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Stock Subscription Agreement - L by benbenzhou


									                                 Subscription for Shares
       I, NAME, subscribe to ten-thousand (10,000) shares of the Class A common stock of

UNIQUE UNICYCLES, Inc., a Colorado corporation, and I agree to pay to the corporation one

thousand dollars ($1,000), in cash, for the shares according to the following schedule:

       1. one hundred percent (100%) of the 10,000 shares on the signing of this subscription.

       It is understood that these shares, like the shares previously issued to me, are subject to

the Stock Transfer Restrictions Agreement adopted by the UNIQUE UNICYCLES Board of

Directors. It is further understood that on payment of the subscription a certificate or certificates

for shares of stock in the corporation will be issued to me.

       Dated:___________                                        ____________________________
                                                                Subscriber signature

                                                                PRINTED NAME

       Dated:___________                                        UNIQUE UNICYCLES, Inc.



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