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					INDIA – A Beautiful Zone on This Landscape
A paradise for holidaymakers , India every time amazed the tourists with all its hidden treasures troves. In all aspects, India is the true land of 'Unity in diversity'. It is a picture perfect land of legendary sunset , ice - caped mountain ranges , deep valleys , a lonely desert, picturesque beeches, lagoons , river daltas , back waters and great pious rivers and their long ghats and banks . In India , one can easily behold the multi- cultural , multilingual , multi-religious and multi - seasonal traits existing under one single roof without any chaos. India which is known for its gallantry and chivalry during the erstwhile princely time, is also the believer of non – violence after Mahatma Gandhi spreads the slogan of non – violence to break the shackles of British colonialism and enable Indians won the battle of Independence in 1947. India, the home of Indus valley civilization, the region of historic trade routes of silk , spices etc and vast empires of bygone era is the second largest democratic country of the world. This second most populous country of world is bounded by the Indian ocean in south , the Arabian sea on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the east side . Area wise India is the seventh largest country and has a vast coastline of 7,517 km. So the silvery white sands and golden beeches very well boasts the tourism industry. India , the 'land of snake charmers' of bygone era is now standing on the threshold of becoming the next super power of world . This South Asian country is an excellent blend of medieval architectural monuments such as majestic forts , elegant palaces , mausoleums, holy temples, mosques , churches and sky touching buildings having modern , contemporary designs and amenities. Tips For Traveling in India :India a magical and colorful land of rich history , culture , and tradition . In order to have a memorable experience of your Indian holiday , we bring you some valuable tips about traveling in India. Indian visa and travel documents:

It is necessary to carry a valid passport and visa to explore each and every nook and corner of India. In case you loss your passport while traveling in India , then consult your embassy as soon as possible . Additional permits are required to visit some places in India such as Ladakh ,Gujrat, Kerala Andaman Islands and more. Get information from your embassy and travel agent while planning your visit to this destinations. Under exceptional circumstances the visa can be extended to 15 days. A registration is require if you wants to stay for more than 3months on non tourist visa.



Transportation Facility In India :  The most Indian cities are well connected with Indian railways and airlines.

Most of the Indian cities have efficient local transportation such as buses , taxis , auto- rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. You can also hire private cabs for traveling in and around the cities. If you wish to drive in India than an International driving license is must.


Best Time To Visit India:  During winter season i.e from November to march is the best time to visit tourist destinations in Indian Book Your Tour To India Through –

plains. It is the perfect season to roam around because at this time the weather becomes very pleasant in plains.

It is best to visit mountainous regions in India during April to October at this time you won't feel chilling cold climate of mountainous regions .

Food And Health Precautions For India:

Indian cuisines are too oily and spicy for European and Americans. So if you can bear these spicy foods than only gorge on them. For hygienic reasons it is advisable to eat non -vegetarian foods only from recognized hotels . Avoid eating foods such as cut fruits or salads from roadsides vendors. Don't drink water from the taps. Instead buy bottle water or drink boiled water if possible. Before buying the bottled water , check whether the seal is intact or not. Always keep a first aid kit which must contain an antiseptic cream , band aids , and mosquito repellents. Always use hats , sunglasses , sunscreen lotions while traveling in summer to prevent yourself from the effect of scorching sun rays. Drink loads of water to avoid dehydration.





Some Shopping Tips:  India is shopper's paradise . You can purchase various items from souvenirs to clothes etc from shopping hubs like shopping malls, local bazaars, flea markets etc. If you want to buy stuffs from local bazaars then try to bargain .

The State Emporium and Central Cottage Industries Emporium are the best options to buy semi precious and precious gems as they deals in real gems. And provide you fair idea about the cost. If you want to purchase ivory, fur. animal skins , and antique items then you must obtain a certificate of legitimate sale and permission for export before leaving India.


Tips to Maintain Social Decorum:
  

Try to avoid public display of affection because Indians don't take it in good sense. Always cover your head before entering into a religious places like temples or mosques. Always seek permission before clicking photographs of women and religious places.

Tips for Women Travelers:
   

Don't wear revealing clothes in India. To be on safer side , always visits pubs , discotheques or bars in company of friends. Don't smoke in public places while traveling in small cities of India. Always watch street parties and festive processions from a safe distance to avoid aggressive males.

Best Tourist Destination in India: Rajasthan: A State of Royal Rendezvous Come to Rajasthan once and you'll want to return again and again... Rajasthan , a state of folklore of heroism , romance and hospitality that resound from its majestic palaces and formidable forts . Travel anywhere in this Book Your Tour To India Through –

land of magical fantasies, you will be greeted by some spectacular visual delights of deserts , shining sand dunes, serene lakes, bustling bazaars, quite country side and amazing flora and fauna. The colorful and vibrant people of Rajasthan are blessed with tradition of hospitality like their ancestors. Each and every city of Rajasthan have a tale to tell. This is a place where you can pamper yourself by staying in some of the world's best luxurious heritage hotels . Some of the breathtaking tourist destination of this north western state are Jaipur, Jodhpur , Jaiselmer, Bharatpur, Udaipur, Bikaner , Chittorgarh. It is an incredible destination to visit. Goa: The Land Of Virgin Golden Beeches Once visit Goa and experience the charm of its unspoilt natural beauty, rustic landscape, sea shores and the warmth of its people. In Goa, they say, 'life is a beech'. It is a exquisite land of slivery white sands and golden beeches that every year draws millions of tourists . Goa has so many exciting and spectacular retreats to behold your eyes. If you are a keen nature lover then you can enjoy the wildlife and the bird sanctuaries of Goa such as Bondla wildlife sanctuary, Mollem sanctuary, Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary etc. For the history lover Goa offers some centuries old forts ,monuments and bastions like Tiracol fort ,Chapora fort , Cabo da fort, Mormugao fort and many more. The famed Bom Jesus Basilica is designated as one of the world heritage sites in Goa . Other major tourist attraction places in Goa are the Se Cathedral, the Manguesh and the Shantadurga temple. Kerala : The God's Own Country Kerala , the 'God's own country' is located in the southwestern part of India. Kerala which is famous for its eco -tourism initiatives is situated in the lush and tropical Malabar coast. Recently, it is considered as one of the 'ten paradises of the world' and '50 places of lifetime' by the National Geographic Traveler magazine. The major attractions of this coastal state of India includes picturesque beaches at Kovalam , Cherai, and Varkala , the hill stations of Munnar , Nelliampathi, Ponmudi and Wayand and national parks and wildlife sanctuaries at Periyar and Eravikulum national park. Come and explore the beauty and placidity of 'backwaters' of Kerala and enjoy the houseboat ride in these backwaters. Every year in the month of August , kerala government organizes the annuale Nehru Trophy boat race in these backwaters. Padmanabhapuram Palace and the Mattancherry palace are the famous heritage sites of Kerala. The coastal town Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram are popular for theatrical performances and shopping centers . Rejuvenate yourself in the famous Ayurvedic massage therapy centers of Kerala. Agra : The City Of Eternal Love Agra which is famed for its masterpiece created in white marble 'The Taj Mahal' . This symbol of eternal love was built by emperor Shahjahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz mahal. Taj mahal considered as one of the seven wonders of the medieval era is located on the banks of Yamuna river. Agra is city of northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Beside Taj mahal , there is so much to see , to discover and to enjoy in Agra like Agra fort, Fatehpur sikri, Sikandra (Akbar's tomb) Swami Bagh Smadhi, Mankameshwar temple and many more. Kolkata : The 'City Of Joy' Kolkata, the 'city of joy' is the capital of West Bengal and the cultural capital of India. This city of renowned poet Rabindranath Tagore, Sarat chandra chattopadhyay and the legendary filmmaker Satyajit ray is noted for its revolutionary history of Indian independence, leftist and trade union movements. Kolkata is also famous for its bridges like Howrah bridge, Vidyasagar setu, Vivekananda setu and many more that joins Koltaa and Howrah. Kolkata is India's only city which have a tram network. There are some beautiful monuments in Koltata which bear the traces of colonial and cultural legacy such as Victoria Memorial, Indian museum , National library of India , Dalhousie square. Esteemed educational institution Vishwa Bharti created by Late Rabindra Nath Tagore , Bellur Math , Dakshineshwar temple , Kumartuli, College street are also worth watching. Book Your Tour To India Through –

Top Tour Packages In India :Golden Triangle Tour Package with Pushkar: Destination covered : Delhi-Ajmer—Pushkar-Jaipur -Fatehpur Sikri-Agra -Delhi Duration : 07 nights/ 08 days The Golden triangle tour package with an extension to Pushkar provides you an opportunity to explore this tranquil town of Rajasthan . Pushkar , a sacred town of Rajasthan is known for its earthly abode of Lord Brahma and for the famous Pushkar fair held in the month of November on the occasion of Kartika purnima. This tour also enable you to visit Ajmer , a town nearby to Pushkar. Ajmer is famous for Dargah of the great Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin chisti equally revered by Hindus and Muslims. Forts And Palaces Tour Package of Rajasthan: Destination covered: Delhi-Mandawa-Bikaner-Jaiselmer-Jodhpur -Bundi-Udaipur-Pushkar- Jaipur-Agra-Delhi Duration : 17 nights / 18days The forts and palaces tour package of Rajasthan is designed in such a way that you can peep into most of the cities of Rajasthan . All these cities have a rich cultural heritage and tradition of Rajputana people. In this tour you will get an opportunity to explore the grandeur and erstwhile legendary lifestyle of Maharajahs of Rajasthan. You can also stay in the luxurious palaces of bygone era which are now converted into world class heritage hotels having contemporary and modern amenities. Jim Corbett Tour Package : Destination covered: Delhi-Jim Corbett national park-Delhi Duration: 02night/ 03 days This tour will help you to live in the lap of nature for 3 days. In this tour you can enjoy the adventure of Jeep safari in the Jim Corbett national park . Also have the pleasure to view the Corbett water fall, museum of Corbett national park and the nearby sight seeing places like Birjani. South India Temple Tour Package: Destination covered: Chennai-Kanchipuram-Mamallapooram-Tiruvannamalai-Pondicherry- Chidambaram -Tanjore-Trichy-MaduraiTrivandrum Duration: 11 nights/ 12days Rediscover South India with a fresh perspective. South India is not all about Tamil Nadu, instead there are so many unexplored charming places which are comprises of waterfalls, lush hills , verdant valleys, grassy meadows, placid lakes, and sprawling tea , coffee and rubber plantations . This tour comprises of all the sacred places of South India which are famous for there ancient shrines, bathing places, holy trees. Chennai famous for its seafront fort , grand mansions, and centre for performing arts, Kanchipuram , a major pilgrimage and sari weaving centre, Mamallapooram is the stone carving capital of India and famous for its shore temple and batch of extraordinary rock sculptures, Tiruvannamalai known for Arunachaleshvara temple , Pondicherry a former French colony and home to the famous Shri Auribondo ashram . These are some of the attractive destinations which will be covered by this tour. Book Your Tour To India Through –

Ayurveda tour Package of India: Destination covered : Delhi – Coimbatore - Palakkad - Cochin - Kottayam - Trivandrum Duration : 07 nights / 08 days This tour package is designed in such a way that you can explore the Ayurveda the 'science of longevity' and Yoga. Ayurveda is known to promote positive health, natural beauty, and long life. Ayurveda is now an internationally accepted form of healing, rejuvenation and healthy living . This tour package offers you to stay in some of the best Ayurvedic health resorts like Kairali Ayurvedic health resort and Nagarjuna ayurvedic resorts. While staying in these resorts, enjoy the experience of an early morning yoga, nature walk and Ayurvedic massage by experienced Ayurvedic professionals. This tour will surely rejuvenate your mind , body and soul.

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