132,

                      12 Car            TBA                                                   Kent           CS

   15th                                 Enquiries to Clive Cooke
                     Car Trial                                                              Stoneacre        CS
 November                               Tel: 01732 353814,

                                              For further information contact:

                Competition Secretary: Ian Crocker 01892 546006 email:

    Speed League contact : David Balderson, 01689 601661 email:

  Wanted: Rally Car Parts
                                                                SKI HOLIDAY IN ITALY 2010
  Due to upgrading my 1.0 Micra to an
                                                                Christine and David Balderson invite you
  Endurance Rally car, I am currently
                                                                to join them for a skiing holiday in La
  looking for a few bits and pieces for the                     Thuile, Italy on Sunday 10th January
  car.                                                          2010, to stay in the 4* Planibel Hotel
                                                                which is opposite the slopes (details can
  If anybody has an old tripmeter lying                         be found in the Neilson brochure).
  around, or some buckets seats
  [preferably with wraparound headrests]                        The cost is £609 per person but
  please get in touch.                                          depending on the number in the group,
                                                                there should be a discount to this cost.

                                                                This is a good skiing resort for beginners
                                                                as well as experienced skiers. La Thuile
                                                                links up with La Rosiere in France to
                                                                provide 150km pistes. Ski from Italy to
                                                                France and back again in just one day.

                                                                Please let Christine and David know if
                                                                you are interested by the end of June.

  Call Suze on 01375 407124 or email                            Tel 01689 601661 or Thanks.                             email

Three French Hillclimbs Extend hand of Friendship.

       hree fantastic hills in three weeks……
       The three top hillclimb venues in the west of France St Goueno in Brittany, Hebecrevon in Normandy and
       La Pommeraye in the Pays de Loire have joined forces to welcome drivers from the UK and Ireland to take
part in their events this May.
All three are national status events held on closed public roads and are part of the Championat de France de la
Montagne which is considered to be the one of the best in Europe.

La Pommeraye is situated between Nantes and Angers and at 250km from St Malo is the furthest away. The
2.5km course run up through a vineyard which produces the well-known Anjou wines. The middle section of this
course is famous throughout France for it’s long flowing esses which are taken at well over 200 kph…. if you are
brave enough.
Hebecrevon’s course has a length of 2.2 km, it is narrow at the beginning but then joins the route nationale,
which is very wide and flowing, cornering speeds have to be seen to be believed. The paddock is literally the vil-
lage with the most sought after pitches being adjacent to the bar.
St Goueno’s 3.2 km course winds its way up through a wooded valley, a bit like Wiscombe park in Devon only
much longer and much faster. St Goueno is also famous for it’s evening soirees and it’s 350 volunteers.

Any MSA licence will enable drivers to take part in the GB Masters demonstration runs which are fully timed. Cars
are subject to a few safety requirements.
All three events are run by not-for-profit associations who are keen to make new friends and to show the French
spectators how it is done a l’Anglais.
Trailer storage is available for those wishing to return home between events.

La Pommeraye 9/10 May.
Hebecrevon 16/17 May.
St Goueno 23/24 May.

For more information contact John LLOYD.

Rallye Sunseeker – 27th & 28th February 2009

The day dawned bright, clear and warm in Horsham and stayed that way as I set off for
Bournemouth. I had a nice easy run down to my first stop, Rally HQ at the Highcliff hotel. After
picking up my passes and most of my paperwork (I had forgotten to pick up my check sheets) I
made my way to scrutineering at the little down centre to see long time family friend, John
Monk. After a quick chat, I made my way to the Premier Inn at Ferndown where I found Clive
and Judy Cooke waiting patiently for me. Chris Scudder had been delayed on route so Clive,
Judy and I took a seat in the restaurant and began to set the world to rights. (Question, if you
go out on a first date to a restaurant, is it ok to use a two for one voucher? NO!!! The Ed).
Chris soon arrived and we ate our meal and checked into the hotel.

                                         We made our way to the service park at Canford
                                         Arena where we made ourselves a cup of coffee and
                                         sorted out the clocks and paperwork and waited for
                                         the safety cars to arrive. While we were waiting sev-
                                         eral competitors asked us questions about time cards
                                         and start times as per usual. As night fell the first
                                         safety car, a Mk2 Escort, drew into the control and
                                         was dispatched into the night. Clive and Judy have
                                         experience of time controls, but mainly from inside the
                                         car so they kept a close eye on what was happening.
                                         Gradually the field filtered through, the Land Rovers
     Above: Class winning Mk2 Escort      first who were doing a demonstration run through the
                                          Seafront stage.

Unfortunately, all did not go well on the seafront. First the stage was delayed when a Range
Rover competing in the main event clipped a park bench, removing most of the left front corner
in the process. Both of the crew were ok but later that evening a Subaru Impreza drifted wide
on a fast left hander, felling a large lamp post before coming to a stop 120 yards later. The
driver took the brunt of the impact and had to be cut free by the Stage Rescue Unit and County
Fire & Rescue. The delay meant that the stage was cancelled with the top 17 cars not having
had a chance to tackle the stage.

Slowly the cars filed back to the service area for the evening where we were waiting to sign
them in for the evening. Job done we handed our paperwork to the Course Closing car driven
by none other than Colin Billings who was amusingly sporting a Rugby shirt with the number
ten on the back. We returned to the restaurant where we grabbed a light snack and had a few
more drinks before getting our heads down for the night.

Saturday dawned bright and clear too and after
checking out of the hotel we made our way back to
the Service Park and set about sending the competi-
tors out into the Dorset countryside for a days compe-
tition. The results from Friday night were handed out
by a team of students from Bournemouth University,
showing the top 17 competitors tied for first place hav-
ing been given nominal times. The first loop of stages
was quite dramatic - pre-event favourite Marcus
Dodd went out with engine failure, Paul Bird’s new
toy, a 06 Focus WRC was retired after a wiring loom
                                                          Above: A Land Rover finds a ditch
caught light during a stage and Steve Perez’s similar
machine got stuck in a ditch. We also had a problem with Car 48, the co-driver had worked out
the due time wrong and wasn’t happy that they were almost 15 minutes late. She was

convinced that they’d been held up on the busy A31 and no amount of reasoning was calming
her down. The problem was eventually solved when the driver realised that she hadn’t added
the correct time from the previous stage finish. After the mistake was corrected and she
                                          apologised they were sent on their way.

                                                   The first Service wasn't a good one for ‘Team
                                                   Sevenoaks;’ Stefan Davis had to retire his Peugeot
                                                   205 after running out of oil and Colin Billings was
                                                   delayed after running over a metal spike and having
                                                   to change the resulting puncture. After the Service in
                                                   control was done I checked on Clive and Judy who
                                                   were running the regroup out control on the other side
                                                   of the service park. Although they hadn’t much
                                                   experience, they had settled into the flow of things
                                                   comfortably and were doing a fine job.
      Above: Stefan Davis in his 205

The gap between the first and second services was spent listening to the radio, drinking coffee
and spending the lunch vouchers we had been given at the burger van. Second service soon
rolled round though and we were back in action, this time with Chris on the clock and time
cards and me filling out the check sheet. Again we had to deal with crews that were late but
they posed no real problem and everything ran smoothly for us. Car 48 was still running and
managing to work out the times correctly and took my light hearted teasing with good grace.
Eventually all the cars had come in and gone out
again and it was left to us to drink some more coffee,
use the rest of the meal vouchers and set up the final
Regroup In/ Regroup Out controls.

Unfortunately all was not well out on the stages
though, Stage 12 being stopped due to a spectator
having a suspected heart attack. The mid point
rescue & doctor were dispatched into the stage but
the delay meant that those crews that had not fin-
ished S12 or 13 were given nominal times and
directed straight back to Canford and into the regroup
in control. There we sorted out the top three cars and            Above: The event winners,
queued the rest up waiting to be dispatched to the                Nicholls and Broom
finish ramp in Bournemouth. The top three cars were
given a police escort into Bournemouth and soon the rest of the cars followed one by one at
minute intervals. Once all the cars had been dealt with we had a quick clear up operation and
bid our farewells before hitting the road back home. I had a distinct advantage, being how I
only live in West Sussex, so it was a short hop across the A31, along the M27 towards
Chichester then up the A24 - home in no time.

Thanks to Chris for his ever continuing support, and to Clive and Judy who assure me that I
haven’t scared them off completely for next year (last years victims, sorry volunteers, left the
country!). Also thanks to whoever supplied the weather, dry and sunny - perhaps The
Sunseeker isn’t such a silly name after all? That’s it from me for now; I’ve got to get back to
sorting my pension out. Happy motor-sporting!

Phil Fawcett

All photos in this article courtesy of Andrew Bisping


              Miglia Quadrato - Night of 9th/10th May 2009 City of London

                       nited Hospitals and University of London Motor Club have issued regs for this year’s
                       Miglia Quadrato. For those of you who may not have heard of it, this is a competitive
                       motoring event held entirely within the City of London, with the full co-operation of the
              City of London Police.
                 As a treasure hunt it is an exempt event - for which a certificate of exemption (number
              50834) is issued by the MSA. The 2009 Miglia Quadrato is the fiftieth such event and will run
              on the night of 9/10 May starting at midnight.
                 It is unique in that it takes place entirely within the City of London. The challenge is to navi-
              gate on a 1:10000 map and to locate points to within a ten metre square - where the answer to
              a question should be sought. There are no cryptic or catch questions - but that is not to say the
              task is easy. Indeed, many seasoned crews return each year and competitors with full rally ex-
              perience will be as challenged as those with no such experience. It truly is an event for all. A
              history of fifty years attests to that. With its accessibility to crews of up to six it can be a very
              enjoyable social event. But if you prefer the two-crew format there is a separate classification
              for this. Every year we get entrants from around the country. The fact that many travel consid-
              erable distance and return each year is another indication of its appeal.
                 If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to email John Gilbert at
                                                                                  GRAND LEIGHBRIDGE GARDEN PARTY
                                                                                  11th JULY
              Invitation Events
                                                                                  A HAPPY gathering of all my friends who wish
              W     e have received an invite from the Aston Martin
                    Owners Club to some of their events
                                                                                  me and Diana well - I would like friends from all
                                                                                  the different phases of my (generally) very happy
              Race Meetings                                                       life to mix and get to know each other.
              Donington Park 4th May Cancelled
              Silverstone 30th May                                                Gates open at 1200. Unlimited car-parking on
              Snetterton 18th - 19th July                                         grass. Bring your own picnic. Two barbecues will
              Thruxton 12th September                                             be lit (1 charcoal, 1 gas); bring your own
              Oulton Park 3rd October                                             `sacrificial sausages´. We will provide tea, cof-
                                                                                  fee, squash, `vin plonc´ & beer. If your tastes are
              Sprints                                                             more refined, (off-licence & supermarkets within 2
              Curborough 24th May                                                 miles) then bring your own. Officially, the event is
              Goodwood 11th July
                                                                                  1200 - 1800. However, if you want to camp, cara-
              Curborough 3rd October
                                                                                  van or otherwise stay over (remembering our
              If you would like any further information about any of              drink / drive laws), there´s plenty of room.
              the above, please let me know and I will try to find out
              more details of organisers for you.                                 Jazz group will play `my sort of music´ between
                                                                                  1300 and about 1700 and `Course´ Croquet will
              Ian Crocker                                                         be played: if you haven´t tried it - DO.
              Competition Secretary
                                                                                  Dress code - no black. A photo-board will be on
                                                                                  display in the tent - if you have any pictures that
                                                                                  will add to the fun, bring them along for the after-
                                                                                  noon. There will probably be a TRA overhead, at
                                                                                  some time!
                     Deadline for copy for the
                     June edition is 20th May.                                    Remember - if it´s not fun, you´re doing it wrong!
                    Anything received after this
                                                                                  Gordon Franks
                     date will not be included.
                                                                                  If you plan on attending, please let Andy Elcomb
                                                                                  know 01622 884856 or email

                                                                         - 10 -
                                                              WELSH WOES FOR DAVIS

                                                              Rally Driver Stefan Davis contested the 2nd
                                                              round of the British fastest one make series
                                                              the Kick Energy Fiesta Sporting Trophy on the
                                                              Bulldog International Rally of North Wales. The
                                                              rally was based around the welsh town of Bala.
                                                              Stefan was co-driven by Kim Baker for the first

                                                              The team were in good spirits after nearly
                                                              winning the first round just three weeks ago
SO NEARLY DREAM DEBUT FOR                                     and were very much looking forward to a flat
                                                              out attack on the Welsh terrain. Things got off to
DAVIS                                                         a bizarre start when the service crew managed to
                                                              roll the car onto its roof at just 7mph before load-
Rally Driver Stefan Davis contested the 1st round             ing the car onto the trailer.
of the fastest British one make car series this
Weekend, the Malcolm Wilson Rally based near                  “It was the strangest thing that has happened
the Ford World Rally Team HQ in Cockermouth,                  before a rally, the car was basically destroyed on
Carlisle. Stefan was co-driven by Rally Driver                the driveway before it had left. Fair play to the
apprentice and girlfriend Louise Cook who is                  boys, they worked flat out through the night to get
planning to contest the 205 challenge herself as a            the car driveable and had an emergency 24 hour
driver in one month’s time.                                   glass repair chap replace every window” said
                                                              Stefan. “The car felt ok on the road section but as
The crew had only purchased the car the day                   soon as we started the 1st stage it was clear
before the rally and Stefan’s first drive of the car          we had lost power somewhere”.
was the road section down to the start ramp.
Despite this Stefan was committed out of the box              With the car spending a short amount of time
and set a cracking 4th place time amongst the                 on its roof with no oil it would seem that the
seventeen Fiesta crews. In Stage 4 Stefan                     engine had taken the brunt. Stefan also
managed his first fastest time in the championship            reported an electrical switch that was giving
and not only that, Stefan had now taken the lead!             inconsistent earth to the car making power
                                                              issues even worse!
It was all to come to an unfortunate end when the
suspension lower arm fell out of the hub 300m                 “We had a good blast threw the last stage once
from the end of stage 6. Stefan fitted the car back           we had temporarily fixed the electrics, the car
together at the side of the stage as nothing had              didn’t die off and was pulling to 7,000rpm for the
broke and drove the car out but the time loss was             first time all day. We were still 3.5 seconds a mile
massive. So, the service crew fitted a new arm                off the leading pace, but we can work on the sus-
after the stage but the problem and the worn                  pension and power for the next event to reduce
component turned out to be the hub when the crew              that gap.” Davis looks hard to gain the support
were left stranded at the side of the long road back          needed to get to the Pirelli International.
to Penrith for the final 2.5 miles stage so were un-
able to complete the rally..

“It was so near to a dream start. We thought before
the rally that 5th place in a car we have never
driven would have been a cracking result but to
have pushed on to take the lead was like a dream
come true. We have battled for two seasons with a
complicated car and when I have a car less
technical that I simply have to drive really fast, I
have proved that I can do it,” said Stefan.

The Fiesta Sporting Trophy is the most hotly
contested championship in Britain and the
equal car strategy means that genuine driver
talent can rise to the surface.

                                                     - 11 -
The Backward Archive presents: 1970 Valence Hillclimb
Sevenoaks & District Motorclub ran the1970 Valence Hillclimb on 25th July. Spectators were
asked to part with 2/6d, while a programme was just 6d. The man with all the power was Clerk
of the Course David Stevens.

                          Class A saloons up to 850cc kicked off the event, with 7 Minis taking
                          on sprinting legend (no, not Chris Judge), Wally Pratt in his Fiat Ar-
                          barth 850TC. Next somewhat less logically was Class D saloons
                          over 1300cc. This saw three Sevenoaks rally cross aces all in Escort
                          Twin cams, fighting for class honours. Rod Chapman came out on
                          top from John Taylor and Roy Edwards. Another 7Oaks ace, Peter
                          Warren, was also in the class with his Cortina Twin-cam. A break
                          from all the Fords saw Sheila Boulden in her Rover 2000 T/C.

                        Logic returned with the next class B 850 to 1000cc, with many Mini
                        Coopers including road saloon founder Tim Dodwell and Sue
 Above: Chin competing
                        Walleans. One odd ball in the class was Chin (no comment!) in the
Morris Chinspeed Minor. Class C followed for 1001 to 1300cc cars, mainly 7Oaks members in
Mini Cooper S models. This included race ace Bernard Bird and rally star Harvey Crush. In
non Minis were Ron Lewis’ Brabham Viva and Arthur Dann’s NSU 1200TT.

Next were the GT cars in Class E, up to 1200cc, with Sprites and a Triumph Herald! Class G
was GT cars 1201cc to 1650cc, with Nick Ramus’s quick Midget and Tony Brown’s Austin
Healy Lenham GT Sprite. GT cars 1651cc to 2500ccwas Class G and saw Phil Holliday’s do
anything Triumph TR2.

There was a mass entry of Gilberns with three Gilbern 1800 GTs entered for Martin Ingall,
John Classey and Dr Paul Scott. John Bloomfield had his road car Porsche 911 rather than
his Group 2 race Escort. Another entry was Irvine Laidlaw in a Morgan 4/4. Was this Lord
Laidlaw, today’s well known historic race ace with lots of mouth-watering cars, I wonder?

The final GT class was for over 2500cc cars and featuring BARC
members with 5 Jaguar E-Types taking on 4 Austin Healy 3000s.
The three Sevenoaks members had a touch of class with John Hig-
gett’s pre-war Bentley, Bob Gooda’s Maserati Indy and Dick Faulks
pre-war Bugatti Type SS road car.

The first sports racing car Class I for up to 1200cc cars and fea-
tured Charles Saunders’ Lola Clomax Mk1 and Julian Dussek’s Lo-
tus 7. The over 1200cc sports car class saw amongst the entry
Gordon Viola’s Manta Jaguar and David Stare’s Ginetta G12.
                                                                     Above: A Mini clips the bank
Class K for single seaters under 1200cc gave us our FTD man, the very quick Peter Voigt in
his Formula 4 Ginetta Imp G17. His opposition came from a couple of very rare Formula Jun-
ior cars, Roger Mortimer’s OSCA and David Wilson’s Caravelle. The final Class L for single
seaters over 1200cc saw Peter Voigt out again in the Dove III with a supercharged bike engine
in the rear. Roger Willoughby had also supercharged his quick Brabham Ford and also super-
charged was John Playford’s wonderful Bugatti T51 pre-war Grand Prix car.

So there was the ninth Valence Hill Climb that was to continue to the last event in 1996. My
grateful thanks to Geoff Turner for giving the photos for the archive, before going off to sunny
                     Chris Dennis

                                              - 12 -
ASEMC Car Trials Championship
Sevenoaks members are doing very well in the opening rounds of the 2009 ASEMC Car Trials
Championship. Jay Grossmith in his 1400cc Metro is currently leading the championship
overall, with myself, Dave Balderson and Ted Holloway fighting it out in Class 2 with few
points separating us.

The Championship has now attracted 14 registered contenders with the next event being the
Southern Autos run by Falcon Motor Club on 24th May. Sevenoaks positions are as

Class 2

1st   Jay Grossmith   13 points

2nd Chris Judge       8 points

3rd   Dave Balderson 7 points

4th   Ted Holloway    5 points

Class 4

1st Ted Holloway      3 points

If anyone would like details of the ASEMC Car Trials Championship please contact myself at or ring 07765 663 258.

Chris Judge

Spring Fever Autotest
The Falcon Motor Club Ltd would like to in-
vite the Sevenoaks & District MC to our                       Sevenoaks & District
Spring Fever Autotest to be held on Sunday                        Motor Club
17th May 2009.                                                Speed League 2009

The venue is 165 Biggleswade Road, Upper               If you haven’t yet registered for this
Caldecot, Biggleswade SG18 9BD                         year’s Speed League , now is the time
Map Ref 153/175461                                     to do so!

The event is a duel permit Clubsport /                 Registration is free, and you can find a
Production Car Autotest on a very smooth               registration form at the back of Acorn,
grass surface.                                         which needs to be sent to
                                                       David Balderson.
Regs can be downloaded from Falcon’s web-
site; http;//                                          With rounds all over the country, there                       are events to suit everybody from air-
                                                       field sprints to circuits, hillclimbs, and
Please contact Dave Maitland, Competition              many others in-between.
Secretary, for more info. 3A Weston Road,
Stevenage, Herts. SG1 3RH Tel 01438
210793 Email

                                              - 13 -
                             Self Interview - Suze Bisping

What’s your day job?

Administration Manager for a telecommunications company, having just given up working as cabin
crew for BA.

What three random facts about you do most members not know?

•      Before sport, music was my first hobby – I play the flute, guitar, piano and drums
•      My Dad was a member of a Weald Club [Croydon] many, many years ago before moving from
       Surrey to Hampshire and latterly Wiltshire – it’s just a co-incidence I’ve ended up becoming a
       member of a club in the same area
•      I got my race National B license a few days before taking, and passing, my driving license

When did you join 7oaks?


What or who inspired you to get into motor sport?

My Dad – he always took me to watch motorsport
at the weekend. When I was very young [4
onwards] my Mum worked alternate weekends,               Above: The 1.0 Micra on The Preston,
and so Sundays were for “Grand Prix picnics” with Dad – courtesy of M&H Photography
we’d sit in the lounge on the picnic rug in front of the
Grand Prix eating food my Mum wouldn’t normally let us have, like ravioli!

What was your first competition car, and why did you choose it?

A 1.3 Nissan Micra Super S – it was my first car, and I bought it because it was cheap! It later be-
came one of my competition cars.

Brief competing history to present...

I first competed in 2006 on sprints, autotests and Car Trials [or PCTs then] amongst other things. In
2007 I expanded this to include a Formula Vee race at Silverstone and scatters, and in 2008 added
autosolos, gymkhanas, 12 cars and a Nat B Road Rally, The Preston, to that list. In 2009 I’m doing
more of the same, but hoping to compete on my first Endurance Rally too.

What’s your current competition car?

We have four cars in our household, all of which have been used to compete in! We have a 1.3 Nis-
san Micra Super S, a 1.0 Nissan Micra which is currently being built into an Endurance Rally car, a
standard Rover 214 and an Endurance Rally / stage spec Rover 214.

                                               - 14 -
                                        What’s your dream competition car and why?

                                        A Mk2 Escort – Dad had one, and I’ve heard lots about it, and
                                        you could permanently go sideways – fantastic!

                                        What’s your favourite venue / corner and why?

                                        I love Castle Combe having lived locally for 10 years. However, I
                                        love the Indy and Grand Prix Circuits at Brands Hatch, espe-
                                        cially Paddock Hill.
Above: The rally Rover, courtesy of
M&H Photography

 What’s been your worst or most expensive accident?

 Touch wood, nothing major to date! Although I did once “bump” my fiancé Matt’s rally Rover into a
 tree, resulting in a dent and me paying for a new rear light.

 What’s your dream event, to compete, marshal or spectate on and why?

 I would love to compete on Rallye Sunseeker, simply because it’s the first rally I remember going to
 and I loved spectating in Ringwood Forest and on the sea front.

           AEMC Sprint Championship Rounds:
           Date                       Venue                 Club
    1.     Sunday 15th March              North Weald             Borough 19 MC
    2.     Sunday 5th April               North Weald             Sevenoaks & DMC
    3.     Sunday 19th April              Honington               Borough 19 MC
    4.     Sunday 26th April              North Weald             Green Belt MC/HarrowCC
    5.     Saturday 2nd May               Curborough (long)       BARC (Mids)
    6.     Sunday 10th May                Debden                  Herts County
    7.     Sunday 17th May                Bentwaters Parks        Borough 19 MC
    8.     Saturday 6th June              Lydden (am)             Rochester MC
    9.     Saturday 13th June             Abingdon                Sutton & Cheam MC
    10.    Saturday 20th June             Lydden                  Borough 19 MC
    11.    Saturday 27th June             Goodwood                Tunbridge Wells MC
    12.    Sunday 12th July               Debden                  Borough 19 MC
    13.    Sunday 19th July               Longcross               Sutton & Cheam MC
    14.    Sunday 2nd August              Hethel                  Borough 19 MC
    15.    Saturday 8th August            Curborough (long)       BARC (Mids)
    16.    Saturday 15th August           Lydden                  7 Oaks/London Irish
    17.    Saturday 12th September        Brands Hatch (am)       Tunbridge Wells MC
    18.    Sunday 20th September          North Weald             Harrow CC/Green BeltMC
    19.    Sunday 4th October             Debden                  Herts County
    20.    Saturday 24th October          Lydden (am)             Rochester MC

                                                  - 15 -
SDMC Car Trial Stoneacre Farm

           n March 15th, Sevenoaks and District Motor Club ran a Car Trial at Stoneacre Farm, Otham,
           near Maidstone. A strong entry of 26 competitors turned up on a bright sunny day, to do battle
           with the Kent Countryside watched by a field of sheep.

The first group of six tests out of eighteen saw Sevenoaks’ Daren Hall pull out a two point lead over
MMKMC’s Ken Kimber, Daren’s Nova finding the slightly slippery conditions more to it’s liking than
Ken’s immaculate 1972 NSU TT.

The second group of six tests saw Ken reversing the tables on Daren, as he took a two points lead as
the Nova and driver struggled in the drying conditions. It was all to play for on the final six tests. A
mighty charge from Daren saw him win the trial overall by two points from ken. Overheating in the rear
engine NSU over the final few tests did not help Ken’s cause.

These two left the rest of the field behind, their nearest challenger in third was Ray Lane, another 14
points behind. Mention must be made though of Andy Webber, who used the most unsuitable car ever
seen at a Car Trial. Andy brought along his sprint racing Lotus Elan +2. This much tuned car was skil-
fully driven by Andy to complete the first six tests without any damage. Infact he took two top scores,
but unfortunately then had to go to a christening. He is such an enthusiast he had to come and play, a
true clubman.

Chris Dennis


BPD Daren Hall            Vauxhall Nova 1.2

Class winners:

A      Dennis Usmar       BMC Mini 1300 GT
D      Hales Vaughan      Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite
E      Ken Kimber         NSU 1200 TT

ASEMC class winners:

2      Ray Lane           BMC Mini
3      Dave Harvey        Fiat X1/9
4      Ted Holloway       Nimrod

    ASEMC Speed Championship

    Andy Webber proved the highest placed Sevenoaks member in the 2008 ASEMC Speed
    Championship. Driving his trusty Lotus Elan, he took a number of class wins and some very com-
    petitive performances saw him win the championship road-going up to 2-litre class by a country

    Stephen Thompson drove his Honda Civic Type R to class victory in the standard production sa-
    loon category, while Bob Hoare came 5th in the road-going up to 1400cc class driving his (now his-
    toric) 1000cc Chamois Imp. Dave Balderson finished 6th in the over 2-litre road-going class.

    The Overall winner of the Championship was Borough 19 motor club member Kim Adams driving
    his very quick Mitsubishi EVO. Kim, along with all the other prize winners, were awarded their tro-
    phies at the Brands Hatch Thistle Hotel recently. Next year's ASEMC prize giving will celebrate
    three championships due to the creation of a new Car Trial and Stage Rally championship. Both
    these new challenges have already begun to flourish. If you would like details of any ASEMC
    Championships please contact myself or Chin.

    Happy motoring! Chris Judge

                                                     - 16 -
SDMC North Weald Sprint, 5th April 2009                          Feedback from the event:

                                                                 Well done Andy, had a great day, lovely weather

       he second round of the Sevenoaks &
       District Motor Club Speed League season                   as well. Thanks for allowing Jason to go out a
       was at the familiar venue of North Weald. A               couple of times.
beautiful sunny day was a welcome change from                    Shelly, spectator and helper
the snow experienced at the venue a year previ-
                                                                 A good day thanks to all who did the work, and
With varied entry numbers across the classes,                    arranged the weather.
competition for the honours in classes B3 and B4                 Steve “sideways” Stringer, car 67
was particularly close, but it was Mark Garner in
his Renault Spider and Bill McKenna in his Por-
sche who finally took home the spoils.                           Thanks to the organising team and the marshals,
                                                                 who I guess may be a bit red now!
Fastest Time of the Day went to Chris Judge,                     Matt Endean, car 7
who had been out competing the previous day at
Lydden Hill. His beautiful looking Jedi was on fine
form and he took the overall award with the                      Just a quick thanks to Andy and co for their usual
Seven of Paul Bowden not far behind in 2nd                       slick and professional running of Sundays event
overall. A few car gremlins were experienced dur-                whilst maintaining a friendly and informal atmos-
ing the day including the Metro 6R4 of David                     phere. The few problems that did occur were
Daniel which broke a driveshaft on the way to                    dealt with promptly and with minimum fuss, de-
scrutineering and a few others who fell by the                   spite only managing third in class, I had a very
wayside during the event.                                        enjoyable day and was awarded with a very nice
                                                                 trophy for my efforts.
As Andy Elcomb mentioned on the day, competi-                    Peter Moore, car 17
tor feedback is always valuable and appreciated.
With a medium sized entry, there was some
“spare time” at the end of the day, and as he                    Our thanks to all the team for putting it together -
asked on the day, knowing what competitors                       Keith on entries, Phil for the manpower, Chris-
would like is important. For the future, would you               tine / Rosemary & Stacey for twiddling their
prefer to see:                                                   thumbs in the donated caravenette (joke - hon-
                                                                 est!), Alan F for providing said office, Clive Cooke
•     A fun run                                                  for the van and equipment and of course Chin
•     A fourth timed run                                         and Ian for their behind the scenes work - cheers
•     Two laps of the course (having completed                   all.
      the majority of the course once, instead of
      doing a hairpin right, turn right back down                Thanks also to the competitors - not a single
      to the banjo and then complete the course).                wrong route all day and a few entertaining spins
                                                                 to keep the marshals awake. What more could
If you have any thoughts, please let him know.                   we ask.
Drop him an email at or
give him a call; his contact details are at the front            Andy Elcomb, Clerk of the Course
of the magazine.

As most of you will be aware, there were photog-
raphers attending the event and their photo-
graphs can be found at http://
portfolio53683.html from where you can also pur-
chase prints of the event.

Congratulations to all the class winners on the
day, and of course thanks to all the marshals and
organisers as always.

                                                                  Above: The Spitfire was an appreciated sight
                                                                  (photo Andrew Bisping)

                                                        - 17 -
                                 Photos from North Weald

 Above: David Balderson and Nigel Mead
     catching up in the paddock.....
                                                       Above: ....before David decided to go
                                                                   for a bike ride

  Above: Keith Crocker doing his bit to
           promote the club
                                                     Above: And the Clerk of the Course taking a
                                                                 well-earned break

Above: Some people didn’t make it home as
 quickly as planned, after an unscheduled
                                                     Above: ...but after a quick tyre change, the
             stop on the M25...
                                                       Thompsons were on their way again.

                                            - 18 -
                             - 19 -

                             - 20 -
                             - 21 -
                                                                                                                      MSA: E-WHEELS—MAY 09
e‐Wheels  April  2009                                                           allan.dean‐   

The  MSA  created  the  first  apprenticeship  in  motor  sport  driving  and  has  opened  registrations  for 
 the  first  intake  of  50  driversand  co‐drivers.  The  Advanced  Apprenticeship  in  Sporting  Excellence 
 (AASE)  is  funded  by  the  Learning  and  Skills  Council  and  is  well  established  in  many  other  sports. 
The  MSA  is  looking  for  the  first  intake  of  50  competitors  to  enrol  on  the  AASE  motor  sport 
 programme  which  begins  in  August  200.  All  AASE  students  must  be  aged  between  16  and  24 
 and  be  able  to  demonstrate  their  potential  to  go  on  to  become  Elite  performer  within  the 
 sport.  The  MSA  has  drawn  up  a  minimum  level  of  performance  that  will  be  expected  of 
 successful  applicants,  which  can  be  found  at   
Go  regional   
With  the  website  now  attracting  more  than  2,000  new  visitors  each  week,  the 
 focus  of  the  campaign  has  moved  on.  Eight  part‐time  regional  Development  Officers  have  been 
 recruited  to  visit  schools  throughout  England,  Scotland,  Wales  and  Northern  Ireland.  They  will 
 advise  children  and  students  about  the  many  opportunities  for  taking  part  in  motor  sport.   
The  MSA's  Let's  Go  Karting  scheme  allows  children  between  eight  and  16  to  have  a  go  in  a  kart 
 for  just  £5.  For  those  aged  eight  and  over,  there  are  Junior  Dragsters  and  Cadet  kart  racing, 
 while  special  classes  in  autograss,  autotests,  rallycross,  circuit  racing  and  rallying  cater  for 
 teenagers  of  14  and  older.   
The  Development  Officers  will  work  closely  with  the  existing  motor  sport  infrastructure  in  their 
 areas,  including  Regional  Associations,  venues,  events  and  MSA  recognised  clubs.   
Their  names  and  the  areas  they  will  cover  are:    
Mark  James,  South  Wales  (based  in  Swansea)   
Rob  Manger,  Southern  England  (Alton,  Hampshire)   
Duncan  Vincent,  Scotland  (Knockhill)   
Anthony  Dunn,  North  East  (Durham)   
Phil  Glew,  North/North  West  (Sheffield)   
Jonathan  McDonald,  Northern  Ireland   
Ed  Pead,  Midlands  (Northampton)   
Tom  Gaymor,  South  East  (London)   
Meanwhile,  is  worth  visiting  regularly  as  it  is  frequently  updated.  If  your 
club  is  not  listed,  a  club  official  should  complete  the  questionnaire  which  can  be  downloaded 

                                                        - 22 -
                       Return  questionnaires  by  email  to  or  by  post  to  Ben  Taylor  at  Motor 

                        Sports  House.  If  you  have  any  questions,  contact  Alex  Birley,  who  is  coordinating  Go 
                        Motorsport,  on  07841  673012.   
                       Code  of  Conduct   
                       The  MSA  has  incorporated  a  Code  of  Conduct  in  the  2009  Competitors'  and  Officials  Yearbook 
                        (the  'Blue  Book)’,  which  is  shown  below  for  information.   
                       The  Motor  Sports  Association  expects  you,  and  your  associates,  at  all  times  to:   
                       •  Abide  by  the  MSA  regulations   
                       •  Respect  the  decisions  of  event  officials   
                       •  Treat  all  competitors,  marshals  and  officials  equally  with  respect   
                       •  Maintain  the  highest  standards  of  driving  behaviour   
                       •  Conduct  yourself  in  a  proper  manner  at  all  times  and  always  behave  in  the  best  interests  of 
                        UK  motor  sport   
                       •  Make  every  effort  to  minimise  the  impact  of  your  activities  on  the  environment  around  you   
                       The  Motor  Sports  Association  will  not  tolerate  any  form  of  abuse  or  aggression  towards  officials, 
                        marshals,  spectators  and  competitors.   
                       The  Motor  Sports  Association  and  the  National  Court  will  impose  the  most  stringent  sanction 
                        against  any  transgression.   
                       You  are  reminded  that  participation  in  motor  sport  carries  an  inherent  risk  and  the  ultimate 
                        responsibility  for  safety  lies  wit  the  individual.  The  Motor  Sports  Association  urges  you  to  make 
                        the  maximum  possible  effort  to  ensure  your  own  safety  at  all  times.   
                       Picture  post   
                       The  Bristol  Pegasus  Motor  Club  (BPMC)  used  a  novel  illustrated  ‘stamp’  design  when  posting  out 
                        regulations  for  its  Wessex  Sprint.   
                       If  you  want  to  consider  such  an  option  for  your  club,  useful  guidance  can  be  obtained  from  the 
                        BPMC  Vice  President,  Dick  Craddy,  at  craddy@old‐    
                       Seats  in  Road  Rallying   
                       Extract  from  MSA  SCRUTINEERS  E‐BULLETIN  #41   
                       We  have  been  made  aware  of  concerns  regarding  the  condition  of  some  ‘standard’  seats  used  in 
                        road  rallying.  Concern  has  been  shown  over  the  strength  of  some  reclining  mechanisms.  Please 
                        pay  particular  attention  when  scrutineering  such  vehicles  that  the  seat  is  ‘fit  for  purpose’  and 
                        does  not  pose  a  danger  to  the  competitor.    
                       Downloading  e‐Wheels   
                       If  a  paper  copy  is  required  and  to  access  back  issues,  Word  and  pdf  versions  of  e‐Wheels  can 
                        be  downloaded  from  the  MSA  website  by  clicking  on  MSA 

                                                                            - 23 -
                                       Sevenoaks Speed League 2009

                                                 Registration Form 2009

The championship is only open to fully paid up members of Sevenoaks and District Motor Club.
No registration fee is necessary.




       …………………………………………………                                                 POSTCODE.......................…

       TEL No...........................……….(Home                  ) ...........…………..........…...(Work)


VEHICLE MAKE…….......................... MODEL................................ C.C. .........…....

IS THE CAR TAXED AND INSURED?............................YES / NO

SIGNED...........................…………….............                        DATE.......….............................

Send to Scorer: David Balderson, 17 Glentrammon Close, Orpington ,Kent, BR6 6DL

                                        Sevenoaks Speed League 2009

                                                  Marshalling Qualification

In accordance with Rule 1.7.2 I confirm that I marshalled / officiated at the following event(s):


Please note that only one FULL DAY OR 2 HALF DAYS/EVENING events are required to
qualify, but please do more if you can.

Signed.........................................................................Please print name…………………………..
Signed 7Oaks Official _______________________Print Name ______________

Send to Scorer: David Balderson, 17 Glentrammon Close, Orpington ,Kent, BR6 6DL

                                                                 - 24 -
                    Zoomworks Photography

Above: Russell Giddings, 1st in class, B5
                                                                     Zoomworks Photography

                                                Above: Peter Wilson, 1st in class, C6

                       Zoomworks Photography

 Above: Paul Bowden, 1st in class C7
          and 2nd overall.                                             Zoomworks Photography

                                                 Above: Terry Brown, 1st in class, D8

                      Zoomworks Photography

Above: Malcolm Wise, 1st in class, D9                                            Colin Shipway

                                                Above: Steve Stringer, 1st in class, D10

                      Zoomworks Photography

 Above: Darren Tyre, 1st in class, E11                               Zoomworks Photography

                                               Above: Stuart Kingham, 1st in class, E12

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