Ministry Description: Worship I. Purposes Give God His due in our worship. Display the greatness of God in our services. Educate and train believers in the practice of worship both by precept and by example. II. Goals Hold a weekly worship service. Encourage and train believers in personal worship. III. Tasks Sunday morning worship The primary, but not exclusive, focus of the worship service should be on the proclamation of the Word of God to His people. The sermon should be centered on biblical truth, teach believers about God and the Christian life, exhort believers to live in a manner consistent with their Christian profession, and to present the gospel in a manner that any unbelievers present could, by God’s grace, understand (1 Cor. 14:24-25). Scripture also should be presented through public and responsive readings and other means appropriate to the setting. Hymns & songs should be used that are doctrinally correct and musically appropriate for the text and for the service. Prayer should be an integral part of the worship.

Special speakers should be scheduled periodically to highlight ministries outside of our church, missions, etc.

Personal worship People in the church should be encouraged and trained in their own personal worship. Books and resources should be provided for this purpose (e.g. Tabletalk, church library, online resources through our web site, etc.)

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